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  1. Having put it off for quite some time, recently I decided to start attacking my 1/76 Mersey-class lifeboat. £18 is a bit of a steal for a 3D printed kit of this size, so I was quite happy when it arrived. Unfortunately, the more I look at it the more inaccuracies I find to correct - most notable of which is that the hull is quite considerably too shallow. There are also some significant errors around the cabin windows and flying bridge, as well as an incorrect hatch. The deck is also too low and the stern profile seems too flat. That being said, there aren't too many options out there for an all-weather lifeboat (especially if you want something smaller than a Severn) so I decided to see what could be done with it. I'll also be building a Shannon too at some point so we'll see how they compare. Work so far has mostly consisted of trying to smooth off the very 'stepped print and removing some of the more crude detailing. The deck height is slowly getting there, though still a few layers to go at the bow before smoothing it all off. I tried shaping the stern to match the curved profile of the actual vessels & think it looks better though not perfect, but having run out of material to shape it'll have to do. I've also cut away the inaccurate parts from the rear. Again, it won't be perfect as I'm not convinced the window spacing is 100% but hopefully it'll look better. I think the cabin may be too tall already but I'm going to have to add a mm or 2 to the roof to get the proportions right relative to the windows. The front cabin windows also need reducing in height as they should match the sides. In all honesty, if I was to make another of these I think I'd use the hull and build the deck and cabin from scratch, but too late now!
  2. Interior fit is looking rather good there
  3. Looking forward to seeing this progress, especially the scratching of the new fuelling points - I started one a while back which I really must get back to. I focused more on the interior as I wasn't keen on the idea of making the new fuelling point so hoping to learn something for next time:
  4. Hi Lawzer, anything that shows the equipment fitted would be really helpful - other than jyguy's shots above I haven't found much to go on Cheers, Stu
  5. That box art brings back memories - built this one (badly I expect) when I was a lad.
  6. Much as I like the Excelsior I think I prefer the Constitution refit for Ent-A.
  7. Ask that question over on RMWeb and I reckon you'll get a few good suggestions
  8. Thanks chally, I remember that day well - I'd just landed at Leeming and was getting out of the cockpit when she went over so didn't manage a photograph.
  9. I'll have to have a proper read back over this as I've been pondering a Canberra myself - was it XH134 that made the final farewell tour of low passes over RAF stations across the country?
  10. In the end I caved when I found one of the Plastyk kits for £3. Still not convinced it was worth it though
  11. Hi Don, my understanding from the sources I've read is that the console just contained the gear that was too difficult/expensive to remove when the HAS.6 was converted to the Commando role for training purposes. I wonder whether they even flew with observers? Stu
  12. Kit is now in hand so will be starting soon - if anyone has any more images of that console they wouldn't mind sharing it'd be much appreciated
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