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  1. Hi everyone, here I am recently whilst touring the Lake District with my wife Carol on our V Strom. I definately needed the waterproof overtrousers later that day. Unfortunately Carol still has not grasped the need to get closer to the subject that she is taking a photo of, so we also have the Smith family marching to breakfast in the background ........ ah well cheers, adey m
  2. Thank you Michou for sharing your vintage FROGs with us, and your memories too. FROG really captured the shape and character of the real aircraft all those years ago. That Zero looks like a Zero. regards, adey
  3. Well everyone, I finally decided that I was ready to glue the wings to the fuselage which I did, then things just flowed from there and finally the Beverley is completed, well complete until I spot something else that I overlooked or am not happy with. I used quick-setting super glue gel to fix the wings to the fuselage, this allowed me to hold a wing at the correct angle while the glue set very quickly. I then sanded, filled and sanded the wing joins and then touched up the camouflage paint that had been affected. I was very impressed again at the precision that MikroMir have bestowed on this kit, the main undercarriages fitted perfectly at the correct angles and length. The tiny etched antennas were a real challenge to install, but are worth the effort, however I decided to leave off the paratroop guard rails on the cargo doors as they were not installed all the time anyway. The 30cm ruler gives an indication of the size of the model which is impressive even in 1/144 scale. I used a permanent marker pen to draw the black walkway lines on the wings. I am always a bit reluctant to weather and stain my models but a model of the Beverley really is not complete without the prominent engine exhaust staining and scorching which is so obvious on the real aircraft. The model here is configured in the heavy paradrop configuration. The main undercarriage bogeys pivot. Now shown with the rear cargo doors installed. I have wanted an accurate model of the Beverley for many years and now thanks to MikroMir I am very pleased. I will post more photos on Ready For Inspection when I have prepared them. cheers, adey
  4. Thank you John for bringing our attention to another interesting aspect of FROG models. I do not remember them but it is possible I have seen them but not realised they were FROGs. I would love to see them, so probably would many others too, so you are most welcome to post them here if you would like to. regards, adey
  5. Lovely Freighter and airport. The pilots are looking concerned though about the lighting pole in front of their left wing regards, adey
  6. Hi Peter, many of them were acquired by the Russians and sold back to us under the NOVO banner. The Fairey Delta was another one resold under the NOVO banner. However, the Russians did not want any Axis powers subjects so some of them were acquired by Revell and sold under their branding, subjects such as the He111, He115 and Do17Z. This Revell boxing of the He111 is actually the FROG one. Does the artwork look familiar ? mmmmmm yes, I think it does
  7. Thanks Bob, fantastic atmospheric FROG box art again, unusual angle from low down on the deck with the human content that was so prevailing in FROG artwork. Lovely Vigilante and great to see the FROG instruction sheet too. Your mention of the FROG Emily brings back another memory for me. For my thirteenth birthday my dad brought me through to Scarborough from our home in Whitby on the Saturday and took me to the small model shop which he had discovered on Bar Street. They had the FROG Kawanishi Emily flying boat kit on display and my dad got me it for my birthday. I think it said Moulded in Japan somewhere on the box but I did not know then that it was really a Hasegawa kit packaged by FROG. I soon had it built and dogfighting with my brother's Sunderland, I always won the combat because it had bigger longer-range guns .................. It came in a box just like this one, the Beaching Tractor was rather crude and disappointing though.
  8. Thanks Peter, that looks like the FROG Spitfire XIV to me.
  9. Oh I really love the Airfix Westland Scout, I had two in my childhood. The first was built by my father when I was eight, covered in glue with wonky skids, but I loved it so much that I had to build one for myself when I was thirteen. I had great fun flying it low in our Married Quarters garden, following the contours and hovering between the plants seeking out my brother's tanks ( the first Scout when I was eight that is ........ ) Happy times. regards, adey
  10. Thanks Joseph for sharing your FROG Ta152 with us, whether or not the scheme is fiction matters not, it is great to see another FROG kit built up, and very nicely too. regards, adey
  11. Yes your memory is correct, it came with a Spitfire Mk XIV, which had an exciting five blade propeller and a choice of open or closed canopy.
  12. Sorry perdu, it was a bit of a tongue in cheek comment by myself. Those flying boat handlers did do a hard job in all weathers and conditions. regards, adey
  13. Wow, at last, a proper Lerwick in 1/72 scale, that looks so Lerwicky so far, amazing attention to detail and character. I want one. regards, adey
  14. adey m

    Saro Lerwick colours

    Hi JWM, I have never seen any evidence of Lerwicks having Night undersurfaces. The underwing roundels would be present on aircraft still having the factory aluminium undersurfaces. Night undersurfaces would generally be applied to aircraft operating at night, either on offensive operations or as night fighters, and they would not wear underwing roundels as these would be too visible if caught in searchlights. What might add confusion in the wearing of Night undersurfaces could be that RAF aircraft had one wing painted Night during the Phoney War period to aid recognition by ground observers. These then would have underwing roundels, such as on Spitfires. regards, adey
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