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  1. After primer-sanding-primer again... Cockpit finished... ...and canopy glued and front windscreen painted in clear green.
  2. Next one to start with... As I wrote earlier, I will build many of these kits at the same time to save some time, since many of them will be painted in at least partly same colours. This is a lovely oldie from 1977, pretty rare since it has not been released since the late 70s or early 80s. Boxart (by Paul Lengellé) is fantastic, although neither the version (S 35E recce version) nor the individual is possible to build OOB. Detail is a bit more simplified compared to releases just a few years later. Panel lines are raised (of course) but extremely thin and it is obvio
  3. I am happy to hear that - both about your possible entry in this GB and about the international interest of Swedish aviation! Yes, the fact that this model is still in print, more than 40 years after the first release, is a sign that there must be lots of Tunnan-lovers around the world! And the build is underway now. I started with rescribing panel lines - and couldn't resist trying some riveting. I seldom do riveting, but since not much will be seen through the Congo camouflage. Cockpit is more symbolic... The seat is also simplified, but rather correct. I replac
  4. Amazing! I am building the 707 version of this kit (not in the group build), and it is really HUGE! It seems to be a true challenge, I will follow your struggle with great interest!
  5. Bjorn

    Saab J-21

    The SwAF Olive green is not far from the RAF WWII Dark Green, just a little less yellow. Humbrol 116 was the best Humbrol Choice, however I prefer Gunze H309 - so if you can find a good match for that one. Undersides are similar to RAF Medium Sea Grey, just a little more blue. I normally use Gunze 335 with a little blue.
  6. Having recently bought decals for a 1/48 Danish F-16A (or B), I'm in! I just have to find a kit first. My primary goal is to build a two-seater, but the Hasegawa release seems to be hard to find. But otherwise it will be a one-seater. So put me up for this one.
  7. And here is #5! This one was released in 1978, I can still remember buying my first one. This was a fantastic release for us Swedes, until that day, Viggen and Draken were the only Swedish subjects that had been kitted as injection mould kits. And more happy days would follow with Safir, J 21 from Heller and a production-version AJ 37 Viggen and another Tunnan from Matchbox. And the - at that time - amazing 1/48 Esci Viggen! But back to the Tunnan. I found a more recent release in my stash, moulded in a plastic more suited for rescribing panel lines than the 1970s releases. Decals are as
  8. After a first layer of primer, I discovered some fitting issues with the old spine. I also added the small fins on the canards and did some surgery in the air intakes to make them more similar to the real ones. The Heller intakes are prototype-style. I also ordered some more aftermarket stuff, a nice recce pod and new wheels - Heller wheels are also prototype style. Unfortunately, there were only wheels for half the plane in the bag. But I have mailed the shop and hope to get a replacement.
  9. Started the fourth one yesterday, my plan is to build and paint many of them at the same time. I won't use so much aftermarket parts for this one since there are almost none - I wish someone had made new wheels. The Heller ones do not captue the "tractor" feeling of the real thing. The decal sheet in this old boxing is useless, I will use decals from my spares box combined with stencils from Special Hobby's J 21 edition - and of course also the sharkmouth!!! I started with making new panel lines. Next step will be the cockpit.
  10. Started with the cockpit (a good idea... :D) . Safirs have either green or grey cockpit, so you have to chech references for your individual. The cockpit looks nice OOB, so i just added the mesh left to the rear seat. Very little will be seen anyway though the thick canopy. Speaking of canopy... Having built this one before, I completely forgot the big weakness of this nice little kit... Oh, well... A thin sheet of plastic covered the underside of the cockpit - Heller did not care about the wheel wells at all.
  11. It beginning to look like a Lansen now! But one thing is essential for that look - the belly tank. I tried to scratch-build one from parts in my spares box and are satisfied enough wit the result. Some more sanding are neccessary... But now the Lansen looks as it should look! One thing that both Heller and Hobbyboss (1/48) got wrong is the locks on the nose hatch. They have locks on both sides, but the real one only has it on the left side. I made new ones from small styrene strips and sanded them down.
  12. Late answer from me about the Trident - yes, you are correct! There is one in my stash. However, having eight entries in this group build already, I am leaving this one to you. And I will follow with great interest what you will do with the canopy. Speaking of canopies: I think that I have a spare Heller Lansen canopy. I'll look for it, so do contact me if you are interested.
  13. Starting the third one. For this one, I will not use that much aftermarket parts. But I found some Moose Republic decals that might be useful. I will also use the airbrakes from Hobbyboss' 1/48 Lansen. They are extremely undersized, and almost perfect for a 1/72 build! Although the box says J 32 (fighter), it contains parts for the A 32 attack version and S 32 recce version. My plan is to build a late A 32, at a time when they were heavily weathered. Since the canopy is rather thick, I will not put so much effort in the cockpit. So getting this far di
  14. I'd better start with another one if I am gonna make my seven entries... However, this small beauty will be a pretty simple and quick one: I have not decided markings yet, but the kit decals will be replaced. Since I have already build a yellow Swedish one, this one probably will be a camouflaged SwAF one. Maybe this one: . I started with some almost-invisible-riveting, rivets are typical for the Safir. Maybe I will keep the raised panel lines, I think they look good together.
  15. That's correct. I have the magazine somewhere, I'll see if i can find it, it was an interesting article.
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