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  1. Very nice Pete. It's also on my wish-list. Regards, David
  2. Very nice build, and a great background story. Regards, David
  3. Nice! It's interesting to see an early Pappy Boyington example modelled. Regards, David
  4. Interesting concept... I wonder if they had tackling Niagara falls in mind? Thanks for sharing. Regards, David
  5. Hi Pat, The Condor came out great in the end. I struggled with the Maritime GB (and will continue to struggle with the Lorna!). I think the idea of using hemp for the Willow interior is a good one. These are, I think, the only colour images of a Willow interior I managed to find. Probably an example taken over by Indonesia at the end of the war: The orange visible on the leather pads may well be the original trainer colour (but weathered). I have a stack of other images if you would like – I can send them to you via PM?
  6. Hello all, Even though I won’t finish by the GB deadline, I thought I would add some progress shots. Reinforced tail wheel with metal: Enclosed the props in the spinners with styrene card and filler. The metal rod (cut up paper clip) will be used to insert spinner and props into a drilled whole in the engines: I added styrene card for the fuselage and some ribbing and stringers: I’ve spent a bit of time scratch-building pieces for the cockpit: Including radio
  7. Compared to your others I've seen today, this one seems so... normal. Lovely builds, as usual. Regards, David
  8. Ha!!, when I was younger I once owned a HR Holden, that might have been built there too? Quite possible as mine is an EH Holden. Regards, David
  9. I do like that, a lot. I'm looking forward to someone bringing out a new 1/72 MiG-19. Regards, David
  10. My (older) car is from Fisherman's Bend!! That is an especially nice, clean finish you've achieved on that model. Regards, David
  11. Hello John, Lovely Willow, and great work on the scratch-built trolley. Is there a relationship between the AZ Models and Valom kits? They look pretty similar. Regards, David
  12. Lovely model with a less than usual finish – good work! It is really well photographed, too. Regards, David
  13. Oh, yes! The Willow project is revived. Pat, I was keen to join this GB (at least when it was a loooong way in the future). Unfortunately, I'm struggling with the maritime/coastal command GB. Hopefully, I'll be ready for the next flying boat/seaplane GB... Anyway, I look forward to seeing how your Willow progresses, and on what particular shade of orange you settle upon. Regards, David
  14. Hi Pat, Thanks for the encouragement, and I'm glad my efforts will be of some use to others! I wouldn't consider dropping the project, but am disappointed about my progress given the GB timeline. Hi Peter, You are too kind. As @JMW indicated, this kit is rough, even by Pavla's standard, and I do admit to feeling the pain. Nevertheless, I'll KBO as Churchill said. The Lewis guns are FINE MOLDS NA11 IJN TYPE92 7.7MM MG (LEWIS GUN) 1/72 SCALE KIT. I go them from PlazaJapan: https://www.plazajapan.com/4536318740117 You ge
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