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  1. This is great, every time I Google search a potential purchase Ken has already done it and it's on here. Nice work and a great help. Roger.
  2. Decals applied and a coat of gloss. Next step will be some minimal weathering.
  3. Thanks very much Beefy. For the props I'm thinking of something similar to your suggestion, olive green washes over a pale khaki.
  4. The plan worked. Now I need to find a colour to paint the props. I'm not a fan of a highly polished metallic effect so looking to do a kind of mucky buff colour.
  5. I'm going to take them down the beck and see if they survive a trip over the waterfall.
  6. Bob @Retired Bob reminded me this morning I hadn't posted any updates on this so here goes. The sharp eyed among you will probably notice this isn't the usual submarine colour, don't worry I know what I'm doing.
  7. Fantastic, thank you very much! There's no way I would have got those Zevzda monstrosities assembled in the time it will take for them to cross the Atlantic and be delivered.
  8. Excellent work in progress Ken. I just thought I'd post my appreciation as it is helping me no end with my own build of this kit. I didn't get two prop blades fitted before I gave up and took your advice and hit ebay for a set of replacements from Michael @Woodstock74 Roger.
  9. I'm working on this at the moment. I didn't bother with any photos up to now as there is very little to show during the construction. The stbd missile doors will be added in the open position once the interior has been painted. I decided not to try and manipulate the prop blades to make them look more realistic, that's just asking for trouble, so yes, I bottled it.
  10. Or in nautical circles, "I can see clearly now the radar's on."
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