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  1. Still inching along…. Summer doesn’t allow as much time for modelling, so I do what I can when I can. I thought I was pretty close to wrapping the turret up but there are a lot of parts left still!
  2. Stunning work!
  3. More basecoat/primer added to start bringing everything together. Adding roadwheels makes it finally look like a tank.
  4. I have this one in the pile of “I’d love to start this kit, but have too many that need to get finished first”. O’ll definitely be watching with interest! And I love Miniart kits, but they certainly don’t follow the subassembly rule with sprues! I’ve been working on a T-34/85 for months longer than I normally would because you have ti have ALL of the sprues handy and I don’t have the available space on a regular enough basis.
  5. Most of the hull stuff is now together-on to the running gear and tracks, then the turret…
  6. For my first-ever Group Build, that was a lot of fun and a great group of participants and encouraging commenters throughout. Will definitely have to not make it my last-thanks to Stix and Ozzy for putting it all together!
  7. Spectacular! One of the nicest executions of this vehicle I’ve ever seen!
  8. For this coat, Vallejo Russian Green Primer. The colour looks really good and sprays well.
  9. This one got moved off of the bench a few months ago because it requires a LOT of space since so many parts are on so many different sprues. Still loving the kit, it can just get a bit overwhelming, especially for the cramped space I have to work in. I have most of the hull assembled and to give myself an injection of motivation, I primed it in 4BO Green. I’d like to get this one finished in less than a year and its birthday is coming up, so I need to get to work!
  10. Avoid the old Tamiya and whatever kits were out before 2000-even the first-issue Dragon ones are not great as they use a lot of the old 1989/90 Gunze Sanyo parts, which were great then, but not worth building today imho. The 2007-ish Dragon PzIVs are really nice builds and are just great kits. The new Tamiya kits are a bit simpler detail-wise, but well-researched and beautifully engineered.
  11. I decided I really wanted the interior version when it first came out, then realized that I’d never get to it either, so I ordered the non-interior one when it went on sale for 20% off a couple weeks back. The box on the interior kit is immense!
  12. Fantastic work! The figure is excellent and the tank is expertly executed as well. I have the Border IV Ausf. F/G that I’m hoping to get to later this year-it looks really nice in the box.
  13. Was having them done at a local trophy shop, but they are OOB, so now I get them from vendor(s) on eBay.
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