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  1. Vintage 1/72 AIRFIX Supermarine Spitfire IX Supermarine Spitfire IX of the Battle of Britain Flight arrives at RAF St Mawgan for an Open Day in the 1960s. Being marshalled into position Swing it round a bit more Okay that should do, cut engine. An original 1955 vintage Airfix Spitfire IX built by a work colleague many years ago and renovated by myself.
  2. I use Village.Photos. I have no problem seeing my pictures on our Windows 7 PC but I cannot see any of my own pictures without having to click on a little square on my Samsung android phone.
  3. Yes, the Heyford certainly was a lofty aeroplane, no wonder they carried ladders inside the fuselage. The design was actually rather clever. Refuelling points were in the wheel spats and bombs were carried in the thickened lower wing between the wheels and these combined with the clearance of the propellers off the ground meant that it could be turned around very quickly without switching off the engines. This earned it the name of Express Bomber. Dustbin turret retracted into fuselage. A view of the painted baseboard on which the model was photographed.
  4. Hi Ratch, I am having same problem too on my iphone, if you click on the tiny square it will open that picture. It is a nuisance, I can see other peoples pictures but not mine when I use my iphone and I don't know why.
  5. Matchbox Handley Page Heyford Mk 1 Another recent build of mine, again an original three-colour plastic Matchbox 1/72 kit with a full scratchbuilt interior and rigging. An early Mk 1 Heyford is prepared for a night exercise in the 1930s.
  6. I am having a ponder about that matey, just going through my archives now.
  7. 10 Squadron Halifax Mk 1 with one of its predecessor Whitleys in the background. Matchbox Halifax and FROG Whitley.
  8. Matchbox Handley Page Halifax Mk 1 One of my 2020 Lockdown builds, an original 1/72 Matchbox three-colour plastic kit of the Handley Page Halifax Mk 1. A reworked model painted in one of the schemes included in the kit, an aircraft of 10 Squadron, RAF Leeming in Yorkshire in 1942. Airfix bombs and trollies and RAF refuelling set personnel. Being bombed up for the night mission. Parked on its frying pan dispersal with Airfix AEC Matador converted into a runway controller's van.
  9. I am still around Pete keeping an eye on things when family and time and life allow me to. Best regards everyone Adey
  10. I had to Google that one ............ welcome and good luck Mark
  11. Welcome Hornchurch, that was some introduction. We must be of the same era, I also associate music and what was on the television or radio in the 60s and 70s with the model I was building at the time ( usually Airfix or FROG ). Something familiar for you just to make you feel happy and at home, the actual box from the Stirling I built over Christmas 1972. regards, Adey
  12. Thank you for your kind praise and interesting comments. I always love to read about personal experiences guys had with the real aircraft. I have never been inside an Argosy but I remember seeing them in Singapore and then watching the 115 Squadron ones flying around Cottesmore and one of these doing circuits at Waddington in 1973 at a low height with one engine feathered. An amazing spectacle and sound. Kind regards Adey
  13. Hi everyone, here I am recently whilst touring the Lake District with my wife Carol on our V Strom. I definately needed the waterproof overtrousers later that day. Unfortunately Carol still has not grasped the need to get closer to the subject that she is taking a photo of, so we also have the socially distanced Smith family marching to breakfast in the background ........ oh well cheers, adey m
  14. Thank you Michou for sharing your vintage FROGs with us, and your memories too. FROG really captured the shape and character of the real aircraft all those years ago. That Zero looks like a Zero. regards, adey
  15. Well everyone, I finally decided that I was ready to glue the wings to the fuselage which I did, then things just flowed from there and finally the Beverley is completed, well complete until I spot something else that I overlooked or am not happy with. I used quick-setting super glue gel to fix the wings to the fuselage, this allowed me to hold a wing at the correct angle while the glue set very quickly. I then sanded, filled and sanded the wing joins and then touched up the camouflage paint that had been affected. I was very impressed again at the precision that MikroMir have bestowed on this kit, the main undercarriages fitted perfectly at the correct angles and length. The tiny etched antennas were a real challenge to install, but are worth the effort, however I decided to leave off the paratroop guard rails on the cargo doors as they were not installed all the time anyway. The 30cm ruler gives an indication of the size of the model which is impressive even in 1/144 scale. I used a permanent marker pen to draw the black walkway lines on the wings. I am always a bit reluctant to weather and stain my models but a model of the Beverley really is not complete without the prominent engine exhaust staining and scorching which is so obvious on the real aircraft. The model here is configured in the heavy paradrop configuration. The main undercarriage bogeys pivot. Now shown with the rear cargo doors installed. I have wanted an accurate model of the Beverley for many years and now thanks to MikroMir I am very pleased. I will post more photos on Ready For Inspection when I have prepared them. cheers, adey
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