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  1. Hi John, That's a nice model, and an interesting subject – I think that's the second one in RFI recently. I must look at getting one! You're certainly churning models out at a great pace! Regards, David
  2. Dazey

    Polikarpov I-16, Eduard 1/48

    You have sharp eyes, David. Indeed this is very thin metalised tape. Thx for your post! Hello Michael, Thanks for that! Regards, David
  3. Dazey

    Polikarpov I-16, Eduard 1/48

    Hi Michael, Beautifully finished and displayed. Great subject. Did you paint the metal strip around the cowling, or did you use foil or similar? It looks just right Regards, David
  4. Dazey

    SAAF Ventura

    You're making great progress, and I really admire your attention (and devotion!) to detail. I also find myself getting sucked into trying to be accurate when I think that I won't. Regards, David
  5. Dazey

    Encore 1/72 Polikarpov I-3

    Thanks, Alexey, That kit looks fantastic. Not cheap, but fantastic. Must put that on my watch-list! Regards, David
  6. Hi J-W, That's looking good so far – you're making great progress! Regards, David
  7. Dazey

    Encore 1/72 Polikarpov I-3

    Interesting type – good job! I like these early Soviet aircraft, but didn't know about this Encore kit. Maybe there's an ICM version out there?? Regards, David
  8. Dazey

    Monogram 1:48 P-39

    Fantastic scheme! Well done, too. Regards, David
  9. Dazey

    Amodel 1/72 Yak-50 (1949)

    Quite the opposite, it is rather small Thanks for that. It just seemed, based on the size of the canopy and seat, that it would have been smaller than a MiG-15 or F-86. Regards, David
  10. Dazey

    Amodel 1/72 Yak-50 (1949)

    Nice model of an interesting type. It must have been quite big? Regards, David
  11. Hello all, I've been chipping away, quite literally, at the Lorna. I think Mr Pavla may own shares in a sand-paper production company. Some of the gaps/mis-aligned areas needed a bit of card and filler: Nav lights added (and I even included light bulbs!): Some smaller parts cleaned up: Although there's quite a bit of PE for the cockpit, a lot of it is inaccurate/fantasy. I'll probably scratch-build a lot of it, and have made a bit of a start: I will probably hold off doing much more interior detailing, or even painting, until the following reference book arrives that I've just ordered: I probably should have bought this months ago, or dropped more hints for Santa. Anyway, it will also be useful other subjects on my horizon (Jake, Ida, and a host of other Japanese models). Part of the reason for holding off painting the Lorna parts, is that this book has information indicating unusual interior and exterior schemes for the Lorna in particular. Maybe more of a black green camouflage rather than the deep dark green I might have guessed, greys for instrument panels etc. — just the kind of thing that generally piques the interest of those into IJN and IJA aircraft (I'll just dust of my anorak...) And speaking of piquing interest, here is a shot of a post-war example being tested by the USAAF. There aren't many good reference images for the Lorna, but this is neat because it's in flight, and gives the viewer a fair idea of how much glazing is at the front end. This is another good reason to try and get the cockpit detail as accurate as possible (given the scale and my limitations). Thanks for looking. Regards, David
  12. Nice one, Simon. The historic photo and caption were great, too. Regards, David
  13. Dazey

    Boeing P-26 1/72 Revell

    Very nice model of the Peashooter. Is this the REALLY old Revel mould, but with the big rivets sanded off? If so, what you've produced makes me feel better about having this kit! Regards, David
  14. Hello all, Only a little bit of progress on the Lorna – I've been busy with Christmas activities (and trying to finish off a MiG-21). I've spent a bit of time cleaning up some of the larger parts, and cutting out the slats of the dive flaps: The fit isn't the greatest on this kit. These are two parts glued together: This is going to need a lot of filler and sanding! I've also started some detailing (clear sprue for the rear nav light?): This will need some more polishing before masking and painting. I had in mind that I would add rivet lines for this build, but I'm wondering if I have the motivation now. We'll see how much time and effort is taken with the detailing for the cockpit (some scratch-building and a daunting amount of PE). Thanks for looking. Happy New Year to everyone out there – I hope you have a fantastic 2019! Regards, David
  15. Nice! An interesting scheme. Regards, David