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  1. First class photography of a very well built model. A round of applause from this end.
  2. My early days of flight education continues... Another beauty from your production line. There's something about the simplicity of planes like these that really appeals to me. The thought that you only need to wander off to your garage or workshop and actually build your idea, and then see if it works, is something that's been lost along the way.
  3. There's a thread on the plane here... https://oldmachinepress.com/2016/04/10/ford-15p-personal-aircraft/ Looks like I'm wrong about the light lenses. Possibly 1935 passenger car glass, but not the deco looking 1936 pods. This thread has made my day.
  4. An Aluminium Flathead! Now you have my attention! Can you point me towards any details? Tony.
  5. Flash Gordons daily driver! A first sight of the plane for me, and I'm a bit of a Ford fan. 1932 was the first year for the V8 and it wasn't a lightweight! Performance must have been marginal at best. Thanks for yet another fine model. Tony. Edit. A quick search gives 1935 as the year of first flight. That would explain the headlight looking pods. My moneys on them being the full pods from the 1936 Ford, the domed front glass would be cutting edge at that point.
  6. Put me down for a space as well please. Not sure what my entry will be, other than it will be from the Museum Series. I'll be leaning towards one of the flying teachests rather than the swoopy fighters. Tony.
  7. Some of the planes you have treated us to have been a little, how shall I put this, challenged in the styling department. This one is a beauty though. The proportions all look spot on to me. It's a looker from every angle. Your take on the subject is ,as usual, pretty much perfect.
  8. Yet another gem. I've just looked up Tarrant Tabor. Good Grief!
  9. A model to make you smile, and for all the right reasons.
  10. TonyW

    Best way to do pictures?

    Postimage works fine for me.
  11. TonyW

    Another Tamiya Tomcat

    Photobucket lets me have a second or two to view, then tells me to turn off my adblocker. Two word response from me, second word is OFF From my brief look at your model, it looks a stunner. Tony.
  12. Almost certainly Pat. I know what I want to do, but I keep getting outbid on Ebay whenever they turn up. My Plan B will be to have another go at the Matchbox Stranraer, one of Matchbox's best kits. Another possibility is the FROG Shark you sent me. I was saving that one for the FROG GB but it would fit here as well. Choices, choices...
  13. These Group Builds are a bit addictive. Count me in, a pre WW2 Brit flying boat of one sort or another will be my probable first choice. Tony.
  14. Having a nose around the internet, as you do, I find that on August 31 1956 The Avro Vulcan entered service with No. 83 Squadron RAF. Meanwhile, in a maternity Ward in St Mary Abbots Hospital, London, I turned up! It looks like an Airfix Vulcan is the logical choice for me then. If I can post the finished model on the 31st of August I will be delighted. Tony.