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  1. I don't have a 1980 catalogue, they are a bit on the rare side and very expensive whenever one turns up. I do have a 1979 one though, with the Type 6 oval logo in use and the non violent artwork on many boxes. The 1979 catalogue runs to over sixty pages, so posting the whole ting here would be a bit of a task. I'll post here if there's interest though. Here's the aircraft pages,
  2. The first full catalogue front and back pages and price list, from 1962. Prior to that the catalgues were simple printed sheets.
  3. The pair of Hunters have had a gloss clearcoat applied and they are currently drying off under cover in an attempt to keep the dreaded dust at bay. I had a dig about in my header files and turned up this one... ... it's the first issue, bagged header for the Hunter, from 1960. Very plain and simple but still effective for all that.
  4. TonyW

    De Havilland DH88 Comet

    A few more steps on the road to completion, The plane has the basic airframe assembled now and a tiny bit of filler applied. I'll have to dig out my original issue kit and see if it was as bad as this one when the mold was new. There are sink marks dotted about and bloody great holes at the wing roots to deal with for starters. The base has had another lable made up for the front face, again it's cut from the red boxtop. It's on the reverse face to the white background one above, so either could get used. To finish for this evening, here's the third issue header for the kit, with a stunning rendition of the plane by Roy Cross.
  5. TonyW

    1/72 Angel Interceptor

    A real piece of Airfix nostalgia here, good to see it coming together. The add ons look especially good, the original was not exactly superdetailed out the box! Here's one I did for a GB on another forum years back. It is of course the prototype plane, complete with the less than successful tail mounted cannon. Test pilots were terrified when testing it. The flash bang wallop over their heads when firing made them reach for the ejector handle, thinking the plane had been hit by something or other. Production planes had the cannon nose mounted of course.
  6. TonyW

    Macchi M.5. Fly. 1/48

    I can only repeat the others views, a stunning presentation. Well done.
  7. Despite me trying to build one model at a time for group builds, I've led myself astray again . My Hunter pair are nearing completion, so it's best I keep momentum up by starting another build, this time the rather ancient DH88, a kit that needs all the help it can get! I'll be building this recent issue of a kit that first saw the light of day in 1957! Airfix are pushing their luck a bit still selling this kit, it really is a period piece now. Mines been started, but there's still over 75% of the pieces to add, not that there's a huge part count in the first place! Add to that about 3000% of extra effort needed to bring the thing even close to current standards and I'm sure a bit of pre-construction won't get me a Red Card on this build for the GB. Construction has begun in reverse order for a change, with a base for the kit getting knocked together from bits and bobs that were to hand at the time. A chrome effect card base has been passed over for the Hunters, so I might as well make use of it for this build. The nameplate has been cut from the boxtop and superglued to the front face and a couple of paper bases tried out on the top. The black insert is plain black paper, the 'concrete' base is white cartridge paper with pencil lining and a bit of misted over grey aerosol primer. That one's a bit rough around the edges and is a prototype, a better one will be made if I go down that route. A grass insert is also a possibility, who knows? First I have to smash the rather crude model into some kind of DH88 shape. What could possibly go wrong? More as it unfolds. Tony.
  8. That's a very clean build. It's nice to see a grey and white one as well. The way the white wraps over the wing tops is very flattering to the planes shape, it seems to slim it right down!
  9. A bit of progress... Both airframes now have transfers on them. Very smart they look too! I've used the same serials and ID letter, T for Tango, on both planes. Tiny little dark red codes against a gloss black background can barely be seen, so I'm not going to loose too much sleep over this. A bit of fooling around with some shiny chrome like card, bought for a couple of quid per pack in a local B+M cheapo store. Scored and folded got me a basic base, another sheet provided a background. Not perfect by any means, but another option is shaping up here. More later. Tony.
  10. The legs on the Dogfight Double stand are pose able, They can be rotated around the base but the slot at the top is fixed. The planes could be posed OK with the stand, it's just the big pile of blackness that results that does not work at the moment. A possible way out would be to 'chrome' the stand with a broad nibbed Molotow pen. I'm fairly sure that would work, as long as I keep a wet edge to the ink on application. It might be time to experiment with spraying Molotow ink and see how that works. I'll have to check what I have in the way of DD Stand spares before having a crack at chroming though. The stand in the picture was borrowed from a Mosquito/Me262 Dogfight Double box, the collector in me won't be breaking up that box after all these years! This means going through my DD collection to see what's what. It's also a good excuse to run a picture of the Mossie combo kit, alongside a built pair of planes.Nothing at all to do with a pair of Hunters, but far too good an opportunity to waste
  11. A trip into Ely and a visit to Tindalls art suppplies saw my brushes replaced today, so a bit of paint has been applied to both airframes. It's looking good so far, although as expected, the two black planes are proving difficult to photograph. Clear coating the transfer sheets has worked, at least it has on the sheet I've used on the test mule. They stuck like glue though, one chance at getting then on straight was all I got. I like the idea of displaying the two planes together. They look like a display team pair, sat wing tip to wing tip. The Airfix Dogfight Double stand that I thought would be a natural for them is less than successful once pressed into use. A bit too much black going on I think. A big and little pair of Airfix stands might do the job but it's early days for the final display at the moment. More as it happens...
  12. Humbrol Gloss Black, the tin is about thirty years old! The old stuff works much better than the new. The picture looks better than real life unfortunately, but it is only a rehersal. The books are both memory jerkers once you get stuck into them. It's a slippery slope though, before you know it you will be chasing down HisAirDecs, Kookaburra Publications and old Almark Decals! Tony.
  13. I must admit to cherry picking how I build kits. I'll use old paint and glue because that's what I've always used. However, a bit of modern stuff like superglue(!) gets used as well. One of the reasons for using old stuff is that it seems to work better than the new gear. Humbrol paints come to mind here, in my experience the new paints are a bit rubbish. I've not tried any acrylics so can't really comment there, far too New School for a dinosaur like me. The thought of buying a whole new paint system kind of puts me off trying as well. I've also avoided Klear and any other mixed media coats on my builds. I'm not sure how these will behave as the years pass. Some of my collectable kits are starting to show signs of the plastic changing, add a few extra chemicals and substances to the mix and I can see problems on the horizon. A build with enamel, acrylic, superglue and photoetch is possibly going to come unstuck at some point. Probably long after I'm gone though, so there's no need to worry really! Each to their own and Viva La Difference and all that. Nice work on your Rotodyne by the way, I have one part done that is a bit to far built to enter this GB. The transfers on that one gave me a hard time as well. Tony.
  14. An hour or two this morning got a bit more done. The airframe is all one bit now, I'll let it all dry nice and firm before proceeding further. The spare airframe has been pressed into service as a test mule for the potential nightmare that is a brush painted black enamel paintjob. So far a couple of issues have reared their ugly heads, I need new brushes before the final attempt. My current flat brushes are starting to show their age now and are loosing their softness a bit. The thickness of the paint is also a bit crucial with black enamel. One wing on the mule looks fine, the other has faint brush marks. It's a thin line between just enough and too thick though. Black is totally unforgiving of any mistakes. This build is going to be a challenge!
  15. You remember correctly, there is a gun pod complete with trolley to cart it about. There's not much to hold it in place on the plane and once sat on its trolley, it does not look much. An add on that adds nothing really. If you sat it as shown in the instructions, it would be upside down for fitting to the plane! Mine will be glued in place.