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  1. Right from the off I'll be out of my comfort zone, having put myself forward as a co-host. So far I've spent my time on the forum in swan mode, gracefully gliding across the Britmodeller lake without a care in the world, completely oblivious to the frantic underwater thrashing that GB hosts provide to keep the whole show underway. It's my turn in the engine room now. Adrian will be screaming down the voice pipe for more steam and I'll be stoking away as best I can. Let's hope for the best. My initial build contribution is going to be one that I've offered up for a couple of other GB's, but never quite got started on. It's a wooden WW2 issue Fairey Battle from the Chingford Model Aerodrome, an early wooden kit manufacturer. I won't be building the actual boxed kit as the thing is pretty much irreplaceable now, I'll copy the kit parts and build them instead. Yet more out of my comfort zone stuff going on here, before actual construction starts! I've been a solid scale collector for quite a while now but this build will be my first proper attempt at a wooden kit. Gulp. Here's the kit with a few period references that will probably be making an appearance alongside the build. There's a bit more input required with these things, as compared to a current Tamiya kit for instance. The new year will see if I'm up to the challenge.
  2. Nice work so far. Depending on how old the decals are, I would go for a clearcoat or two over them prior to use. Anything Airfix over ten years old can bite you if you don't watch out. You will need to trim them if you go that route. A gloss coat on the model will pay dividends as well, giving a much smoother surface for the decals to snuggle down to. A satin or flat coat over everything brings the finish back to where you are now but hopefully with a uniform finish and no silvering on the decals. Good luck, Tony.
  3. Well, that Savage won't be getting a look in here, as I've gone and built the thing in another GB. It put up a fight, but I got there in the end. As a substitute, I'll throw caution to the wind and try a Chingford Model Aerodrome Fairey Battle. A 1.48 scale solid wood model, dating from the early forties. What could possibly go wrong? Tony.
  4. Add my name to the list please. No need to ask if my intended contribution sneaks under the wire as I'll be having a crack at one of Monograms 1.8 scale '32 Fords. A late forties/early fifties build has been on my wish list for quite a few years now. Best I finally do something about that. Tony.
  5. Drop dead gorgeous work. Outstanding presentation as well.
  6. A bit of a result from the Letchworth show today, one Monogram Shelby 427 street cobra. A sticker on the rather nice box said: Complete and started. The engine halfs were glued together, rear suspension glued in and the body sanded smooth of all its mould seams. The rest is untouched plastic. The price? £5.00. I didn't attempt any knocking down on that.
  7. The rear window on this one is a bit like a letter box slot from the factory. I've kept it stock by removing material above the window. If anything, it would look a bit better if I added a couple of inches more glass!
  8. Here's the truck, complete with its new roofline. The difference from the old one is slight, but makes a big difference to the way I see it. I'm now looking at the grill opening with new eyes. I might lift the bottom edge up a few inches and add a rolled pan underneath.
  9. More cutting and shutting has been going on since the last instalment and things are slowly taking shape. A bit of a balancing act helped with visualising the final sit and shape of the truck. Raising the fender arches has helped a lot with the look of the wheels and tires. The whole wheel is now on show, even with the truck lowered right down The truck can take a bit more lowering yet but the sit of the rear fenders against the pickup bed needs changing. The fender could do with being raised against the bed, with the bed simultaniously getting lowered a bit over the chassis. Before I got stuck in there, the front lower grill opening area got glued and clamped into a curve. Once each side had dried I added a bit of plastic to the lower lip of the grill. This lot will need a bit of filler to get things nice and smooth. The pickup bed is now lowered over the chassis a scale couple of inches and the fenders raised a bit. It seems to balance things up a bit but the roof is still a bit high to my eyes. Leaving the roof as it is would bug me, so off with its head! ... and a small slice got removed all round, with the front pillars leaned back a tad to get them to line up. It's a subtle chop, maybe 2 1/2 inches or so, but the overall proportions now look right to me. The cab rear and one front pillar have been glued and rubber banded for an overnight dryout. The other pillar will get fixed in the morning and a bit of re-inforcement of the whole chopped area will be added for peace of mind.
