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  1. -I like your Fi 167 what-if, the idea is interesting. To be closer of the "Great History" but remaining in your uchrony, it should have been painted with Vichy colors, ie red and yellow stripped fin, rudder and stabs together with engine cowling, white circled French aeronavale roundels at all posts. As it is, keeping with your what-if concept , your Fi- 167 with its black crosses and kennzeichen is more like a machine being embarked aboard a Kriegsmarine corsair raider as it was in a similar case in the real life, with an Arado 196 using its French marking as some sort of deceptive measure... - Great building....
  2. - Be carefull adapting all those fins to the shape of the missile's body ,they are very thin hence their gluing surface. At some moment I've contemplated replacing them by scratch made plasticard.
  3. -There is a photo of camouflaged Bort 37 taken from 3 quarter front showing they are much smaller and another one from right above which seems to be unvisible but othing very conclusiv so I install them as you did. The only trusty answer could be found contacting Stenka PETKOV of CWS if ever.
  4. - When I built mine I've found the resin fairings on the intake oversized compared to the photos. I had an hesitation to install them or built smaller ones from scratch but finally I've chosen to use them . At the end, after spreading the camouflage and weathering they don't look that conspicious
  5. - Mars Models are rather expensive on the too much side you're right, but they offer the possibility to built models which never to be seen in the ranges of the regular brands. I'm expecting their announced Mig 9 but its release seems to be postponed years after years......
  6. - I think you are not the only two guys on earth ..........Don't worry, it was the same for me before I discover it in Mars Models range, there even is a YAK 2, a look alike with different engines and nacelle air scoops......
  7. - A rather confidential machine which however was used operationaly by 118 TH independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment, nothern fleet 1943. - A true short run model well in the seventies tradition with rather well furnished photo etched parts most of them unusable owing to an awfull instruction sheet. and thick glazing as usual.. but very funny to built
  8. It is an unexpected issue I didn't think having to care of owing to my previous experience with these kits..I do not know what to think of, have I done something wrong by excess of confidence? I can't tell.....
  9. - I do not understand what happens with these bloody intakes ducts. Before my last 25 BM posted some days ago, I previously built three other without the smallest problem with this intake ,the right one, the left one fitting perfectly. Some distortion of the fuselage mould ,ducts parts or wheel wells ? I cannot tell.
  10. - I met the same problem that's why I discard the the air ducts and installed the FOD covers to hide the abysmal cavern of the fuselage and remain credible. -- At the base of the left fin there is another bump at roughly the same place of the intake of the right side
  11. - I've just thinned the inside of the resin to match the plastic thickness with dremel. Glued it with cyano then fixed the joint with cyano covered with resin powder ; Be careful, this mixture dries instantly, needs to be applied right on the assembled parts then after the usual sanding you get a very strong clean joint. Be sure to sand only the resin as much as possible , as the mixture cyano/resin is much more hard than the plastic.
  12. - YEAH another FOXBAT.........!!!!I will follow your WIP with great interest. What I've seen till now looks promising. The building doesn't generate big .problems. The big CWS nose fitting is not that bad;A few adjustments are just necessary at the joining of the plastic fuselage and resin part. The main gear is a bit too high which lessen the general nose up sitting.
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