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  1. And so it came to pass, the black car got it's stripes taped off and sprayed first thing this morning. A couple of hours with a fan heater aimed at it got it dry enough for the side stripes to be added. Sat with it's mates, things are starting to come together. Which is nice. Nothings fixed yet, the gazing hasn't been fitted yet although I'm hoping to get that done some time today. A pressing need for door handles see's me breaking out the moulding supplies, hoping they are still usable. It also appears I've managed to loose a rear light cluster so I'll add that to the moulding list. A solitary slot mag that I've had for ages got added to the mould block I've made up to help use up a bit of resin. Mixing really small amounts doesn't always work out as measuring proportions gets a bit more critical, too much hardener and it goes off really fast for instance. There needs to be enough for the two resins to be able to react. Here's the rather basic mould before the silicone rubber went in. The rubber set in about an hour and is ready to go. And as things are at the moment, filled with resin. The pipette gets a bit of mixed resin drawn in and then squirted in at one end of the door handle, there's enough in there when the resin appears at the other end. The same method was used for the wheel. The light clusters had resin dripped into them, then got levelled off with a straight edge. I did three as that's what was sat here. Three times the chances of getting a good finished part! Assuming things are OK once the first lot are popped out, I'll be repeating the process a few times to give me enough parts to at least sort out the door handles for these builds.
  2. Oh Yes! That looks every inch a race car. Well done on finishing a real Classic. The CObra Jet lettering on the rear fender, with its mixed capitals and lower case lettering is pure 1960's, and you only have to see the word TASCA to think of hot Fords.
  3. The black car got a full on flat off this morning using 1000 grit paper followed by a couple of stages of micro polishing. I ended up with a nice, flat, soft sheen. Rather than try polishing it all the way to a gloss, I hit it with a couple of wet coats of clear. They went on OK, but a bit of orange peel managed to appear after the paint flashed off. Curses. I'm leaving the car to harden in the warm overnight, and will decide what to do with it in the morning. It's usable as is, but I would like it a bit better if possible. Here's how it looks at the moment, a bit dark and forbidding against the two white cars. It really does need its stripes and window trims adding to bring it to life. It should get them tomorrow.
  4. A bit of experimentation this afternoon has got me a set of wheels I'm very happy with. The Halibrands I want to use had a full on chrome finish. I knocked that back earlier with a few light coats of Tamiya silver. It gave a more in keeping ally finish but something was missing, they looked a bit ordinary somehow. A couple of coats of Tamiya Champagne Gold got me edging close to the Dow 7 finish that was applied to magnesium wheels in the sixties to try to slow down the rapid oxidising these wheels suffered from in open air. Spraying a very fine mist of Tamiya Candy Lime Green over the gold got me as close as I think I can get to the finish. Maybe a touch more yellow might improve it a bit more, but I'll hold fire for now as any mistakes at this stage in the game can't really be recovered from. I've also lowered the car by adding lowering blocks at the rear and cutting and resetting the front wheels on the spindles to give the same effect. That put the car pretty low, so despite me saying I was going to leave the arches alone, I found myself carving and re-curving them quite a bit. Sitting the wheels and tires a bit further out than stock, along with the lowering has given the car a bit of a race look. Just the job! The A Pillar is looking a bit chunky to me but that will be ignored. Adding the bright trim and re-fixing the 1/4 light window will hopefully take care of that. It will have to, there's not time to start re-arranging things now. It's going to be close....
  5. The Classic Monogram/Revell GB will see me hopelessly overextending myself again. I can't wait for it to start!
  6. I built this Airfix SM79 for the Classic Airfix GB a few years ago. I enjoyed every minute of building it. It's about time I did something similar.
