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  1. Maybe we need to find a Russian to hack the vote!
  2. Me too. This was the one I was really hoping would get up, there would have been some really interesting builds.
  3. Down with this sort of thing!
  4. I was there too - 1996 I think - wanted to build one ever since
  5. Thanks @Flankerman. I'm working on the Be-200 now, and will get to the R-1 shortly. I really should add a Be-10 to the line-up.
  6. Thanks everyone @roginoz I didn’t think there was an A-40 kit in 1/72 - if there isn’t there should be, it would be awesome, and pretty huge
  7. There's a 'K for sale on a certain auction site at the moment for about $100 (US) if you really, really want one! I think I read somewhere that Phase Hangar is planning some bits for a Kahu. Really wish the Hasegawa A-4E/F was easier to find. I'm on the lookout for them but I'm not willing to contemplate some of the prices I'm seeing. Would look at the Hobby Boss kit but the closed slats are putting me off.
  8. Nice work so far John. Looks like one of Amodel's cruder kits but you seem to have it under control.
  9. Cool! And I like the look of the Cosmo Mustang too.
  10. Thanks @cmatthewbacon - I'll have a look at zero paints, although getting them here might be a problem - doesn't seem to be easy to get paint shipped from the UK. Might have to have a go at mixing it myself.
  11. That's what I call a high viz colour scheme! Lovely model, beautifully finished. I like it very much indeed.
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