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  1. Lower Hull interiors are complete on the Dragon and RFM 234s.
  2. I'm building the Gecko 1/35 kit right now and saw the Fore Art 1/72 kit, so it just arrived yesterday and it looks really good!
  3. I'm not huge into 1/72 armour like I was when I was a kid, but have started ronsip my toes back in those waters. I've never heard of Flyhawk before-they look very nice. Are they comparable to Vespid or more like Dragon's offerings? Your stuff looks great!
  4. No colour callouts given. I made an educated guess based on the earlier achtrads as well as how they were painting things in 1944. Not much if anything sadly enough will be visible in the end. I pulled an old AFV Club 232 [actually a 1. Serie SdKfz 234(Fu)] out of mothballs and started in on that one as well...
  5. Interior is now base painted with washes and filters applied.
  6. Since I built the RFM suspension first I thought I could clip the pin off (that is an option in the RFM kit if you want the wheels straight) to position the Dragon wheels. When I opened the Dragon box, I was pleased to find a Cyberhobby upgrade set that provides parts for a workable suspension (as well as fenders with open panniers and preformed metal brake lines, etc). Somehow I forgot that I picked that up along the way. I will probably save those parts for one of the other Dragon 234s that have been getting dusty in the stash and will do this build with fixed wheels. I may pick up the Miniart non-interior version that they just announced. It still looks more complex than these two, but knowing Miniart, it will be superb.
  7. For some reason, I have found myself building two SdKfz 234/2 "Puma" Armored Cars in tandem. I just got the RFM version and have had the Dragon kit in the stash for almost 20 years. Time to build. The kits are VERY similar in construction breakdown. Both kits are excellent with the RFM kit being molded a little bit more precisely and finely perhaps.
  8. Side-by-side shot of the Gecko Ausf. C and Ausf. F:
  9. I used Ammo Muddy Earth and Wet Ground with some wet effects for the pooling water in the track trails.
  10. Spectacular build and finish with stunning photography!
  11. Here is a 1/16 German light tank next to a light tank destroyer in 1/72:
  12. Yep, this one is tiny-especially after finishing a 1/16 kit!
  13. Vespid is just killing it with their 1/72 kits. Unreal detail with photoetch, metal barrel, link-and-length tracks, etc. Just great stuff. Painted with the new Ammo Atom paints, which are fantastic.
  14. I finished this one up a few weeks ago, but didn't get around to posting yet. Another home run by Gecko. Their 1/16 Panzer IIs are great kits and a lot of fun. I had been pretty much an exclusively 1/35 builder until I was given Gecko's Pz II Ausf. F to build last year. That kit made me see how enjoyable building a well done large scale kit could be.
  15. I just ordered this kit from Sprue Bros. So cheap, I couldn't pass it up (I got the full interior late version last year for around $30USD). Wanted the mid-production version, but it was sold out, so I settled for the early. I'll be following your build-the damaged parts look fantastic!
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