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  1. Very nice work so far Bob. Now I've caught up you can carry on with updates.... either here or out the front when I'm watching the wife gardening.
  2. Thank you! The penny's just dropped re. the black nose. I think I've got my JA's mixed up with my AJ's.
  3. Thank you Werner. It's 1/72, I actually thought I'd put that in the title, obviously not. As for the black nose, maybe I made a mistake.
  4. This trips project completed, it must be almost time to go home. Speaking of which that's when the pitot tube will be added. I can't see that surviving the journey intact.
  5. It's standing on It's own two (five?) feet now. Not far to go.
  6. Adam, for half of the year I do my modelling on a ship in the North Sea. The only thing I have with me which isn't on your list is cotton buds and cocktail sticks. This is the little compressor I bring with me.
  7. Thanks Steve. One day I'll do a 1/48 Viggen in splinter camo.... but not yet.
  8. Thanks Terry. I don't know if this particular aircraft looked like that but I found a photo online of a close relative that did so went with that because it looked interesting.
  9. Thank you. Yes, time. That is a bit of a problem, I know exactly what you mean.
  10. Thank you Terry. I think the intake solution was more luck than judgment but it worked. This is where I am now. You can probably see some PVA on the bottom edge of the canopy. I did two dry test fittings prior to committing to superglue and they were both a perfect fit. You can guess the rest.
  11. Thank you. Apart from the intakes it's been pretty much plain sailing. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours when you get round to them.
  12. Angles of Attack, An A-6 Intruder Pilot's War. £7.55 on Kindle + £38 for the inevitable Hobby Boss A-6E TRAM Intruder.
  13. Thank you both very much. Another update will hopefully follow later today.
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