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  1. Typical, no bus pictures for ages then a whole lot turn up together. Memories of getting the 28 and 52 to school come flooding back after trawling the whole thread. Thanks for posting. Tony.
  2. The deck level shot of the island and helicopter brings home just how much progress you have made. It looks superb as it sits. The look of it once done is going to be something else altogether!
  3. A Glenco one is on its way to me at the moment, I'll be following this thread with more than a bit of interest. Tony.
  4. Thanks for the kind words David. It's possible that the kits might have been used for therapy back in the day. They were a bit on the expensive side though and availability would have been a problem. Supplies of the plastic used pretty much dried up during the war due to rationing and FROG even went as far as moving to solid wooden kits in very flimsy boxes as a way of at least having something to put on sale. Plastics started again post war but the Penguin kits were on the way out by then and they released very few new kits. It's more likely that wooden kits would have been used for any therapy as they were a lot cheaper and far more available. Peter Van Lunes book on the subject, FROG Penguin Plastic Scale Kits 1936-1950 is well worth getting if the subject interests you. As far as I know Peter still sells them on Ebay. I doubt the book will go to a second edition as the subject is very niche, so once the first edition is sold out that will be it for easy availability. I'm not linked to the book sales in any way, just passing on relevant information. There are a couple of pictures in the book that I provided but that's it for my involvement.
  5. I've just read through the whole thread. Outstanding work from start to finish! Tony.
  6. I can't help with the radiator question unfortunately, that engine looks superb though. Tony.
  7. I'm not saying that this thread has slowed down any, but a glacier passed by my shed window yesterday, on its way to Norway. The breeze of its passing blew some dust off the Comet build. I'm in the middle of a big kit sort out here with stuff arriving and departing at a frantic rate. That's restricting my building time somewhat but a tiny bit got done yesterday. All my Comet project planes got a big sortout and the current BEA build got some hibuild primer added, followed by a tiny bit of filling. It will get finish sanding today and I'm aiming for paintwork before the weekend. It wasn't only Comets that got sorted. A box full(!) of Brittania builders got a look in as well. I confess to doing a bit of work on the one closest to completion, new white fuselage top and a bit of wing polishing. The temptation to carry on and finish it was strong, but I've packed it away with the others and will come back to it later. The Vulcan is an old build of the Lindberg version, also in need of repair. It's more than a bit annoying that I have all the other FROG airliners in a similar state of disrepair and not a lot of spare modelling time in the foreseeable future. It's even more annoying that the Golden Age group build is also looming. I have a Contrail Mayo Composite I really want to get done for that one. Quite how that's going to happen is a bit of a mystery at the moment. Tony.
  8. Here's my attempt as smashing one into shape during the Classic Airfix GB way back in time. It fought every inch of the way but it turned out just about OK in the end....
  9. Old decals, or transfers if you are a duffer, can have the yellowing dealt with by putting the sheet in sunlight for a few days. Old sheets can also benefit from a couple of clear coats to keep them in one bit. Use the sheets a day or so after coating as I've had coated sheets get a bit brittle once the clear had really dried off.
  10. The Airfix kit fits where it touches. It's really showing its age and needs a ton of work to bring it up to current standards. The canopy might as well have been for a Spitfire going by the fit of the thing. It was a 1958 release though and scale accuracy wasn't the fashion at the time. The more recent red box issues have first class decals, in all three Mildenhall race versions. They are issued as separate kits though, three kits, one version for each.
  11. Fantastic photographs, thanks for posting them. There's something other worldly about Japan that really fascinates me. Colours seem just that bit more vivid for instance. Tony.
  12. Here's my take on the Dow 7 finish on Halibrand wheels. It's about half way down the page.
  13. The GB's are starting to stack up now, I'm struggling to keep up. The Twins and FROG GB's have got entries from me running, the Baby Boomer GB is waiting on me joining in and now this one is on the horizon! There's never a dull moment on Britmodeller! My Short Mayo composite is ready and waiting.
  14. That's one very impressive collection! I'll be spending the next hour or two playing spot the rarity!
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