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  1. A bit of filling over canopies, spinners etc, then five minutes each with a bit of 400 Wet and Dry, used wet. A couple of heavy coats of primer filler, a rub down with 800 paper and on with the satin black. I save up a few disasters over time and make my ID models in one hit. Fortunately, the disasters don't happen often enough to crowd my shelves with ID models Apologies for the thread Hijack, I'm now looking forward to seeing your FW189 build. Tony.
  2. That's a shame, I was looking forward to seeing the Ju getting beaten into shape. Oh well, Onward and Upward! I have a cunning plan that works for me when a build goes wrong. I flat off all detailing and hit the model with primer filler, then satin black. A paper spike gets put to use as a stand and I'm left with a decent replica of a wartime ID model.
  3. TonyW

    On the Beach? LCM III -1965

    Yet another memory jogger appears! I built one of these when it first came out. I of course ignored the instructions, and came a cropper. I can't remember now if I got the Sherman or the Landing Craft wrong, but the Sherman wouldn't fit inside the Landing Craft once complete. The side walls of one or the other got reversed during the build. Tony.
  4. TonyW

    US issue He111

    I've just read through your build thread Adrian. A first class build! The huge crosses certainly catch the eye. Over in the Flying Boat Group Build, a version I looked at of the Dornier Floatplane I ended up doing had even bigger crosses. I was sorely tempted to have a go at that one, but stayed with a pre war build in the end. I'll PM you my address, you might well save a build here! Thank you. Let me know yours back, I have yet more Frog decals here that can go your way as a swap. Tony.
  5. TonyW

    US issue He111

    Well, it looks like the Royal Mail have made a Royal Bodge of things. The He111 canopy Pete kindly sent me has not arrived yet. It will probably show up the day after the GB ends! I've had a go at moulding one using the re-glued original, packed with milliput and with a brass pushing handle wedged into it. I failed though. I ran out of clear plastic before anything like a decent canopy was produced. The depth of the draw needed defeated me. Ho Hum. I then tried hitting the mould tool with silicone mould release, followed by a few heavy coats of clear car paint. A thin but brittle canopy was what I though I might be able to make here.Total failure was the result when the clear ate straight through the silicone and wrinkled the canopy! I've got two options left. First, make a tarpaulin cover for the canopy, I have a picture somewhere of the real thing on the Russian Front so it might work. Another mate thinks he has a canopy buried in his parts box. If so, it's mine. It's getting tight, but I think this one is still possible. The base for the plane got a coat or two of nice, cool blue. I wanted the thing looking cold, it kind of works but looks a bit like a sixties Buick colour to me. I might try giving two of the corners yellow diagonal bands, mimicking the Luftwaffe Eastern Front under surfaces, to see if that works. The plane itself has had a bit more whitewash applied. It might get more. More as it happens... Tony.
  6. TonyW


    Another Gem for the build. The stumpy little plane sat on my shelves shortly after it first came out. Watching yours come together is going to be a trip back in time for me. That Humbrol box is a bit of a fright, have a shot of the original to balance things. Yin and Yang arrive at the Group Build!
  7. That's an impressive looking beast! Things will really start coming together once the decals go on, always my favourite part of any build.
  8. I restored one of these years ago, landing gear up, no frills at all. It was the first time I had seen the model , never having built one before . I thought the result was very attractive. I'm not sure where the poor reputation for the old Airfix issues came from, the quality of the kit seemed pretty high to me. Around the same time Airfix released the B17, Sunderland and Heron, all cutting edge then and still OK in my book today. This build is another from the GB I'm really enjoying seeing come together. What on earth are we all going to do when the GB ends?
  9. Another from the AFV range is always going to get my vote! Get stuck in lad...
  10. ... and there's me thinking I've forgotten to add them!
  11. TonyW

    Airfix: The Golden Years Gallery

    The 25 Pounder Field Gun, Limber and Quad are now as done as they are going to be. I loved the Airfix AFV's as a nipper and thoroughly enjoyed building this one again after a rather long gap. A straight out the box build with nothing added other than a simple base. I'll be building more of the range for sure, maybe even for the GB, although time has a habit of speeding up towards the end of a Group Build! Here's a few shots...
  12. Another one bites the dust! Another very enjoyable build. It was like meeting an old friend after many years. All finished, thanks to me being a bit realistic with what I can achieve over the GB. I would have liked to incorporate the Command Post building and accessories with the Quad but the chances of it all happening without unwanted pressure in the time available was nil. Best just finish the model, out the box, and give it a simple base to sit on. Here's the result. More pictures in the Gallery.
  13. TonyW

    Mark's 1/48 Mosquito FB.VI

    Very nice. The spinners make it for me, there's a touch of Reno air racer creeping in there. Tony.
  14. TonyW

    Mark's 1/72 MRCA Prototype

    That looks fantastic! The clarity and fit of the canopy are top notch. It's really going to come to life when the decals go on. Tony.
  15. I feel your pain! I'm a fan of out the box builds but this one pushed my chosen build style to the limits. The cockpit area is a real disaster. If it's any consolation, the FROG version is just as bad, but in different ways. I built the pair side by side a while ago and didn't exactly enjoy the experience. Here's my Airfix build, copying the boxart colours on the first issue box. It displays OK as long as you don't get too close. A few bits have gone AWOL over the years, but are probably floating around in its storage box.