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  1. Thanks everybody for your comments. @Ad-4N : for the backdrop, you can see how it is done there : http://maquette72.free.fr/articles/2006_HunterF6/index76.php (at the end of the page) @Sturmovik : the fit of this kit is very very good. A lot of pieces and sometimes a little bit complex to assemble but the fit is overall very good. Thanks again. Alain.
  2. Excellent. Bravo. I love this plane and your build is beautiful.
  3. Hi, We no longer present the Mirage IIIE, flagship of French aeronautics from the 60s to the 80s which equipped many air forces around the world. The plane presented here has a rather particular history because it is one of the two planes which took part in the operation Tamara in July 1973. This secret operation at the time consisted in dropping on the atoll of Mururoa on August 28, 1973 a 6KT nuclear bomb AN52. The decoration of the plane corresponds to the standard scheme of the time but with some markings specific to this event, in particular the pennant of the C46 on the left fin, emblem of the EM 85 "Loire" based in Mururoa. The model used is that of Modelsvit.. The decoration is also from the box. The model is excellent. Detailed in every nook and cranny with high quality engraving, even if some are skeptical about riveting. In addition to its extreme details, the model is also very precise with high quality of all the assemblies. The whole is at the price of a sometimes a little high complexity and an equally important number of parts. This is the brand's first Mirage III box. The few defects of this box (seal on the rudder, lower surface seal, fixed elevons, dimensions of some cans a bit too short) are all corrected in the following boxes. Well done to Modelsvit for this quality. Make way for photos. Complete set of photos can be find here and the work in progress there. Hope you will like it. Alain.
  4. Any news from Trumpeter or Hobbyboss for 2021 ?
  5. Hi, I'm very far from some of you but three finished models for this year, it's not so bad. First at all : a F-86F-25 Sabre (F-40 Wing) of Imperial Ethiopian Air Force. Hobby Boss, 1/72. A second : Blockade Runner Tantive IV. Bandai. A nice build. Bandai models are beautiful. And a last one, just for fun, during the lockdown : Grendizer Infinitism. Bandai, 1/144. Photos of the family : Hope you enjoy. Happy new year to everybody. Best wishes. Alain.
  6. Thanks. The plaque is included with the kit. It is simply cut from the box. Alain.
  7. There was a problem about seeing photos on Chrome browser. I fixed it. I hope it's better now. Alain.
  8. Finished ! These little Bandaï models kit are superb. Very fine détails and very easy to build. As this Tantive IV is the very first spaceship seen in the first movie, this model must be done !! I hope you will like it. Alain.
  9. Hi, Here is my last two builds : two F-86F-25 (F-40 wing) from 1/72 Hobbyboss kit. And with the HiDecal. Thanks to diego for the quality of its decalsheet. The first is from an Imperial Iranian Air Force plane. , Kamina AB, Congo, 103rd TFS, 1963. The second is from an Imperial Ethiopian Air Force (ex-Iran), Asmara AB, 1st Fighter Bomber Sqn, 1972. I hope you will like it. If you like it, you can find the complet set of photos there : Iranian, Ethiopian. Alain.
  10. Page 15-16 of the 2020 Trumpeter catalogue are missing. The A-6 family should be there. I didn't find the full catalogue. Alain.
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