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  1. f matthews

    IBG Models, 1/35 TKS, Polish Army 1939.

    I’ll have to pick one up! I like PART stuff.
  2. f matthews

    IBG Models, 1/35 TKS, Polish Army 1939.

    Hataka is hands-down the worst paint I've ever used. The Polish armour colours are not correct (the British early war set is even worse) and as mentioned, the paint goes on gummy and plasticky. As above, the paint is fragile and peels off in sheets. Ugh, I detest that stuff. I’m just about finished with the IBG kit. Decent overall, but hatches are thick. PART makes excellent photoetch, but the existing sets are for the Mirage TKS/TK3.
  3. f matthews

    Academy 1/35 Jagdpanzer Hetzer 'Ambush' Camo

    Fantastic work-the figure is particularly well done.
  4. f matthews

    Ark models Valentine

    I’ve built all five. The Alan/Dragon/Ark/Maquette is terrible. I binned mine 1/2 way through. Miniart is better but with lots of inaccuracies and mistakes. Tamiya builds up easily, but while it has the best turret texture, it is a bit simplistic and lacks detail in areas. Bronco is basically a much-improved Miniart kit. The AFV Club kit is by far the best for detail and accuracy and builds nicely. Any of the others are worth saving up for over the old Eastern European kits.
  5. f matthews

    New tool Crusader III?

    That’s been at the top of my list for years. Let’s hope!
  6. f matthews

    Takom Late Panther A Buildlog

    ALL of these look great-glad you’re here!
  7. f matthews

    Takom Late Panther A Buildlog

    I am glued to this spot. Great work-looking forward to seeing this one.
  8. f matthews

    AFV Club Valentine Mk I

    We’ll see how bold I’m feeling, but while I never noticed it for years, once I did, I couldn’t unsee it.
  9. f matthews

    Gecko A10 Cruiser Mk I

    You’ll really like it. I’m currently building the two Gecko A9s, but I picked up the A10CS (Gecko sent me this one). The A10s are beautifully engineered. Tracks have a lot of parts, but are easier than they appear.
  10. f matthews

    AFV Club Valentine Mk I

    Not completed here. I’ve since added more to it (gas detection patches, muffler/exhaust shading, etc). Still a WIP.
  11. f matthews

    AFV Club Valentine Mk I

    Mine are incorrect/backwards. That was from six years ago, but in trying to correct it, would do more damage.
  12. f matthews

    British Olive Drab No15

    Back to the original post request about paint-as mentioned above, SCC No.13 is all wrong for a BEF Cruiser from 1940. Using Mike Starmer’s mix formulas gets you much closer to the real thing. I have yet to find a premixed paint that is worth buying-some are so off the actual colours that it is upsetting that they claim any authenticity. Here is a pic of G3/G4 as a BEF Cruiser would appear using Mike Starmer’s mixes:
  13. This build has been in process for six years this week. I got hung up on the G3/G4 camouflage, but found something I like (Tamiya paints mixed to Starmer formulas). I have used four different brands that claimed to be authentic and either the colour was all wrong or the paint was terrible or both. Just need to finish up a base and a couple of figures for this one.
  14. Recently completed this build of the Gecko A10 Mk I. Stellar kit of a unique subject-highly recommended.