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  1. silberpferd

    What gunsigjht was used on RAF Thunderbolts?

    I confirm that it is the Mk VIII, from those pictures this one from an USAAF plane, same gunsight Laurent
  2. silberpferd

    F-5G Lockheed Lightning conversion in 1/48?

    I'm afraid the nose on the RH side is more likeky a pathfinder nose https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/p-38-lightning/p-38j-15-44-23139-pathfinder-with-radar/ which is not the same than the F-5G, but could be a good starting point, however. Academy did this version https://www.super-hobby.fr/products/P-38L-Pathfinder.html Laurent
  3. silberpferd

    New Tamiya Spitfire, a question....

    Looks like the answer is that it was not fitted at the time http://spitfiresite.com/2010/04/spitfire-masts-and-aerials.html/2 Laurent
  4. silberpferd

    P-51D stars and bars

    Here we have clearly a white star but here the stars have been toned down, (with fuel stain on the forward portion) Laurent
  5. silberpferd

    P-51D stars and bars

    you can see the difference between repainted insignia and stained invasion stripes on this pic. Laurent
  6. silberpferd

    P-51D stars and bars

    I don't think I ever saw an insignia with blue and natural metal, always with white or grey. Laurent
  7. silberpferd

    P-51D stars and bars

    Hi, As Jure said, toned down national insignias were very common on camouflaged aircrafts, fighters or bombers, in Europe, and somehow the practice survived on NMF aircraft, but to a lesser extent. Laurent
  8. silberpferd

    B-17 oxygen tanks

    Hi V-P, Most of the oxygen tanks used in B-17s were G-1 models https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-ww2-united-states-bomber-1874007424 and the dimensions seem to be 23 by 12 inches. HTH, Laurent
  9. silberpferd

    HK Lancaster ?.

    R5868 visited several 8th Air Force bases during February 1945, and can be seen here at Horham, home base of the 95th Bomb Group (photo from the Group history book "Courage Honor Victory") 125 missions painted, paddle blades, but no H2S blister. HTH. Laurent
  10. silberpferd

    1re escadrille du GR 2/33, F-5 lightning colors?

    Most probably a Spit Mk VIII from the 31st Fighter Group, as this picture was taken by William J. Skinner, a member of that group, and whose colour pictures appeared in several of Jeff Ethell books a couple of decades ago.
  11. silberpferd

    More Mustang question's regarding Lou iv

    That's the way it was. The leader was carrying bombs just like his men, and Colonel Christian was carrying bombs the day he was killed, as stated in the group history.
  12. silberpferd

    More Mustang question's regarding Lou iv

    Hello, Regarding the bombs question, I gave a quick look in my copy of "Yellowjackets, the 361st F.G. in WWII", and they started to make ground attack missions on June 7th, until June13th, when they resumed doing escort missions again. Colonel Christian was flying a P-51B at the time, "Lou III", and I cannot tell you if Lou IV was in service before June 13th. They only flew escort missions from that date, until the stripes were painted over on upper surfaces (which happened between the last week of June and the first week of July for most 8th AAF fighter groups). HTH, Laurent
  13. silberpferd

    Unarmed B-17 photos??

    In fact, they just removed the barrel and attached mechanism so the cooling jacket and mechanism housing is still present on the plane see at 13:41 on this video
  14. silberpferd

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    The device was a rearview mirror housing.