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  1. That's a lovely build heather and love the photo of the collection of French fighters. I think you're going to inspire a lot more French liveried aircraft to be built. Like the idea of doing all aircraft from 1940 too, keep up the great work
  2. Thanks matey, hope you're good? Keep looking out for an A300 in here he he! Thanks mate. I really do hope we get a new kit. The prices and the challenges with this kit are what prevents us from seeing more of them finished. People are buying 1/32 bombers, so there must be some kind of market for these in 1/48. The Merlin and Hercules aircraft are two very different aircraft in many respects too so I'd love to get a Mk.I or II built at some time with all it's warts and bumps as it makes for a more interesting modelling subject. Caught up on your Manchester last night, lovey job on the gear. I'm torn between you focussing on your Hallibag and that, so just keep them both on the move! Thanks for all the kind comments everyone, it's nice to take a rest. I reckon I put in over 60 hours in the last two weeks to get this finished.
  3. That's a strange looking aircraft, but beautifully done and excellent photo's
  4. That's a beautiful build, the weathering is superb and the photo's top quality too
  5. Looks like he can show his dad a thing or two about modelling! Super build, my son started many, never finished one!
  6. They look like photo's of the real thing Ian, what a superb blast from the past. My mate used to be an air steward on 757's for Airtours but got onto the DC10 which was his favourite. Those AA window decals really bring it to life, what a classic scheme
  7. Thanks Tom, something I didn't mention in the build is that apart from the post paint weathering, I apply the mat varnish unevenly with more focus on the panel lines, that way, when the light catches it, there's another dimension of weathering as well as any colour variations but it's hard to show this in photo's I have a whole house to display them but I wouldn't be welcome if I did In fairness, the missus is fine with a few, I have a few in the living room cabinet, although she's not as understanding as @tonyot missus, I can only assume Tony has something special that keeps her happy Modelling can be a love hate relationship with a bench of plastic, we are weird folk sometimes! In fact, I think there's only the scratch building, putting the decals on and the weathering I like, maybe I'm in the wrong hobby That's great to here, a most prosperous life following too Hello ol chap, I reckon you've had them engines done for ages but just thought you'd watch me sweat for shear pleasure! There could be a lot of big triangles at Telford this year Thanks Ian, I try to weather as I see it, The aerials are the stretch stuff that comes on a little metal reel which is rather useless info but I can't remember where I got it but they had a stall at Telford! Thanks mate, and thanks again for all your help in research I wish too. If there was a main stream kit, I'd love to do a Merlin version too Thanks, it's great to hear of people who have been personally touched in some way by these forgotten aircraft I've just updated the post with some nostalgia thanks to @GimmeAnF kindly sharing some more info with me
  8. Thanks Marcus, think it’s because it’s more of a short run kit that makes it more difficult. Simple things like the spar arrangement, there’s no method provided to accurately datum the spars so you end up with level wings. You have to secure them using your own means to the bomb bay floor. It is a Labour of love as bomber command is so poorly covered in this scale and the real aircraft even less so. Wow, did he survive the war? My grandfather was in the navy but struggling to find out what ship he was on, can’t remember from speaking to him when I was a nipper You did a great job on yours, agree, there’s easier kits out there, sadly not 1/48 Halifax’s though Thanks Malcolm, yes they always look better once you’ve not seen them for a while! Thanks again Colin, despite the fight, I have enjoyed it. That Hampden isn’t in your garage, it’s in mine! You gave it to me with the Halifax. I’ve looked at it a few times and it needs more work than the Halifax so I need to consult with my uncle @general melchett as he’s further along the line cutting his up! A few OOB, quite fancy a B24 but might crack on with the Hampden in the background as a form of perverted pleasure!
  9. Not the easiest of builds, but from what I've heard, many were Friday afternoon moulds where as this one was pretty good as I didn't experience any bad warping or plastic delamination. That said, I approached it in a similar way as you would a vac form. The build is here.. So, why this particular aircraft? I wanted to do a Free French scheme, partly inspired by various trips to Elvington over the years and finding out more about the two squadrons based there, partly because it's a scheme that doesn't seem to get done in 48th scale despite the kit coming with decals and partly because I got to know Michel Darribehaude @GimmeAnF who's father Sgt Christian Darribehaude flew in 346 Sqn as a wireless operator. With this in mind, I wanted to do his fathers aircraft PN365 (H&-B), one of several 'B' codes aircraft thanks to Michel & @tonyot who did some research that they shared at the beginning of the build. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any photo's of this particular aircraft so some educated guessing had to be done for the markings. My thanks go to @crobinsonh for the kit that he'd done a great job of starting, @Cees Broere for the rear undercarriage and ongoing support from his knowledge of the aircraft and doing his own build and @tonyot for his supply of photo's and information to support the build too. Also to others who helped with advice on my first attempt at doing home made decals @perdu, @Antti_K & @Tail-Dragon The crew.. Fortunately all survived the war, however sadly, the last crew member Roger Foures who was the crews mid upper gunner passed away near the end of the build, so I'd like to also make this a tribute to him now that he's re-joined his crew once more Below are the crew photo's kindly supplied by Mike... Some Nostalgia After the war, Roger Foures became a gun smith. Sometime after the war, possibly the 1950's, he made a model of his aircraft from scratch using wood and what materials he had available. The crew names are listed in the bomb bay for posterity. Fortunately Mike managed to find some photo's of both this model and one mike built himself in the 70's. Limited research info means some of the features are slightly inaccurate but I'm sure his dad would of been proud of it. What does interest me is the types of roundels and 48" code layout on the right hand side and bomb markings along the nose of Rogers model. Could these offer an insight in to some differences in code/roundel layout or clues as to what artwork may of featured on the nose? I can count 28 bomb symbols on there with the Cross de Lorraine right at the front. Rogers scratch build: And a photo that Mike managed to find of his own The finished build Whilst I'm please with the result, I've been staring at it that long, I'm sick of seeing it now lol so here it is, just need to find a suitable way of packing it away now. Final thanks to everyone who's followed the build and through your participation has helped to keep the motivation up as I plodded along...and at times wanted to make it fly! Thanks for looking Neil
  10. Thanks Cees. The clear parts come out nicely after a dip in Kleer, just very fragile. To make it easier, it would of been better sorting the nose out prior to painting. Whilst it wasn’t far out with the sanding is already done, it was enough to require a bit of sanding here and there that I’d missed first time round. Thanks Tom, I’ll get it up later, I took the piccies last night Thanks Alain, it won a few battles but I think I’ve won the war
  11. woody37

    Model storage boxes

    Hi all, most of my builds are stored in plastic containers but I’ve got a few large ones that I’d like to make or buy some sturdy ones to the right size (partly to minimise box size, partly for extra protection), does anyone know of a company that make them to customer sizes? My plan was to make some out of 6mm plywood but if I can get them made or even come cut to size and flat packed, I’d prefer that route. thanks Neil
  12. Glad to hear you’re in better spirit, sometimes a break is the best cure for modelling woes
  13. Evergreen do half round rod too which would save on all that scribing though not sure they do 10 thou, so good for bigger scales perhaps
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