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  1. Two unboxed Airfix Mk1 Spitfires, both in 19 Squadron markings will be my first shot at this Group Build and hopefully not the last. Airfix show 610 Squadron for QV-K on the sheet, but I'm pretty sure it should be 19. Inside the fuselage of the blue one is an Airfix 1980 script. Forty years old! How did that happen? I built the same kit recently in yet another set of markings. I enjoyed the build a lot. If some was good, more can only be better! A start has been made already with a bit of parts cleanup and some interior green added. The green had dried up a bit in the tin so I added some car thinners. It worked, but it didn't exactly improve the way the paint brushed out! It dried at an amazing speed though. I suspect the tin will be rock solid by morning. The Aeroclub canopies might get used but the Airfix ones look good to go, if a little thick. I hope these two fit together time wise as I would like to display them both at dispersal together. I was concerned about the different size roundels and the code colours on the fuselages but photo's seem to confirm both. More as it happens... Tony.
  2. It looks so easy with that great big zoom shot, the real world is somewhat different. I'll do me best Guv.
  3. It says authentic on the tin, so it must be. Shame the colour scheme is pure fantasy though...
  4. That's what it said on the tin, not Ronseal I'll grant you, just common or garden Humbrol Authentics. You have got me doubting enough to take a trip down to the shed though... I'll be back.
  5. Here's the thread intruder again, showing off the azure a bit better. No full on underside shot yet, still work to do there. I have a Black Belt in full contact modelling Mike. Kits and me have an understanding. Your route sounds entirely plausible to me, the fact I've done a Sunderland in desert cammo is pure coincidence, honest. ...A lie will get around the world before the truth has got it's shoes on.
  6. I had completely forgotten about that route Mike, can't think how that might have happened! Well remembered that man. Big Bird has azure plumage on her belly now and it looks all the better for it. Thanks Pete, a good Get out of Jail card played there. A bit of a disaster occurred when I tried to ram a lump of Milliput into the nose to replace the missing chunk right at the front. The Frankenstein repair already in place collapsed under the strain and I had to put Humpty back together again. It's all glued up again now and should be set enough to refinish the nose later. The canopy got masked and painted and looks much better. The seam along the fuselage is screaming at me to fix it, but I'm having none of it. There's no point putting lipstick on a pig, is there? I'm giving this old warhorse a bit too much attention really, but I'm reluctant to shove it in a box and forget about it. It's nearly finished enough to maybe hang from the roof of my shed. That could be the model finally returning home again! Oh, that bit about me getting back to the Mk1 today... I lied.
  7. That's a good idea. I'll have an experiment today. Quite why a Sunderland would need desert cammo is anyones guess but I'm too far in to stop now!
  8. While awaiting further progress to continue on the build, take a peek at one I did earlier. One of the first builds when we moved into our current address which makes it about six years ago. The Type 5 box in the background is, I think, the best Airfix Sunderland one. The bigger T5 boxes gave Roy Cross more room to move in. The paintjob is a bit of a flight of fancy. I took elements of a whole load of Sunderland pictures and came up with this sorta, so-so scheme. Not one for the purist, but it kept me happy while I built it. The kit itself didn't get finished. The top Turret and an exhaust manifold went AWOL and the model is currently boxed up somewhere in the loft. The fanciful scheme on that one is nothing compared to my next crime against Sunderlands! I've recently bought a collection of very old built models. The earliest is a thirties Skybird Hart with most being very early days Airfix builds. In amongst them was this beat to death Sunderland... Nearly all the busted bits are there for a rebuild. Normally I would consider this one too far gone, but check out that plastic colour! A very rare tan. The early Sunderland kits were usually white making this one an unusual collectors piece. It's a bit on the big side and pretty shabby as is to keep just as a conversation piece, so I'm giving it a basic renovation. I've made up a semi plausible scheme that allows the bare tan plastic to show. The model needs more repair, the whole nose was caved in and then repaired at some point, possibly a fall from ceiling height? I would like to think so. There's so much about this build that shows the origins of plastic kit building. A big kit like this may well have been a Christmas or Birthday present and opening the thing would have been pretty exiting. Imagine the shock of the tan plastic though! It's Christmas day, no white paint left, only a tin of humbrol brown available and the desperate need to build!! It could have happened. It was finished to an OK standard but unpainted. ( I removed the flaking transfers as they were too damaged to save) I like to think I've stayed true to early builders methods by using minimal extras. I used an original transfer sheet for an Airfix Sunderland, complete with bright red roundel centres. They started cracking up but I got them on in the end. Anyway, enough waffle, here's the poor old model as it sits this evening. The Duck Egg Green is going to be replaced with silver. Something about the green doesn't look right, which is a bit ironic given the rest of the paintjob! Here's something that made me smile, check out one of the original pilots. Top 'tash or what? The white bod is from the current build. Same figure, just the mould gone a bit soft. I'll finish this one off tomorrow and then it's back on with the Mk1. Honest. Tony. .
  9. Here's the first issue Steve. Moulded in yellow, this one's had a coat of clear applied over the bare plastic to save the transfers. Note the lack of detail compared to your copy. It's a delicate little thing but I like it a lot. I need to find the missing prop blade which is hiding somewhere in the storage box the plane is kept in. The back seat bod seems to be asleep on the job. I'll take care of that later.
  10. Another build that will have me happily spectating. Airfix updated the mould by adding texture and ribs to the wings, along with a few lines on the fuselage. The pilots, while a bit on the chunky side, are a vast improvement on the aliens of the first issue. It's a shame they didn't keep the yellow plastic as yellow can be a swine to apply. By coincidence, I'm renovating a first issue build along with a few other oldies at the moment. I'll add a picture later to accompany your build.
  11. The Curse of the Airfix hit and miss decals strikes again! I'm glad you salvaged the script. The plane is coming together really well. and don't those roundels bring the whole thing to life?
  12. The two hardbacks have no colour references. The Warpaint one has a couple of DE/DG side views but no references as to how the colours were decided on for the artwork. There's a few pictures in B+W in all three books showing planes with high contrast schemes that suggest to me that they might be DE/DG. That's good enough for me!
  13. A few reference books joined my library this week, the Warpaint one is probably the best for this build but the other two both have good material in them. A couple of good shots of the early hull have already come in handy. The reverse cut of the early hull bottom was a lot easier than I expected. I cut back from the V where the late hull flairs out, straight across the separation line. Then I cut horizontally into the hull rear about an inch or so, and bent the curved hull into a flat shape, pointing towards the slash cut step. Plastic card and Milliput sorted out the rough shape and I'm ready to sand into final shape. Next job will be the topside gunners cuttouts. Once the holes are in place I'll have more of an idea how much interior detailing will be needed there.
  14. Beautiful builds set off by top notch photography. What's not to like? Tony.
  15. I like your style! I'm a fan of rebuilding old kits myself. Having recently gone a few rounds with a Revell Lancaster I can appreciate the work you have put into yours. For some totally irrational reason, I can't warm to the early Halifax. Square the fins off and add radials and it's another matter altogether! I have no idea why this should be, but thankfully Airfix came to my rescue many years ago. Tony.
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