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  1. Another flat off the production line, 30mm this time....
  2. I've not been very active on here recently due to Internet woes but have still been building and painting. This one just finished, a 54mm flat painted in oils.
  3. Here's where I'm at just now. Base colours applied and a bit of shading. It looks a bit rough at the moment but hopefully it will smooth out as a shade and highlight further.
  4. The title says German Peasants War but it could be any European army of the period and is designed in such a way that with a bit of surgery you can have either a pike or halberd. The primed figure. I think the halberd is the better version. The face has been painted with Titanium white + Burnt Sienna and a touch of Indian Red for the cheeks. The hair with Burnt Umber and highlighted with Naples Yellow, all oils. What looks like I've missed a bit on the top of his head is actually the light shining on the wet paint.... honest.
  5. I've got a huge stash of flats, however it hasn't stopped me from buying more. I know, a familiar story.
  6. Thanks very much Troy. I'll have a look in the stash and find a simple up and down foot figure to do a little work in progress thread, that way it won't take too long.
  7. A rare occurance round here, well almost anywhere really. Painted in oils.
  8. Thank you. Thanks very much Ralph. Yep, they're the best sort.
  9. Thanks very much Troy. I remember being given some advice years ago about flats, when you think you've finished shading and highlighting go back and do it again.
  10. I've had a bit of a break from plastic this leave and painted a set of 30mm flat figures. Painted in oils over an enamel base coat.
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