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  1. I’m building one of these now and it is superb. https://www.flickr.com/gp/156298695@N05/eXY11n https://www.flickr.com/gp/156298695@N05/PjmN8y
  2. The Pfalz XII is a very nice kit
  3. Looks great! I have one of these in the pipeline-I hope I can pull mine off half as well as yours.
  4. I built this kit “out of the box” with old school-only techniques (sheet styrene, strip brass and brass screen) about ten years ago. For it being a 1975 kit, it is pretty well done. I used the kit tracks but pinned them (and snipped off the pin heads-another 70s technique) for track sag. Aside from the open sponsons and the single-piece muffler/screens, it really holds up well and is a fun, quick build. I enjoyed that one enough that I built the Type 1 SPG old school in 2017 and the Shinhoto version OOB earlier this year. Nice kits and you did a fine job on that one-the camo looks great!
  5. Where do you check their stock levels?
  6. Comparisons of AFV Valentine Mk I and Tamiya’s Valentine Mk II/IV.
  7. Spectacular. This thread (and the other) are great reading!
  8. Thanks for posting this! I got outbid (thankfully) on a WNW Richtofen Albatros over the weekend after seeing that they were going out of stock everywhere and just ordered one from this sale for almost $40 below (including shipping from NZ) what the eBay kit would have cost me.
  9. Spectacular!! I have recently stepped into the wild world of 1/32 WWI a/c lafter strictly armour modelling for the past few decades. One of my first kits growing up was a Revell 1/28 DR.1 and I’ve always had an interest in these aircraft. Your site is inspiring and I’ll be visiting it a lot as I set off on either my WW D.IV or Pfalz XII...
  10. I’ll have to pick one up! I like PART stuff.
  11. Hataka is hands-down the worst paint I've ever used. The Polish armour colours are not correct (the British early war set is even worse) and as mentioned, the paint goes on gummy and plasticky. As above, the paint is fragile and peels off in sheets. Ugh, I detest that stuff. I’m just about finished with the IBG kit. Decent overall, but hatches are thick. PART makes excellent photoetch, but the existing sets are for the Mirage TKS/TK3.
  12. Fantastic work-the figure is particularly well done.
  13. I’ve built all five. The Alan/Dragon/Ark/Maquette is terrible. I binned mine 1/2 way through. Miniart is better but with lots of inaccuracies and mistakes. Tamiya builds up easily, but while it has the best turret texture, it is a bit simplistic and lacks detail in areas. Bronco is basically a much-improved Miniart kit. The AFV Club kit is by far the best for detail and accuracy and builds nicely. Any of the others are worth saving up for over the old Eastern European kits.
  14. That’s been at the top of my list for years. Let’s hope!
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