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  1. Very nice! Brings back memories of the one at Cosford - really need to go back there some time.
  2. Thank you @Enzo Matrix! The extra week will be very helpful - an extra day would have done for me since Monday is a public holiday here.
  3. About time I chipped in to be honest! Just donated.
  4. I'd be up for all things Italian (does it have to be Italian made, or Italian operated?) or Italeri.
  5. Drunk modelling GB anyone? Build anything you like provided you can’t walk in a straight line while doing it. Probably best to avoid sharp tools, which might inhibit things a bit.
  6. Count me in. It would seem a bit rude not to participate in a GB for my adopted home (and our neighbour to the east!).
  7. Small update. Flat coats on and engines done. I've also got to work painting an awful lot of wheels! cheers Julian
  8. Painting done and decals on. First the A-4C: Decals went on ok but the national insignia needed an awful lot of Micro Sol to bed down over the vortex generators, which worked ok in the end but there are a few small tears in the decal that I'll need to touch up. One stuff-up - the China Lake on the tail is misaligned - I put the Lake on first and didn't realise I'd put it in the wrong place until the China went on. Going to have to live with it I think. Next the AF-1A - the FCM decals went on very nicely: I'm pretty confident these will be finished next weekend. Thanks for looking Julian
  9. Count me in - it would probably be an Albemarle or a target tug.
  10. More paint on both Skyhawks: I think the dark grey on the AF-1A is a bit on the dark side, but I think I'll stick with it. cheers Julian
  11. Nice work Craig. Stunning scheme!
  12. Very nice! Brings back memories of the Matchbox 1/32 Sea Venom I built over 30 years ago (although my main memory of it is the hinged canopy, which closed itself in an earthquake in 1984!).
  13. I seem to have forgotten to post a few updates! A-4C is half way through painting: The AF-1A has some paint on as well, just haven't photographed it yet. Maybe tomorrow. cheers Julian
  14. Thanks @Romeo Alpha Yankee and @rob85 Decals done: Flat coat next, then need to finish the engines and undercarriage and add a load of antennae, then they'll be finished.
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