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  1. - As I previously wrote, installing tubes and wire is a guess work based on what is scarcely visible on photos.. -These bottles will be installed once the main gear legs have taken their place -The fiber glass material of the fuselage is very hard to work but the openning of the gear wells are to be cut open, hence their irregular edges which will be rectified later. -The next step is to take care of the main gear doors. Compared the ones I had previously done and those of the Zvezda recently issued, they look oversized ,their shape rat
  2. - My attention has turn to gear wells. Some details are moulded in the kit but a bit more has to be added even if the available photo are not really probing A new bulkhead has to be made from scratch - Some photo etched has already been added to the rear and new ribs are to be added with evergreen strips - Some tubes and wire are to be installed but t is much of a gess work...
  3. - The cockpit is a 3D product from Quinta Studio, it may look a bit flashy but I keep it like this as spreading a wash on it may lessen most of its amazing details..
  4. - In order to continue with the original "every things down" concept, I have to modify the stabilisators to present them depressed.It is necessary to increase the farings of what I think the housing of the actuators with the help of pieces of plasticard. After a filing, sanding and polishing party the final result need to be adjusted to be satisfying. Much easier providing the fitting of the fins . Only think of handing the left, red an right, green ones
  5. - Yes it may work, but take care of silvering if the background is not glossy, to help fixing the decals, I some time add water soluble glue of the kind used for glueing wood in the dipping water invisible once dry.
  6. - I fear that appliyng rivets over the paint may render the suppression of the film very dangerous for the background paint unless avoiding this step by cutting the film the closest of the rivets as possible and letting them in their original color, which owing to their tiny size at this scale could be a good alternative of the weathering.
  7. Spassiba Tovarich Jeannot - Thanks you Werner-Sorry for the A.P.N -I didn't translate the french "Appareil Photo Numérique" into "Digital Camera" - Just GO
  8. - Inspired by our friend Johnny the Spadgent 1/48 and Nikolay , this is my own Hind. -I have to say that I'm very desapointed by the result, the main attraction is the riveting on which I spent many hours and the fina result is not rewarding in regards of time spent on it. - Those bloody rivets are faintly visible on the finished model and unvisible on photo which, to add of the mess, are rather blurred......I choosed avoiding pre-shading to prevent of clogging these tiny little things before painting for nuts. Coats of paint and matt varnish too thick? Irregular 3D printing? can't
  9. - Very good contact, -Order done - Awaiting reception - Thanks again
  10. -WOW.......VERY INTERESTING...MANY THANKS I'm going to visit them at once...I have a ZVEDA kit which they are tailored for I think these intakes could make the job for the HPH.at a cost for me of another surgeonnery.....Any trouble with posting and payment ?
  11. - The hostilies are open by removing the former previous installation........ Not even afraid.......! then background roughly painted black...the surround remaining in its original crude form The small white dots were made of plastic punched from a punch and die set - The "hammer" is an armour piercing core shell.... Then lightly glued according to the arrangement visible on available photos and drowned in Soli Q clear resin then sanded and polished -To avoid the previous troubles a masking will be done befor
  12. - Got them from Russia from a man who knows the man, who himself knows the man, who have seen the bear without being afraid....
  13. - Here are the steps remaing to cross beforethinking of the end..... - Well......hostilities are about to begin........
  14. - Werner, this one is the first PAK-FA I built 3or 4 years ago. In W.I.P I've just resurected my former project I had dropped some monthes ago. I'm motivated to go to the end of this project and there is a lot of job reaining, then I have another one from ZVEZDA in sight I m waiting for some paint masking showing Bort 53 in advertising OKHOTNYK scheme -Paul, I like your Bort 51 the canopy frame is excellent It looks very realistic too. My next Felon in W.I.P will be in pixel scheme as I have masking from New Ware Mask and as said above, I would like the drone scheme I know it does exist
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