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  1. I agree with you, the last episode is the strongest and most cohesive of season three so far and indicates it might go somewhere. I have my misgivings though, I found the previous episode was tedious and almost unwatchable at times. Mind you, the Trills have never rated as my favorite alien species in the Star Trek universe so I've never really been able to get into stories that had them at the heart. If you think about it, the first couple of seasons of TNG were pretty laughable at times. They didn't get it right straight out of the blocks, but survived to a respectabl
  2. The day my tour group was there, it was mostly B-52s, KC-135s and T-37s out and about, though a KC-10 did stop in while we were there. I think the T-37s were the only thing there that could compete with the B-52 for making a racket.
  3. I just watched episode 3. I waited for quite some time for something to happen and then the end credits started rolling. What's lacking more then a well defined villain is a clear chain of command on the ship. Saru has shown he can give an order, but way too many of the bridge crew are too willing to question whoever's in command. I'd love to see him blow the alternate universe Georgiou out an airlock and put the crew right about exactly who's in charge and how to follow orders. Seriously, is it starship or a group therapy session?
  4. That looks tempting. I hope they do a boxing for late SAC era H models. I took a base tour of Fairchild in 1987. If I could get a BUFF kit with a markings option for the camo they had and that seahawk tail art the Fairchild BUFFs and KC-135s had in that time frame, I'd be a happy camper.
  5. I'm giving season 3 its chance. What I'm hoping is that the jump into the future will give this series what it needs to really come into its own. Trying to shoehorn it between Enterprise and TOS was a bad idea from the start and really hobbled what could be done with it in the sense of continuity with the rest of the Star Trek universe. Now they've pretty much got a blank canvas to work on and much less in the way of canon to deal with. I'm really looking forward to what they do with Saru, his character was really starting to get interesting. I'd
  6. That's a lovely finished model given the provenance of it. I've built one or two Pavla kits and my hat goes off to anyone who can finish one to the standard you have got this one to.
  7. Interesting thread. I worked retail many years ago in my native Canada. While I did see my share of problem customers, things hadn't quite got to the point they are now with entitled attitudes. For reference, that was back in the early 1990s. I've been working customer care for the past year and a half after 15 years of teaching English as a second language. The development of the entitiled attitude of the "western" consumer has been a shock to the system to say the least. The bulk of my work is done by email with some phone work thrown in. I deal with the
  8. I remember Revell's 1/48 Sikorsky CH-53 to be a particularly rivety affair. You could grate cheese on the old Revell Lancaster. I also recall Airfix's 1/72 Sunderland to be a rivet festival
  9. That 1/72 Marchetti is great news! I'll be happy to never mess with the Planet Models kit of it again!
  10. Very nice indeed. I've been up close to the 2018 Czech Tiger Gripen and I'd say you got the look spot on in your model.
  11. As promised in my part 1 post about the Oldtimers Weekend at Medlánky airport i Brno, Czech Republic; here are images of the powered aircraft at the event:
  12. Hello all, This weekend marks the annual Oldtimers Weekend event hosted by the Medlánky Aeroclub in Brno, Czech Republic. The two major airshow events in the Czech Republic have either been cancelled or reduced to some televised variation, so this is the closest thing I'll get to an airshow this year I'm quite sure. Big thanks to the Aeroklub for staying the course and making the event happen this year. These are pictures I took on Saturday. Out of respect for Medlánky airport's primary role as a glider base, part one of my post on the event will be the glid
  13. It surprized me quite a bit that the Czechs didn't take Blackhawks given that a Czech company already builds cockpit components for Blackhawks and Sikorsky own PZL Mielec in Poland. Slovakia also bought some Blackhawks not so very long ago, so the infrastructure for that type is already in place in Europe. However, it looks like it will be a good deal for Czech aviation companies: https://english.radio.cz/five-czech-companies-be-involved-us-military-helicopter-deal-8112513
  14. Very much up to your usual great standard, Libor. I was taking a look at one of those Arma Hurricane kits at the shop in Wagner the other day and I haven't been that intimidated by a 1/72 kit ever in my life. Arma really went to town on that kit as far as detail and breakdown is concerned.
  15. Hello all, Yesterday I had a day off work and decided to head out to my local airport here in Brno, Czech Republic to see if anything was going on. I didn't expect a lot. There were the usual Cessnas bouncing around the circuit and a few 737s sitting about. However, I did catch a couple of more interesting denizens of the airport. OK-NAT is an Extra 330 LT: OK-DDR is a an Aero L-39 Albatros. The paint scheme and registration is reference to the fact that the aircraft spent the bulk of its military service life in the East German air force:
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