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  1. Both explanations are highly plausible! The ad is almost right though - most Aussies don’t give a XXXX about it - I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on sale outside QLD! Before anyone from up north jumps in though (hello @Rabbit Leader!) I can’t say I’m much of a fan of VB or Carlton Draught either. If you want a good Aussie beer in the UK, Coopers Pale is the one to look out for. Available in bottles in a few places. This thread has got me wanting one. But it’s breakfast time so I might have a cup of tea instead.
  2. Nice choice JP. I was given the Proctor for Christmas so will be following along.
  3. Good luck Ray - you're going to need it! I've contemplated the AIM Viscount 800 conversion a few times but every time I think of it the thought of having to use the Mach 2 Viscount kills the idea. That upside-down wing section is one of those things I just can't unsee - if it wasn't for that I might bite the bullet and go for it. I haven't seen the Hamilton Hobbies conversion before. Does it include the bulged nacelles for the 800?
  4. zebra


    First coats of paint on. The brown one (that's supposed to be sand but looks a bit more like mud to me) is going to be in the Soviet Frontal Aviation scheme, and the light beige is for the Uzbekistan AF scheme.
  5. I'm going to build a pair of bush planes operated in Papua New Guinea in the 60s. At that time PNG was administered by Australia and there were several Australian operators flying there. Air travel is still essential in PNG - it's the only way to get to some towns and villages, even the capital (Port Moresby) isn't connected to any other town by road. Hence light STOL transport types are essential - when I briefly visited PNG for work a few years ago there were far more of these, and helicopters, at the airport than there were airliners. First up will be a Qantas DHC-3 Otter using
  6. Been busy with other things but it'll get a bit of attention this week. Public holiday on Tuesday with rain forecast, sounds like a good day to get some modelling done!
  7. @Ted @nimrod54 @John Masters thanks, you're on the list and we're up to 42
  8. Just catching up - this is looking really, really special Glynn. Beautiful paint job so far.
  9. zebra


    Back from my holiday and back in business. Not got a lot done today but they're looking a lot like MiG-29s now: Back to work tomorrow so time will be limited, but hopefully will be able to move things along and get some paint on them this week. cheers Julian
  10. Very nicely done @neilfergylee I’m thinking of doing one in 1/48. I think (someone correct me if I’m wrong) the black one requires a few gold decals so printing might be a bit more difficult than usual. So it might be the other one.
  11. Nice work so far Tom. But this really isn't helping, I need it to be unbuildable. Otherwise my determination not to buy one will falter.
  12. I have! Thanks for posting it - I've kept out of this thread as I don't really have anything to contribute, but I would like to do this conversion sooner or later and the photos you posted will be very useful. So it's very much appreciated by me at least!
  13. If I'm making a display stand it'll definitely have a wooden base but I don't think there's any white metal in the kit (doubts about the strength of the resin undercarriage are another reason I'm thinking about displaying it in flight - particularly since I'd have to put a fair bit of extra weight in the nose to counter the weight of the telescope) so only 3 materials so far. But there will need to be more to the display stand than it's base, so that will probably be metal. Maybe some PE (although I'd prefer not to) and there are a couple of bits that might be replaced with brass rod. I might
  14. I've well and truly made up my mind what to build - it's going to be the Welsh Models 747SP as the NASA/DLR SOFIA telescope-carrying aircraft. I've been playing around with the CAD software drawing up the telescope and think I've got it about right, so I'll be 3D-printing that and building it with the door open. Only question now is whether it'll be on its undercarriage or in flight - in flight would be more authentic with the door open, as it wouldn't usually be open on the ground, but I'd need to build a stand which I've not done before. Decisions, decisions...
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