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  1. - A question which arise to me, are these rivet decals to be posed before painting or after as the camo pattern requires significant masking job is there a risk to tear them off when removing it.....,
  2. -I Received this kit from a friend in an exchange process for an AMK 1/48 Tomcat so I can't say where he got it, but on the box cover there is an ARMA MODEL sticker in cyrilic character. - I just began my last FULCRUM I will begin my Hind after......say mid December
  3. - The problem with the photos has been overcome , sorry the other photos I have are too bad to be shown........
  4. Another Fulcrum from Great Wall Hobby. I try my hand on camo pixel. It prove to be easier than I thought at first. Each section of camo was just taylored to the place it is intended to go. Some of the bigger ones were in two parts, except the Ukrainian Tryzub which is one piece to help laying it I cut both "wings". They are strong enough to stand a few moving - Had to change my usual photo spot owing to lock down, this one is not as good as my usual spot but I can accept it ..
  5. - About rivet, I recently got my HIND from Russia and I've had the good surprise to find this in the box...evidently it is not a regular stuff of the kit.......Gift.....,? Whatever I thanks the donor, but I think I'm in the way for some headache and lot of time spent on this.......
  6. - Great cockpit,I'm eager to see your turbines and interpretation of the transfer box ...
  7. -....This photo is for my next Fulcrum to come, it is the same reference: Quinta Studio QD 48025 - on the negativ side that require to match the background cockpit color to the decal ones as it is difficult to modify the decal back ground color if only to damage the splendid details, the same for an even light wash
  8. - Those decals are very well designed, for instance, the upper and lower leading edge decals are one piece which render them easy to settle in place the same even around round shapes like intakes ducts, they are strong enough to stand some light adjustements, the most difficult is to find the right size of the white zones to be painted before installing the tranfers, and above all the white paint is to be glossy a matt acrylic warnish can be sprayed once every thing duly dry
  9. - In my FULCRUM serie after the two-seater this is the 9/12 version in Slovak Tiger meet 2002 -THe kit is G.W.H 1/48 scale, decals from SHYHART;I us the dedicated Quinto 3D product for the first time. the effet is stunning but i add some white glue to the water for a better grip on previously painted plastic part as adviced by the manufacturer's instruction .
  10. -After the FITTER, here come the FULCRUM, - This is the two-seater from HOBBY- BOSS a bit scratch customized . Well, I'm not really proud of it...The paints are from two old Model Master bottles, Fulcrum USSR grey and grey green, decals from spare box...I had to wait for a while till having a few sun rays for the photos the panels lines hand paper pencil drawn could have been better;..........Without these bloody old shaking hands. I have noticed this mess once the varnish sprayed..... - Using Model Master paint has been a f
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