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  1. I have a bad habit doing too much research during the build than before I start. So after painting, I discovered the small probes/lights (or whatever it is) on the wingtips. They are not present ont the IVA, and Heller seems to not have bothered adding them on the P boxing. So I had to scratch-build them after painting: The Model Art decals was one of those nightmares. Thin decals that did not stick if you leave them in water for more than five seconds! But after all, still better than those in the box. The worst part was the roundels. The white part was a little yellowish and some of the colour did not leave the sheet, making them look spotted. I tried to find new french roundels in my decal spares box, and even in kits in my stash, but could not find any in the right size and/or without yellow outline. But just before I gave up, I suddenly found an old 1/72 Hasegawa F-104 Starfighter sheet with Italian roundels, also with a separate decal for the centre spot. And to my amazement, these were not almost, but just perfect! I cannot recall having that much luck looking for decals in my spares box ever!!! So after much struggle, here is the result:
  2. Yes, I hope that you have seen my answer. If not, write here.
  3. Painting time! First pre-shading, both for effect, and to practice my airbrushing skills. Next step was the camouflage. I used Mr Paint and decided to go for the British Dark Sea Grey and Dark Green. Maybe not perfect, but close enough for me.
  4. Strange, I have recieved PM before. I'll see if I can send you one.
  5. Thanks! After a layer of Tamiya primer, to my own surprise (and happiness), I discovered that the work on the surface was almost done. I had expected to discover several areas where more sanding and filler was necessary, but no. Just a little additional work on the air intakes remained. (I still wonder how this was possible. Must be some kind of magic...) So this one will enter the paintbox much sooner than I expected.
  6. Next update, I have been building a little since my last post. I decided to use the cover plate for the bomb recession, since this is the P version and I think none (of few) of them flew without it. Not my best decision, it seemed easier than it turned out to be. Lots of sanding and filler was necessary. Fit is far from perfect, but on the other hand, there are not so many parts. So assembling the main parts went rather quick: The air intakes were a challenge, they were sanded almost as much as it was possible. But the worst part was the tail: After several sessions of sanding, puttying, re-scribing the re-scribed panel lines and all this on repeat, I was satisfied with the result. Although this picture looks almost the same as the one above. But be sure, there are hours of work between them! The refueling probe boom was replaced to one by Master. I also added some details on the nose. The kit wheel wells are completely empty. Which is a pity, since the original ones is not, far from! Anyone who have lifted the bonnet on an old Citro├źn DS know the feeling. So I added more details, a free interpretation that is based on the real thing. The main wheel wells also got some details, but not as much. And here we are now. Time for primer. And some more sanding, I guess...
  7. Yes, I am going for the RAF colours, but from Mr Paint. The problem is that they do not have the new ones, only the WWII versions. So I have to do some mixing, I think.
  8. Here is my Danish double-seated viking. The model is Hasegawa 1/48 with Aires cockpit and Stoppel decals. WIP thread:
  9. And just a couple of hours before thos GB closes, the Dane is finished! Time for a Carlsberg, I think!
  10. First steps of weathering finished and a coat of matt varnish applied. Seats are just dry-fitted, I will add seatbelts. But now, just landing gears (already painted), a few cockpit details and further weathering remain. So I have good hope to finish it before this GB ends.
  11. They have announced it on their Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/modelsvit/
  12. Thanks! Yes, it could have been an Amodel kit... Fit is horrible in many places and some shapes are incorrect - expecially the oversized windscreen, that is a result of the stupid decision from Airfix/Heller to do the nose movable. If you look close, there are several small errors, windows are not in the right place, panel lines and doors are slightly wrong etc etc. But I can live with that, to me it looks like a Concorde anyway. But the poor fit almost made me give up, so I needed a one-year-break to finally find courage and energy to finish it. A decision I definitely don't regret. It is a pleasure to see it finished, huge and beautiful!
  13. After a long struggle, at last this beuty is finished! I built it OOB, and did not even try to make the nose movable. That meant pretty much work, but I guess that building the nose as Airfix suggested, would have caused even more problems. Fit is horrible, details crude, the decals seems to be made for another 1/72 Concorde and shapes are wrong in many places. But still: It is sooo cool to have a 1/72 Concorde on my shelf! It was worth all the struggle! I painted it with Tamiya white primer followed by many layers of Mr Paint white. I used Johnson's Pledge as varnish, which gave a good not too glossy finish. Panel lines were shallow and wide, especiallay on the wings, so it was totally impossible to do a normal wash there. After a couple of hours, I decided to fill them with a pencil instead. With a surprisingly good result! I have mixed feelings about rubber tyres, but on this model I think they look good. This is a big bird, almost 90 cm long! WIP thread here. Thanks for watching!
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