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  1. I've done working pins in the past. A conversation piece at the model club at the time, but not the most durable of ideas. These ones, assuming I get to grips with them, will be fixed to the hoods in question. I'm also probably going to fix the hood shut as this build is turning more about the color and shape for me, rather than a detailfest. I can get involved with engines and stuff later in the GB, the Revell Boss 302 would be a better starting point than this one for instance. Here's a sole survivor hood pin effort, Monograms '69 Superbee. A twenty year old build now. The pins looked good while they lasted. A logical build for added hoodpins as the real deal had a lift off fibreglass hood. The pins, plates and wires and whatnots have fallen by the wayside over the years. Ho Hum, I'll get around to a bit of repair at some point.
  2. Back on the Mustangs today see's a bit more done on the Blue Meanie. Hood pins need making and although I haven't managed to make any today, I have learned how not to. I bought some .2 and .3 jewellery wire that has proved not big enough for the pins. The only other wire I had here was a bit too big a gauge. What I need is not too big and not too thin. Baby Bears wire! Although a bit of ham fisted finger juggling can bend wire to something like the right shape, I'll be making a jig for the next batch, once the new wire arrives. Although using a dab of Molotow ink to replicate the round plate of the hood pins worked, I've made new ones that are just that bit rounder. A piece of Bare Metal Foil was stuck on some thin paper and then rounds were punched out with the smallest punch I have. Picking up the round with a needle, dead centre, I then pushed the needle through the holes on the hood and secured the chrome circle with a dab of superglue. The white hood has one fitted. The slightly off centre one is a Molotow effort. The panel beneath the trunk lid got painted in a subtly different blue. Something just didn't look right at the rear. This was an effort to sort that. I quite like it. And to finish, a side view. What a beautiful shape the first fastback was. The front end will sit a little lower once things are buttoned up. The chassis to body fit isn't the greatest. Next up is the glass. The rear panel is OK. The windscreen isn't quite wide enough and the fit around the A post is poor. I'll be having a go at making my own glazing. It's a bit involved as there's a subtle double curve going on front and rear. That's for later though. More as it happens. Tony.
  3. It's well worth it Andy. You will love it. By far and away the best thing I did on my build was to put in a full length clear roof panel. It's only corrugated clear plastic, 12' x 3', run in line with the tin roof but the light in the shed is incredible. I don't get full sun on it, so it stays at a decent temperature and the light is even. I hardly ever use the place in the evenings as the light is so good during the day. I have a four core clear panel that I really should have fitted to the inside of the clear panel ages ago. That would up the insulation even more.
  4. Slow progress at the moment, the Hippy base got raised a bit and that's about it for the last couple of days. It's worth another picture at any rate. Some dressmaking needles in a few sizes and some different gauge fine wires have turned up so hood pins can't be far away. Tony.
  5. When I built my shed, I added underfloor hard foam insulation for the shed floor to sit on. The walls and roof got rockwool and spray foam everywhere. I've not needed heating in there yet and, although it can get a bit warm on a really hot day, it's a very nice place to work or relax in. Good luck with your project.
  6. It doesn't last. My workbench is back to its usual catastrophic mess again. The nice, clean, tidy worktop is buried under a pile of Airfix and MPC Gangbuster kits getting sorted for renovation and repair at the moment.
  7. A scale I never build in, a car I'm completely unfamiliar with from a race series that I've missed as well. My learning curve is going to be vertical for this build!
  8. It is a bit pot luck with old US kits, some are gems, some don't shine quite as much. Mind you, Airfix could make you weep on occasion. Much like I'll backdate a less than perfect aircraft kit to an earlier style build or repurpose it to a desktop style model, I'll curbside a challenging car kit if that gets the job done without tears. A good paintjob and detailed wheels and tires work wonders on any car kit and you are on the way to providing both.
  9. Me too. Give it the rest of the day and I'll be back to normal.
  10. That does seem to be how it usually ends up Mike. There's bound to be a snag or two with the new layout that will need another sort out further down the line. I'll probably find I need a bit more shelf space, and right above the bench is the perfect spot for it.
  11. Not a lot happening on the Hertz twins recently, but I've not been slacking. My modelling shed gets a fair bit of use and I'm not exactly the worlds tidiest in there. Every now and then, it gets a re-vamp in the endless search to find the perfect building environment. This time around I decided that the workbench I use the most was a bit dark, what with a shelf running side to side just above the work area. The back of the bench, against the wall always seemed a bit gloomy somehow. It's worked OK for a year or two now, but it's time to have a change around. Here's the old set up, full of early Airfix refurbs. Perfectly useable, but room for improvement. I've removed the shelf and painted the whole area lemon yellow. All the tools and supplies I use on a constant basis are now right in front of me and it all feels good. I might need a welding helmet for modelling now, but it's lovely and bright to work there. Loosing 5ft of shelf space was a bit of a loss, but a re-arrange of the rest of the shed somehow sorted that out without too much hassle. Here's the new layout. No doubt things will get a bit of fine tuning, but that sort of thing goes on all the time here. As can be seen, the Mustangs are at the front of the queue for attention and they will be getting a bit of that tomorrow. Tony.
  12. Nice work on the headers, an idea I'll be using at some point. I'm in agreement with you regarding the GB helping a build along. Many builds of mine would have been boxed up for a later that never comes, but the GB keeps me plugging away to completion. I still end up with non finished builds, but my finish rate has improved enormously since I started joining in the Group Builds here.
  13. Blimey! what a colour. Does it glow in the dark?
  14. What a great name, Grabber Orange, the sixties were another world. That front end is just about the most aggressive I've seen outside a Main Battle Tank!
  15. It's perfect spraying weather Mike. Leave the can and body out sunbathing for a bit and fire away when ready. Summers here and the time is right for, er, spraying in the garden. Dancing in the street follows if the paint flows out well.
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