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  1. - Vielen Danke Werner, no doubt an enventual ICM issue will be better, I feel able to built another one..... who knows........ but only to forget that bloody KH.......However it looks promising with its resin and etched parts added, KH people should have been more carefull before releasing this kit
  2. - My last finished model and probably my last Foxbat after 5 built, it's enough. - This one has not been the easiest to built with lot design errorseven if surprisingly the forward cockpit nose frame fit perfectly . - Owing to lockdown the photos have not been taken on my usual photospot ,I will post later other photos when lockdown eased from my usual spot to give better idea of this kit.
  3. - Almost finished.. -At last finished......It has been long and painful...... three bottles have been just enough to remain cool headed and keep going with this project.....but I'm still not entirely satisfied with the result. I probably will see her differently after a few days without my hands and eyes on her but I will for sure consider it as one of the worse kit I ever built........
  4. -The forward canopy ,owing to its size, has to be a bit furnished at minimal with plasticard, putty and milluput next step will be installing the canopy a some finishing ork to put a end at last to this building which will be posted in R F I weather permitting...
  5. - No I'm not yet covid infected just an unexpected trouble with Pu cockpits........Watching again and again to photos of the cockpit area I discover a very big difference between the kit and the real thing..... Note the structure inside the forward and rear cockpits -It is a job I really dislike having to use putty on an almost finished model so close to clear parts..... - To add the worst to the bad, the photo reveal unsuspected painting horrors not that visible with naked eyeball... BUT SHOW MUST GO ON........So please, if you built this kit, take this in account when you are in the cockpit building step........
  6. -What a warrior......Imagine what a whole squadron would look like.......!!!!
  7. - I quite inadvertantly discovered K.H had issued some resin add on to his kit. No words of this in Hannants, Lucky-models or Hobby-Easy. retailers,not to speak of France retailers...... If you need something a bit specialized or up to date better forget it........
  8. - Very beautiful professional model absolutly stunning. which kit is the Chin-Kuo jet next to the Flanker on the photo..?
  9. - Excellent work, but its size is far too small for my old eyes, and worse, for my skill.......
  10. - The plastic legs done they replace the resin ones. They have been removed easily in the contrary of what I was expecting about. -Thanks to UNCLE2 whose help has been instrumental -The look is now far better.....
  11. - Thanks a lot my dear Uncle I will follow your wise advice. I will use metal wire to replace the kit issued rod its strengthening is sufficient but easier to bent. - We will have better time when lockdown finished my friend, I wish you renewing your nice beer tradition as soon as possible and most of all take care of yourself and relatives.
  12. - Thank you my dear Uncle, I's an interesting idea I didn't ever prospect, it requires however some room to house the necessary base owing to the sheer size of the beast, at the moment, I didn't began firing the resin parts yet so it remain a possibility if my endeavour to use the plastic parts fails. The problem is that the K.H notice is made only around using the resin parts so if someone has the notice of a previous K.H Foxbat kit issued it would be helpful to have a scan of the plastic parts building process -Have a nice day my friend it is almost 5 P.M here...... Whisky time is approaching.......
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