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  1. zebra

    Boeing GB going for 2021?

    Count me in. If it was starting tomorrow it would be a 737, but who knows what might be in the stash by 2021!
  2. zebra

    Aer Lingus

    I think they probably did it by looking at a photo of a Qantas A330 and changing the angle of the screen until the colours go all funny
  3. I’d definitely be interested in this. There would be loads of options. Ex-military aircraft used as fire bombers, ex-military transport aircraft, Reno racers come to mind immediately.
  4. You’re making very quick progress! People are going to start thinking Mach 2 kits aren’t unbuildable if you carry on like this!
  5. Adding paint to the PPP is a very interesting idea. Great to see the old Airfix Hudson - and I think the boxing I built at least a couple of times, complete with the good old silvery plastic.
  6. Those decals do look poor. Apart from that your model is looking great.
  7. Since the Tu-22 is progressing nicely and I'm waiting for more paint to move it along, time to start something else: A SAAF C-47TP "Turbo Dakleton". This is a turboprop Dakota conversion which replaced the Shack in SAAF maritime patrol service. It has a longer fuselage, twin PT-6A turboprops driving 5-blade propellers, and various other differences from the standard Dak. I'm using the Alley Cat conversion and Airfix 1/72 Dakota. You get a new one-piece forward fuselage, a new floor for the forward fuselage, engines and props, clear parts including parts for the tall windows in the rear fuselage, various bits of PE, and a small decal sheet. I've started by doing all the cutting on the fuselage - here's the off-cut nose of the Airfix kit with the resin nose for comparison: And the cut-outs for the new windows in the rear fuselage, with the clear resin inserts: I won't attach the clear inserts yet - I think that had better wait until the fuselage is together. I'm raring to go on this one. I have a feeling it's going to really kick-start the mojo, which has been sapped a bit by the two builds in the Grumman GB. So there might be some fairly rapid progress on this and the Tu-22. thanks for looking Julian
  8. zebra

    Ray's 1/72 RAAF P-8A - 11 Squadron

    Looking great Ray. Really like the weapons bay.
  9. Sorry to disappoint Tony, I'm going to use the AlleyCat C-47TP conversion. It'll be in dark sea grey with a white roof. Yours is coming along very nicely Julian
  10. White bits painted and masked, and upper surfaces painted Alclad white aluminium over a gloss black base. I seem to have been very optimistic about how much Alclad this would need - I had enough for the upper surfaces only, the rest will have to wait until I have some more. Not to worry, I can get on with other things in the meantime.
  11. zebra

    Canadian C130

    Excellent Herc goggsy. I’d love a new tool Herc too (and a Spartan Cruiser)
  12. Possibly the strangest looking helicopter ever. Definitely going to need one of these but really hope we get an HH-43B as well.
  13. You’ve got off to a good start J-W. This is going to be a great build I think!
  14. Cheers Pat. It’s about 60cm long, so probably tiny to anyone building the HK Models Lanc, but a lot bigger than anything I usually go for (although the Mi-10 last year wasn’t small and has to be displayed with a couple of rotor blades removed). Don’t know how I’d handle a Valkyrie, it would be sticking out over the side of the table!
  15. That’s the one! I can almost hear it calling me from the stash!