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  1. upnorth


    Thanks. I'm not a gun person, but I grew up on the Canadian prairies where there are gun enthusiasts and hunters a plenty. Knowing the prevailing conservative attitudes in that region of the country, I'm not naive enough to think a blanket gun ban could ever work there. However, I have always felt that making firearms lisencing criteria more complex and categorized would be a better solution to reducing deaths and injuries due to carelessness through imposing a higher degree of accountability on firearms owners than a ban. Calibre and recoil force definitely has to come into play to make firearms licenses fully respectful. A person should have to show medically that they have adequate upper body strength to both hold the weapon level and steady while firing and to absorb recoil without taking personal injury. Giving prospective firearms owners a steeper learning curve and more stringent criteria to meet before they can legally get their hands on the particular weapon they'd like would likely create a greater appreciation in many owners of exactly what they have and the responsibility that comes with it.
  2. upnorth


    I don't think it's enough for them to take special courses in how to drive more powerful cars, they should also have to be medically cleared to do it with regular testing of their cognitive functions and reflexes. The faster you go, the faster things happen and if your brain and muscles can't keep up with faster input you shouldn't be allowed to be at the wheel of such beasts. Cars like that need their own specific category when it comes to driving licenses. Having grown up in North America and seen all kinds of lunacy with regards to people trying to handle firearms that they clearly weren't up to the task of, I feel the same way about firearms licensing. I've seen people who had never fired anything bigger than a .22 calibre rifle or maybe a 9mm pistol be handed a .50 rifle to happily "have a go" with and be totally unprepared for the increased kick. Ignorance on their part for accepting the rifle and gross irresponsibility on the part of whoever gave it to them in the first place. Any group of machines or activities that needs to be licensed to operate or participate in needs a licensing system that is complex enough to show respect for the differences in power, complexity and difficulty between the different categories of things that particular system covers. (rant off)
  3. upnorth

    Hawker Hunter crash

    Glad the pilot's alive. The plane itself had an interesting history from what I can find: Built as an F.6 in 1956 Carried s/n XG127 in RAF Service Converted to an FR.10 in 1960 Bought back from RAF and converted to F.58A in 1969 Put into Swiss AF service with s/n J-4101 in 1971 Put on Swedish civil register as SE-DXC in 1996 On Canadian civil register as C-JGMP in 2004 Put on US civil register as N323AX in 2005 A bit more indepth info and a few pics of it in Swiss AF service can be seen here: http://www.swisshunters.info/#4101
  4. What's been going on with recent AZ/KP releases? I was looking at the new ALCA kit in one of my local shops and the quality and finish of the kit seems way below the standard you guys have been working to for the last few years. The ALCA reminds me of the Czech limited run kits from the 1990s, not a 21st century kit.
  5. upnorth

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    The Herk ride wasn't too bad to be honest, they had it pretty well insulated against sound in the hold. They kept the big back door closed, but popped in the clear panels on either side door of the rear fuselage and we could all get a look out on the snowy Canadian prairie that way. The noisiest beast at the base I ever got a ride on was the Chinook helicopter. Of the five types of aircraft based there while I was growing up, it was the only one they handed out ear plugs for when my Air Cedet unit went for a ride on it.
  6. upnorth

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    Life's too short to get obsessed about much, that includes specific types of aircraft. I can say, however, that I've had a soft spot for the C-130 Hercules for as long as I can remember. I grew up with them flying frequently over my hometown in Canada as there was a squadron of them at the local air base and a company with locations at our interantional airport and (now sadly gone) municipal airport that had contracts to do servicing and upgrades on Canadian and international Hercules fleets. The Hercules was also the first military aircraft I ever got a ride in.
  7. I'm not convinced they got the nose contours right at all. As for grafting it to an Albatros, it's probably more work than its worth as the two aircraft don't share a single part in common in real life . The ALCA is also a bit bigger in every direction than the Albatros. Not by much, but enough to make a difference in scale if AZ/KP got the ALCA kit right dimensionally.
  8. We waited so long....they promised so much.
  9. I hate to say, but I'm losing a lot of faith in AZ/KP these days. I bought their 1/72 Z-37 kit not long after it hit the shelves. After my initial excitement wore off, I noticed how crude and rushed it looked and how many key features had been left to the aftermarket and scratchbuilders to tend to. Not long after came the announcement that Eduard would be puting out their own 1/72 Z-37 kit. I learned after talking to one of the guys at one of my local shops, AZ got the fuselage shapes wrong and will be doing a corrected reissue at some point. I knew The ALCA kits were getting a lot of flak on the Czech sites. After having looked at them in the shop, all that flak and more are well deserved. I can't believe after as long as they strung us along about an ALCA kit that they could hose it so badly. Really no excuse for that sort of thing when the real deal and those who made it sit inside the same national borders as you do.
  10. upnorth

    What would be your ideal Job?

    Many years ago, I went to the navy recruitment office and they seemed to think I was well fit to be a deckhand on a submarine.
  11. upnorth

    For Sale in Ontario Canada

    Lucky I don't do 1/32 anymore. My resistance to the Echelon Lightning and Hunter kits would have been near zero otherwise.
  12. upnorth

    Stan Lee dies aged 95

    I want to be sad, but I can't be. 95 is good innings for anyone and to be able to hit that age and still have your faculties together, as he did, is something to aspire to. The number of people he brought joy and inspiration to in his time on Earth is astounding and far greater than most of us ever will. Fair winds to you, Mr. Lee. Thanks for giving us a break from this world by creating other worlds we could visit.
  13. upnorth

    Whacky Plastic Wish List

    All in 1/72: PZL Belphegor: Production standard Edgely Optica: Custer Channel Wing:
  14. upnorth

    Vacforms, does anyone still do them?

    Broplan from Poland is an active producer of Vacforms. In typical vacform style, Broplan kits are sometimes the only way to get certain subjects in scale
  15. upnorth

    Need a few tips from those with type 2 diabetes

    Thanks for the ongoing insights. Just to know that there is no one-size-fits-all way to go about dealing with it has made asking this question here worthwhile.