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  1. I can't see the pictures at the moment of any of your work mate, wonder if there's something wrong with the host site?
  2. Loving the interior finish on these forts Ced, that wood grain looks great
  3. That's stunning Ian, what a great scheme to choose too I keep waiting to see a finished A300 from @stringbag, hope he's not using the lead based paint that he last opened Only joking Chris, need to catch up
  4. I find the schemes on the Tiffie and Tempest a bit limited but love what you've done here, the weathering really adds to it
  5. Beautiful paint job as always Mathias, I always look forwards to seeing your weathered finishes
  6. They are stunners and do agree about those liveries, a golden age of jets and schemes
  7. Well, that was quick! The interior is done. Do like doing 1/48 fighters as quick builds. I'm not sure I've got the interior colour bang on, but not overly worried. The wings are already together too, so next step is stitching the fuselage up. Cheers
  8. Great test of the skills to build as seen here, I'm fully behind you Who needed Germans when they could destroy their own aircraft Thanks for sharing Godfreys aircraft, I have another kit in the stash although want to do something different with that one. Doh, forgot to state that, it's the Tamiya 1/48, I'll edit the post now, thanks Visiting the museum will be the best bit, any excuse to get over! The more, the merrier! Cheers.
  9. I'm a bit late to the party on this one but planning to start it today. This is me creating some accountability to myself! Probably one of the most famous P-51B's and been done many times, but hopefully I can still make the finish interesting. This is Don Gentile's partner in crime that took him through thick 'n' thin right up to the point that he pranged it at Debden airfield in front of the press shortly before returning to the US for a planned War Bond tour. It's going to be largely OOB other than some cockpit etch. In better times This photo shoes
  10. I've just read about your medical setback Crisp, must of been very scary indeed but so glad that you're here to tell the story, let alone carry on with your build. Hope you're mending well? Lovely progress and I'm feeling somewhat shameful that I haven't yet started the first of my 453rd builds, obviously we all know that modellers block is far worse than the little ticker playing games with it's rhythm Take care, Neil
  11. Beautiful, captures the look of a combat veteran well
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