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  1. Hi mate, just seen your comments sorry. If you do have any of the short intakes, that would be great. Even if you have one I can borrow, I may be able to copy it. definitely daft!! I look forwards to that Alain Not much progress unfortunately recently due to 1-2-1 stuff but hope to get some done this long weekend. I've been working on the spar design. The spar will be made from spring steel that slides nicely into a brass sheath so the spring steel will be fixed through the fuselage and the brass parts glued inside plastic sections with the correct dihedral built in. This will be the main load bearer but the rear spar will be some kind of dowel, most likely 4mm aluminium. This is the drawing that Chris @stringbag drawn for me to use to manufacture the parts. The plastic section is made of 3 layers of 80 though card (2mm if you're a younger generation that me!). The 2 outer layers replicate the inner wing profile, the sandwiched parts ensure the wing spar sits parallel between the 2 wings... This is the sections made up and located on the fuselage, all looking good so far. Ignore the fuel tank panels on this because this is the lower wing, not the upper wing...confused? The wing profile isn't quite right so the easiest way forwards that I could think of is to create a correct wing root profile (again, thanks to Chris's drawing) out of the 80 thou card that I will use to force the wing to the right shape. I'm expecting this to be a painful experience so P38 car filler is stocked up ready to tidy things up. The inner wings have been lined with sheets of plasticard to overcome the flimsiness and allow some heavy sanding and filling to take place once the basic shapes are together. Key to this step is adding the wing root section at the correct angle to align with the dihedral, so I'm planning to add some sections of plastic with the right angle inside the wing for the root profile to butt against. I'm well outside my comfort zone here so sometimes wondering if I've lost the plot but I'm still well and truly in the fight!!!! It's a good time to stick the Rocky IV sound track on I reckon It's all very messy on the workbench at the moment but I need to get the structure sorted before moving back to the detailing. Looking forwards to getting some detail in that big cockpit area
  2. Thanks John, not even looked at the Astro yet. I’m currently working on the wing spar assembly and inner wing Brave or daft? I think the latter ive got some resin engines and cowls off Mike, just need some short carb intakes and props though. Could do with getting some cast. cheers neil
  3. Hi Hub, great to to see your work, so looking forwards to seeing the Manchester and Lincoln being added to your amazing collection. Posted the stuff out this week, sorry for the delay. Not sure which I like best here, but really drawn to the Hampden
  4. I think this is my favourite so far in your vast collection, just love how you’ve nailed that stripes mate, never seen them done this well. Thanks for the tip about using pencils and watercolour
  5. woody37

    Revell 1/72 Avro Shackleton

    Gorgeous. A shackleton inspiration
  6. Gorgeous Andy. Was hoping to bump into you yesterday at Cosford, not sure if you was there. I meant to pm you before hand
  7. woody37

    My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Great progress Alain, my bench is messy with one on the go
  8. I was rushing at work doh! Not too worried about the stacks, they are much further down the line. Getting the engines in the right place is a nearer need
  9. It's been a while since I posted anything but there has been some small progress, but mainly a lot of thanks to go out. Firstly Alain @corsaircorp for sending me the fantastic resin bits seen below. These will help immensely. Secondly, Nick @SleeperService for sending me the front Wellington turret. I'm not sure the clear bit is useable due to the size, but the interior bits will definitely find a home in the Stirling. Finally, Chris @stringbag has produced some fantastic 48 scale drawings that will allow me to progress now. I'm working on the wings currently and have a plan to use some spring steel and brass boxing that Chris gave me to build the wing spars. I need to get the structural work done before returning to the detailing of the fuselage and gear bays. Here's the resin from Alain.. Here's some photo's of the drawings and material for the wing spars. I've suggested Chris can make a nice little retirement business out of producing drawings, although I'm worried this might stop him from getting any paint on his growing stash of wingless airliners Overall, the dimensions of the Sanger kit don't look too bad when compared with the drawings. I'm busy currently adding plasticard to the inner surfaces of the wings to strengthen them up as the plastic is very thin. Cheers Neil
  10. woody37

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Splendid work Tom, enjoying seeing a master at work on these big vac forms
  11. Lovely progress, sorry about your good friend, deepest condolences
  12. Gorgeous Mike, you’ve got that weathering spot on now go go and find that Stirling nacelle
  13. Cracking Firefly, really must get one of these, great scheme too
  14. Absolutely gorgeous Ian, great conversion and in the BEST scheme too! Don’t know what Chris is talking about
  15. Another beaut mate, great scheme and lovely weathering