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  1. I finished this a couple of months ago having started it back in May to fill in between projects! The kit is the Revell boxing of the MPM plastic. It has a certain reputation and this one certainly lived down to it. Quite pleased with how it came out but happier to get it off the bench. The WIP can be found here Thanks for looking
  2. End of year clean up. This was actually finished a couple of months ago, so apologies for not completing the thread. Exhaust stains were airbrushed on - tyre black first and then a light grey/brown mix. I haven't got this quite right as there was a bit a splattering from the airbrush. "Mud" from the wheels was applied using pigment. A stand and nameplate has been cut and brass tubing used for the support A Coastal Kits sea base was used to complete the base A section was cut and fitted to the base. The above should provide sufficient for three displays
  3. Didn’t quite make it! Gloss coat on the upper surface ready for transfers. And a quick shot of the underside. Will take my time finishing it now rather than rushing the final bits.
  4. Thanks Dave. Current position - very questionable as to whether it will cross the finish line in time. There's a possibility, but it's tight First time I've photographed in the spray booth. I'm not sure if it's the booth lighting or the point and shoot, but neither will be used for the final photos. That green is just weird! Off to unmask!
  5. Looking good, John. It's surprising, none of the photos I've found of it show any dirt whatsoever.
  6. That looks much better than mine. I'd say it was definitely worth the effort.
  7. Probably too late, but here you go John - If you look at my thread you can see the changes I've made for it.
  8. Well I must apologise for the lack of updates on this thread. Work has, thankfully, rocketed over the last couple of weeks and thanks to Covid I've been rebuilding the decking in the back garden in the hope that one day we might get to tier 2. Lovely weather for it. It's not quite the Somme out there but I'm sick of mud and soil. To the Hawk, there has been modelling and a bit of photographing. The crew have been painted and inserted into the cockpit. Cruel close up.... As you can see the airframe is together and most of the detail bits have been added. These all highlig
  9. Hi John, The silver under the intakes in the photo linked below appears to be more rounded than in the Italeri profile https://www.fpnw.co.uk/p229275932/e234272c8 Cheers Andy
  10. John, beware the Italeri colour information. You’ve correctly painted the underside of the tail plane in aluminium whereas Italeri would have them in top colours. Also, their shaping under the intakes is a bit strange compared with the prototype.
  11. That’s a shame, it was coming along very nicely.
  12. Sorry, I've got a bit behind in posting updates on progress. Thanks for the info on the intake supports. I've looked at the walkaround and decided on leaving the supports as they are. I've sorted the fixing point for the stand. I use telescopic brass rod and tube. The stand will have a brass rod vertical and this will slide into a matching tube that I've fixed into the fuselage immediately aft of the belly gun. This is further back than I'd like but the model doesn't weigh much so hopefully will be ok. You can just see the tube in this photo. It's held in plac
  13. As Mark said you’re nearly there. The paintwork on these planes wasn’t uniform so perhaps you could blend some of the different shades if it comes to that. I got a thumbprint in the paint on the fuselage of Park’s plane so I’m now going round in brown and green circles trying to put it right.
  14. Hi @Fifer54, we don't have any plans at the moment, but that's only because I haven't yet thought of an easy to use way of doing it. I've seen other laser cut jigs but they just look cumbersome to set up.
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