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  1. Wow, that is a fantastic display, even more so, the collection of displays that you've built up, I'd love to see them in the flash one day. The detail and damage is impressive
  2. Such a tragic story but a lovely tribute and really interesting read. As ever, another gorgeous build from the shop of OToole elves
  3. That's lovely mate. The Beaufighter looks big next to a Blenheim and this looks big next to a Beaufighter! Really like the black / grey scheme.
  4. Lovely build and something new to me. There's a lot of wheels for such a small aircraft.
  5. I gave my Facebook account a huge clean a while ago so it's mostly cars & planes that occupy my feed now, much happier that way. The world is bonkers and I prefer not to engage in the sillyness!
  6. That's looking great Tony. Not seen you on FB, are you banned again?
  7. I'm speechless. Just looks like a real aircraft!
  8. That's stunning Fuad, lovely paintwork and weathering as usual
  9. This reminds me, I need to get the missus some new batteries It's one strange looking beast but beautifully modelled
  10. Hi Bill, sorry to hear of more health woes, wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself, the Privateer can wait a bit. You've inspired me with this build, I've just bought a kit to do the silver version without all the lumps n bumps!
  11. This is brilliant, really do enjoy following scratch builds
  12. Just caught up with this build and loving your approach to educating us on the various iterations of the Vulcan life span Adam. I'm far from being a Vulcan expert so appreciating your thread, it will be a great reference guide. Looking forwards to more instalments
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