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  1. Join the ' club ' mate, fantastic result on a Mach2 plastic puzzle Angelo. It turned into a lovely Bristol Britannia. Regards, Adey
  2. Hi Bryan, the rivets were definately a problem, but I got round them by hand painting the letters and numbers on the fuselage and some on the wings. The nose cannon are scratchbuilt and were a challenge to get to look scale. Interestingly, FROG originally did intend for the kit to have nose cannon, the pivot mountings for them are moulded in the nose ( you can see them in my drawing ) but they were cancelled due to budget limitations. regards, adey
  3. Ah, but you missed the wonderful 1960s ................ and you weren't old enough to wear flared trousers and high shoes
  4. That is a beautiful and neat Shackleton Ian, and it looks like you haven't missed anything. I always fancied having a Phase 3 with the outboard Viper jets. regards, adey
  5. Another golden oldie from my collection, I received this model as a Christmas present in 1973 from my dad. I originally built it as the Coastal Command option but a couple of years later I repainted it in the first of a number of Bomber Command colour schemes that it would sport over the many years. This boxing is the same as mine was with the parts being moulded in white plastic. I could never understand why the nose turret has two guns. I thought my model was wrong at first. The typical inspirational FROG full colour painting guide on the back of the box for the two optional versions in the kit. I made a new bomb aimers nose glazing from clear plastic, and opened up the entrance hatch underneath. I replaced the kit's nose turret windscreen with a turret from an AIRFIX Anson. I replaced the kit's prone bomb aimer with a seating one and built a bomb sight. The kit's bomb aimer looked like he was frightened of heights the way he was peering over the edge of the floor. Extra glazing added behind the turret aperture Bomb aimers window, entry hatch and camera porthole. I scratchbuilt a rear turret using the kit's turret glazing and guns. The original white plastic and the kit's wing spar visible I can display the model on the ground or in flight mode by using the kit's optional landing gear configurations Brush painted with Humbrol Matt Black and depicted in the markings of 10 Squadron based at RAF Leeming in Yorkshire in 1941. Caught in searchlights at Scale Model World That has been my 46 year old FROG Whitley. regards, adey
  6. Thanks Evalman, I have not seen the tracks close up like this before. I can see them on Google Earth here and I can also make them out at that other large Shackleton base Ballykelly in Northern Ireland. There is colour film footage which I have seen which was filmed at St Mawgan in the 1960s, one sequence shows a MR3 taxiing out and in the background is a MR3 sideways in a T2 hangar. regards, adey
  7. Thank you Adam, but as the song goes " love the one you're with " regards, adey
  8. The first time that I saw photos of the Shackleton MR3 s was when I was at Primary School in the late 1960s. These were in aviation and RAF magazines that my father would bring home from the NCO's mess at RAF Bawdsey where my dad served. It was here that I also started building FROG models which I bought from the village Post Office, and I noticed that the Shackleton was illustrated on the side of the kit boxes as one of those made by FROG. The village Post Office did not sell the big kits, so it was during a shopping trip to Woodbridge that I first saw a FROG Shackleton on sale in a toy and model shop on the High Street. I so wanted one but for some reason it would be a few years before I did get one. The fabulous and exciting box front of the FROG Shackleton as I remember it. The Air-Sea Rescue title on the box always seemed a bit out of context considering what it has just done to that submarine. I suppose they would have needed rescueing after. My father took me to the air show and open day at USAF Bentwaters in 1970 and during the display it was announced that a Shackleton was on its way. I was so excited to see a Shackleton for real. Unfortunately it did one fly by at quite a height and that was it, the only time that I would ever see a Mark 3 flying. And this is the actual photo that my dad took. And here is a magazine I have kept from October 1970 still with the coffee stains from the Mess at RAF Bawdsey with a Mark 3 in beautiful colour on the front cover. Christmas 1973 and I asked my dad if I could have a FROG Shackleton. They were getting hard to find by then but he found me one with in a squashed box and a few broken parts inside. But I was so excited, at last I had one. And here I am on Christmas Day with my FROG Shackleton. I built it pretty quickly and not very well unfortunately. I left the wings and tailplanes unglued so they just slotted on and came off for storage. The rear of the box showing the typical FROG full colour painting guide for the two versions. A number of years later I decided to pull the fuselage apart, scratchbuild an interior and rebuild and repaint it. Here we have a drawing I made of the interior of my Shackleton before I closed it up. A photo taken sometime in the early 1990s. It depicts a Phase 1 aircraft armed with nose cannon. Hand painted fuselage lettering and numbers. On display in flying mode on our club table at Bridlington Spa. I made a stand from MDF that slotted into the open weapons bay. Then I repainted her in the overall sea grey scheme that she first entered service in at RAF Aldergrove in 1958. Scratchbuilt ground equipment. Depicted as a new aircraft in 1958. And as she is now after another repaint. On its dollies ready to be slid sideways into the T2 hangar for servicing. On display on our Club table in recent years She has appeared at many displays over the years. The sort of photo that inspired me, a Shackleton MR3 Phase 3 in its natural element. I hope you have enjoyed me sharing my 46 year old Shackleton with you. adey
  9. My favourite of all the 1/72nd Lysanders, a lovely model Acklington.
  10. Thanks Ray hard to believe that the 10 year old in the photo had already built quite a number of FROG kits by then, mainly from the village Post Office . regards, adey
  11. Does this take you back Ray .................... regards, adey
  12. As we were talking earlier about the clear spinning prop disc included with this model if you look carefully at the contents of this kit you can make out the clear prop disc at bottom left with the spinner just left of the lowest small roundel on the decal sheet.
  13. happy memories ....................... adey
  14. It was Christmas 1970 in Alderton and the garden lay covered in snow. I had just built my AIRFIX Typhoon and my brother's AIRFIX Hurricane which we had found in our Christmas stockings. I could not wait for the village Post Office to reopen as I had my interest on a bagged FROG Tempest in their window, it would go with my Typhoon. The Tempest was moulded in a lovely light grey plastic with two fabulous FROG decal options, a splendid choice of underwing stores.....drop tanks, bombs or rockets.........and a optional clear propeller disc................... oh choices, choices............. and the Pink Panther show was on the television " it's the pink pink panther, the pink pink panther, have you ever seen a panther so pink ............. " happy times .................
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