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  1. - Great job done Werner, und jetz...? Ich freue mich mehr zu sehen........
  2. Another nasty fate on the behalf of the once Little Father of the People
  3. -It's a pleasure to meet you, Spassiba Madame.......
  4. - Excelent Illiouchka, may we have the pleasure to see a photo of your co-worker receiving her gift ?
  5. IPMS19

    - SUKHOI T50 PAK-FA - Su 57-

    - I was not satisfied by what Ive obtained with my milling machine so I deliberatly opened the whole thing, this was easily done but the surprise came from the thickness of the resin, nearly 2 m/m and the top 3m/m - Sorry for the blurred photos, I was all in the process of the job making photos after each step, I saw the mess too late to make better pictures as the work had already reached another step, in the contrary of many today people showing perfect models on immaculate background, I'm unable to use any kind of photoshopping device with the result you can appreciate.... - At this stage it is necessary to determine the appropriate size of the opening, I've drawn several paper template , 10, 9, 8 m/m to see which size could fit, I remind you that I'm working onlly by visual observation with all the uncertainty this means, I thought the 8m/m was the best compromise. After a lot of filing, a thin plasic background has been set in place but still not glued -Some work remains to reach the final finish but I'm rather happy with this, now I have to replicate this on the other intake........
  6. IPMS19

    - SUKHOI T50 PAK-FA - Su 57-

    -I will try to show as many visible little changes as possible, those bloody intakes grills and those on the solid part of the canopy excepted, most of them are round of the mill mods for a modeller The vectored exhausts will be a trankit from A.M.U.RIVER But all in all, with the here and there correction to applied to the kit and the pixel camo I intend to duplicate from scratch masking, the whole bunch remains a f....challenge. That's why I procced at a slow pace together with easier building to spare my "brain's gutts".......... -Of what I've seen of your models you are a fine modeller , you are more than able to give the green to your PAK-FA projekt, so we could share our common experiences; - Vorwärst Werner........Du bist der Beste.........
  7. -I really like your slice of life, that drive me back to the years for long gone away ......
  8. IPMS19

    - SUKHOI T50 PAK-FA - Su 57-

    - Another key point to continue furthe on. I have now to take care of the smaller grilled opening instead of the large rectangular ones. - Nothing easy as the only plan I have are some photos ,lines of reference given by comparison with other features such as intake lips and heel wells edges, for the size and shape only the visual aids n°1 to rely on. -This is what I think to be close of the shape to replicate. -Th initial intake have been suppresed by a coat of cyano and sanded - The shape is hollowed with cautious use of ball milling dremel -If the size happens to be too small as well as the correction to be given to the general shape it can be easily done with a sharp pointed blade. - Some one has some documents other than generic photos I will gladily accept their help
  9. -Well done Mr Gruson
  10. -Is this your next one ? You have done a tremendous job with your TB-1- I don't even think of trying it won't be able to achieve such a result
  11. IPMS19

    - SUKHOI T50 PAK-FA - Su 57-

    - An interesting photo of the evolution of the gear door. It means that I have to modify the work I ve done on mine -So I turn my attention to the air intakes. After a close examining of numerous photos I arrive to the conclusion they were a bit short by 2 m/m comparing the relative position of the grilled canted square of the new stageside louvres and the gear housing. -Taking in account the different shape of the doors -It is the first stage still waiting for some putty as there are grilled intake auxillary louvres on the other side and a yellow tape shape to give an idea of the shape of this side mesh
  12. - Any need for a hand ?
  13. -Hi Learstang, - What's about your book ? availability, price, payment ,postage to EU ?
  14. - In the first year of WW II and may be later, most Soviet machines, whatever Fighters or bombers were painted green with black curvy stripes on the upper and rather deep clear blue unders, the refrence from AKAN is AMT 7 for this one, for the black no problem provide it is matt for the green a 34092 could make it , if you are not satisfied with shade your have the possibility to cover the whole thing with a rather weathered white winter snow camo. - AKAN can be bought directly on their web site. Paypal accepted. -If you have the possibility to get White Ensign paint you can use ref WEMCC ACS 01 for the blue and WEMCC ACS18 for the green, or search for the corresponding references in the F.S; - My best regards to your colleague