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  1. I’ve built both the Gecko and the Bronco. While the Bronco is an easier build, the Gecko is a good bit better detail and accuracy-wise and was fun to do (even with the tracks). The Bronco A10 by comparison:
  2. I used to get them from a local trophy shop, but they went out of business, so I’ve been getting them on eBay.
  3. This was my project for the Panzer III Group Build which also happens to be my first Group Build. This was a lot of fun not only for the building of my project, but also all of the encouragement and camaraderie that is exhibited to say nothing for watching all of the other impressive projects going on. Thanks for making my first GB NOT my last! The newer Dragon Panzer III series kits are quite good and while this was one of the first out and dates back to 2007, it is still state-of-the-art in my book. Now I want to build another Pz III...
  4. Dragon 1/35 Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. J (Early)-2d Pz. Division on the road to Moscow, 1941.
  5. Base is finished and project pretty much complete. I still have some touch-ups here and there and will take better shots in the next few days and post them to the Gallery. Found a few things that I needed to fix in the above photos. More work than I thought (I keep seeing things in photos that bug me). It is now complete as much as it shall be. Better pics when the weather is good enough for more. The finished project:
  6. Working this up for the Pz III Group Build:
  7. Thanks! I haven’t built much German stuff in many years and no Pz III/IVs since the early-mid 1990s, so this was fun. I wanted to do some of the more flashy markings and this just about takes the cake for German stuff in WW2.
  8. OK-the tank is finished. I still need to add some groundwork to the base then weather/dirty up the wheels and tracks. I’d almost forgotten to add the spare wheel secured by the tow cable that 2d Pz. Div. used in conjunction with the large stowage box on the rear hull.
  9. Not on this one. I can never properly gauge how long figures will take me to complete so I usually avoid them when I have deadlines, although they usually don’t take too long for one or two.
  10. OK-I’ll stop with the incremental progress shots after this ..! Spare tracks finished and mounted. Wheels removed to add some dirt. I’ll add dirt/mud/dust to the wheels and tracks when I install the tank on its base. I have since finished all little touch-ups and other than the tracks (which are painted), this one is complete and ready for its display base.
  11. I reapplied some filters today and did some panel accents. Some of the final filters are not completely dried in these pics. Tires then tracks and some small detail painting to go...
  12. Just about there. The build is now complete and I just need to paint the tracks and tires, some small details and touch-ups, then re-do the filters and weathering. I’ll most likely put a base together for this one before I call it complete.
  13. I actually built out the whole interior/driver’s compartment and transmission, but only have this pic at the moment.
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