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  1. I've no idea either Darryl, at least I can see what your up to. You'll have to wait till after Christmas, 27th-ish, to see my efforts. Roger.
  2. Looking good Darryl. Glad I'm able to see some photos at last, it's been worth the wait. This is a bit odd though. I've not commented since I've been at sea, nor posted any wip photos of what I'm working on, because the pictures aren't showing in the thread and I can't access flikr to upload my own. Because I'm following your Otter build I get an email notification and I can see the photos in the email. Roger.
  3. Thanks very much John. I'm working on the 1/35 Fine Molds Type 95 Ha Go at the moment but unfortunately unable to post and photos due to our wifi upgrade actually being more of a downgrade. This is the fourth time I've tried posting a reply to you. Roger.
  4. Looks like my particular problem lies with Flikr, I'll have to find an alternative that works if I want to post images of the projects I have with me. Roger.
  5. This won't be much of a consolation but your not alone. The wifi on the ship I'm working on till the 27th Dec. was recently upgraded. I'm now unable to see any images on the site. Roger.
  6. Thank you Andy. Thanks also to @Das Abteilung and @stevehnz for your further contributions. Roger.
  7. Despite automation etc. some things haven't changed since Nelson's day and I dare say scran queues are one of them. The only time I had a meal on a US Navy ship was on the USS Mount Whitney but as a guest didn't have to queue and the very first time I had a taco. Roger.
  8. If I was still in the mob I'd be avoiding a draft to that, or it's sister ship, like the plague. The scran queue must be horrendous.
  9. Thanks Steve. Are you saying it looks a bit inadequate?
  10. Thank you. The texture is moulded onto the kit parts. Roger.
  11. Good progress with the Type 94. The camo scheme was freehand airbrushed and the yellow stripes brush painted. The yellow stripes are probably too wide but if I'm happy enough with it in this scale. Time for a gloss coat, decals and weathering.
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