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  1. Tim, to show you how spot on you are with your cockpit, here some pics from the NASM P-38J-10-LO. Reading the aircraft's history is very interesting BTW, it was a prototype for a two seat variant. When it was returned to being a single-seater, it was upgraded to P-38J-25-LO level. I don't know what that precisely entails, but hey, for the record! Cheers, Erik.
  2. I didn't find too much on P-38 wheel wells, certainly not period photos where the colours are really clear. photos: ww2aircraft.net This is a museum bird: And the nose gear well with cover. No idea if that would be on a P-38G too: What I did conclude from looking at photos was that the early P-38's up until the F had aluminium (painted) u/c-legs but that from somewhere during production of the P-38G they seem to be finished in grey. P-38G-1-LO Lightning, serial 42-12723, alu nosewheel leg. Photos from Wikimedia P-38G Lightning 42-13437 “The Golden Eagle”(P-38G-10-LO), pilot: Capt Billie Beardsley of the 51st Fighter Group 449th FS Twin Tailed Dragons (photos from worldwarphotos.info). Observe no undernose antenna, block tread nose wheel, diamond tread main wheels. Either the aluminium paint is VERY dirty or the gear is finished in Neutral Grey: P-38G Lightning s/n 42-13173 “Sweet Pea” (P-38G-10-LO) of the 97th FS 82nd Fighter Group. Note the diamond-tread nosewheel. I remember having read somewhere that P-38F's and G's were not normally seen with this thread, that they became more common after the introduction of the P-38J. Maybe so, I don't know the date this photo was taken, so maybe it was an old -G still soldiering on in '44 or so... Tim, I hope you are okay with these photos in your build log. If you find them intrusive, let me know and I'll remove them / my post. Cheers, Erik.
  3. It seems that according to technical orders the interior was finished in a colour that we as modellers would characterize as "interior green"... Nice progress! My hands are itching to start mine, too!!! https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/early-f-g-p-38-color-questions-t510184.html P-38F-1-LO Glacier Girl The P-38J-10-LO in NASM's Udvar-Hazy facility. Although a later version, this P-38J is unrestored and may provide a good insight in the original finish of OD/NG finished Lightnings.
  4. Hi Yufei, Thank you very much for this hugely informative WIP! A couple of questions, if I may. 1. The cockpit rear bulkhead. Gabor wrote in his WIP that during the design-stage, little information was available on the rear bulkhead of the cockpit. The detail incorporated on the rear bulkhead of the kit look like details that also can be found on the rear bulkhead of the Su-27, only mirrored. Do you know if there is more info avalable now regarding wiring etc.? 2. I noticed that you’ve painted the rear main gear well “ceilings” aluminium. Is that also on RuAF aircraft or only for PLAAF aircraft? 3. You’ve painted the inside of the intakes in a grey tone. Is that also universal or only for the PLAAF? If I’ve been paying attention correctly, Russian/Soviet aircraft often had metal colored intake interiors? Maybe that changed in efforts to minimize the radar cross-section? I hope you can find time to answer these questions, I look forward to any next installments of your Su-35! Cheers, Erik B.
  5. Thanks everyone for the very helpful replies! Cheers, mates!
  6. Thank you Graham! I suspected as much but indeed liked to have it corroborated! I'm searching the things together to build a Swordfish Mk.II of 860 (Dutch) Sqn. which operated from the MAC-Carriers. These aircraft wre stored almost exclusively on the flightdeck... Cheers, Erik.
  7. It seems that I have been thick enough to post this in the AFV-section.... Sorry about that! I have reported my topic to the moderators, asking them to move it to the aircraft section. Sorry for the inconvenience! Cheers, Erik.
  8. Hi all, Did the TAGs (Telegraphist / Air Gunner) take their Vickers K MG's to and from the aircraft before and after missions or did the machine gun stay on the aircraft between missions? Thanks in advance! Erik.
  9. Hello all, I'm still trying to find out how the Merkava "works". What is or are the exhaust(s)? I see an opening on the left side with soot around it: But an extended exhaust-like opening can also be found on the right side: I presumed that the opening with gills at the right side was from the engine intake but the following picture makes me doubt.... Although this is probably a Mk. 2?: Thanks in advance for your insights! Cheers, Erik.
  10. Thanks for the answers, guys! Much appreciated! Cheers, Erik.
  11. Hi everybody, I'm busy with a quickie project; Tamiya's Merkava Mk.1. Looking at walk-arounds on the internet I see that the museum pieces have both the ball & chain protection at the back of the turret and the anti-slip coating on the horizontal surfaces of the tank. I'd like to finish the model as a vehicle from the 1982 Lebanon era. Are the ball & chains retrofits from the period that the Merkava Mk.2 and newer entered service, as I believe it was one of the modifications from Mk.1 to Mk.2 as a result from lessons learned during the Lebanon war with the Mk.1? Was the anti-slip surface in place from the outset or was it a later modification? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Erik B.
  12. Excluding BMW motorcycles, of course...
  13. Can you elaborate? My HK Mossie's nose does in fact taper, so I'm afraid I need some more info on what kind of taper, how much etc. etc. Of course, in this instance I waived your advice in your signature "not to take any posts you make seriously"! Cheers, Erik.
  14. Hi guys, Before I bought the Airfix Hurricane "Ragwing" kit that also includes Belgian markings I had already bought the Kora Models decals. There are significant differences in colour, proportions and dimensions. What are your opinions as to which does resemble the originals best? Cheers, Erik.
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