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  1. What's made me happy lately is that I'll be starting a new job in June. After 15 years of teaching English as a second language, the last 12 as a freelancer, I'm quite ready to move on to the next challenge. I'm also more than happy to get back into full time work with a predicatable salary, benefits, paid holidays and someone else tending to my health and social insurance payments. Lots of people talk about the "freedom" of being self-employed, but there's certainly something to be said for having an employer that will look after you and give you security. The last six months or so have been pretty chaotic on a lot of levels in life, both my girlfriend and I had health scares back in autumn. While mine was quite easy to get under control, her's will be a chronic and ongoing matter as it turns out. We'll both need me to have something more secure than the unpredictability of freelancing. I'm really quite excited to start the new job, I'm getting a bit of that proverbial "In from the cold" feeling and my blood pressure has actually gone down since I got the news of being hired.
  2. I bought one of those 1/72 Percival Vega Gull kits by Dora Wings last week. It looks really nice, but gives no clues as to interior colours.
  3. Just came back from Endgame and felt it a very satisfying conclusion.
  4. Is there a plan to use the Modellbrno show to premier any kits? With regards to civilian subjects, would kits of the Mooney M20 series ever be a consideration? Perhaps new tooled Aero 45 and 145 kits, if only for the local Czech Market? Will one of the Piper Pawnee kits include decals for OK-MLP that flies from Brno-Medlanky?
  5. Just saw the season ender and have to say it's definitely one of the better episodes of the season. It should leave the Discovery and its crew with a decently clean sheet to hit proper speed on and make a story of their own reasonably unfettered by all of what has gone before them in the Star trek universe. At least I'm hoping for that from next season.
  6. Hello all, Today marks the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Let L-410 Turbolet. Arguably the most successful of Czech designed aircraft. Over 1,200 have been made and have been used by military and civil operators in around 60 countries on five continents. At 50, it shows no signs of slowing down. The first L-410 prototype is preserved in the collection of the Kunovice Air Museum in the south east of the Czech Republic. The Kunovice airport is also home to the Let aircraft company, the creators of the Turbolet. To mark the 50th anniversary of the first flight, the museum teamed up with Let and others to restore the first prototype back to the paint scheme it had for the event. As of yesterday, the restoration was finished and the aircraft was rolled out. No doubt it will be back on display in the museum in the near future. The freshly restored aircraft had its photos taken with the youngest of the L-410 family, the second L-410NG prototype. While this link is all in Czech, it has a great photo gallery with some historic pictures of the first prototype in action as well as before, during and after pictures of the restoration: http://www.letistecr.cz/zajimavosti/matylda-se-vratila-cela-v-bilem.aspx
  7. You have my deepest condolences.
  8. The only Greek or Turkish hard wing Phantoms I'm aware of were their RF-4E fleets and they were a mixed bag with some having hard wings and others having slats. As both countries got many of their reece Phantoms from Germany, it would depend on if the Germans upgraded specific aircraft before handing them over. A look at German RF-4Es shows a mix of slatted and hard winged machines depending on era. The Germans started taking the Phantom in the late 1960s, so the early RF-4Es were certainly hard wing. However, the Germans started upgrading their reece Phantoms in the late 1970s to include tactical strike abilities, so perhaps that's where slatted wings found their way into the mix.
  9. Airfix has been bitten once or twice in the past by following modellers' suggestions. Their 1/72 Supermarine Swift and Nimrod kits were cases in point. People got misty and nostalgic for a kit of the Swift to round out their early Cold War RAF Germany collections. Airfix took a loss on that kit as the sales didn't reflect the demand that was there. Same story with the Nimrod kit, lots of energetic talk on the forums and lots of suggestions of it made to Airfix. What happened when the kit was released? Shops anded up having to sell it at deep discounts just to move them out the door. I'd rather see Airfix scale down their 1/48 Sea Vixen and Javelin kits to 1/72 before putting out a new tooling.
  10. I imagine we're going to see Amodel do this one in 1/72 and Revell do it in 1/144 in the next year or two.
  11. The Revell ones are the best, but you have to do carefull research about every boxing before you buy as the old Monogram kit is hiding in some boxes and it's a caricature of the aircraft at best. Some boxings also have the older Italeri kit in them, while servicable it's a kit that's showing its age; if raised panel lines and the need to source aftermarket decals both you, you might want to give Italeri kits a pass. The only things you will need to bring the newer Revell tooled kits up to scratch area resin nose correction, a couple of companies make those, and aftermarket decals if you want a standard line bird rather than the special schemes the Revell Luftwaffe kits all feature. Kits with newer 1999 Revell tooling: Tornado "Spirit of Boelcke" (kit 04390) Tornado IDS "Tigermeet" (kit 04361) Tornado "Spirit of Boelcke" (kit 04390) Tornado ECR "Tigermeet" (kit 04617) Tornado "Black Thunder" (kit 04631) Tornado "Black Panther" (kit 04660) Tornado Tigermeet "Eye of the Tiger" (kit 04695) Tornado ECR "TigerMeet 2011/12" (kit 04847) Panavia Tornado ECR Tiger Meet 2018 (kit 03880) Italeri reboxes (probably only available second hand these days): Panavia Tornado GR Mk.1 (IDS) (kit 4355) Monogram reboxes (I've still seen this one on hobby shop shelves from time to time): Panavia Tornado ECR (kit 4386)
  12. The only thing the last two episodes did for me was to confirm that Anson Mount and his portrayal of Captain Pike have been the real highlight of the second season. The way the terror of Pike seeing his future self and how it changed the character were really brought across well, Anson Mount's acting in those parts was some of the best in the series thus far in my view. Very convincing. Pity he was only brought in for the second season.
  13. My first paying job was on the cleaning staff of a supermarket. I stuck it out for a year,before quiting because both my boss and the union rep were utterly untrustworthy. That job gave me a an antipathy to union jobs for a long time. My first proper job out of art school was in a printing company working in their printing plate production department. A job that no longer exists today with computer to plate technology well entrenched.
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