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  1. The standard ones are pretty long but these are bigger as they have mission equipment in them - I think one of them simulates a missile seeker and the other has a camera in it.
  2. It's not the only Kent connection round here either - Footscray, named after Foots Cray, is nearby, and I live opposite Medway golf club!
  3. How about the Roden Britannia? I build their C-133 recently as well, nice kit that builds up into a pretty impressive model, but it'll need to be a WHIF if you want to put RAF roundels on it!
  4. Looking good Ray. Bigger than I expected, my Learjet would look tiny next to the G550!
  5. Welcome to the GB Pip. The CF-188 will look great in that scheme - I built it a year or so ago using Leading Edge decals and it's one of my all-time favourites.
  6. Acceptable? It'll be positively encouraged!
  7. Welcome to the GB Peter. I had never heard of RAF Staplehurst either - or of Staplehurst itself, so I just looked it up, and found it's in the borough of Maidstone - I live in a quite different Maidstone on the other side of the world!
  8. Welcome aboard Bill, I like the sound of the Banshee
  9. Great work Ray, it looks fantastic in the gallery. This MiG-21 (or at least one that purports to be this one - I have to take it with a pinch of salt after I somehow saw the same MiG-17 in two different museums on the same day!) is on display at the Vietnam Air Force museum in Hanoi, sadly looking slightly shabbier than your beautiful finish.
  10. Craziest colour scheme I've ever seen! Lovely model, well done.
  11. Here's my pair of Chengdu F-7s, just finished in the MiG-21 STGB. Both built from Trumpeter 1/48 kits. First up, the Iranian F-7N, built from the J-7B kit with minor mods (such as repositioning the long probe on the nose), and Aztec decals: And the Bangladesh Air Force F-7BG, from the J-7G kit, using Caracal decals. Only mod to the kit was to add a scratch built cannon on the left - annoyingly, despite most operators of this aircraft having guns on both sides including the Pakistani aircraft that can be built from the kit, it can only be built OOB as an aircraft with one gun. I couldn't resist this scheme. Matching the colours was difficult, I haven't got it spot on but it's not far off. Still a bit disappointed with the outcome tbh, because whilst it's a real scheme, on a model it looks unrealistic to me! thanks for looking Julian
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