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  1. Thought it might be, just need to be careful of the rivets around it. I wonder if it’s a mold issue or production problem.
  2. I’m liking the look of this. I bought a copy of this from the current ‘classic’ release yesterday, is yours from the same release? Reason for asking is that one of the ejector pins has pushed right through the port fuselage on mine and one of your early photos appears to show a repair in the same location.
  3. Contact Mel at S&M. I’ve spoken to him at exhibitions in the last couple of years about some of the decals and I think he may be producing them to order.
  4. Currently in development we have a unit designed to hold material stock such as plastic strip, rods, tubes and wire. The unit is intended to sit either alongside or on top of our existing units. As always we're open to suggestions, particularly at this, the development stage.
  5. Andy G

    Wing Jig

    Latest developments on the wing jig include altering the slots for the tail plane and vertical clamps to give increased variety of positioning and also a U shaped prop to help hold the fuselage in place and stop it bobbing up and down. Uprights have been drawn and cut for the main plane part of the jig and seem satisfactory after a quick play. Hopefully more thorough testing will also be successful and we will be able to get this into production before the end of August (2020!).
  6. What the others have said regarding kitchen worktops. A bit of our kitchen has a 90cm wide double sided worktop so you may be able to get a single piece cut to fit. I used Ikea worksurfaces on my workspace, but I was also buying their kitchen units to go under them at the same time.
  7. Ced, be careful with the Airfix canopy, the sliding part tends to be a bit fragile along the apex of the roof - don't squeeze it Nice suggestion from Troy regarding swapping Arma and Airfix parts - I'll try that when I build the Airfix/AlleyCat one as unusually for me that will be wheels down. Andy
  8. I’m guilty of neglecting the Hurricane as well which is strange as I like them. I’ve got a Legato IIc and an Airfix I with AlleyCat metal wing to build this summer as it’s BoB’s 80th. There are three Arma Is in the stash, but I’m saving those as the others probably wouldn’t get built after trying those. looking forward to the build, be finished by Wednesday won’t they?
  9. I really hope those are the same size bottles that Vallejo use, but that states 14ml against Vallejo's 17ml. I need to track one down.
  10. Thanks treker. I was a ware of the army cooperation role, but not that it was the insignia of the 9th.
  11. Special Hobby Mustang 1 - A plane from the home town. I'm not sure what the relevance of the panda is to 613 City of Manchester Squadron, but I think it appears on a number of their early war planes.
  12. Your welcome Heather. To be honest I think this is only the second issue we've had with DPD, glad we were able to nip it in the bud before the parcel got properly lost.
  13. That cockpit looks very nice. I'm intrigued by the use of a saddle for the third seat and it's harness arrangement.
  14. I've been doing some development and test cutting of racks over the last few days as time permits and I think development of the Revell rack is complete though it will be a few weeks until production begins due to needing proper photographs of the unit. The unit will hold twenty-seven bottles.
  15. Hi Robert, Unfortunately it is unlikely due to the different angles of the shelves required to accommodate the different shapes of the various bottles. We can and have mixed and matched the tiered units and the drawers. Actually, we may be able to do something ... Somebody else has reported to me the diameter of the Xtracrylix bottles as being 29mm with a 55mm height. This isn't a million miles from the Vallejo bottles, so that may be a possibility. Mixing those with the Tamiya/Gunze bottles is a non-starter though. Regards Andy
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