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  1. Me too! Great idea. I’m not really into what-ifs (but love seeing other people’s) but have plenty of ideas for aircraft or colour schemes that haven’t been seen on BM before. I’m thinking of some obscure airlines, unique flight test schemes, engine test beds and so on. There would be some custom decals and maybe 3D printing involved.
  2. Does that involve hitting womballs? Or even wombles?
  3. Nice choice - great little (more like tiny!) kit, I remember building one more than 30 years ago. I have a feeling it was a tail sitter so watch out for that - not a lot of space for weight up front as I recall.
  4. It's actually not bad, which came as a bit of a surprise. A few very small adjustments were needed, and some filler, but that's all. I've also got the windscreen joint cleaned up and polished the clear part, it's looking pretty good now. I haven't photographed it today though - I'll post a photo after I've cleaned up the filler on the wing roots.
  5. Thanks Mike - it worked out pretty well on top but there's a bit of touching up to do underneath. I've painted some clear decal film the same red and I'm going to try cutting out strips of decal film to tidy things up.
  6. Time to get cracking. First up, the box shot: It's a pretty simple kit. Nicely moulded, raised panel lines, and some of the thickest plastic I've ever seen. But that's all fine, this is going to be an OOB build, and quite a quick one at that. I've started by getting some aluminium paint on the interior. Also since this photo I've added the windows, and assembled the wings. Hoping to get this to the painting stage pretty quickly. more tomorrow Julian
  7. A bit more progress today - wing seams cleaned up, engines assembled, and windscreen attached. Same old story - none of it fits very well, but with only a little fettling it all goes together ok. Going to have to do some sanding and polishing on the windscreen tomorrow, but might end the weekend with a complete airframe. cheers Julian
  8. Nice work! Your decals worked beautifully
  9. A bit of progress today. Fuselage assembled and cleaned up, wings assembled and a load of filler applied! It's fairly typical A-model - everything needs a bit of adjustment to make it fit, and some of it is very imprecise (I have no idea whether I've got the interior of the wheel bays right - I guess I'll find out when I try to fit the undercarriage!). Here's how it's looking tonight: thanks for looking Julian
  10. Got a few decals on today. The decals are nice, but slightly brittle, and also take a while to stick down fully, so careful handling is needed and I'm taking it slowly. more tomorrow Julian
  11. My kit arrived today - Red Arrows boxing. It'll be in a display team's colours, but green not red!
  12. Crikey, it's been nearly a month since I posted an update. And that was some nonsense about Trickyrich underpaying Modelling Minion. I was concentrating on my helicopter build for most of that time, but did some painting on the A320 here and there, and now it's ready for decals: I've tried to get the demarcation between the red and white right by copying the decal that goes against it onto a masking sheet and cutting it out. Really, really hope it works!
  13. As others have said, something like this has been in force in Australia for a while. The difference here is that there's a threshold - if the overseas seller doesn't exceed $75,000 sales to Australian customers in a year they don't have to register and don't have to charge the GST. So small businesses aren't affected. The bigger sellers seem to have adapted - it's certainly getting charged by eBay and Hannants for a start (Hannants packages come with a sticker on them saying GST has been paid). The problem with the incoming UK rules seems to be that there's no threshold, so it's ch
  14. Thanks @Mjwomack I just had to go and look up how to mould chocolate. I reckon it's doable. So if this GB runs over Easter, I'm going to make a chocolate Easter eggplane! And not, as autocorrect wanted me to type, an eggplant.
  15. Choosing my votes is going to be fairly tricky but this one’s top of the list. I have a question on the 25% injection rule though: I have a resin conversion to turn a Tu-95 Bear into a Tu-126 Moss. Fuselage etc are resin, wings, engines etc are from the Trumpeter kit. If the rule is 25% by parts count it’ll fail. But by weight it’ll easily be more than 75% resin and less than 25% of the effort will be in the injection moulded parts, so I reckon it should be allowed. @Mjwomack what do you think? Also thinking about how to take up the challenge of making something out of chocolate...
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