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  1. IPMS19

    Yak-9P 1/48 Special Bureau

    - Beautiful Yak....What is Special Bureau ?
  2. IPMS19

    Su-35 Flanker E 1/48

    - I 've used AKAN Eggplant for my last built Su 34, I've found it had a too light shade close to a rather faded color so I'used darker grey shade to get the weathered effect I wanted. I contemplated use it for my coming soon Su 35, seeing yours I wonder if I will have to mix to the original paint with some dark grey or even black if I elect to depict a newer or well maintained machine.
  3. - I missed this one for an imperative reason ,Telford SMW , It is one of my favorite aircraft still on the work bench and still working on it I think I will consider it more seriously thanks to your very inspiring building . Well done Sir.....
  4. IPMS19

    Su-35 Flanker E 1/48

    6 The kit is wonderfull you've rendered it a real life machine.. What a weathering......!!!!!
  5. IPMS19

    Il-28 1/48 HpH (Resin)

    - Your Beagle is excellent I like it very much . I duly know what building such a kit means as I built it a few year ago. I had been impressed with the amount of inside details and the quality of the clear resin parts; The fitting of the different parts is very good too. It deserve the money spent for it. - Had not been the overall cost I should have built another oneor even a third in camouflaged dressing like yours
  6. IPMS19

    Blohm & Voss Bv 138

    - It is my dearest wish as building this heavyweight has not been a piece of cake
  7. - 1/ 48 scale resin model from HML - MPM with some addings of figures and two Schwimmwagen
  8. IPMS19


    - Good job, these machines opened the way to the mighty Tupolev still to be seen today....
  9. -May be this screen shot could be some help forthose strange things hanging on the windscreen arch
  10. - Very nice finish I like it, if I had something to say , it is just a point of detail, for me the edges of the camo colors should have been a bit softed, but my be are they but they do are and rendered straight by the photo effet. Good job
  11. IPMS19

    Jake E13A1

    - It might have not been easy to sort such a model from this prehistorical kit. I have it in my stash for many years, I opened the box several time as I wanted to have this sea plane in my show case firmly decided to built it, after some hesitation I closed it again and give up......You have done a really excellent work to sort it like you have done.
  12. https://imageshack.com/a/img922/7990/IGCuwl.jpg - It seems that I have a problem with Imageshack, so If its works Ill post more pics - Well; I've found a solution as it seems, my photos looks a bit strange but it works.. ........O.K so this is my second Fullback with all the transkits for the subject from CWS fitted. - As comparison this is the first one for those who hadnot already seen it
  13. - Amazing painting job ..