  10. It's nice to be back in the groove Adrian, thanks. The early sixties were a strange time in the custom world. The earlier style of smoothing things out and simplifying shapes was pretty much history by then. The new cars and trucks looked like full customs straight from the factory, the '58 Chevrolet being a perfect example. Many customisers tried to follow the factorys lead and added quad lights and all kinds of scoops and OTT grills etc to earlier cars. Sometimes it worked. Many times it didn't.
  11. Yet another kit I wasn't aware of! Pure Tom Daniel, from front to back. I quite like his take on reality, close enough is good enough. Having said that, those front and rear wheels and tires look very nice indeed, pretty much period perfect. The target market lapped the kits up by the million and were a major part of Monograms balance sheet at the time. Having a count up of the Daniel list in Grahams Monogram Models, there's well over a hundred kits listed. A few are rehashes and just paint jobs, but what an output!
  12. I'll be knee deep in the things before I'm done! The hood got a bit of attention this morning. After removing about a scale six inches from the hight of the hood, things didn't exactly line up anymore, in any direction. I'm fitting the hood as best as it can at the front edge. The rest needs modifying to follow along. Fitting the front edge in place means the back edge is way out of whack. A couple of slits were cut into the hood top and sanded back a bit. That closed the rear edge gap at the cowl area. The bottom edge of the hood, where it meets the fenders, got cut back almost flush, leaving quite a bit of bodywork to get that area looking as it should. A fair bit of cutting, scrapping and sanding got things as lined up as best as I can get them for now. The hood top and bottom are now reinforced underneath and glued into place with a whole load of tube cement. That lot needs a day or so to dry, then more bodywork. This one's going to be yet another kerbside build. A bit of mission creep is on the horizon. I'll be needing a stock hight truck to sit alongside this one. More as it happens...
  13. That Brian Knight artwork is stunning. There are not too many inverted aircraft on kit boxes that spring to mind, other than this gem. Monograms artwork for their Tigercat was inverted, but they wimped out and inverted it back the other way! I'm looking forward to following the build.
  14. Breaking a bit of a post famine from me, I made a start on a Monogram Ford Pickup truck today. A dose of that Covid thing, along with a bit of domestic upheaval, has seen my modelling badly neglected. A fresh build should get things back in the groove. I took a look at the other builds I have running, but none really jumped out at me and demanded finishing. There's still a month to go though, they might get a look in yet. Working on the principle that a change is as good as a rest, a new build was called for. The kit itself was first issued in 1978 although my one is a bit later than that. Here's the issue I'm doing... I'm building from a pre built model, first completed by @Pete in Lincs. I bought a job lot of models from him a while back. His build was a bit more up to date than I prefer, so the model got stripped back to component parts and a bit of backdating started. The late model wheels and the independant rear end, along with the modern interior were the first to go. Chrome steels and a period custom interior will replace that lot. I'm taking the build back to around 1963 or so. An AMT '63 Galaxie will provide most of the custom parts needed, that kit box is stuffed full of period accesory parts and a few are certain to get used on the truck. There's going to be a fair bit of bodywork attempted as well. I got stuck in today and things have flowed quite well. The cab has been channeled over the frame to loose the ugly bit under the doors. Running boards are history. Front fenders have been cut out and raised and the roof panel cut off, thinned right down and refitted. The grill area is going full custom. The first part of the proccess is to flip the stock grill insert and fit it to the bottom of the opening. The hood is a bit lumpy looking in stock form, so it's getting pancaked. This will probably be the most difficult part of the build. The reshaping needed is a bit severe. The rear fenders have been raised a scale couple of inches around the wheel arches. The fenders will get raised on the bed sides as well. The front arches will get the same treatment. I'm aiming at getting the truck a lot closer to the ground but don't want the wheels and tires buried under the arches. All that lot needs to dry off properly before more cutting about can happen. Overnight should do the trick, so another instalment should appear here tomorrow. Here's a custom truck from an August 1962 copy of Hot Rod. I won't be slavishly copying this one, but the look isn't a million miles from how I see the build progressing.
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