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  1. Bit more progress since. The wings are finished except for a run over with the riveting tool and of course the engines that Andy is sending over. Work has recommended on the fuselage interior. It's a low job but one side progressing well. I'll get the basic detail in then it's over to making the moulds for the clear parts which I'm not looking forwards to.
  2. Similar to me, left handed and had the op on my right hand but it was the finger next to little that needed straightening out. I've got more lumps forming again now so it will eventually need doing again, but its still straight at the moment.
  3. I'm with you on that recording. I'm 49 too. Used to quietly listen to the Friday night rock show with Tommy Vance as a kid so my parents couldn't hear! Deep Purple, UFO and others bring back fond memories of the rockers vs mod era!
  4. Is that a duputren contracture? Had an op for one of those a few years ago. Looking forwards to your Dak
  5. Good to see I'm not alone on the Deep Purple front The wings are nearly finished now. Just the last aileron to fit once I've levelled off the hinges and thinned the upper wall down above the flap Cheers Neil
  6. Looking forwards to this. I built the Frog one in 2013 and went to work on it being the only game in town and now look what we have! That said, it was a good experience. Photobucket doing it's usual thing unfortunately with the images.
  7. Nice start. I've got one here so following with interest.
  8. That's a cracking output. Love the scheme on your Mossie and fantastic finish on them all
  9. Lovely build Heather, pretty scary that this was considered a fighter!
  10. Now that's just damn cool. Such a shame to have the roof on with all the imagery on the interior walls
  11. I think the extra work you've put in has actually given a more natural weathering. It looks just right, that sheen looks great
  12. You've hidden the flaws and build challenges well, it's come out superbly
  13. Just had a proper gander on the big PC screen mate, it's gorgeous. Takes me back to my air cadet days too as I was in 70Sqn and got to sit on the open ramp a few times looking into the Welsh valleys above!
  14. Bit more work done on the wings tonight. I'd been dreading sorting the flaps and ailerons out but they've gone unexpectedly smoothly and fit quite well. Obviously some tidying up to do and the aileron hinge slots need to be cut out and the protruding hinges added to the wings, but reckon they should be done over the weekend. Having a bit of a Deep Purple fest tonight whilst at the bench. I got to see the Gillan line up in 93 and was blown away. Mr Jon Lord RIP Anyway back to the plastic, here's one wing with the feathers temporarily fitted
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