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  1. Thanks very much Matt, I can understand why you would be hesitant to mention something like that but I took the suggestion in the way it was intended and all's good now. The funny thing is I have three of those I13 blanking pieces here with me. Roger.
  2. @Corsairfoxfouruncle @Sturmovik Don't worry those holes have got the better of me, patch up in progress.
  3. Now I have have had time for a proper look the downloadable instructions for this kit show part I13 closes the unwanted spent case chutes, however my instructions don't show that. Lo and behold I13 is in the box. Recently the object of my annoyance has been the TV news, now I have something else to annoy me but I'll get over it. Roger
  4. Darryl, there are no chutes in the first two drawings and then the appear in the last one. In my kit, 82115, the drawings are identical except that the chutes appear in all of them. As you say, a slip up by Eduard, on two occasions. With you 100% on the ignore it advice. A lesson learnt and I'll know next time. Good spot by Matt and not what you'd describe as rivet counting as it's two big holes that shouldn't be there.
  5. Thanks very much Darryl. It would have taken a bit longer if I'd known F's didn't have those chutes. Out of curiosity I have just downloaded the instructions for kit no. 82114, the F-4 just to see if there are chutes or blanks included in that kit. No chutes.... or is there?
  6. @Mattlow @Sturmovik Thanks very much for commenting. There is nothing in the instructions to show a piece to block the spent case chutes and they are clearly visible in the diagrams. However on the painting guides there's no sign of them. There's only one solution to this problem, that photo is the last time anyone will see the underneath. Roger.
  7. Update time. The ill fitting canopy parts are leftovers from another kit used to mask the of the cockpit.
  8. Thanks very much for the tips Greg. I've made a note of your wip thread for reference for when I do mine. I've been on the lookout for an aircraft that flew from Sola for sometime so this has jumped to the top of the "to do" list when I get home on leave. Roger.
  9. Because the internet where I am won't show photos hosted by flikr I had to Google image search them. As I bought the 1/72 version of this on Friday I thought I would go to the trouble, I'm glad I did, great work Greg. That's a bit of a coincidence, I also bought decals for G2 BH. Roger.
  10. Bet you didn't know about the invisible ground crew either!
  11. Cheers John. Eduard 109's are a joy, do yourself a favour.
  12. Thanks Darryl. I've got plenty to read.
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