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  1. TonyW

    Lassie and her Lads

    Thanks for the link, that's a really useful photo to follow. A fair bit of modification required on Lassie by the look of it!
  2. TonyW

    Lassie and her Lads

    Chip, chip, chip, bit by bit, Lassie is coming together. Lots of detail painting that hardly shows! I've added a bit of grey to the Humbrol silver used and painted panels here and there in slightly different shades to break up the expanses of bright silver. The panels show from some angles, then dissapear from others. I made a point of adding panels over some of the exhaust staining to try to show replaced damaged panelling. Lassie seems to have had a hard life and I'm trying to show that without going over the top. The outer wing panels have had a bit of wear and tear added and might get a bit more yet. Walkways have been added with permanent marker guided with a steel ruler. They need a bit of touching in here and there. I'll also need to find some detail decals for the fuel filling points and the prop blades and so on and then the clear parts need framing. I wish I had added a bit of detail into the top turret and radio room, as the inside of both are quite visible with the parts propped in place. This might be less apparent once the framing is added though. The cockpit framing has been part done and the interior is sort of visible, the seats show quite well. I've taken a peek at the Revell B17 I got at Telford. On first look, I'm very impressed. I'm more used to the old Airfix dinosaur, the Hasegawa and Academy kits seem very high tec to me! The Revell kit is just out of this world in comparison with those two. I can see me building that one after Lassie and the Testors lookalike running at the moment.
  3. TonyW

    Coastal Command Boeing Fortress 1

    I picked up an Academy B17F at Telford, it has one wing tip cracked off like your example. Only the one tip though. I'm hoping that the plastic stays intact during the build. If it's anything like the glass like plastic of an Airfix Mosquito I recently did, I'm in trouble! Having said that, I find Academy kits go together really well. Good luck with the build. Tony.
  4. That's fast work! Paintwork will bring it to life now. Keep us posted. Tony.
  5. TonyW

    B-17G 42-31582 Ol Scrapiron

    This model is made up of a whole load of other mini models! That twin gun settup is a work of art, and the wheels just look outstanding.
  6. TonyW

    Testors Store Display

    A bit of an update... Here's the plane with its new engines, or lack of them really. Sat in front are the engine parts from the Airyda Solid Scale B17 I mentioned above. The balsa nacelles need carving into shape to match the cowls shown. They are made of some kind of early plastic. They are quite dense and heavy for their size. My modern take on the look seems close enough to pass inspection, to me at any rate. The second picture is of a FROG Penguin cowl and engine in cast metal. Not to shabby for a pre-war kit!
  7. TonyW

    Testors Store Display

    Getting there, slow but sure... Things were coming along just fine with the primer filler stage but something was just not right. The look was wrong somehow. Sitting the plane alongside the other B17 I have on the go brought home the problem, such as it was. The backdated B17 was too detailed in the engine department!! Its smoothed out rather basic lines didn't sit right with the detailing of the Airfix engines showing. I've now filled the cowls on all four engines and smoothed out the insides. The plan worked. The model has lost all traces of its Airfix origins and now has a full on forties build look about it. It's enough to give a superdetailer a fit, but it's got me smiling at the daftness of it all. There's a few tiny bits of filling still needed, but paintwork is near. The back detailed engines will be getting basic spinners made, along with clear disc props. Skybirds tried using watchsprings for a spinning look, and sold them as accessories. I've copied the idea on the Dornier posted above but getting four springs all the same for the B17 would be a bit of a task, it was hard enough finding two for the Penguin Dornier! It does give a very period look to a model though. I'll dig out a few of my solid scale kits, to show what early kits used for engines. They ranged from clay cowls with basic cylinder detailing to round wooden blanks you carved to shape yourself, via fairly detailed cast metal parts. Things were a whole lot simpler back then, and manufacturers tried many different materials on their products. A fascinating time.
  8. A very good looking model. The black looks rather sinister!
  9. TonyW

    Lassie and her Lads

    Lassie and her Lads has moved forwards quite a bit over the last day or two. A bit of masking, followed by a hit of white undercoat gave a base for the paintwork to begin, The outer wings were masked and a mix of Humbrol 30 green and 26 tan provided the first hit of colour. Once dry both colours were drybrushed singly until things looked about right. While waiting between coats of green and tan, work started on the bare metal main structure using good old Humbrol silver, scrubbed in with a broad brush to eliminate brush marks as far as possible. The yellow areas on the tail were given their first coat of base yellow and I couldn't resist decaling as soon as I could. Adding decals seems to bring a model to life somehow. Things seem to speed up a bit once the soul of the model starts to reveal itself. Pretentious nonsense?.. quite possibly, but it works for me! Weathering began with a bit of dark metalizer powder applied with a soft brush around the engine nacelles and wings. From some angles it's quite a strong effect, from others, almost a shadow. It all depends how the light hits it. There's a ton more to do yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. More as it happens.
  10. That's a fine looking B17. For making such a good job of that one, I think you should buy her another.
  11. There's a bit of full contact modelling going on here! It all seems more satisfying to me than clicking together a perfect fit Tamiya Spitfire.
  12. TonyW

    Lassie and her Lads

    Thanks for your reply. That website you listed is a bit of a gem! Tony.
  13. TonyW

    Lassie and her Lads

    I need a bit of reassurance/guidance regarding the paint finish on Lassie, I hope the more knowledgeable amongst us can help. The outer wing panels on Lassie were replaced during it's life, as shown on the decal instruction sheet above. My references here don't show any pictures of Lassie, and internet searches have so far turned up nothing. If I can't turn up any concrete info, I'm going to have to go by a bit of guesswork regarding the overall look of the plane. If anyone can point me towards photo's I would appreciate the help. Here's what I'm planning at the moment. The build will be of the plane towards the end of its service life, October '44 The anti glare panels on the aircraft would probably be original to the plane, along with the panel in front of the canopy. I'm planning on fading those areas quite a bit to show a definite tan colour creeping in. The wing replacement panels I assume would have come from a written off plane and would possibly have been in storage indoors awaiting re-use. These panels may well have been more green in colour if they had been out of the weather for a while. I'm planning on painting them a darker, more green shade of olive drab. The decal guide shows natural metal undersides but wouldn't the outer wing replacements have been in neutral grey, to match the olive topsides? The decal sheet also says the plane is shown as it was in August '44, replacement panels and all. It was also one of the original planes of the 772 Bomber Squadron, 463BG, The plane was written off in October '44. From its long service life I'm assuming it would have had a very worn look towards the end. I'll be weathering the plane quite a bit in light of that. Does the above sound like it would be a fair representation of the plane? Thanks, in anticipation. Tony.
  14. TonyW

    Matchbox nostalgie

    One of mine...