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  1. That's right. Pilot Replicas is run by people having other jobs and doing this in their spare time. And since this has been rare for a couple of years, all planned kits have been postponed. Now however, they are up and running again with Saab 105 and J 29B Tunnan in production and more kits in progress.
  2. Ooooh! I really need this one!!!
  3. Yes, this sprue is included in all releases except for the first Tarangus JA 37 edition - but if you have this one, just contact Tarangus and you will get one. Cockpit is OK, of course it can be updated with the Maestro photoetch set, but I think many modellers find the box option good enough. The only thing I think they could have done better is the wall behind the seat. It is just flat, which it was not on the real thing. A detailed part can be find on the Maestro photoetch (thanks to me... ) but is a little too flat. But it can be scratch-built, as I did: Here is my first
  4. Well, most errors are for rivet-counters only. To me, Tarangus's Viggen builds up to something that I think most people think look very much like a Viggen. The original canards are wrong, but if you are unlucky to get an early issue, just contact Tarangus and you will get the corrected sprue for free. This one also includes the RAT generator and a corrected JA/SK 37 fin. The only other issues are small recessed panels on the underside and the exhaust cone that have to be filled and wheels that you'd better replace with aftermarket ones. Here is mine:
  5. Good day! We have finished making a reference for the Sk-35C model. In a month we will make the details and we will make the decal. The images on the tail are very much needed. Model present ...spacer.png

  6. Well, I wouldn't be that sure of that if I were you. The cockpit is extremely well detailed, so believe it or not, it is actually worth the effort! I have painted it now, I'll post pictures soon.
  7. After twelwe old Heller builds in the Heller Classic GB it is time for something different, And if the old Heller kits were familiar to me, this one is definitely not: American aircraft are seldom seen on my workbench, and the Phantom is no exception. I built the old Revell 1/32 kit when I was about 13 years old, but since then I have left this subject to other modellers. But this is a classic aircraft, and I do like the British versions. So last summer I bought this one. And after the old Hellers, where fit wasn' always perfect, I felt like building something pretty easy. Th
  8. True that, tanks look odd and the nose looks more like an early RF-35 nose. And apart from that, if you look closer you will find plenty of small errors: nose wheel, tail cone, pylons etc etc. But at least it is a good start, however moulding quality seems to be pretty poor. So the best (although also the most expensive) way to build a TF-35 is still to use the Hasegawa kit and the Maestro SK 35 and F-35 conversions. Or the Hasegawa kit and the (very rare) Heller TF-35 parts.
  9. Well, I managed to build 12 complete builds in the recent Heller GB. So just five - or nine - seems to be an easy task.
  10. Right and wrong. Sometimes the two last numbers of the registration number was used as the ID number, for instance on the first 69 AJ 37. But more often these two numbers had no connection. There was just one more "12" JA 37 - 37365 F 21-12. However I can only find one picture of it and at that time it was camouflaged. And I don't think it was re-painted grey. But there is a very easy solution: Just swap the numbers, and you can build 37421 F 17-21 that looked exactly the same as on the picture you have linked to - however the fin badge is not included on the SH sheet - but on the Heller
  11. In the chat, it was mentioned that we could post pictures of all builds in this GB in one picture. So here they are, from four different angles. I never thought I would build this many kits when we started this four months ago. Starting with a few Heller kits in my stash, a thought suddenly struck me to build all their Saabs - kits that I built many times as a teenager, but with the skills I did not have at that time - in a way fulfilling an old dream. Besides, I had lots of both Heller kits and aftermarket stuff that I collected a few years ago when the company's future looked dark. Tod
  12. 256 - Saab AJS 37 Viggen The twelfth and - I promise - last build from me in this GB. This individual was the last Viggen at F 10 wing before converting to Gripen (and a few years later, shutdown). The AJS Version was a converted AJ 37 that also could be used for recce purposes (S=spaning=reconnaissance), while waiting to be replaced by the JAS 39 Gripen. The colour of SwAF first divisions is red, so the last one was painted in this colour. This aircraft is todady preserved at Stenbäcks Aviation Museum in southern Sweden where it is being restored. The ghost was an old symbol for
  13. Number twelwe. Since I wanted to portrait this one when it was fresh painted, I did not care about wash and weathering. Which also was a good choice to keep it a quick build... Less than 10 hours are spent on this one, retaining the panel lines which on one hand makes it look a little toy-like, but on the other hand actually makes it look more like the real thing, compare to the picture above. So this time, in my opinion, raised panel lines was actually better than recessed ones. But it is hard to see any contrasts on it trying to to take photos of it, it simply looks more like a red blob...
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