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  1. - To help you in your search, this photo and post date back to September 2016; Thank you for your comment
  2. - To keep in touch with the Lansen which one of my favourite aircraft, this is my own interpretation of the thema .I built it some yers ago it is probably burried in the depth of the forum.
  3. - Many thanks Antti,I didn't knew this version had larger intakes, that's why I 'm happy to see your photos. You have done an excellent job, keeping in mind it is brush painted. I will not comment Flarpen 's one, the only fitting word for his job is "OUTSTANDING !!" - Amicalement J.M
  4. - I made a mistake in my question, I would like to see photo of Antti's model...
  5. - The Vigilante is in the top ten of my favourite aircraft for sure but my true favourite, is the so cute kitten.......
  6. - I had missed this post, very inspiring building, good job..
  7. - The work is in steady progress, fuselage almost ready for a primary spray , weapon bays done, cockpit and canopy modified and finished next furnishing the main gear wells, installing weapon pylons , jet exhaust andlanding gear.A lot of job remaining I hope it will be visible in Strasbourg model show in June
  8. - Still on the PAK FA job I've discovered these photos of Bort 511 , I suspect the one showing Bort 511 with dented exhausts ,gears up being a fake, does some one may confirm his or tell me more -Thank you
  9. - I built it some monthes gain with K.Z transkits. They fit particularly well to the Mikro Mir kit
  10. - I would follow armouredSprue solution, but if this doesn't work , I'm afraid the only solution will be to strip of paint the whole thing to bare plastic ,buy new decal and paint it again..... -Just an idea ,for my models I don't use dedicated varnishes for long now, but artist painters arcrylics varnishes like Pebeo for instance. They are far cheaper and in far larger rattle can than modelling dedicated products.
  11. - I agree with you that's why I used this scheme instead of the blues tones suggested by GWH. but incidentaly this change leads to a mistake on the sting for a grey machine: the twin flare dispensers are on the top of the sting instead of the underside as on the kit . I've noticed that too late to correct this the paint process was almost completed. - The mod is not very difficult. Just cut the sting before the tail cone and after the dispenser, rotate the part obtained and glue it again in the right position.
  12. -I've used Akan paints Eggplant and for lower surfaces 35622 Mr color mixed with few drop of medium blue to get the shade I wanted. I felt the eggplant grey closer of a faded shade than the one applied on recently issued machines so I've used darker weathering powder to get a different darker grey shade around structure and panel lines and on some larger suraces panels to give a better general weathered aspect.
  13. -For Extradraken and others . Unfortunatly that's the best I can do....Sorry chaps....
  14. - I'll try to make some but I m not sure of the final result.......
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