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  1. Can't add anything useful, but rather looking forwards to seeing a WIP of this Tom!
  2. What a great build, so glad you're picking this back up. Definitely a kit to watch rather than do though!
  3. Sorry to hear of your sisters passing Terry, must have been a difficult year for you. I learned to fly on Cherokees back in 1988 on an RAF flying scholarship. Sadly, the aircraft I did my first solo in was involved in a fatal crash in 2011 in Switzerland, G-BBEF. Great to see the Mustang back on the bench Cheers Neil
  4. Bit more progress, the interior is now pretty much done. Just need to add the windows then get the fuselage closed up. The instructions suggest fitting the ball turret before closing the fuselage up, but I'm intending to fit at the latter end of the build even if I have to trim the ammo boxes to get it through the hole. I used some of the Quickboost oxygen tanks, the Eduard cockpit etch set and some scratch building. Most of it won't be seen so I'll spend most of the effort bringing the exterior to life.
  5. Great build Aidan. I quite like the Revell kit, goes together well, just a few inaccuracies that can be improved on.
  6. I don't know anything about the kit, but you've done a great job on it Steve
  7. Brilliant! It looks so right in this scheme and beautiful modelling. I can appreciate all those extra details you've included having beavered over mine and love the open doors to add more realism to the finish Cheers Neil
  8. Now that is a stunning finish and great to see a lesser known variant
  9. Hi all, I thought I started a build thread on this years ago, but can't find it anywhere. Somehow, it's back on the bench! This is the kit I reviewed back in 2012: I started to address the most noticeable issues first, the nose blister and the nacelles. The nacelles: I started these ages ago, but essentially, the openings look too small, so I opened them out a bit more. Perhaps I've opened them too much, but I think they look better now. I always thought that the Hasegawa nacelles looked spot on so used an old one of them as a reference: The one on the left is the kit part, the second is the modified one, the third being the Hasegawa part (pictures taken several years ago): As they are currently: The wings are assembled now too, thought I'd do some of the easy stuff first! And started on the interior. I was planning to have the waist gun windows open so adding some additional detail in there as well as the nose. The bomb bay doors will be closed so I've not painted the bomb bay. The nose blisters on the Revell kits are horrendous, I think the plastic is thicker than the real thing! To get round this, I'm using an old blister from a deceased Hasegawa kit as the starting point. The fuselage needs a little sanding at the bottom to align with the shape of the blister and of course, the cut-out for the single 50mm in the upper part needs adding too. I've done this already, but not taken a photo yet. Both Knockout Dropper and Shamrock Special have two windows on the upper part of the nose not included in the Revell kit so I will either cut these out or be lazy and just paint them black to 'imitate' them instead. Cheers Neil
  10. Lovely build. Although the Sea king is not my cup of tea, seeing a great build like this is certainly inspiring.
  11. Great to see one done, excellent result too
  12. We've got the HKS Hi-power spec L dual, a deeper tone but still fairly quiet until you open it up a bit. It's just on Eibachs for now but he wants to swap to coilovers at some point.
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