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  1. - I know far too well what you mean, I have FOUR, but I cant' live without them . Salut Jean, happy to see you are still alive and going strong .I like your Beule....
  2. - Well done Werner, I like your stove pipe
  3. IPMS19

    - SUKHOI T50 PAK-FA - Su 57-

    - Alone - Unarmed - Unafraid - Undeterred -To continue the work on the fuselage side streaks - This requires a rarther heavy coat of putty and a equally heavy sandindg session
  4. IPMS19

    - Su 34 Chaff/flare dispenser

    - Mystery resolved, on their site QUICKBOOST ref 38838 chaff/flare dispenser set is devoted to the Su 24, what I suspected, not as annonced on some publications for the Su 34 Fullback......
  5. IPMS19

    - Su 34 Chaff/flare dispenser

    - Thank you for answering, ,the over wing installation of the dispencers should be a logical choice aerodynamically speeking on the Su 27IB as they couldn't be installed under the tail owing to the arresting hook necessitated by the naval use of this version. -For the side strake and airscoop, I built it from scratch on my first Su 34 in 48 and they are now available in CWS tail set
  6. IPMS19

    - Su 34 Chaff/flare dispenser

    - Thank you for answering Ken,the strake on the upper surface of the wing on the Su 27IB could be a logical choice to install the flare dispencers as it should get too problematical to have them installed under the tail owing to the arresting hook of this navalised use intended for this breed -For the ventral strakes and scoop I had built them from scratch on my 48 first Fullback , they are faintly visible on this photo. For the Su-34 the question remain opened -These parts are available in the CWS set in 48 for their Su-34 APU set in resin and photo etched
  7. IPMS19

    - Su 34 Chaff/flare dispenser

    - Quickboost is issuing a set of Flare/chaff dipenser for the Su-34, to this day I've been unable to find any photo of these devices on the machine, as far as I think they are permanently installed under thetail cone . Howerver it seems it could be a possibility to have these sets installed on a fairing tucked behind the main gear well between the fuselage and an aerodynamically shaped air scoop visible on photos of this part of the machine ? I wonder it worth buying this stuff ??? -Could it be some mistake from Q B ?
  8. IPMS19

    - SUKHOI T50 PAK-FA - Su 57-

    -Alone -Unarmed - Unafraid and unterred The inside of the intakes are done the next step is to rectify the fuselage edges to get its caracteristic two facettes
  9. IPMS19

    - SUKHOI T50 PAK-FA - Su 57-

    - Alone - Unarmed - Unafraid and undeterred... That' what I' ve founded on a Russian modeller forum - I think that it is intended to show some kind of radar wave trap, I will try to duplicate this. with some plasticard... .. . - The added parts are not glued but secured in place by a both side adhesive tape as I have to paint them before being glued
  10. IPMS19

    - SUKHOI T50 PAK-FA - Su 57-

    - Next step is to install a metallic mesh over these opennings, as it appears to be seen on some photo of the 011 Bort number After several trials with different solution to settle and fix the mesh over the apperture without over flowing the mesh and obturing it in the scope of maintaining its aspect after painting, so I decide to use the HPH clear resin and just lay the mesh over the resin before harden with the hope that it will be sufficient to maintain the mesh in place..........If not....,????? - The mesh has now to be settled at its right position before the resin harden,
  11. - Hi Uncle nice to have you again in touch, I have the correction belly for my three kit to built, I wrote an MP to Stenka about his wing pylons but to this day I've got no answer, I'm afraid the delay should be very long. His transkits are really top notched but the delay are too long, remind the Su 34 nose.
  12. IPMS19

    IL-2 Shturmovik

    I 'work' with Russia for some of my out of market stuff provide they accept paypal payment and I ve never been deceived may be a little bug with delays but nothing to bother about
  13. IPMS19

    IL-2 Shturmovik

    -Thats remind me my duty years when I was out for 6/8 monthes a year, I suffered the same problems in those days I had no airbrushes nor canister paints, every things by hand and brushes, happily the Humbrol tinlets were, and still are, so well concepted that they remain thightly closed, never one had the bad idea to open in their paint dedicated box. whatever the mishandling always approximativ in loading and unloading a G.P truck.
  14. - Excellent very inspiring job I like it, to avoid being bored with my HPH Pak-Fa challenge (see WIP) I've just began the building of my second platypus with all the CWS stuff as you've done. I have the same opinion about his pitot and antennas, too fragile, as in all of his products I already used,so I always discard them. For my 34, putty for putty, I will try the Master one. -The wash has always been a problem for me whatever I try, and I'm seldom satisfied with the finished product, that's why my models have a very operationnal look, which one did you used?
  15. IPMS19

    - SUKHOI T50 PAK-FA - Su 57-

    - Before leaving for a week on a mediterranean beach near thr Spanish border this is the result of some head breaking affair : -The main problem comes from the very hard to work resin -I don't know which system is hidden behind those dotted installation, my work is closer to a guess work resulting from the lot of time spent on the related photos than real "scientific work" , I think it ressemble the real installation but the precision may not be of the best quality