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  1. FROG Lockheed PV-1 Ventura G.R.V For anybody who is interested in the history of FROG models I cannot recommend this book highly enough. This is my copy and I have looked up the Ventura kit inside it and what the authors say is that there were 200 mouldings of the kit made in 1977. They also say that there were 40,000 boxes printed !!!! and thousands of transfers sheets printed too. I have found this photo of the intended box top courtesy of oldmodelkits.com The reverse side of the box showing the FROG colour painting g
  2. Used up my daily allowance of Likes already, that was easy ................ I feel naughty now
  3. VERTICAL TAILPLANES NOW FITTED I decided it was time to reduce the parts count on my workbench and install those heavy vertical stabilisers. Had a demanding time trying to ensure that they were parallel to each other. Wings just pushed on over the spar, I am pleased with the fit. Some corrective work being done on the camouflage pattern on the tail plane I am pleased with how things are going so far. I do a bit on a morning before work and perhaps a bit on an evening after work depending on what sort of a day I have had
  4. And it certainly is, what a fabulous bit of film, I wondered how they carried the cargo doors from a Beverley when they removed them, now I know. Very nostalgic, most RAF transport types from 1963 are there, with their glorious sounds too. But when the advert for ladies bras suddenly came on I was glad that wifey was not about ................... It looks like the same Maltese guy that posted it also has a number of other interesting British military films too. Thanks Ian
  5. DECALS APPLIED Since we last met I have applied decals. Here we can see two problems, one we have already mentioned is the missing D in MIDDLE so I have had to allow a sufficient ( hopefully ) space for it to be added later and the other problem is that the white of the roundel is see through, you can make out the change in colours underneath through it. I have opened up one of the portholes through the roundel with the drill. So here I have given the roundel a coat of white paint to stop the see through effect and I have had an att
  6. Wow, thank you Michael for telling us about your memories concerning Airfix and FROG kits. How strange that you could not find Airfix kits and yet FROG kits would turn up in obscure places, here in the UK we certainly knew where to find Airfix kits, but FROG kits would usually appear in odd places. My father would bring aviation magazines home for me from RAF Bawdsey NCO's Mess when they were finished with and these would contain exciting adverts for the latest Airfix kits. Adverts like this, with STOP PRESS line drawings showing the latest Airfix kit to be
  7. Love your FROG Beaufighter Steve, it looks like one of the 1970s Spin-a-Prop ones with the revised fuselage converting it to an Australian Mark 21.
  8. Thanks for posting your wonderful FROG Avenger Jockney, I would love to see more of it please, especially the undersurfaces, it is a model you do not see posted much if at all. regards, adey
  9. Thanks. I do not worry about getting some blue paint off the curve, I just remove it afterwards with a clean brush dipped in thinners.
  10. Solving a light blue roundels problem I searched through my many spare transfers sheets for replacement roundels but could not find suitable ones for the fuselage, so I painted over the blue of the kit's ones with Humbrol 25 Matt Blue. I managed to find some suitable replacements for the wing roundels though ................ thank goodness. So next job will be to apply the fuselage roundels before I glaze the portholes, then I can punch the portholes through the roundels when the transfers are set and then glaze them ........ it is a plan, and I like plan
  11. Wow, what a brilliant idea, that looks great.
  12. Okay, I am going to call them transfers from now on ............. or should that be transfers !
  13. A selection of my FROG transfers, some of which date back to the 1970s. As we have talked about already FROG transfers were available to buy in bundles after the company folded up in the mid 1970s, but they were also still widely available to pick up at model shows in the 1990s where I acquired a lot of mine. Two different transfer sheet layouts for the Tupolev SB-2.
  14. Fantastic to see the FROG Heinkel 115 built up as FROG intended, and well presented too. I built the Matchbox Heinkel 115 when it first came out back in 1975 and even then I was disappointed with it, it was very clunky and covered in ditches that the crew could take cover in, only had two cockpits under the greenhouse and the nose seemed very long and pointy. I prefer the overall character of the FROG one, except for the engine cowlings where I prefer the Matchbox one. thanks for posting your wonderful selection of FROG models Ventora
  15. My NOVO Lysander which I bought from the Tip Top shop in Scarborough back in 1978. But should I build it .............. I have some gloss varnish
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