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  1. I've got a Potez 540 waiting in the wings. Having nine other builds already on stage, and none yet completed, means it will be staying there until a bit of room is made! Tony.
  2. It's quite disturbing, seeing that Sunderland under attack like that. It wasn't so long before that French Hawks were on our side. The plane attacking the flying boat might well be one of these... The picture is from the book. Tony. .
  3. I've taken a look there Toby. Thanks for the pointer. It's not so much the actual colours that's holding me up, I have a ton of different shades of pretty much anything French and that's without starting doing custom mixes! The spanner in my works is getting things to resemble the pictures out there. They may be B+W but my eye see's them in ways that doesn't always translate to paint tins, if that makes any sense? Adding to my self inflicted problems, there's the different takes on the subject over the years in all kinds of publications as well as more than one choice of curre
  4. An ebay £5.00 Buy it Now deal see's me picking up a copy of French Aces of WW2, one of the Osprey series. Too cheap to ignore. The first thing I did was dig out my Heller stash. Can you see where this is heading? It looks like there's going to be another entry from me over the weekend, that cover shot is going to be hard to resist! Tony.
  5. Things are coming together well here today. The satin varnish has darkened the cammo a tad but I like the look so it stays as is. The fin flash has had a touch up here and there and looks nice and crisp now. The see through No 29 has had a start made on painting it over with white. A fiddly job that will take a while, but a start has been made. A very basic instrument panel and gunsight has been made as things inside the cockpit are a bit bare. How much of the panel will be visible remains to be seen. I suspect not much. All together now... " At least I know it's there" The pa
  6. The LeO went a couple of rounds with me this afternoon. No submissions or knockouts but I did manage to wrestle the lower wings into place. The SMER plastic is as soft as butter and all the wing parts have a bit of warp going on. There's also all kinds of fragile bits and pieces hanging off the plane that Heller would have you install before the wings go together. The chances of the undercarriage surviving wing construction are pretty slim. By leaving the top retainers off the undercarriage main legs, the legs can be fitted later. The trailing legs will bend enough for them to fit
  7. A very productive hour in the shed see's this one moving rather rapidly towards completion! As it wasn't even a contender a couple of days ago, it's doing rather well for itself. Second coat on... I couldn't resist trying out the transfers. The Novo ones are almost transparent so the number 29 will need a bit of help. Hobbyboss came to the rescue for the rest, including the fin flash. I tried the Novo one, it went on fine but the yellow background messed with the white band a bit. There's a bit of paint touch up needed here and there as well, mainly the red
  8. That's coming together very well. Nice work in the cockpit.
  9. Thanks Pat. The old tin of Gloy enamel works as well as a can of yellow can. It brushes out nice and smooth and seems to have a lot of pigment in it. There's one thin coat, straight over the bare pale grey plastic shown here.
  10. A bit of progress to report. Seatbelts made out of masking tape added. Nothing fancy, just enough to look busy. The sidewalls of the cockpit look a bit bare. They might get some attention depending on what can be seen through the kit canopy. Prop spinner and tail undercoated with Gloy Gelb. Another coat needed. Airframe also undercoated using Humbrol Authentics from the French AF set, loosely following the diagram on the back of the FROG/Novo instruction card. It looks a bit rough at the moment. With luck, a second coat will sort this out. A start has been made on the canopy f
  11. A tiny bit of progress to report. Fuselage joint sanded smooth and tail fitted. That's it. I did say a tiny bit of progress ... Tony.
  12. Thanks Adrian, As provided, the cannon sits high on the spine of the fuselage with the magazine out in the slipstream, way out of the gunners reach. It also pivots at the very end of the thing, it would never work in reality. I've moved the pivot point nearer the magazine so at least the gunner can reach the magazine and the thing would balance a bit better as well as sit lower. It's not ideal, but it looks better. One of the French references I have suggest removing a chunk out of the body of the gun. I could still do that and it might help a bit more. Pictures seem to show a
  13. No need for any apology Adrian, it's always good to have a bit of feedback in a thread. Making light helps a whole lot more than frowning about things. The Amiot is really growing on me although, as usual, my learning curve is a vertical line. The worry here is that I know I can do better with it and I'm starting to think I should strip the paint off and begin again! Hence taking a step back on it, I don't want to stall the thing completely, yet the paintjob is starting to niggle a bit. I'll get there in the end. Tony.
  14. Nice work. The model will look better for adding the fuselage extension. I'm also building one, although I'll be leaving things as Heller provided as I've decided to build it in period for the kits release date. I have another kit that I would like to build in a more detailed style and your thread will no doubt help a lot with that. Tony.
  15. Scattergun Style, it's the new thing in model building Pat. I highly recommend it.
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