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  1. Superb, would not have guessed that it was 1/144 scale.
  2. Fantastic low level aerobatics over Acklington's runway. Best Martinet model I have ever seen, great to see one of these. Regards, adey P.S. does your wife not mind if you paint runways on the carpet .................
  3. A lovely inspirational build of my favourite Meteor mark, I really must build mine. regards, adey
  4. That is one hell of a puddle it is stood in ......................... Lovely job, and great to see a Lanc in the white scheme regards, adey
  5. I really, really like it, the weathering and wear and tear where it matters is good, and I like the faded red paint on the tailplanes. You haven't gone overboard on the wear and tear and weathering either. Cannot believe this is your first one in 25 years, I still haven't built any of the new Airfix kits, they sound a bit over engineered. regards, adey
  6. Well done for sticking with it Tim and presenting a wonderful Hampden to us. I had no idea before that the torpedo required removal of the ventral gunners position. Superb photographs. regards, adey
  7. Hi Ray, I have found out that the cross on the tail refers to the Lightning Conversion Unit's shadow Squadron No 145 who's coat of arms is the cross and sword. I look forward to seeing more of your beautifully presented classic kits in the future my friend. best wishes Adrian
  8. That is beautiful Ray, Airfix captured the lines of the Lightning so well all those years ago, something that modern kits seem to struggle with. Does the St George Cross have something to do with when the Lightning Conversion Unit was based at RAF Middleton St George which then became Teeside Airport ? Must have been a thrill to see those flying over the North Yorkshire moors. A very attractive colour scheme on my favourite Mark of Lightning, and beautifully presented too my friend. happy memories Adrian
  9. You are the man for bringing these old Airfix kits to life Bill. Superb. regards, adey
  10. Pork sausages taste better. That is a stunning Meteor night fighter. regards, adey
  11. Airfix nostalgia beautifully executed and photographed. I remember getting this model as a Christmas present from my uncle when I was eight and really struggling with it while Laurel and Hardy was on the television .................. I don't think mine would have been able to be flown ................ Thank you for posting this wonderful model. regards, adey
  12. Amazing diorama that tells a story. regards, adey
  13. Always good to see one of these boats built up as they are something pretty rare. The kit dates way back to the early 1970s as it is based on the prototype machines which are lacking quite a bit of the modifications added to the production aircraft. The kit is challenging to build and is big too but you have made a great job of it. regards, adey
  14. So it turns out that I have been whiffing models all my life without realising ....................
  15. Another of your clean, crisp and well presented classic kits Steve, but has the pilot been abducted by aliens ? regards, adey
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