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  1. Hey Mike, thanks for the book info. I will keep it on my search list. I went ahead and placed the order for the Tamiya Mosquito. I figured that I had better buy it now rather than wait and it not be available later. I’m sure it will sit on the shelf with the other kits waiting its turn to be built. I have unbuilt kits, all 1/48th, of the Lightning, 2 Phantoms (1 will be green/gray and 1 in the grays), and the Tornado. I do not have the other set of decals for the 23 Squadron history. I think that one had the Blenheim and some earlier biplane fighters? I plan to start the Pha
  2. Super recovery from a potential disaster. I have the XtraDecal History of 23 Squadron decal set, 1/48, that includes this Mossy. I hope to start on a couple of Phantoms and an ADV Tornado in 23 markings. Your Mosquito inspires me to buy the kit while it’s available. I didn’t really look at the decal instructions that closely for the Mosquito so didn’t realize that the upper gray is the lighter version that’s usually the underside color. And the black underside is in the decal instructions. Thanks for posting your completed model. It is an inspiration for me. Thanks also for calling
  3. That’s a great looking model. I haven’t seen a lot of these bigger helicopters built. I visited the USS Hornet about 20 years ago. It had recently opened as a museum ship in Oakland Alameda, California. They had an Apollo crew quarantine facility and a Sea King. I believe it was painted up as Ole 66, but there were signs stating that the original was lost at sea. There were the Apollo crew footsteps painted on the deck leading from the helicopter to the quarantine facility.
  4. Super build! The colors look great. I was at the 1986 Upper Heyford airshow with a Southeast Asia wraparound camo’d E and a freshly painted Euro 1 G model. I remember an English plane spotter came up to the jets and told me that the G was a new jet to our squadron (23rd TFS). He had a notebook of tail numbers for various squadrons. I was impressed at his dedication to keeping his records up to date. Also a little freaked out. Good times...
  5. Wow! Another great Tornado. As with exdraken’s IDS (Norm 83) build, I also have this kit in the stash. But like every build review that I’ve read, these Revell kits are not easy, so it puts me off starting one. Thank you for showing your finished F3. You guys really make these kits look good. I hope I can do that someday.
  6. That’s great! I’ve been planning on building a JaboG 33 IDS in Norm 83 for a few years. Got the same Revell kit and some aftermarket bits, but everything that I’ve read says it’s not necessarily a fun build. My interest is based on one of my former USAF nav training students, a German guy, having flown with JaboG 33. We still keep in touch and my wife and I visited him and his family for a few days in July 2019. He sent me some photos, inflight on on the ground during his final flight with the GAF. Your build is an inspiration for me to get moving on my own. I just have to finish
  7. Some interesting things to point out in the photo Jari posted above. The 3 bombs are Mk 20 Rockeye anti-armor cluster bombs. Note the suspension lug extender for the lower bomb. I’ve never seen that before. Just above pylon you can see the lower half of the TISEO camera assembly. TISEO - Target Identification System Electro Optical. About half of ours in the 23rd were inop and capped off or had the glass painted over. The full housing was there, just the glass was replaced by a metal plate. But the ones that worked were fun to play with. Great for getting a visual ID on radar target
  8. Thanks for the shout out Lord Riot. During my time at Spang the victor alert commitment went away. I was next in line in my squadron to get certified to sit victor alert when it went away (1984). With that, I never saw what the jets on alert had loaded. Nor what the centerline weapon pylon looked like. I think the above recommendations sound right: B61 on the centerline, ALQ-131 ECM pod in the left forward missile well, maybe 2 AIM-7s in the aft, empty inboard pylons, and external wing fuel tanks on the outboards.
  9. That looks awesome! Great model. You added the E-brake cable? Cool.
  10. Cool. That is a great build. I’ve been intrigued by the Hampden ever since I read “Damned Good Show” by Derek Robinson. (He also wrote “Piece of Cake”)
  11. That looks great! I just finished reading a good history of the AVG. The Osprey AVG book is good too. Don’t know how I missed the in progress build, but it looked like a bit of work. I missed out on finding these at the discounts some of you found. Thanks for posting and showing your build.
  12. Those are a couple of phantastic Phantoms. Congratulations on really fine builds. I was always confused by 66-8793 displaying the MiG kill star. None of my references show this jet getting a MiG kill. I finally found confirmation that the pilot whose name was on the forward left canopy rail shot down a MiG-17 in October 1967. It was Maj Don Logeman’s name on the jet at the 1976 Tactical Weapons Meet at Twenthe, Netherlands. One minor note, the sensor lump on the tail had black forward and trailing antenna covers. If you google F-4D 66-8793 you will find several photos of the jet at
  13. I have a can of Tamiya gray primer. I’ll probably spray that first, it covers better than the white primer anyway. Black is an interesting option but seems like it would make it very difficult to cover with white. Would definitely get tonal variations.
  14. Thanks everyone. I’m not quite to the painting stage yet, just looking ahead. I can see that spraying white, over the white plastic, will be a problem. Reckon I might just paint it overall light gull gray first, then paint the white parts. Thanks Academy.
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