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  1. You’ve nailed it mate, absolutely brilliant. Does the kit just rest on the bomb doors or is there some way of them clicking into place?
  2. Fantastic, we don’t see many of these done, and what a gem you’ve made of it
  3. I had quite a few problems with the interior, it got narrowed down and rebuilt several times, I started out trying to use the kit parts but it turned out easier to scratch build everything. are you referring to the rear hatch? If so, yes I’m keeping it open. The rear fuselage got some interior detail too but I forgot to take photos. It’s fairly minimal detail though. I need to do a new canopy some point soon so can run one off for you if you like? cheers neil
  4. Thanks Chris, it's getting there slowly. Small update from this evening, finally finished tidying the rear gear bay up. The Gear leg has been drilled and a brass rod inserted with a brass sleeve inserted in to the fuselage to locate it in to. Just the windows to fit and sand flush now and the fuselage is done.
  5. I tend to just use matt and apply it thinly. The more you put on, the more Matt it goes. This gives the ability to vary the sheen across different surfaces too. If you want a sheen, just don’t put as much down.
  6. That's some step. Could you partly sand the fuselage behind the canopy and add a bit of packing to lift the rear canopy up a little to meet the fuselage?
  7. Got the lattice work finished in the bomb bay now. There's still the door actuators, some pipework and bomb carriers to go in yet and the fuselage around it needs rescribing before a full going over with Rosie riveter. time to sort the rear gear bay now
  8. Absolutely stunning finish, the weathering and worn paintwork is incredible
  9. It’s going to be a shame to hide this lot inside the fuselage. Stunning paint work
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