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  1. -Very interesting post, this Swift could be a nice compannion to my Wyvern (see R.F.I) but I have some doubt about the availablility of the kit and added to the fact that I have no 3D printer and silhouette machine either but I appreciate your work and have no doubt aout the result it will be top one....
  2. -Such excellent work on the tiny part at this scale is really formidable
  3. -Not only, I found several photos on the carrier deck with wing tips folded, I'ts probably for room reason in the hangar deck - Thank you but the days of haunting the modelshows are over for me now and she will remain in my show case for my eyes only - Yes mon ami you are right, not only for bieng a soldier , in 1944 I received bombs on my 6 monthes old head which may have left some traces.......
  4. - When I started this realization I didn't expect so many problems, even if I'm guilty for most. I had previously build vacformed kit with only relativ to this kind of moulding,but I've introduced so much mods that a construction already problematic became a nightmare;; But I overcame it. -Thez worst idea I ever had -Too mny problems to make the propeller working in contrarotative wayso I gave up - But I'm sure it may have work......... - Flaps down
  5. - Another master piece my friend....I can't say which is the best, the model or the photos but the whole make the day
  6. - You are right, it is much easier on the smaller scale I usually work..
  7. - Just an idea, I have a tip for alleviating wrong panel lines in recess, I use cyano glue and a good sanding party once dry; The cyano goes everywhere not the putty
  8. - Nicely done, working such small model is far to be an easy task...
  9. - I'm not fan of flying buses but it is nice to have you there, keep on fighting..... .
  10. -Another thing I didn't even think about.. Faithfull Annie was arranged in every possible sauce - Good job
  11. -Thank you for your very interesting and documented comments and the photo.
  12. -There may have been several reason for such differencies on the same version on a same model. One of these In the days of USSR could be that machines of the same version could have been built in different factories around the country, Each factory appliyng its own regulation... that's wy it is wise to choose a photo of a specific machine before building your own MIG
  13. - These paper models are really stunning - Good show
  14. - Have a try with teeth paste....But the plastic is eventually too thick
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