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  1. We'll be there with the EBMA Hobby & Craft Stand. It'll be newly extended so that we can show off all the new items we've added to the range over the last eighteen months.
  2. Mark, Troy is correct, I have a set of Airfix Hurricane wings currently spare. If you want them let me know and I'll post them off to you. Cheers Andy
  3. We've recently introduced a new unit to our range of modular storage. The unit is designed to securely prop up your tablet or instructions and can be angled to suit. Alternative sides are provided to blend in with the existing range or as a standalone unit. Full details on our website.
  4. Following on from our Rod, Tube and Wire Store we've just introduced a new unit aimed at storing sheet materials such as plasticard, card and brass. It also has sections for storing strip materials. The Sheet Store has a range of slots, varying in depth so that sheets can be stored even after they have been partially used. There are three drawers and an open tray to enable the storage of smaller bits. We can also supply the Storage Tubes to protect thin strips of material from low flying plastic aircraft and tanks and to stop you getting poked in the eye!
  5. Hi Tim, We may at some point produce a spray booth. There's nothing planned in the immediate future though we did produce a custom one last year for a customer. An airbrush stand is likely as I could do with one myself. We won't produce a turntable as 'lazy susans' (cake turntable) are cheaply and readily available. There is one fly in the ointment - currently we can't ship to North America due to insurance issues. We'll review this again in the future but at the moment the insurance costs are far higher than the sales have been. Cheers Andy
  6. Absolutely fantastic build. Very impressed with your build skills.
  7. Terrific build, Ced. Really enjoyed following this and the result is a tribute to your perseverance.
  8. Hi Steve, Just read through your thread. I’ve been intrigued by these Shermans for a few years as we are involved with a children’s centre just outside Kampala. I can confirm the soil is a red colour and very sticky when it’s wet and like concrete when packed down. I’ll see if I can dig out some photos tomorrow that show it.
  9. Ages ago I started a model of Sir Keith Park's Hurricane that he flew before and through the Battle of Britain. I've finally gotten around to taking the finished photos today. The build is here - The model is based on the Airfix rag wing kit married to Alleycat's tin wing conversion. Even with the advent of Arma Hobby's Hurricane kits this is still a valid way of producing the model as the early tin wing aircraft did not have one of the panels depicted on the Arma Hobby kit. The wheels are 5 spokes from an Eduard spitfire kit and the tyres from an Arma Hobby kit. The canopy is also from an Arma Hobby kit, this being a better representation than the over tall Airfix rendition. Paint is Mr Hobby Aqueous weathered with Flory washes and oils. Decals are from the kit, DK Decals and Avialogy. Many thanks to all those who chipped in on the build especially, as ever, Troy Smith. It was originally going to be part of a display of models related to the Battle of Britain film. However, I've now decided that I'll build a model of Park's Malta Spitfire and put the two on a base together hopefully later this year. Having helped my son with some fencing earlier this year he gave me a couple of bottles of beer as a thank you. One of these goes rather well with this model Think I'm on Spitfire tonight, though it's a Lancaster on the bench.
  10. Well it has been a long time since I updated this. The build got interrupted by the Jadlam Hawk group build and whilst I was taking photos of some of the remaining build I've never got around to putting them up. I had the jab yesterday and whilst I don't feel too bad I'm not sparkling either so having an easy day today so what better to do than catch up on photos. So let's start where we left off and Troy's suggested improvements to the radiator. Hopefully, these are better. 0.3 and 0.5 nickel silver rod were used at the rear and a single strand of 7 core layout wire fort he front. Wish I'd thinned the rear side walls! Thanks for the improvement suggestions Troy. Main paints used are Mr Hobby Aqueous. Wheel wells were stuffed with paper towel and white tac Transfers are DK Decals mostly. These were good but didn't quite go to plan The O folded over on itself and I couldn't extract it. In the above I've started touching it in with white paint. I think the problem was the water being too hot. All the stickers on The serial numbers are 6" characters from Avialogy as the DK were the later 8" version, quite pleased with how they've come out as they were a bit fiddly. The O isn't brilliant but it'll do. Then we jump to photos of the finished model I've tried to keep the weathering restrained, especially compared with the previous hurricane. Most of the weathering was done with Phil Flory's washes. Exhaust stains are Mr Hobby Aqueous Tyre Rubber and then a light grey/buff mix sprayed over the top. The aluminium wear is Mr Metal dabbed on with sponge packing material. Aerial wire is EZLine fine black. Gunsight bead is bent up from 0.3 nickel silver and then super glued into a hole drilled in the fuselage. Looking at these photos it is probably too large but doesn't look too bad in reality. The underside has had oil paints streaked for the engine leaks and gun residue. I'll post up an RFI and then link it here. Thanks for looking.
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