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  1. Enjoying this Tom, it's not often we get a 1/72 or any other scale DC8 on here and we know it's in capable hands
  2. Managed to get hold of some plastic for a reasonable price today so will have a go at getting these bits formed over the weekend and see if we can get this thing finished in 2021!
  3. Great scheme and beautifully finished, never seen this scheme before.
  4. Brilliant, who'd of thought this was an old Frog kit? Great finish
  5. Too small for my eyes to build in this scale but thoroughly enjoying them come off your production line and they are far bigger on my 32" screen! Fantastic builds and looking forwards to seeing the next ones
  6. I've got a Blackbird set and certainly recommend it if you can get hold of one. Need to get mine built someday!
  7. Yes, I looked at them, but this is much more discreet and bright enough with the white light, I tend to have the coloured lighting as a mood light. The other thing I did was put draft extruder foam around the door gaps to stop dust from building up.
  8. I bought an Ikea cabinet a few months ago, but there weren't many shelves so bought some cut to size from the Plastic People to fill the cabinet. also got two strips of RGB led's from Ebay and fitted them down the frames at the front so they're out of sight (These). What you can see at the back in the images below is a reflection on the rear glass panel behind the models. The LED's are USB powered so bought a USB hub, attached it underneath the cabinet with some doubled sided adhesive tape and then fed the power via a plug socket with a phone charger plug. Wasn't cheap, cost nearly £400 all to
  9. Excellent result of the butch looking version of the Lanc if we consider the Merlin variant a true lady! Lovely weathering and great inspiration to dig one out of the stash
  10. Tempted to get one of these so watching and admiring your progress.
  11. Looks like you're winning tom but it's putting up a fight. Just a thought on the canopy. Could you tilt the clear part forwards by packing the lower rear end so that there is a step behind it? That way, any filler will be on the fuselage plastic. Not sure how that would affect the profile or window line though. This is one of those builds that is much more enjoyable to watch rather than attempt!
  12. Lovely progress mate, keep taking a look at mine but I'll keep looking and gather inspiration from yours first
  13. Looking forwards to seeing this get the Bill treatment
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