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  1. And WHY do they still bother about that old ESCI MiG-27?
  2. The cobra! Wonderful! I know the feeling being inspired of these! I have been planning to build this in 1/48 for years now. Soon it's about time, I hope. And I would gladly help you!
  3. Oh, no! I should have warned you... That can be addictive! But well... Welcome to our Draken addict club! Of course I will help you! And what about a my favourite: A late Danish two-seater TF-35. A Draken with everything you could ask for: Two seats, modified nose, double guns, six pylons, electronic warfare system... All covered in shiny glossy green. You're gonna love it!
  4. She surely has! Especially since I am allowed to refuse all other 1/1 cars except for Citroëns. Today we have three of them, a C5, a C3 and a C2 (these days mostly driven by our daughter). And with her permission I am still dreaming of a 2CV. Regarding the DS however, the 1/16 one will probably be the largest I will ever own... And I have read your fantastic WIP thread about this one, making it look almost buildable, avd giving me courage to actually start with it pretty soon.
  5. Thanks! "Modelling dynamo"... Sounds great! But I wish I was! Normally I build 10-20 kits in one year, so building 10 in just a little more than three months was far beyond my normal standards. But this was truly inspiring! Getting back to these old kits, finallty letting them leave my stash after too many years there has been so much fun! So this last one will be the ultimate quickie, but after that I will return to my 1/48 Cold War jets. At least for a while. I would gladly return to these old Heller kits, I still have a number of them in my stash, another Tunnan, Lansen, Viggen, Safir
  6. And here it is! Number nine! Just one... I mean, two, to go. At least I thought it was finished when I took the photo. But suddenly I discovered that I had missed to paint the position lights... Corrected now, more photos will follow in the "Finished" thread.
  7. Did anyone say "two more weeks for this GB"? Well, almost finished with my ten builds, that must mean that I have to start another one? While looking in my Heller stash, this one called for my attention: To be honest, this is the only way for me to ever get this one built. So my plan is to build it straight out of the box, to compare with my other Heller Draken which was everything but OOB. My first plan was to build the individual on Paul Lengellés brilliant original boxart, F 11-51, but which strangely enough not is among neither the decal alternatives in the
  8. That one turned out really nice! Interesting to see something so common as a Bf 109 in such odd shapes and colours! These early ones are seldom seen, I like the mix of an aircraft known from the edge of the jet age, equipped with a two-blade propeller!
  9. Amazing! You could hardly believe it was 1/24 if it had been. Doing this in 1/43 is absolutely fantastic!
  10. Final touches... After a matt varnish, I was just about to do some scratch-building on the cockpit sides, behind the seat and on the inside of the canopy, plus painting the seat and create seatbelts (WHY do I always leave this until the model is almost finished?) when I discovered the photoetch fret that I already had used during this build, but completely forgot. Building too many kits at the same time has its consequences... (or more likely, I have sniffed too much superglue). I think I have to read my own WIP threads from now on. Anyway, this was a happy surprise. I have t
  11. 80479 - SE.3130 Alouette II, 1/50 And here is number seven, and my only build in this GB that is not in 1/72 scale. The kit was originally released as SA.315 Lama in the sixties, and later changed into SE.313 Alouette II, the Swedish version called SE.3130. This very individual was one of the first Alouettes in Swedish service, and one of just four French-built (the other being licence-built by Saab). This is how it looked like in the early days in the fifties. Alouette II was the only aircraft in Swedish service that was operated by the Air Force, the Marines and the Army. Re
  12. Interesting! License plates from which country? I would love to see the old Swedish ones with the county letter!
  13. Final touches: Matt varnish plus some more cable, hoses and other details to the engines. This is true fun! I also added the thin cable on the boom using Uschi van der Rosten's rigging thread: The final step was to add the rotor. I bent the blades to get the true drooped feeling and added the small cables in the middle, forming a triangular shape. And here it is - my number eight! Comparing to the original kit, scratching the tail boom and replacing many other of the thin parts, was not just fun, but also worth the effort:
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