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  1. not necessarily , .....when you have a helping hand around Thanks @Chris Thomas for all these informations (and all your fantastic books, by the way). Laurent
  2. Just in case 42-106540 also has the D type single wingtip light, compared with the two found on B/Cs. Laurent
  3. The kink is here, known as expanded leading edge in NAA documents. They are screen capture of a movie I was sent recently. Laurent
  4. A better copy of that picture shows that it is more likely fresh DE paint near the windscreen Sugar had a revised paint scheme after being damaged in July 1944, and returned in service 4 months later after major repairs. Shown here near war end interesting PDF file on this plane career on the RAF Museum website https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/collections/avro-lancaster-1/ Laurent
  5. Hi all, Most P-51 fans know about 43-12102, the first P-51 to fly with a bubble canopy, basically a D fuselage with a B wing but, how about a Mustang with a B fuselage and a D wing... Beside the modified 43-12102, NAA had subsequently taken two other P-51Bs from production lines, 42-106539 and 42-106540. They were supposedly brought to P-51D standarts, and labelled P-51D-1-NA. To my knowledge, no picture showing those two planes has ever surfaced, beside the two published in Michael O'Leary's book, "Building the P-51 Mustang", one showing the cockpit with the important data plates, identifying the plane as 42-106540, and the other showing the right wing, with the 3 guns and the 5 rockets. Althought blurry, the picture showing the tail indicates that this is 42-106540 (strangely enough, they have not painted the "2"), and that the fuselage was not modified, unlike the wing. Laurent
  6. Hi all, Just came across this movie showing what seems to be Typhoon MM963, as seen in 2nd TAF volume 2, at 30:50 Sorry if it is old news, I'm quite sure I had already seen that before, maybe on TV. Laurent
  7. Given the fact that, obviously, paint was shipped to remote Pacific islands and Alaska places, I can't see why paint would not be shipped to Italy too, if ordered? Some 15th AAF B-24 groups had red tail markings as well, IIRC. Laurent
  8. 15th AAF fighter groups had red spinners as recognition markings, so we can assume that red paint was easily available for those units. 31st FG also had red striped tails. Laurent
  9. Hi all, Just came across this 1945 color movie that might interest some of you Some amazing images, especially at 8:01, with a PB4Y-1 downing a L2D3 Tabby, the japenese version of the C-47. Laurent
  10. Beside the pictures of Hurricane V6864, there is also a short movie made at the same time (starting at 1:07) Laurent
  11. You will find useful pictures here https://www.scalenews.de/messerschmitt-bf-109-b-walkaround-46/ Laurent
  12. For this detail, I also believe it's a Cornell Laurent
  13. Yes, Fn82 with two .50. Laurent
  14. Hi all, I don't know if it has already been posted, but I just came across this nice movie Laurent
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