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  1. Wow, brilliant write up of the event and excellent modelling skills, a true 'one off', thanks for sharing
  2. That was my thought, could mean a double build is needed!
  3. I've just caught up on the Hornby series and quite enjoyed it. It's a welcome break from the real world and that's exactly what scale interest is about. you can make your own world. I was a bit confused about the coronation train that they were designing in episode 2 or 3, no mention of it since. As for a T.7, that would be great if they did, fingers crossed.
  4. Interestingly, I have two monitors and on one it looks a deeper yellow, not far from trainer yellow, on the other much paler so monitors could be a key factor here too.
  5. Wow, it certainly hides the fight you had, beautiful finish.
  6. It often works even if you've applied a varnish too
  7. Great choice of subject young Steve, enjoying what you've done so far. you make this 3d printing thing look easy. how do you translate real sizes and into digital ones?
  8. Just popped along to see what all the fuss is about. I see now, some people have lost their marbles Hope that piano is fixed down, I got told off for fitting a luggage rack in my microlight without the proper paperwork!
  9. Tom, pure aviation porn! You've battered it into submission and chosen a great version with all the aerial's, something a bit different. Beautiful paint job too Neil
  10. Well better late than never, I'm calling this a late Christmas present Steve, absolute corkers, it's been a journey. You've shared so much with us of your own development, learning new aspects of the hobby along the way. I'm feeling like a dinosaur now with all these super technical innovations like 3d printing, making your own etch etc. It's hard to believe that these are 1/72, top notch modelling skills...and patience! Love the pics showing them all together, can't wait for next Christmas where there is an updated one with two Jag's in residence Neil
  11. Absolute brilliance Tom, looks like a Tamiya kit, especially since you've cleaned all the blood and sweat away before taking the pics! Great choice of scheme too
  12. That's stunning Tom, great to see it coming towards the end. Can't wait to see the last bits on it, they will finish it off.
  13. Not sure, but I guess a 4 gun turret might be available from anyone who's built the Tamiya Lanc. Off hand, I don't know if the rear end of the aircraft was modified to cater for the change in turret however.
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