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  1. Any news from Trumpeter or Hobbyboss for 2021 ?
  2. Hi, I'm very far from some of you but three finished models for this year, it's not so bad. First at all : a F-86F-25 Sabre (F-40 Wing) of Imperial Ethiopian Air Force. Hobby Boss, 1/72. A second : Blockade Runner Tantive IV. Bandai. A nice build. Bandai models are beautiful. And a last one, just for fun, during the lockdown : Grendizer Infinitism. Bandai, 1/144.
  3. Thanks. The plaque is included with the kit. It is simply cut from the box. Alain.
  4. There was a problem about seeing photos on Chrome browser. I fixed it. I hope it's better now. Alain.
  5. Finished ! These little Banda├» models kit are superb. Very fine d├ętails and very easy to build. As this Tantive IV is the very first spaceship seen in the first movie, this model must be done !! I hope you will like it. Alain.
  6. Hi, Here is my last two builds : two F-86F-25 (F-40 wing) from 1/72 Hobbyboss kit. And with the HiDecal. Thanks to diego for the quality of its decalsheet. The first is from an Imperial Iranian Air Force plane. , Kamina AB, Congo, 103rd TFS, 1963. The second is from an Imperial Ethiopian Air Force (ex-Iran), Asmara AB, 1st Fighter Bomber Sqn, 1972. I hope you will like it.
  7. Page 15-16 of the 2020 Trumpeter catalogue are missing. The A-6 family should be there. I didn't find the full catalogue. Alain.
  8. Page 15-16 is missing (Trumpeter 1/72 aircraft) !! So you will maybe have more good news in few days.
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