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  1. This is so true! That was a point where I seriously considered scrapping that scheme, but then I’d have three virtually identical tanks.
  2. Building Tamiya’s Panzer II (packaged as an Ausf. C) backdated to an Ausf. A with an added interior from a Cyberhobby Pz II Ausf. F. A simple, weekend-build kit takes on a life of its own. The CH interior fits with some minor surgery involved in the Tamiya lower hull. I blocked in the main component colours then did some minor weathering. Not a whole lot will be cisible, even with open hatches, but since the turret hatch is so large, something needed to be inside. Sitting here next to the still in-progress CH Pz II Ausf. F I recently completed:
  3. I really liked this kit. I had the original-issued kit with the incorrect parts and had installed the wrong rear hull plate before finding out it was wrong, so I feel your pain. I picked up an aftermarket (TMD) correction set, but the build stalled as cleaning the resin was a LOT of effort and I lost interest. Stick with it, you’ll be glad you did. Miniart sent me the corrected styrene and PE parts (they have awesome customer service historically, although they are facing challenges lately for sure). I was able to “unglue” the old incorrect parts and clean everything up. That gave me the motivation to jump back in and I built the Miniart B, then their C and D immediately after. Waiting patiently for them to release the Pz III Ausf. D Befhelswagen… The painting instructions are incorrect-ALL Panzer IIIs through the French campaign were grey and brown.
  4. Definitely interested in this one!
  5. Count me in for sure. I’m overdue for a GB and I love those little Czech tanks.
  6. Thanks all! I am happy to have this one finished at last…
  7. Here’s one I recently rescued from the Shelf of Doom. I started this kit 8.5 years ago and am happy to have crossed the finish line with it at last. Cyberhobby/Dragon kit with Friul tracks-pretty much everything else is out of the box. The kit comes with a nearly complete interior.
  8. Black air-drying clay. It’s easy to use but hard to get it not to crack while drying. I’ll fill the cracks then add groundwork.
  9. Basic base elements together and final details on the tank (including replacing kit mg with a brass one and scratchbuilding a wooden jack block to replace the kit part) completed.
  10. Applied some filters and added final detail parts: After the filters set up, I applied dust/dirt pigments to the lower hull and running gear. The vehicle is now complete and I will move on to the construction of a display base. It’s only taken eight and a half years to get to this point, but I’m not stopping now until this project is complete!
  11. The CAMs Vickers 6-Ton kits are a bit more cleanly molded than the IBG 7TPs (ICM does not have a 6Ton out yet) and fit beautifully, but CAMs kits are difficult to find and I’m not sure they’ll get around to any twin-turret Vickers tanks. They are excellent kits though-FAR better than the RPM kits, which are crude and toylike by comparison. Of course, they were the only game in town for many years, so I built several.
  12. Basecoat applied and some parts painted (gun barrels, muffler, etc):
  13. Looking good and looks like you’re winning the wrestling match!
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