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  1. A beautiful model. The finish is spot on. Thanks for showing it to us. The darkness adds to the overall feel of the subject and adds a human touch.
  2. Opening up this post has just made my morning, an absolute stunner.
  3. A very nice link to your modelling past. I wish I had more of my old builds.
  4. Superb. The tiny little detail of the missile in flight brings the whole scene to life. It raises things from being a model of a ship to a heart stopping moment in time. I could feel myself wishing for a different outcome to the inevitable tragedy. Very impressive indeed. Tony.
  5. I think the FROG F code could still be used with the Frogspawn kits as the molds are pretty much the same. Decals or transfers would be the main differences to the original issues, but even original FROG builds will in all probability get them changed to suit the builders tastes. The Hasegawa/FROG mold swapping still works as well, using the FROG catalogue numbers even if the kit was in a Hasegawa box. The mold is the same in each case. Ditto the Revell stuff and any other oddballs. Maybe add something in brackets to the number to denote the build is from something other than a FROG original? I can't see it making much difference though, the kit remains the same. I would argue that anything that appeared in an original FROG catalogue is good to go. That covers even the oddities like the imported AMT car kits. Anything that allows more builds has got to be a good idea. Can we start yet? Tony, getting a bit twitchy...
  6. I've been searching through the nightmare that is my storage system for likely candidates for the GB, and there's a fair selection of builders turning up! All bought for next to nothing as and when they turned up, now they are going to get a chance to shine! Pat also kindly sent me a Blackburn Shark that will get built alongside a couple of Penguin restorations of the same plane. I also think I have a couple of started Trailblazers that might fit the bill. Spoilt for choice or what? I doubt they will all get done, although I cracked out a fair few for the Airfix Group Build last year, I'll try to improve on that score if I can. My 'straight out the box' building preference will help here. I can't wait to get cracking! Tony.
  7. There's a few interesting comments being generated about the subject of detailing a model to more accurate standards. Viva La Difference is my view. Here's a couple of pictures that give a clue as to how my own take on modelling has developed over time. Back in 1972 I was a mere sixteen years old and had just bought an Airfix Hs129 to add to my collection, much like the one in the picture above. The kit would have been bought either in the Clapham Junction Woolworth or from nearby Russ Models, both long gone. I also picked up a copy of a new magazine, Almarks Modelworld, issue one as well! Thinking I was about to build my new kit to a higher level, thanks to a detailing article in the magazine, I was a bit deflated to find I would be needing a Lindberg copy of the kit to rob a few parts to make a more accurate model. My income at the time didn't allow for that! This was the beginings of a period of dissatisfaction with modelling due to ever increasing perceived need to get everything just right. I was aware of building inaccurate models prior to this, and would improve where I could. A balance proved very hard to find though and the poor old Hs129 was one of the tipping points. It took a long time for me to find a build method that worked for me, and I'm now there and enjoying my modelling on my terms. I've given myself a very flexible way to approach the subject. I put myself in the position of being a model shop owner who enjoys his own bit of modelling on the side. This lets me collect kits as well as build them. I don't need my own permission to do this but somehow having a point of reference gives me my own justification for doing what I like. I now build for my virtual shop displays, using what came in the box using period building materials. I can shift from 1940's original kits, built, boxed, displayed how I like, through to current kits done in exactly the same way or all singing, all dancing detailed builds . When I fancy building to a higher standard, I'm the same shop keeper, just doing a bit of after hours relaxation. I can chop and change to my hearts content. It works for me, although my local IPMS branch sometimes wonder what on earth I was thinking when I put some of my stuff on the table on club night. There are more smiles than frowns though, so all is right with the world. Thanks for indulging me. Tony.
  8. It's always nice to see your own modelling history. A gentle brushing with soapy warm water would have those planes looking like the glue has just dried!
  9. Here's another couple of memory jerkers. One for the seniors amongst us, from the late fifties. A box scale FROG DeHavilland Rapide. It looks the part to me, despite being a bit smaller than 1.72. One of a series of FROG box scale kits, all with equally attractive boxes. The Humbrol paint set dates to around the kit release and would have been a possible way to finish the plane. The paint bulbs are a bit dried up to think about using them now. Moving a bit more up to date with this reproduction Airfix Store Display Rack, early to mid seventies, holding a fair selection of the then new blister pack kits. A few paints and slightly later tube of Airfix glue fill the gaps around the display box. Apologies for the slightly ragged editing on this one, it was done in a bit of a rush.
  10. PM me your address and I'll send you one. Tony.
  11. That's a tidy looking build of an old favourite. That FROG stand will have to go though. Tony, Picky beyond belief.
  12. A stunningly realistic finish. Well done indeed.
  13. A very tidy looking model. The noise from the guns on the top turret must have seemed like the end of the world once the poor gunner hit the fire button!
  14. That's a very good looking Hurricane. Please excuse me if I'm out of order here, but my take on modelling is pretty much the same as yours I think. Building should be a pleasure, not a pain. My take on the subject is covered in this rather self indulgent thread...
  15. Six months hard work really paid off there! A stunner of a model. I don't think I've ever seen a better take on the plane.
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