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  1. Fantastic! I remember this kit from when I was a kid. My brother built this one (the Monogram kit) and I built the Red Baron Rod Revell kit with the big chrome helmet. Yours looks much better of course and the figures are brilliant.
  2. So that stuff will eliminate the carrier film look? I really detest decals because of the film-that star looks great. Did you do surface prep before applying the decal? I have avoided using decals for 20years or more so to have a “fix” would be amazing!
  3. The later “bluer” photos were taken outside in afternoon shadow while the first one, which reflects the actual colour better, was in the am sunlight when it was behind a cloud, but still lit. The telltale for me is the backdrop which is correct in the first photo, but blueish in the others. Unfortunately the morning sun made the initial shoot largely useless and all sorts of reflections and shadows ruined many images. The basecoat was Lifecolor Panzer Grey from their German Armour Set, but it has “evolved” with many washes and filters in the past few years!
  4. This project ended up taking about five and a half years, mostly because I wasn’t happy with the Panzer Grey. It sat for a few years and I got to it a few times here and there until I was ok with the finish. The Bronco kit is very nicely done. I added a CMK engine, Friul tracks and brass gun barrels. Happy to have this one off the workbench and on the display shelf at last.
  5. Between the numerous active projects that I have on the workbench, I was able to finish up the tank and the tanker and get started on the base. When the groundwork is dry, I will paint it and then add grass, etc. Getting there, but I am determined to finish this five-plus year project up this month.
  6. The Caunter scheme was phased out several months before the Pz IV Ausf. F2s arrived in Afrika (I recall that was April 42-the Caunter scheme directive was superseded in late 41). While it might be a slight possibility, I would think it would be unlikely to see the two contemporaneously. I’ll have to pull my Starmer book on the Caunter scheme, but I’m pretty sure it was gone by 1942.
  7. Looking great so far! The figure looks to be a later-war Soviet guy-you did fantastic work on him. I built the version of this kit (w/the 20mm) with the individual tracks-it was not a simple build at all. I have the MG version in the stash, but those tracks have moved it to the back of the line a bit. Building the tracks and suspension extended my build to a little over a year, but by the end, I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out.
  8. Nicely done and welcome back! That kit is actually pretty nice and is still respectable 45 (I know-wow!!) years later. I’ve built all three versions of Tamiya’s Type 97 in the past few years and did two of them for “old school” or “out-of-the-box” builds. You’ve done a great job finishing this one and hope the rest of this year is better for you (and all of us)!
  9. I did a primer coat of red oxide then basecoated it with Lifecolor dark tan from their Italian armour set.
  10. This is the Italeri 1/35 L6/40 with Friul tracks.
  11. Here’s one I finished up a while back. Not a bad little kit if you don’t mind putting in a little extra work. Friul tracks added and still a nice relatively quick project for a slow builder like me.
  12. Engine and Transmission compartments now pretty well wrapped up.
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