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  1. A fairly productive day today, with a bit done on the plane and the beginnings of a base for it started. The baseboard that was intended for a Ford Dealership building over in the Anything but Plastic GB got repurposed into a bit of 1948 Heathrow Airport. New card top, grid ruled off and various spray applications along with a bit of scenic grass see's me heading in the right direction. I've edged the base with car accessory chrome trim. Chromed plastic with a sticky back, on a roll. Bought for something else altogether, it's getting a try out
  2. It's nice to see this one being done, I don't think I've ever seen a built one before. Regarding the melted plastic on the wheel, I doubt it will ever harden again. It's a curse that appears a lot with old car kits. If the tires have been in contact with the other plastic for any length of time the reaction can start. The tire is unaffected, the kit plastic turns to jelly. The only real solution is to dig out the soft plastic right back to the firm stuff and repair if you can. All my old car kits have the tires bagged separately from the kit parts, just in case.
  3. Ha! It's been brewing for well over a year, so there's a bit of stored momentum playing out here. It's also a joy to build, the engineering that has gone into the parts really is good. Everything clicks together in a very satisfying way. Not idiot proof, but not far off either. Nice big parts make handling easy as well. In some ways I find building a big model much easier than a small one.
  4. With the camera now back in action, normal service has been resumed. It's nearly a complete airframe now. Various bits of brass bar, ball bearings and anything else I could find that had a bit of mass have been crammed into the nose with a wad of milliput pushed into it all to keep it there. The fuselage join edges have been reinforced with plastic strip and the whole lot clamped into position for an overnight set. The canopy area is also fixed now. It's a near perfect fit for the fuselage halves but it takes a bit of care to get everything lined up. I'm glad I fixed everything in
  5. Thanks Pat, That opens up a whole load of possibilities from this end. Off the top of my head there's a Matchbx/AMT 1.16 scale Ford Thunderbird and '57 Chevrolet Convertible that have been waiting a long time for an opportunity like this. There's more, but I'll have a go at keeping things almost achievable for a change.
  6. Nice idea for a build. Looking at the overhead shot, I was reminded of the Northrop Scorpion, only piston engined.
  7. It has got that look about it Mike. Someone else told me today it looks a bit Dan Dare. It needs Brian Blessed as the Captain for a bit of added volume. Had the camera battery not let me down, we would be looking at the end of the day summing up pictures now. A description will have to do. The fuselage windows are all in. They are not really good enough to use as clear parts, suffering from the dreaded pint pot distortion in the centres. They will do as plugs for backing a bit of filler tomorrow. Solid windows and windscreen it is then. Engines are drybrush
  8. There's some interesting subjects turning up here, and this one is right up there with the best of them. A foil finish seems to be the way to go with it, and it will hopefully look quite spectacular once finished. Good luck with the build. Tony.
  9. This is going to be good. It's such a fine looking plane. I'll be following along, good luck with the build. Tony.
  10. Now that's got my attention! I had no idea there was a BOAC option in the box. It's going to make for a very distinctive model indeed. I'll definitely be following along with this build. Tony.
  11. Despite the arrival of an Academy Boeing Stratocruiser build in the shed, work on the Savage continues. The Boeing is too big for my regular workbench which means the Savage gets to occupy that space. I can switch from one to the other in a very satisfying way. Today see's the tail getting work. There's been some major filling and rubbing down going on with the airframe and the tail surfaces would have got in the way a bit. I'm nearly there now with the filling and so on, so it's time to fit the tail parts. Not the greatest fit in the world, it has to be said, but a bit of fil
  12. A bigger shed would be nice, a bigger bench is essential! My regular sitting down bench isn't big enough to comfortably work on this one, so I'm standing up at my long bench to work. It's very comfortable and I can't think why I haven't used it like this before. Here's the shed, the build is taking place from the left side, long bench. The cockpit has been assembled minus the seats and then tried with the canopy. Despite it looking nice and bright and clear in there, once the roof and about half the rest of the clear part is painted, there won't be a whol
  13. Apparently time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. With that in mind, I've given the Stratocruiser a once over this morning to give myself a better idea of what I've let myself in for. So far, I'm very impressed with the kit. I've built a few Academy B17's and I've liked them a lot. The kits have a good quality feel to them and build up nicely. This one seems to be the same. Parts fit beautifully and the detailing is very restrained but good. The cockpit is more than detailed enough as it is for me. I doubt much would be seen even though the glass is beautifully clear, and I
  14. I'll be happy to take part. As usual, no idea what with, but I have a few contenders that fit the bill. I've also got a Rareplanes Savage currently under way. Vac forms seem to have a bit of a following, I think you are on to something here. Tony. Tony.
  15. There's a bit of overlap with the Constellation, Stratocruiser and Comet Pat. Stratocruiser from 1949 to 1960. Constellation L049 and L749 from 1946 to 1959 Comet from 1952 to 1954 then a gap while it got sorted. 1958 see's the strengthened aircraft enter service. The scale issue gets in the way of the Stratocruiser sitting next to my Comet. The Stratocruiser is 1.72, the FROG Comet, 1.96. A bit too far apart, even for my relaxed attitude to complete accuracy. A Constellation and Stratocruiser would sit well together. It will need a bit of airport expansion he
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