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  1. Beautiful. The model, the base, the photography, all top notch work. Tony.
  2. The Valiant seems to always be in the background to the Victor and Vulcan somehow. Looking at your model sat on that stand shows it to be a bit of a looker though. The lines are just right, nothing looks out of place, just a very tough looking airframe. The stand suits the plane as well, good choice. It's not one I'm familiar with so it looks fresh to my eyes. I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished. Tony.
  3. Monogram did three metal kits. The Corvette, MG Roadster and I think a '56 or '57 Thunderbird. I hadn't made the link with oil prices at the time, but that makes sense. Up to that point the box cost more than the kit in many cases! Tony.
  4. Did you use any mold release wax? If not, that might help with the separation damage issue. Also, the reinforcement you have added underneath the halves might benefit from a bit more. I've not done much vac form work and I don't know how powerful your air source is but I wouldn't like to see the masters cracked by the vacuum if they flexed. Alec Tirranti (?) in London is a good source for most moulding supplies. I can appreciate more the work of Gordon Stevens, with his Rareplane range, when I see the amount of work you are putting in here. First class work so far and thanks for sharing it with us. Tony.
  5. The postman just dropped of an order I made a while back, 100 plastic desert spoons! Bought as test mules for paint finishes for a couple of pence each. I wish I had got these before I started my paint experiments! The idea isn't mine, I found it either here or on one of the car forums. Whoever posted it deserves a medal. Here's a few experiments with the paint still wet on them! First up, from right to left, Base gold. Then Tamiya clear orange shot over gold. Then Tamiya clear orange shot over Tamiya metallic red. Lastly, Tamiya clear red shot over Tamiya metallic red. The centerer pair have got my attention, I like them both. Here's the effect of more coats. Base colour on both is metallic red. The right picture is one coat of clear orange over that. The left one has two coats of the same. It looks like whatever colour you want can be dialed in by using different base coats and multiple top coats. Just as an experiment, here's clear red shot over a Tamiya metallic blue base. Wow! Is that a colour for a chopped Merc or what? I'll let this lot dry properly, then add the formula in marker to the other side. It looks like I've just started a Custom Paint Colour Library today.
  6. Not a bad idea but I'm after more of a finished look for this one. Thoughts of a grey or brown primer front end and primer around the rear arches have crossed my mind. Too many choices!
  7. The final color scheme continues to elude me. Metallics seem to enhance the lines of model cars somehow, the way light reflects back seems softer than straight paint to me. A can of metallic mid blue was discovered in my paint stores. It got used on a Chevy II build that's sitting unfinished in its box in the loft. Here's the car in question... ... the color looks fine there. I tried it on the '56 and it just failed! It looked far too staid to me. Curses. With a bit of desperation now creeping in, I tried the failsafe route, Resale Red! It looks a bit dark here as it's been shot straight over the blue attempt without primer. It would work at a push. It just doesn't grab me like it should. I'll be flatting the finish off one more time and trying yet another idea. If this one doesn't work I'll revert to bright red as a default scheme. I'll report back later. Right, where's the wet and dry... Tony.
  8. Very nice indeed. Not an easy kit to get right, especially, as you say, the windscreen. I believe it to be of Monogram origins, I had a Monogram plastic kit in the seventies and a metal bodied one a bit later. Quite why Monogram thought a fiberglass car model should be cast in metal is beyond me!
  9. Nice looking Mopar. The Monogram Plymouths and Dodges push all the right buttons for me.
  10. It's an acquired taste, I'll give you that! The whole 60's show car scene was a real like 'em or loath 'em one. Just about all the US kit manufacturers sold them by the truckload at the time though, they were more than a bit popular. The Monogram connection swings the deal for me, I really like the company for some reason. Tony.
  11. Those pictures look a bit like planes I have here! I'm starting to remember why I keep ignoring the things. I've got a bit of previous for assorted crimes against plastic, here's what I inflicted on an Airfix 1.48 scale Javelin... ... I bought a couple in one of the Black Friday sales Airfix did a while back. Cheap as chips. This one got smoothed right out and polished to death with S 'n J polishing powder. The same fate might await one of the Vulcans. Tony.
  12. A bit of a backstory goes with this one... Over in the 'Year I was born' Group Build I'm building a Monogram '56 Chevy. While trying to decide on a colour scheme for the car, Tamiya metallic red with clear red over it got tried and decided against. It looked too Show Car for the Gasser I'm building. Perfect for a Predicta build though! I had a recent re-release of the kit I bought to build a year or two back. Time to get the glue and paints out then! Here's the car in question, It's a Darryl Starbird Custom, first shown in 1960. Monogram bought the car, had it modified and issued a kit of it. I'm a collector as well as a builder and this build will sit nicely with my unbuilt kit. I've made a start on the bodywork, a good flat off with 1500 W+D paper, white primer, then metallic red followed by a couple of coats of transparent red, all Tamiya spray cans. All went on over the course of today with an hour or two between coats on a radiator to harden each coat off. So far, so good. I'll let things completely harden overnight before hitting it with a clear coat. More as it happens. Tony.
  13. It's a bit more than re-building a model Adam, both planes need taking back to component parts and starting again. Everything needs a refurb. I bought them years ago with the intention of making one good one out of the pair. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now Airfix are releasing a new one I guess values of the old one will collapse. That's what happened with Matchbox Victor prices when the Airfix one was announced. I paid £10 for a late box Matchbox kit at that point. They are still under £20 if you look. It might be a better idea to just get an old issue Airfix kit, if they do drop, and save a lot of work. Whatever direction I take, I'll be building a Vulcan for the GB! Roll on start date. Tony.
  14. Yup, sign me up. An Airfix Vulcan for starters. Tony.
  15. I've got a few contenders, a pair of Airfix Vulcans, both stripped down previously built models that need all the help they can get and an unbuilt Matchbox Victor. There's also a Airfix Valiant buried in the loft somewhere. If I got a couple of these done I would be more than happy. Tony.
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