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  1. IPMS19

    Alternative Swifts

    - I didn't find any Swift in 48;.....Hope is alive......Good idea your SWITF trainer.......I like it
  2. - All the paints are from AKAN dedicated La 7 set N° 46306, the cockpit is in A-14 grey ref; 63040 and gear bays are in underside blue AMT 7 ref: 63002 with some grey and yellow details with a strong weathering
  3. - Keep going on don't give up , you will be paid for by the final result .....
  4. - With this kit I make an intrusion outside my favourite 48 scale but still Russian, or Soviet should I say ......At the openning of the box I've been seduced by what those nicely detailed and numerous parts and phot etched promised. Say a straight forward building.....How wrong I was,! I succeed to kill the beast at last but for sure it is not a kit for beginners..... - The photos you are going to see are a bit underexposed and blurred that's means that I don't use photoshop, I even don't know how to do..... - Let's begin with inside view https://imageshack.com/a/img922/4686/z4QH3r.jpg Now the beast......
  5. IPMS19

    _ MIG 27 FLOGGER D - 1/48

    - Coldwar studio products are as good as the best of the bigger brand of greater fame. Like these ones their products need a few adapting work not more and the cost is not that heavy, one the other side ,the range is limited by nature;but the main drawback is the slow rate of production.But all in all; CWS is worth to be known and encouraged....
  6. - Another FLOGGER from Trumpeter. The nose comes from Cold War studio and painted with AKAN. -The kit is based on the former MIG 23 BN with minimal changes which ask for many scratch work notably around the wing pylons which are inadequate as the protruding wing gloves sensors and the wrong shape of the nose and canopy corrected by CWS transkit - For those of you thinking it is a real machine ,the beetle is in scale 1
  7. IPMS19

    SAAB 91 SAFIR - 1/48 -

    - There is few problem with yellow provide you take care of spraying or brush painting your model with a white homogeneous primer coat before spraying the main color, the same for the red and even to have a nice white finish.
  8. - A small model from TARANGUS in 48 in Swedish colors- A very refreshing little kit after a bunch of screaming iron just to catch my breath .....the respite won't be long......It's size doesn't mean an easy kit. Opening canopy could be made easier with a thinner material which, as a welcome bonus, would add realism to the open parts by reducing their thickness which made them look as armoured glass doors.
  9. - Some caution are to be taken in account if you wish to built a Cold war vintage Brewer using the walkaround photos as model this outside exposed for long time machine colors are very faded and weathered .and difficult to determine.
  10. IPMS19

    Hello from Dmitrov, Russia

    -Hi Sergei, -Welcome in our community, I'm from France and I built for some times now, Soviet/Russian machines from Great Patriotic War to present days...
  11. - BREWER seats have some visible differences on the head rest and probably more other elsewhere compared to the KK-2 offered by Pavla justifying their designation KK-5 , so the kit seat may be used after slight modification being made. For mine I've just added a red ejection handle on the left side and used spare Eduard Mig 21 straps. I know they are not the exact things but it looks like and the effect is not disturbing
  12. - All too often, aftermarket people react long after the kit has arrived on the market, enough for the interest for the model starting to vanish....
  13. IPMS19

    -Soviet La-7 colors

    - She looks effectively good, I'm not very fan of scale effect as it is really difficult to appreciate to which extent the colors have to be lightened according to the scale of your model, I have better trying to give my models an operationnal look as much as possible.
  14. IPMS19

    -Soviet La-7 colors

    - Hi Soviet machines specialists - My next soviet built will be the HPH resin 1/32 La-7; I've bought the six pack AKAN dedicated colors . the shade of the AMT 11 and AMT 12 for the upper surfaces looks very dark what do you think about this..,?
  15. - Wow ......I didn't expect so much....