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  1. Thanks Nils, more than happy for the photos to go on your Facebook page.
  2. Looking good John. Extremely loosely if the wiki article is correct! Wiki also says the pilot was 'Wop' May flying a Bellanca (I have a feeling it might be covered by one of Dora Wings' kits). It also says the true identity of the fugitive is still unknown, and he was known as 'The Mad Trapper of Rat River' which I think would have been a much better name for the film.
  3. Thanks Julien. But when I went over to the Red Roo site to have a look a different Meteor fell into the cart instead! I don't know how I could possibly be expected to go past this without buying one:
  4. I don't but it wouldn't be a surprise if another one found its way into the stash! Now that they've started on the Mirage III hopefully that kit will be just as nice.
  5. It takes a lot of the indecision out of it! In my case it's partly because I doubt North Macedonia is going to be high up anyone else's build list, and I also doubt I'll have another reason to build anything from there any time soon, so it seems like a good idea.
  6. Thanks everyone! It looks very clean in every photo I've seen (not that I found many). But I doubt it flew as often as most aircraft so perhaps not such a tough job for the ground crew!
  7. I think YK GOH's response tells us all we need to know, but also just checked my photo of the preserved example at the Queensland Air Museum, and they're not faired over.
  8. I'll be getting one. It's not at all what I was expecting, and a bit of a brave choice by Hannants I think, but I love prototypes and experimental aircraft so this one's up my street. It might make an appearance at my LHS but maybe I'll add it to my order next time I need to get something from Hannants.
  9. Here's my 1/48 Airfix Sabre built as Boeing's second Sabre chase plane, a Mk.5 which was re-winged with a Mk.6 wing (so I suppose it's a Mk.5-and-a-half). Starting point was the F-86F-40 kit with wingtips shortened to make it a Mk.6 wing. The wingtip pitots, camera fairings, sugar scoops and VHF aerial were 3D printed. Decals are from @Vingtor and were excellent. I also used resin wheels from Eduard (nice) and airbrakes from CMK (wouldn't bother next time, they're nicely detailed but installing the open airbrakes at the end was a bit of a faff). Build thread is in the Canadian GB here. thanks for looking Julian
  10. It's a lovely little kit, I could build more of them. The Spanish and Moroccan schemes in the box look very nice but aren't at all suitable for this GB.
  11. I was born ready! Started this morning. And I've got to this stage already: This might not take very long. more soon Julian
  12. zebra

    CP Air DC-8

    First few decals on. I think I should have used a slightly lighter orange to get a bit more contrast with the red. Next time...
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