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  1. Hello Bjorn,

    got the Hasegawa Draken in the stash and saw your helpful informations about colour mixes for this aircraft. I was wondering if , in your opinion, I could replace some of the colours with others I already have. Meaning to use H54 instead of XF-17 and XF-83 instead of H335.

    Also which colours would you use to fade the green and the blue or should I simply add white?

    Thanks for your insight.


    1. Bjorn


      Hello Pat, 


      XF-83 is a good match, I would only reccomend you to add just a hint of blue. H54 could work on a slightly faded Draken, however H55 is a better match. 


      The faded olive green can easily be achieved by adding a little light grey, I have used H338. The blue is more difficult, since it turned almost green on very weathered Individuals. So here you have to check references. To get the faded blue, I used H55 and H338, very faded blue could be achieved with more H338 and a little H46 Emerald green. But maybe H54 + H46 will work as well. And maybe you can get less faded blue with H54 and a little black. 


      Good luck! 



      Good luck! 

    2. PattheCat


      It looks like a recipe you have to adapt "to taste" 🤔. I'd like a "not just new" aircraft, so I'll buy H55 and start from there. As you used the same light grey H338 to fade both "upper" colours, I think I'll get it (maybe my H315 could do). Got to put big restraints on for quite some time as I was a big spender these last few weeks. 

      I intend a "Swedish winter session" with  Hasegawa 1/48 Draken, Pilot Replica's 1/48 Tunnan, Special Hobby 1/72 Viggen.


      Thanks a lot. Take care during these strange times we're going through.


  2. Thank you all! After all, it seems as if it is possible to convert the MF, since you have to buy lots of aftermarket parts anyway to correct all Trumpy's BN errors...
  3. I plan to build my favourite Flogger, the MiG-23BN in 1/48, using the Cold War studio nose correction set. I have a Trumpeter MiG-23MF in my stash and wonder if I could use that one instead of buying an expensive and mis-shaped Trumpeter BN? Are there any other external differences apart from the nose (and cockpit) and the rear bomb racks? And if so, did Trumpy care about them in their BN?
  4. This is mentioned in many forums, articles and blogs. The pilot was Col. Ingemar Wängström, and he flew Spitfire XIX, based at F 11 Wing, Nyköping (although at least some missions we flewn from F 21 at Luleå in northern Sweden. Some sources claim that Swedish roundels were overpainted with black, but this has never been confirmed. Since these missions still are classified, there are no official sources, but this is a well-known secret and the story has been told many times. I don't know about any missions with Mustangs, as far as I know only Spitfires were used since they could fly high enough to be out of reach from Soviet MiG-15s. Some articles (in Swedish, I hope that Google Translate can help): http://fotofyndet.blogspot.com/2013/09/spaningsfotografering-over-sovjet-med.html https://books.google.se/books?id=EvF1BgAAQBAJ&pg=PT206&lpg=PT206&dq=ingemar+wängström+spitfire&source=bl&ots=K_SSGTf-pS&sig=ACfU3U2W4AHw_UUnOzEg_6fxR-OjU_QqXg&hl=sv&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi5_P2Up4XoAhUFw8QBHTGBAdY4ChDoATACegQIChAB#v=onepage&q=ingemar wängström spitfire&f=false A thread on the Swedish Aviation History forum on this subject: https://forum.flyghistoria.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=961
  5. Of course I'm in! My stash is full of potential subjects! I just have to decide which one of all my French favourites I'll build. Mirage IIIB, C or E...? Or IV... Or Super Étendard... Or Vautour or even Trident? Or maybe a Citroën DS or Renault 4L...? Vive la France!
  6. It is correct that it was painted this way after it was retired from service, but the aircraft flew at least once. There are a number of air-to-air-photos of it. More: http://ipmsgoteborg.swedishforum.se/t3029p125-italeri-148-scale-jas-39a-splinter-gripen-39131
  7. I would say no. For these purposes, Swedish Air Force mostly used J 35 Draken fighters (and later Viggens). In fact, the J 32B Lansen fighter version was only in service as a fighter for a little more than a decade (after that a few were converted into target tugs and ECM aircraft, J 32D and J 32E). Maybe a few recce missions were made by recce-Lansens (S 32C) in the early sixties, but since S 35E Draken came into service in the mid-sixties, this was the primary aircraft for this kind of missions until they were replaced by Viggens. The reason is of course that Draken could fly with double speed compared to Lansen, which could be useful during these missions...
  8. Great news! But as always, it seems impossible for Kinetic to get a good fit for the canopy. However, I will build it anyway. Norwegian, maybe?
  9. The former webshop where you also could buy kits is closed, but Stoppel decals can now be bought here: http://www.stoppel-decals.dk/.
  10. According to Tarangus, a B 17B release will follow. Resin floats are in construction, so it will be possible to build the S 17BS! A canopy mask is also on its way - thanks for that!
  11. Although the box says B 17A, is seems to me that the sprues also have parts for B 17B. Resin floats for the S 17BS and canopy masks also seems to be released in a near future from sister brand Maestro models - or maybe a separate Tarangus S 17BS release.
  12. The MF spine is too small compared to the bis version. So if you want to build a Finnish MiG-21bis, Eduard's bis with Cold War Studio's resin nose is the best choice.
  13. Very interesting! I can't wait for this one!
  14. In fact, it is a bit wrong. The nosebulge did not exist on early types, so that is correct. But ICM:s nose lacks the "hump": See Cold War Studio resin nose (left) compared to ICM:s original offering below. But this was pretty easy to fix, I just put a piece of sprue at the right place to bend the nose to the correct shape.
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