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  1. Painting finished and half the decals on: more soon Julian
  2. Back in business after some time away. Decals are on: more soon Julian
  3. I saw a chicken crossing the road yesterday. Always thought part of the joke was that it's something you don't see chickens do! This has made me irrationally happy. I wasn't able to stop and see why it had crossed the road, so the question remains unanswered. But whatever it was crossing the road for, it was in a hurry, its little legs were going pretty fast.
  4. also the Mooyashischev Bison and the Mooper Constellation
  5. Also the Westland COW gun fighter And the Vickers Viscownt, and anything by Moocdonnell Douglas
  6. Took a while to get to it, but most of the paint is on. Still needs aluminium leading edges on the tailplanes and on the centre engine intake, and a black radome, and I need to paint the engines as well. more soon Julian
  7. Not had an awful lot of modelling time lately - most of the paint is now on: The inevitable happened to the nose gear - but I have a plan, I'm going to 3D-print one, which I was planning to do for the second build anyway - that way I can make one that can be added at the end. Going to be away from the bench a bit over the next couple of weeks, but at least I'll have time for the CAD. more soon Julian
  8. Ages since I posted and this has slipped to page 5! Most of the paint is on. The rings on the cowlings are blue, but don't look it in this photo! decals soon, although I'm going to be away on and off for the next couple of weeks cheers Julian
  9. I'd have been tempted to go with G-BFZL though - much more varied history: Trans Australia Airlines, two different US corporate owners, RAAF, Omani Air Force, Royal Swazi National Airways, BMA, Manx (twice), British Air Ferries, British World, ending up with an operator in Zaire.
  10. Count me in. I've got loads of options to choose from.
  11. That might have been the only thing in its favour!
  12. Got some paint on the first build and filler in the windows of the second. Pretty much decided they're going to be the same airframe, G-AOYM. I think I'll resist the temptation to buy a heap more kits and build all the other schemes 'YM carried (3 BEA schemes, Cambrian, British Air Ferries and Lineas Aereas Canarias)! more soon Julian
  13. Probably about half way through painting: blue next cheers Julian
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