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  1. This is most likely this P-40E http://www.p40warhawk.com/P-40sToday/DickPhillips/P-40E_N940AK/P-40E_N940AK.htm that had an AVG scheme in the 80s. Laurent
  2. A few pictures from ebay auctions, most probably showing F-5Gs from 41st Photo Recon Squadron based in Guam in the summer of 1945, black tail tips, and red tip on spinners, if my information is correct. Laurent
  3. silberpferd

    P-40B Exhaust

    If that can be of any help, the fishtail exhaust are longer and wider than the tubular ones and the few pictures I have seen of early P-40s of Squadron 112 have the tubular ones
  4. Because the museum used to have an open day of their restoration facilities, in September of each year usualy, these pictures were taken between 1995 and 1997. Laurent
  5. The trailing edge is the pivot point. Here are a few pictures of the B-26G that was restored by the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace at Le Bourget airport in the late 90s, which shows how the modification was made by Martin. Small metal fairings were used to fill the gap. HTH, Laurent
  6. silberpferd

    P-40 help

    You are correct. I was meaning uncolored, but it is more white than clear. my mistake.
  7. silberpferd

    P-40 help

    Hello, Just checked a few pictures, so the lights on the vertical stabilizer are clear, and those on the wings tips should be red on the left and blue on the right (but look green when when the light is on). Laurent
  8. Hi, While doing research for the Lanc we are restoring in France, we found out that black cockpit was in fact a postwar modification (from 1947 or 1948), and since most of the surviving Lancs served postwar, that's why you find this color in the cockpits. For a wartime Lanc, only the bomb aimer position was black. HTH, Laurent
  9. I guess the figure for the G-6 wheels track width is 2.062m, thus making a 87 mm difference. Unfortunately, I have a digital copy of that manual that has not been scanned at a very high resolution, so I cannot confirm if it's 2,002 or 2,062, but to me it looks 2,062. Aay, it's a small difference with earlier models, especially when scaled down to 1/72. Laurent
  10. If that can be of any help, here is a drawing from a wartime russian report on a captured Bf109E, confirming the track width as 1.975 m (and it's the same for the F, from another manual) The width changed on the G drawing from a G-6 manual (similar to the one found in the G-4 manual). There is a difference of 87mm, maybe due to a different angle of the gear leg, or the bigger wheel. Maybe someone has manuals for later models, which I unfortunately don't. Laurent
  11. Hi all, for what it's worth, here are a few pictures of the unrestored Buchon that used to be displayed at the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace at Le Bourget airport The plane is currently stored. Laurent
  12. Unfortunately, the caption merely states that it shows RAF Mustangs taking off and "note the D-Day stripes"....
  13. Hi Jerry, the full title is : Air Classics Quarterly Review, volume 2 Number 1, Spring 1975. 114 pages full of Mustang pictures! Cheers, Laurent (Oops, I had not seen Colin's answer before replying, sorry).
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