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  1. I’ve just been building other things whilst building up the enthusiasm to paint the wheels and props! Wheels are painted and painting of the props have started - I’m aiming to get it finished next weekend.
  2. Another little beauty John wear it with pride (metaphorically, I suppose you don’t really need the actual coat where you live) although I thought we were all nerds these days. I’m working from home today so I think I’ll go and procrastinate a clear coat onto a Skyhawk before I start!
  3. Mrs Z suggested that maybe modelling and procrastination might actually be the same thing!
  4. Me too - seems quite a lot bigger than a Wirraway, particularly the wingspan which isn't very much narrower than the DHC-3 Otter I just finished.
  5. Started with the fuselage - all fairly straightforward so far. Instructions give no indication of whether any weight is needed in the nose, so I stuck a few foreign coins in there to be on the safe side. cheers Julian
  6. And then there's the Wirraways and the Ceres: A20-176/VH-WWY: A20-653/VH-BFF: A20-722/VH-CAC: A20-10 at the Moorabbin air museum: and Ceres VH-WOT, also at Moorabbin:
  7. Boomerangs: Temora-based A46-122/VH-MHR is a pretty regular airshow performer: There's also A46-63/VH-XBL, which I've only seen once: And here's the RAAF Museum's A46-30:
  8. Some inspiration from the Australian warbirds scene - first up, the Harvards. Always seems remarkable to me that there are so many here considering Australia didn't use them! SNJ-4 VH-XSA in SAAF colours: If you like them shiny, here's VH-NZH: My personal favourite of the local Harvards is Harvard Iic NZ1056/VH-NAH: Harvard III NZ1075/VH-HVD: AT-6G VH-YVI: Harvard IIA NZ1024: Harvard IIB VH-TXN: "Zero" appropriately registered VH-ZRO: And finally Harvard IIA VH-HAR
  9. This is looking great John. You really don't know the meaning of procrastination though do you?
  10. Nice choice. I have a bit of a thing for Wirraways (so of course I'm not building one!), always one of my favourite warbirds at local airshows.
  11. Looks fantastic Craig. Also doesn't look like a cat from the other angles. But I'm seeing a rabbit instead. Coming soon to a psychiatrist's couch near you: model aeroplane camouflage Rorschach tests!
  12. Hawkeye Models makes decals for the TAA version as well. I'm tempted by it too, but don't have another Otter in the stash, and if I did the idea of VH-EAZ then and now has really caught my attention.
  13. Sorry to see this has happened. Don't think I've ever heard anything good said about Roden decals!
  14. The seats look great and would have looked even better with the headrest covers, but doing it might not be all that good for your mental health!
  15. Funny how that happens! Which one?
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