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  1. Thanks Mike, all very useful information.
  2. I've hit a bit of a wall with the build. I polished the fuselage with S 'n J powder and it came up nice and bright, as expected. the wing roots and tail got a bit of blue added and although the colour looks a bit of a fright to be honest, the plane started to get a life of its own. Trying to add the stars and codes to the fuselage proved to be a bit of a disaster though. The stars and bars shattered a bit, but were teased into place. The codes just exploded!! I'll have to track down replacements before I can go any further here. The Airfix new kit is looking like it won't make the finish line as well. Time is running out! Curses. Tony.
  3. My local model club has a P61 group build running that ends in a couple of weeks. Up to now, I've resisted the temptation to join in as there are a few kits backing up in the building line at the moment. However, one of our members brought along a 1.48 scale Monogram P61 in a beat up box that he picked up at last weeks Shuttleworth show. £15 later, I'm in the group build! If you sold a P61 at Shuttleworth to an American guy, this is all your fault. I like Monogram kits a lot. This is my first P61 from the company. Fortunately this one is a later boxing and a bit bashed up to boot. Had it been an earlier white box Shep Paine era one the collector in me would have been unable to build it. Happy days. A start has been made today with a bit of paintwork on the interior parts. With only two weeks to finish the thing, I had better get a move on. The mould is showing its age a bit with some trimming needed here and there and dry runs reveal a bit of fettling needed to get things to line up as they should. A base for the model would be nice. I've made a start on a couple of likely lads, both made out of picture frames picked up for a quid each at a local charity shop. The backing boards have been removed, coated with PVA and sprinkled with a bit of ballast and building sand borrowed from some real world construction going on here at the moment. I'll be trying out each base to see which size suits the plane best. As far as colour schemes go for the plane, I'm aiming at a Pacific build with very faded olive paintwork and a heavy dose of weathering, much like this example... The actual plane is as yet undecided, but once I've sorted out decals I'll know where I am with the build. I'll be replacing the rather basic turret gun barrels and treating myself to new decals. That's as far as I'm going with aftermarket stuff, looking at what's available could easily push the build cost into three figures if I don't show a bit of restraint! More as it happens. Tony.
  4. That looks every inch an FW189 to me. First Class winter finish as well.
  5. I would love to have added one here, but my early Airfix P51's are built up and thus outside the GB. Given a bit of spit and polish, or as in this case, S n' J polishing powder, a Mustang does appear. The bagged kit alongside the build is the first issue dating back to 1958! The kit follows the plans printed in Aircraft of the Fighting Powers which in turn dates even further back, into the forties. Accuracy came later for Airfix in this case but I remember the kit fondly from my youth. Get stuck in! Tony.
  6. Stunning. A beautiful build of a right brute of a plane.
  7. Beautiful builds, they look like they just rolled out of a 1963 copy of Car Craft. I have the kits tucked away in the loft. Seeing your builds makes me want to dig them out! Tony.
  8. Here's one I had forgotten about, an Airfix Matador used to add a bit of jazz to an Airfix Lancaster converted back to the second prototype. The rather fetching sky was added in Photoshop. Not exactly the last word in airfield accessories, but it works for me.
  9. Lovely bit of detailing going on here. It's nice to see the kit getting a bit of TLC. The kits a real memory jerker for me, having built one or two waaaay back in the sixties. I built one bare bones, nothing added , for the Classic Airfix GB a while back. Although it looks a bit half starved next to your one, I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane.
  10. Another beautiful period build. I'm slowly working my way through the Airfix back catalogue myself. Seeing the fine work you are doing with these old kits is a major boost for me. Thanks for sharing your work here. Tony.
  11. Now that is really something special! A beautiful build. Tony.
  12. That loadout is going to raise the crews pulses on takeoff! A really first class build in every way.
  13. That's a very nice build. I especially like the anchor hung on the fuselage side. No idea why, it just looks somehow right to me.
  14. Yup. The boxes are as important as the models for me! It takes all sorts...
  15. That really is a stunner! I don't like to find fault on such a good looking build, but would a thinner, or even no rigging job, possibly add to the model? Tony.
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