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  1. VERY nice. It doesn’t look nearly as good in the unpainted plastic-your finish work brings it alive and looks fantastic. I’ve got the Gecko 1/35 A9s both in “shelf queen” status-the Caunter Scheme is daunting!
  2. Fantastic work. I, for one, am glad the Tamiya decals got botched-these markings look far better. Nice job!
  3. The interiors on these kits are nicely done too. Pretty much everything but the rear left fuel tank are included.
  4. Miniart is putting out some spectacular kits. Their T-60 series (all come with near-complete interiors) are manageable, accurate, and fun. I kind of winged it on the display base and I like the way it turned out.
  5. Another project I boxed up a while back (last Summer) and recently rediscovered-a Miniart T-60 Late Production. I decided to try to finish it now as I’m keen to start on another, but must finish this one first. These are spectacular little kits. I redid some of the finish and finished most of the remaining assembly other than tools and the exhaust/muffler. Here it is laid out on what will be its display base.
  6. Excellent finish-I particularly like how you modeled the paint scheme of the original so well-that is not an easy task and you pulled it off masterfully.
  7. What started out as a lifeless dark grey was “ruined” by using a commercially-produced filter “for Panzer Grey”, which is a strong blue tint, unlike the real Panzer Grey. This made the tank look light blue, and just not correct. That flub shelved this project back in 2018 for the second time (I put it aside in 2015 because I wasn’t happy with the finish). I pulled it out of mothballs this time, determined to wither fix it or bin it and gradually worked the finish out with different browns, tans and greys to get it back where I was happier with it. The “blue” photos above appear much bluer than they were live, those were taken outside under sunlight. It still needed toning-down. In-progress photos are a great way to see where you’re screwing something up or missed a spot. Thanks for the comments-it’s getting there finally! Hand-painted the numbers on the turret (I’m not a fan of decals).
  8. Love your Caunter. I need to get up the stones to try one. I hear Tamiya tape is good for masking?
  9. You are correct to leave the screens off. They were not used until very late apparently (they were definitely not on the earlier Battle of France marks). I finished my build of the Bronco A13 Mk1 earlier this year. I replaced the rear deck with the corrected one from TMD. Attaching the upper and lower hulls can be a challenge, but I followed Terry Ashley’s advice on his PMMS review that suggests starting at the rear and working forward. The pieces pull together nicely. Your Caunter scheme is fantastically executed. I’m hoping to build this version, but the paint has me intimidated!
  10. Really liking your work on this one. It’s inspiring me to pick up another Grant!
  11. Looking good-excellent tonal modulation and wood effects. I don’t know that I’d want to be in an open-topped vehicle with those rockets though! I know they mounted them on 251s, but there’s a LOT of blast out of the back of those things! Fritz won’t be asleep long...
  12. I pretty much gave up on this one four or five years ago after putting in a lot of work on the interior and engine compartment. I haven’t built any German armour in years because I wasn’t happy with the very flat, lifeless-looking monochromatic grey finish I had sprayed back then. I pulled this one out of mothballs and repainted it using techniques I’ve worked on in the past few years and I’m now much happier with things and am finally motivated to finish it. I put together a crewman out of spare parts and a Hornet head to give the project some scale.
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