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  1. The first half of the two sequel builds is just about complete. Almost time to start another as the Ausf. D is close to being finished as well. Question is whether to go back and so the Ausf. A or motor on with the Ausf. E. I finished the Ausf. F a couple months back, so I guess I need to do both to fill in the gaps.
  2. I’ve been modeling and rock and rolling for years, although the other guitarist in my band just broke his hip/pelvis and his shoulder in a bike accident, so no rock and rolling for a while… I have certainly become more productive with modeling as I get older and play out less. Welcome aboard!
  3. The interior for the Miniart kits will not fit into the Dragon hull without a fair amount of cutting and other gymnastics. The Miniart kits are also based on the T-34/85, so the gun, interiors and engines are a bit different if you are going for accuracy. The Miniart hulls are flat-packed while Dragon uses a molded tub, which will make it much more difficult to simply add the Miniart bits into the Dragon hull. While not as accurate as the Miniart interior, AFV Club makes a T-34/76 with a tub hull and full interior, although it is still a different gun (F34, not L-11). Armo makes a resin 1940 T-34 turret and hull with interior if you can find it.
  4. Um…WOW! This is spectacular. I built the Gecko A10 and thought it was one of the best kits I’ve ever built. I then started the A9 and the A9CS as a tandem build, but got hung up with the turrets and the fiddly exhausts and they’ve been sitting for almost three years. Yours is easily the nicest one of these I’ve seen-love it!
  5. Present status of the sequel builds:
  6. Spectacular job on this one! I really like the Miniart M3s. I’ve built two non-interior Grants, but have a Lee with interior to tackle someday. Their interior kits are very well done-I recently finished a Miniart T-34/84 and the full interior, while time-consuming, turns out great. Thanks for sharing this one-the cutaway locations are brilliant.
  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone-an Ausf. C and Ausf. D will be joining this one soon I hope.
  8. Yeah…not much I can say about this one… Pretty much speechless-this is amazing!
  9. Nice work! My first armour kit when I returned to modeling years ago was a Tamiya SU-122, also based on their T-34.
  10. Sprue Brothers was blowing out the Panther Ausf. A with interior and zimmerit, so I snagged one (for under $40) which should arrive shortly. I’ll be watching this space for sure since the kits have some common ground. Great project!
  11. Also watch for the flap on the turret roof right in front of the cupola-the called-out part doesn’t fit. Fortunately there is one on the original Panzer IV Ausf. D sprue that’s in there.
  12. The original-issue Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. B kit from Miniart (this release was discontinued and replaced with an updated one) with the corrected engine deck, etc pieces from the newer issue provided by Miniart’s excellent customer service. The corrected kit also comes with crew figures-Highly recommended. I substituted Friul tracks, but the kit tracks are excellent.
  13. If you check out the kits on Scalemates, you can see which are the better, newer ones and which come from the old lineage. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/dragon-6394-pzkpfw-iii-ausf-j--108504
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