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  1. - The fight has been ferocious, but I fear I won't get something better.... -What's for sure, you won't see it on the SMW competition tables ....show must, and will,go on whatever...... - Some finishing is now required but nothing impossible to cope with.....
  2. - The Gladiator mast solve this problem.. One less problem ...I have one spare in W.M but this won'T help you, t s too late to replace the whole mast...
  3. -Fantastic ribbing work on this Anson, in the past I used car body one component finishing putty found easily everywhere, the tube was four time a Tamiya putty size for half the cost, but it desappeared from the retailers shelves, the one now available is unuseful for modelling as it needs an hardener to work and. far too thick
  4. - Thank you Ritchie , I had thought of your solution but there were too many difficulties; The ribbs are not parallel to match those on the rear fuselage back to be embossed on the itself arched surface of the fuselage back , so thinking of the number of beer can had to drink owing to the number of wrong parts to be made before finding THE right one, I choosed another way -The way of the surfacer, the Modellers's Gods gift....
  5. -To reduce and suppress the problem of wrinkle foil, a thick coat fo Mr Surfacer 1200 is applied, - Some imperfections are to be noticed so I sprayed a coat of black paint to render them more conspicious -These requires patches of thinned surfacer, to be sanded again once dry, eventually to be repeated until satisfaction...
  6. -The weathering is particularly to be noticed......
  7. -Progress is slow, I'm not happy with the foil I use, it wrinkle too easily to have a smooth finish - I will use Mr Surfacer a better satisfying stretched surface ....
  8. -Hi Werner -1/144 is far from being my favourite scale, even if in this range there are lot of very interesting subject never to be found in smaller scale number kits. I don't even think to imagine the size of this one in 72, worse, in 48 This M3 is certainly one of the most spectacular and you have rendered it justice, by your work on it and the result..
  9. -Time has come to take care of the spine; -Detemine the shape of the metal to be cut - Once the skin applied, preposition some length to dimensions of evergreen rods of the smallest possible diameter to simuate the ribbing. -On the ICM kit the ribbing is shallower than on the S.W kit and scraping technique is impossible on metal, my idea of wet paper roll being too hazardous I use the plastic rods, but this will requires time consuming sanding and putty work.
  10. -It is a true beauty and it is not yet finished. -I envy the quality of your photos equally......I cannot blame my trusty digital camera, but as we used to say in the army :There are no bad guns only bad soldiers...... -Bravo mon ami....
  11. -Hi Max, I have two ideas which requires few tries before going further on. As the ribbing effect is very shallow, I was thinking of making small diameter wet toilet paper rolls (boudins in French)- and once dry, glue them on the surface of the metal and cover the whole thing with the adhésive foil, easy to burnish at an acceptable shape or punch a small diameter tube or nail inside the metal sheet to get a ribbing effect and proceed as usual but a precise spacing between them is mandatory. I have to try......In last resort, there is an emergency exit by filing some evergreen stripes to the appropriate shape and proceed like the first solution .... which is far more fun no ?
  12. -Time has come to begin the rebuilding of the fuselage. A pattern of the part to be replaced has to be carefully taken with masking tape another adhésive may do the job. Apply this pattern on your metal sheet ,cut it and glued it with cyano -Sorry for these blurred photos - To help the shaping, use the metal in the direction of the curvature of the can. To cut the cockpit opening I must thanks Max for his help. -The hairy affair is the prepositionned rigging wires. Next step the fuselage back behind the seat.
  13. -The cockpit is almost done... It is very Gladiator like in line with what I wanted, but I notice some ergonomic mistakes, the worst bieng the position of the compensator wheel unreachable by the poor pilot with the position of the floor with seat, control column and pedal as indicated by the notice. If move downward ,the whole seat will be too low. I will move that bloody wheel to a new more convinient position to help the poor pilot...... - The instrument panel is from Ukrainian Kelik 3D print ref: k32001. -For the kind of side console I use a piece of beer can skin as a test to be sure that this stuff can be brush painted. I do not know wether these consoles existed is the cockpit of the machin. as I couldn't find the photos dating from this time, the only I have some are partial view of the cockpit from the restaured flying machine in Finland which may reflect some concession to modern instrumentation.
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