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  1. Yes, Fn82 with two .50. Laurent
  2. Hi all, I don't know if it has already been posted, but I just came across this nice movie Laurent
  3. In fact, the third link refers to a game, no real units involved here. Laurent
  4. Well, given the serial number, this plane had unstaggered waist guns positions, and left the factory with the early tail turret, but could have been fitted with a Cheyenne tail turret, as shown on the profile, as many B-17G-45BO had it fitted in the ETO. HTH, Laurent
  5. Hello, Not very visible on photos, but there is indeed a panel line. Here on the restored P-47 Dottie Mae screen capture from this nice video and from a wartime picture, 86th Fighter Group of course, you have the shadow of the antenna wire, but you can see a second line, which is a skin seam. Laurent
  6. The pictures in your link are the same that were on the Ebay auctions. Here there are in higher resolution. Laurent
  7. Those pictures were save from an ebay auction back in 2017. It was a lot of about 12 pictures from the 371st Fighter Group. Laurent
  8. I'd go with black Laurent
  9. A couple of pictures, taken by me a long time ago, partly showing the tailwheel well on the Spit XIV displayed in Brussels. HTH, Laurent
  10. Astonishing work, can't wait to see it completed If I may, this small access panel is only present on D model. Laurent
  11. Yes, that's really sad, and maybe the reason pictures of them are so rare. Thanks for the info.
  12. I have just found this picture in my files of another of those Guam based F-5Gs, that might be of interest The name appears to be "Lucious Lucille" Cheers, Laurent
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