  7. I'm going to tempt fate and throw another build into the pot. Yet another Monogram/Revell Shelby Hertz car, bought as insurance against any major problems with my Hertz car builds. Had the re-paint on either of those gone wrong, I would be able to swap a body over. The Hertz cars seem to be behaving themselves, for now, and it's a shame to not build a perfectly good kit alongside them. It's going to be white with blue stripes, running mags on a lowered chassis. Work started alongside the Hertz repairs and it's now got to the point of justifying its own thread. Here's the car body in pearl white. I've already smoothed out the mould marks and thinned things down here and there. The side vent windows have had the uprights removed. Thinner substitutes will get added later. Impatient to get an idea of how I want it sitting, I mocked the car up this morning. Those are the wheels and tires I'm going with, the ride height is getting dialled in at the moment. I want it as low as can be managed without cutting the arches about. The paint was dry enough this afternoon for masking and striping, so that got done as well. I'm starting to like the look a lot. And to finish, here's all I have to complete by the weekend. Hmmmm.
  8. More steady progress going on here today. The black car got a few coats of auto paint clear added. It's gone on with a fair bit of the dreaded orange peel. I'll let it dry overnight and then flat it back and re-coat it. If the planets are in alignment, a beautiful full gloss will result. A more likely scenario will be me breaking out the micro polish pads and getting a gloss the hard way. Whatever happens, it's moving in the right direction. The white car got masked for new stripes, and a couple of coats of Tamiya gold shot on. Pow! I'll let the paint on those two harden before anything else gets done on the bodies.
  9. Trying hard to ignore the end of the week approaching, I've been busy with the builds. I'm not happy with the paintwork on either Hertz build so I did what anyone staring a deadline in the face would do, I repainted them. I thought if I blew it, I could put my feet up now and enjoy the rest of the GB models coming along. I think I've got away with it, so far. All three car bodies got a scrub up, a T Cut and then a flatting off with 2000 grit paper. Tamiya white primer for the white Hertz and the potential third build. Full size car black primer for the black Hertz car. The black primer was added very carefully indeed. Any reaction and it would be a case of All Bets are Off for the build. So far, so good, no visible reaction at close of play an hour or so ago. It wasn't ideal spraying weather today being unseasonably warm and somewhat humid here. I gave the paints and the car bodies a bit of a warm up using a fan heater before getting on with the painting. Giving things a gentle cooking between coats worked fine. Leaving the fan on for a couple of hours to warm the primers right through saw me add a bit of topcoat to the white cars later in the day. I used Tamiya pearl clear over the white primer as I'm out of straight Tamiya clear. I have full on car stuff here but didn't want to take a chance mixing brands. The pearl has a really nice, soft finish that looks OK for the Hertz car and should look very smart for the new one as I intend to add metallic blue stripes to it, hopefully tomorrow. The white cars will get new stripes in the morning, the black one will be seeing a bit of autopaint clear. Wheels and tires got a bit of attention as well today, along with some interior work on the new build. Two different style Halibrands are in the frame for the new build, I'm undecided which ones yet. Goodyear white lettering has been started for the Hertz white car. Confused? You soon will be...
  10. I've already tied one arm behind my back and started hopping everywhere. It's slowed me down a bit... It's odd how things turn out. Not that long ago I was doubting if I would have anything to put in the Gallery, now I'm in with a chance of half a dozen! How that happened is anyones guess. Best not to push my luck though, I'm a long way from getting this last lot done.
  11. Superb, as usual. The engine bay looks fantastic.
  12. That front 3/4 view looks like a magazine advert shot. The car looks like it's about to leap off your bench!
  13. That's a good looking Mustang. The wheels look especially good, and those traction bars show serious intent. Nice looking grill as well, the model is full of careful details.
  14. And none taken Mike, my reply was equally tongue in cheek. My eight year old self would have been horrified at my lack of progress. My 65 year old self can't believe I'm in with a chance of 6! Funnily enough, I've still got a few Mustangs sat here with no chance at all of them being done for the GB as intended. I'm also still searching for the things!
  15. My first kits would be finished on the day I got them Mike, sometimes the same morning. I've slowed down over the years.
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