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  1. Dazey

    A Czech Mig-21

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to the RV kit. Regards, David
  2. Hi Jerzy, Thanks for the information – that will be a big help when I get to do mine. Regards, David
  3. Hi Jerzy, Fantastic finished model, especially with the rigging and spoked wheels. Can I ask how the ICM kit was to construct? (I have the early I-5) Also, what brand of paints did you use? I need to get some for my Polikarpovs! Regards, David
  4. Dazey

    A Czech Mig-21

    I like that a lot, with an interesting scheme. How was the RV kit? I have one waiting to be built... Regards, David
  5. That's come out well, and it's an interesting example. Regards, David
  6. Great, thanks for the information. Regards, David
  7. Very nice finish and weathering. Is the Fujimi the only 1/72 option? Good job! Regards, David
  8. Wonderful finish on that MiG. The engine looks great, too! Regards, David
  9. Dazey

    Hobby Boss 1/72 F-14B

    Very nice Tomcat. I also like the use of a perspex rod for the in-flight display. Regards, David
  10. Dazey

    Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat - USS Lexington

    Hi Pierpaolo, Nothing to be sorry for! Thanks for the information on the decal sheet. I remember now that the Printscale decals were not correct for VF-3. As such, I used some of the Airfix decals for the national insignia. I noticed that there was variation in the extent of the red and white stripes on the tail between different planes. I also think the F4F-3s had much less stencil markings applied compared to the F4F-4s. I don’t know what Martlet cowlings would be similar, but I did come across this when I did my Wildcat: http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/fm2/fm2e-1.html#drawings Here’s an image of Thach and O’Hare that was, I believe, taken in April at Hawaii, just a matter of weeks before the Battle of the Coral Sea: and links to videos from the same/similar session. In the videos, you can see the cowl air intake vents (that the Admiral kit didn’t have!): For what it’s worth, some other slight differences: · The F4F-3 canopy – there is some additional framing on the early (?) types. I just used strips of painted decals for this. · The tail wheel struts do not appear to have a cover · Perhaps different ventral aerials as well? Regards, David
  11. Dazey

    Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat - USS Lexington

    Hi Pierpaolo, Fantastic choice to model. In addition to the wings, are you going to do the F4F-3 cowling and cowl flaps? Late last year, I did an F4F-3 of the USS Lexington for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, but found the Airfix F4F-4 kit too hard to convert (and ended up buying an Admiral F4F-3). I'll have to check out the Kagero decal sheet – what set is it? I used a not-so-good one from Printscale for mine. Following with interest! Regards, David
  12. the result of the test looks fantastic. Beautiful finish! Regards, David
  13. Dazey

    Geronimos last stand

    Nice. And an interesting scheme. Regards, David
  14. David, it's an Aussie flag mate, it was an aircraft from the ANZAC Strike Wing Cheers, Stew Hi Stew, I know, I was just curious whether it would have been the Australian red ensign rather than the Australian blue ensign. Regards, David