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  1. -I fear the AEROCLUB breed may be difficult to find if not out of stock. I didn't knew the Ali one.....It's a good news
  2. - There was an existing trans kit some years ago it could be DYNAVECTOR but I'm not sure.The brand I'm speaking about was specialized in trans kits. - I used it some year ago... - May be some one could remember....... -After some strong return to the past I remind the T-7 transkit had been issued by Aeroclub, may be it is possible to find one on ebay or during some model show swap
  3. - There was an existing trans kit some years ago it could be DYNAVECTOR but I'm not sure.The brand I'm speaking about was specialized in trans kits. - I used it some year ago... - May be some one could remember.......
  4. - The excellent kit deserve an excellent building as yours, you have done the kit and the real machine herself good justice.......
  5. - Thank you SPITFRE. the antennas have been always been a problem to me as I didn't find the right medium to use. I systematicaly discard the streched plastic as too brittle, the sewing wire too thick, elastic thread which melt the time passing, the only viable thing I've found is à 0,8 thin fishing wire which offer a compromise between adequate fineness and resistance with a price to pay as it can be glued with cyano, hence some time a blob of glue appears. I think I will pay Uschi a visit
  6. -My last built before reverting to Soviet/Russian models - At first glance I thought it should be an easy to built model, but the first trouble came with my idea to built a trainer version instead of the more usual night fighter, it has not been as easy as it seems as the seat is in a new rear cockpit with more room for the instructor which ask for some surgery, then I wanted to close every doors but as the model is conceived to show the well detailed engines and guns compartment, closing the door open the way to issues difficult to cure including the open canopies, and last but not the least an awfull notice in REVELL former style, happily their new notices are excellent.
  7. - As a child, I lived in Le Havre which is a large harbour at the entrance of the English Channel , and in those cold war days it was not uncommon to see warships paying goodwill visit so I had the opportunity to visit HMS EAGLE I still remember having been puzzled by an enormous Fairey Gannet with its 3 cockpits canopies glittering under the sun parked side by side with Sea-Hawks and Sea-Venoms all in the same duck-egg and dark sea-grey scheme, I still remember having thought " If ever we coud have such a machine in our navy......!!!!" for me it was almost ...Let's say....a Spitfire..!.I should have been ten or eleven........ some years later came the ALIZE, our navy had at last "her" Gannet.......But as beautifull as she looked, the Gannet is still the beautifullest....to my eyes of course ......... Thank you to turn me back to these happy years with your splendid ALIZE....
  8. - Beautifully done, your Alize is resplendant in its Royal Navy early years of duty paint scheme
  9. - It would have been helpfull to read the references of Akan paints used as seen on the second bottle....
  10. - I agree with you, the "TEUFELN" name was a reference to the members of this Kette who were certainely very experienced pilots.......
  11. - Well done, it could be interesting to see it in real natural light photos to really appreciate the extent of the work done ...
  12. - I've built one all resin kit from HPH some monthes......years.... may be ago,I couldn't resist buying this one but it is still in my soon to be built stash;It will be in a Varsowia Pact country colors, DDR I think but the question is when shall I step in ? - Yours is very nice the sandy concrete back ground render it very realistic
  13. -It could be tested but I fear the droplets may reunited each other to a size uncompatible with the scale of the model, that's what happened to my I-15 as the rains drops were not that big . Another solution to be tested is to wait for a foggy day which render the mister installation unuseful when the mist fall but the result is not sure as well .I think it is a physical law. May be the same technic of the mister could be used with some fat stuff like salad oil which is not so fluid but this will require a serious and perilous cleaning after the photo session. Only a cloudy sky make the day my friend.....
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