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  1. Lovely finish Steve, you get me to look at old kits in a different way. I would never have thought about getting one of these, but this is a great bit of inspiration to think differently
  2. Looks like they're putting up a fight! Great to see you fighting back though, much better
  3. Looking great seeing them come together Steve, this is the bit where it all gets exciting! Looking forwards to seeing them finished later this evening
  4. This looks like a challenging build. Lots of work with little visible progress. I find it hard to keep my mojo with such builds, but that nacelle is beginning to look the part now.
  5. Ah cool. I was in the process of buying that until I seen the Spitfire, I wondered who bought it. They are very nice. I've got two spaces for future purchases!
  6. Just had an email that mine is due tomorrow. At Telford, I managed to pick up a canvas print of the artwork from Adam Tooby next to the Airfix stand and absolutely made up with it. I'll be adding a few more to the man cave / office in due course.
  7. Great catching up with everyone, I didn't realise that was Adrian as never got the chance to speak to him. Always great to see fellow modellers again and put names and faces to forum names! The Firefly is looking the part now
  8. Boxes of plastic have proved to be an effective contraception in our house
  9. Thanks mate, not sure what's next although I've dug an Azur FW58B out of the cupboard of doom to finish off but tempted to start the new Airfix Annie, it looks gorgeous. Thanks George, I agree about the yellow, it is very transparent. The way I got round this problem was to lay a base of white down first then mix a bit of white into the yellow. This was in part to dull it down, but in part to improve the opacity. Looking forwards to seeing yours and Toms 1/48 ones finished at Telford so you should be busy this week See you there mate Thanks Dave, I'd love to see a colour photograph emerge!
  10. It's come out a treat, lovely paint job Dunny
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