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  1. Slowly building up the layers of muck.... k
  2. This is seriously good modelling and even more impressive is the level of research. Roger.
  3. Today the initial stages of weathering.....
  4. I can imagine them whitewashing the tanks in the field with the hatches closed and at some point later opening the hatch and realising they'd forgotten it. Roger.
  5. That makes sense, so if a tank was whitewashed for winter camouflage I assume the inside of the hatches would be whitewashed too? Just in case at some point I decided to paint a Soviet tank in winter camouflage with open hatches. Roger.
  6. That's great, thank you very much! Also thanks for the offer of assistance, I might be in touch. Roger.
  7. Thanks for that I'll take a look, if I can't find what I'm looking for re. KV-1's I'm sure I'll find something else of interest. Roger.
  8. Thanks very much Steve, that's pretty much the conclusion I came to following some Googling I thought I'd ask the question rather than rely on my own assumptions as I know where that often leads.
  9. Thanks very much Steve. I've put a filter on this afternoon and the plan is to leave it to dry properly and put some washes on tomorrow. Roger.
  10. I've started going round in circles searching for the answers, if there are definitive ones, to these two queries, 1. Does the commanders hatch open forwards, backwards or is it as I assume on a internal ring that can be swiveled and opened in any direction? 2. What colour is the inside of the hatch? Thanks in advance, Roger.
  11. Thanks Liam. I'm fortunate to be on a months leave so plenty of time for modelling. I meant to say about the tracks, it must've slipped my mind. No issues at all, I used the amount as shown in the instructions. Roger.
  12. Thanks Roger, now I'm passed the boring construction bit it becomes interesting.
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