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  1. Is the tail correction relevant for this boxing? I’ve compared mine with the Arrows boxing and the fillet is different, it’s formed from completely different parts. Or am I barking up the wrong tree? For part of my build I’m going to try and make a casting from this boxing to apply later to the three reds I’ve got stashed (not for this gb).
  2. Or it could be that the first one I looked at has got a bit of flash on it making it look even thicker. Quick update on last nights plastic bothering/massacre. I decided to have go at seeing what the Taurus vacuum canopy looked like, unfortunately I made a pig's ear of filing back the surrounds, so that's out of the equation. Then I offered up the new mould Arma Hobby open canopy and it appeared to not be too far off fitting over the dog kennel. Out with the file and attack the dog kennel. Unfortunately the very top of the seat armour had to succumb as well so there will
  3. There are many times at exhibitions where we've heard people say that they love our products but they don't have a workshop. Well, we're now working on a range of travel cases. It's early days but we thought you'd like to see what we're working on and feel free to chip in with thoughts and ideas. The initial thoughts are to produce cases based around A3 and A4 cutting mats, i.e. the removable front will be sized so that it can support a mat. The interiors of the cases will be customisable to cater for the different paint mixes people use and personal requirements. Drawers will be avai
  4. Evening All, A bit of progress over the weekend. The filling, sanding, painting routine on the fuselage and wing joints has been on-going but looks to be about complete. The dip in front of the port wing root was filled with Miliput and smoothed off with a damp cotton bud. This was allowed to dry before being primered It still wasn't right so further work was undertaken. This was nearly there but still a little more Mr Surfacer was needed. I'll spare you another photo of partly worn away primer! I then turned attention to the horizontal stabilisers. The starboa
  5. Evening All, Thanks for the comments and contributions all very interesting. Hi John, I did indeed know about them and four arrived with the reinforcements from Poland yesterday. Not had chance to offer them up to Airfix fuselage yet but they do appear notably thinner than the original Arma Hobby mouldings, though I note that @Dave Swindell states there's only a 0.1mm difference, so doubtful that they will fit. I have spotted that Hannants have a Squadron replacement cockpit intended for the Airfix and Heller Hurricanes. Presumably this is for the old Airfix moulding
  6. Hi Heather, I'm certainly glad you started putting it together, your's was the first of the second batch and I've missed the nuts and bolts from the whole lot. They were sent first class yesterday, so hopefully with you today or tomorrow. My apologies for the inconvenience. It certainly is Mike - Hopefully the parts won't get scattered and lost. Thanks Heather, we try and it really annoys me when stuff is unnecessarily wrapped in plastic. Thankfully with the increased awareness more packaging options have become available such as the paper bubb
  7. There's a photo of Bob Stanford Tuck a short way down this page - http://spitfirespares.co.uk/gunsites.html. This shows the later gunsight but with a ring to its right. Perhaps this is the reason for the excessive ofset? Gap in front of the combing - thanks, damn! At least it's only in with Kristal Klear so should be easy to remove. The combing also appears to be much lighter than the outside - grey-green?
  8. Update on yesterday's progress. The wing has been glued on with thick superglue with a 40 second cure time. Not my favourite method of joining stuff and even with the forty seconds it all felt a bit rushed and pressured as the wing had to be carefully clamped front and rear by hand. I always find that pegs and clamps slip off or move things so prefer to clamp by hand if possible. Careful scraping and filing of the wing and fuselage joint surfaces produced a pretty good joint. This process was pretty much as it had been when making the rag wing earlier in the year. Milliput black has bee
  9. Question - I know the dog house is dark green, but should the combing at the front be dark green or grey-green?
  10. No worries Troy, all very useful and welcome info. I read through the threads you linked to about P3886. All very interesting and would certainly make a different model and another chance to have another go at realistically over doing the chipping. I had been going to replicate that gunsight with a bit of 0.3 nickel silver, but it looks like it might need a bit more work than that.
  11. Hello, Mark, Chris, @alt-92 you're more than welcome to tag along, ask questions, point me in the right (or wrong :-)) direction. Troy, many thanks for the input, very much appreciated. I've got the DK Decals Hurricane Mk.1 Part 2 for the transfers. These have the serial number as N2520, however, I measured them at 2.57mm which scales up to 7.3 inches. I searched through the stash of decals and found some 6" 1:72 serial numbers from Avialogy. I've also calculated that 4" 1:48 are the correct size for 6" 1:72, so I'll have a choice when I get around to the serials. I'm just glad
  12. Here's the Alley Cat conversion. This is one of the two, so far, unused kits and probably the worst of the three. There's a degree of warpage to the centre front of the main wing that will need to be dealt with if this one ever gets used-sort this or build an Arma Hobby kit.
  13. With the Hudson all but complete it's time to move onto another project. For a while I've wanted to do a group of models associated with the Battle of Britain film. One of those is to be Keith Park's Hurricane, except rather than the IIc used in the film I'm going to do a representation of his actual aircraft from the Battle of Britain. I think there is only one known photo of this aircraft - I'm going to use the Airfix rag wing kit along with Alley Cat's tin wing conversion. I'd bought three of these when they came out and want to use them before moving on to the Arma Hobby mo
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