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  1. - Thank you Bertie, almost every parts of the kit had to b revisited. To begin with the engine cowling, its cooling fan and its distinctive slopppy chin and exhaust plate 'a la' Fw 190 A, the two leading edge prominent intakes and guns fairings, under wing wheels wells and small other details and the torpedo too had it share of work toadapt it under the belly
  2. - I probably rectify the height of the fin as it didn't match the one of the rudder at its top,so doing I added a bit ta the base of the rudder but I had no cue to say if its size was big enough or not. At first glance, compared with the photos I have it looks good for me. - The strange putty at the base is a mixture of resin dust and cyano . Note the rectified tail cone.....
  3. leider glaube ich nicht, aber was Katze will Gott will......
  4. - Thanks to JOCKNEY?, I finally think that it could be a good idea to show a small ,part of the W.I.P of the work around the cockpit... With the help of TOMY my personnal adviser.. - Most resin kit have very narrow cockpit sill owing to the tickness of the resin; so that is the solution I've adopted. First draw the part to be removed, cut up and thin the edge which will receive the new sides - Using conviniently cut a part of beer can or else skin, open the openning and wrap it around once your cockpit is furnished - - Mitsubishi Zero cockpit parts have been used, knowing that the Firebrand cockpit has nothing to see with it , but it make the day.. - It is a small part of the work involved to correct the wrong parts all over the kit.......
  5. - Hi Werner, - In those days I was in my british period.......
  6. - Very nice model, that leed me back to my teenage years, a big thank you for this...
  7. -For the newcomers...I made a W.I.P of this kit lost somewhere in the depth of this forum....I m afraid the photos have desapeared
  8. - Very nice as usual Jeannot, any problem with the tyres color ?
  9. - No they fainted when the cat sat on the lift....the other is under the tail of the Helldiver........
  10. -Thank you mate but it is not the darkest of my secrets...........
  11. - Sadly no, not because her inqualifiable attack, just because her age...the angel face posted here is only 1 year old
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