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  1. adey m

    1/72 Grumman F3F-2

    That is beautiful.
  2. Which one are you going to build first Chris ? .............................
  3. Thank you Chris very much. Plenty of fascinating detail such as the horizontally joined fuselage halves and the photographs showing the camera mountings and the dorsal turret installation. Kind regards Adey
  4. Fantastic to see a Coronado built up so well, a subject that you do not see often if hardly ever. And again great to see that Mach 2 models can be built up into something impressive that other kit producers will not entertain. Thank you J- W. best regards adey
  5. I bought this model last year at the Northern Model Show at North Shields because it just happened to appeal to me for some reason and I like aeroplanes with fixed undercarriages. When I started researching these aeroplanes on the internet I then discovered that the Royal Canadian Air Force had used them for coastal patrol work and as trainers during the Second World War so I decided that I would convert my model into one of those. I did not realise then that Special Hobby would later release a Canadian version ............. damn it The model contained beautifully moulded parts in a soft grey plastic with many options for the undercarriage skirts. Windows configuration had to be altered. Using photographs from the internet I was able to modify the cabin interior. Rear ventral gunners/ photography position and bomb aiming position under cockpit has been added. Bomb aiming window has been cut out. A FROG pilot takes pride of place on the flight deck. This photograph shows the ventral gun position and camera mountings. This photograph shows the flight deck and the lower bomb aiming position. Construction well under way. I have added exhausts from plastic tube and an exhaust ring. Decision made about which undercarriage skirts to use and wing landing lights drilled out. Model being brush painted with Vallejo Aluminium. By this time I had also acquired a Canadian version of the kit hence the colour guide instructions. I have modified the exhausts arrangement and added loading doors, wing tip navigation lights, gun panel and gun port in starboard wing and gun sight. Time to decide on a weapons load. These bombs and racks are from the Canadian kit, but unfortunately they are OVER SCALE, more like 1/48 scale and this is not the first time that Special Hobby have made this silly error..............1/48 scale seat belts supplied for their 1/72 scale Balliol for example .................... Bomb load shown to the correct scale ............................. Finally finished using decals from the Canadian kit. And that has been my Special Hobby RCAF Northrop Vickers Delta. Thanks for looking. Adey
  6. adey m

    B-2 Stealth TESTORS 1/72

    The most amazing and realistic model I have seen in 1/72 scale. regards, adey
  7. adey m

    Last lot of old builds

    Absolutely superb Keith, that Yak 25 has got to be one of my favourites. Love the Connie too, looks like the flight crew are having a party.......... Regards, adey
  8. Absolutely beautiful and a joy to behold, you are a master modeller Serge and a magician to turn a 50 year old FROG into such a masterpiece. Regards, adey
  9. That is stunningly superb Phil, it has to be the best one I've seen. Beautifully photographed too. An absolute booty......... Regards, adey
  10. adey m

    He 111 P2, Airfix, 1/72

    I really like your Heinkel , it looks used and fought in, I love the worn used look that you have achieved perhaps without you intending it. My favourite Airfix He111 posted on here so far. Thanks for sharing it with us. Adey
  11. adey m

    Vickers Vimy IV,

    That is a very splendid conversion, I really like that. regards, adey
  12. adey m

    S. M. 82 Marsupiale (Italeri)

    I am inspired to build my transport version now ....... Kubelwagen instead of a bomb load and no under turret...... mmm Cheers Adey
  13. adey m

    S. M. 82 Marsupiale (Italeri)

    I was looking forward to seeing this one but I cannot see any photos either.
  14. adey m

    Airfix 1/72 Bristol F2B Fighter

    For goodness sake Black Knight, if you keep making such a brilliant job of the Airfix oldies they won't bother retooling them .................... cheers, adey
  15. Hi John, Heller did two models of the Atlantic in two scales, 1/100 and 1/200 scales. Heller 1/100 scale Atlantic with 109 parts. 1/200 scale Atlantic cheers, adey