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  1. To follow up on the static displays at NATO Days 2021, here's some of the flying action: The Belgian air force A109 solo demo was an early performer on the day and they got things kicked off in fine style: A Czech air force Mi-24 came in a dropped of some troops: The Airbus A300 MRTT made its NATO Days premier with a flypast: A U.S. Air Force KC-135 makes flypast with a couple of Czech air force Gripens: A Czech air force Mi-171 and M1-24 face the crowd: The Mi-24 adds a splash of colour to the overcast: A Czech air force W-3 Sokol demonstrates rescue work: The Swedish Air Force Historic Flight's Saab Viggen rockets skyward: The Swiss air force put their Super Puma through its paces: The Luftwaffe threw an A400 around a bit: Some nice vintage action courtesy of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and their DC-3: The Aero L-39 NG, a modern follow on to the L-39 Albatros trainer. A totally different aircraft despite the family resemblance:
  2. Hello all, The weekend of September 18 and 19 saw the annual NATO Days event at Ostrava, Czech Republic take place. The 2020 edition was not open to the public due to COVID cooncerns, so it was good to be able to go again. Here's a selection of what was in the static park. I'll make a separate post for the flying displays: The U.S. Marines brought a UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper to the show. Over the next few years, the Czech air force will be replacing their Mi-17 and Mi-24 fleets with them: A pair of UH-60M Blackhawks. One from the Slovak air force and the other from the U.S. Army: A U.S. Army Apache: A look out the back door of a C-5 Galaxy to a Luftwaffe A400: The Lockheed F-35 made its NATO Days premier in the hands of the Italian air force: General view down the line of larger static subjects: A Saab Gripen of the Swedish air force: A CF-18 Hornet in from Canada: Dutch F-16: Slovenian Pilatuc PC-9:
  3. I've got a new job lined up to start at the beginning of November. A book I've been working on about the Czech Republic is almost finished and close to going to press. It's the first book I've ever written and the process has been a real adventure and an education. This coming weekend, the annual NATO Days show will take place in Ostrava and it will be the first time an F-35 will be at the show. Between seeing an F-35 and a flying demonstration of the A400, both for the first time, I'm quite excited indeed about this edition of the show.
  4. Thanks so much! The light was quite variable between storm clouds and full sun. We had some small storm systems around, but none touched the airport. From a photographic standpoint, it was a challenge, but my little Canon held her own quite nicely.
  5. Hello all, On Monday afternoon of this week I went to my local international airport, Brno-Tuřany (BRQ/LKTB), for the first time in a long while. The spotting started slow, but picked up a bit after a while. Here's some of the action in the order it occured in: First up, air ambulance: A couple of Zlín Z-142s in quick succession: An outbound Beech Baron: Piaggio Avanti arriving: Piper M600 right behind the Avanti: Cessna 560 Excel heading out: Pilatus PC-12 arriving: The late afternoon Ryanair flight pulls in: This is the first time I've seen the apron full at the airport in ages. It's a beautiful sight:
  6. It's been explained to me that plastic modelling has its popularity here due to it being a safe activity to talk about during the Socialist era. It was an activty that people could meet over and the old secret police, the StB, wouldn't get worked up over it. Back in the days of Socialism; if you got together in a group to talk in a public place, you were sure to be joined by a "friend" from the StB to see what was going on. As nobody really knew for sure who was on the StB payrole, a safe topic of conversation that the StB couldn't use to their advantage was needed. Plastic modelling turned out to be such a topic. Vacuum forming and the resin that came after it, were accessible ways that model builders could advance the hobby and create kits of subjects they wanted.
  7. Let's see.... I found out I'll be made redundant at my current job, I have a couple of job interviews in the coming weeks. Both situations have increased my happiness. Normally I wouldn't be happy about the redundancy, but the unemployment rate the the Czech Republic is low right now and there's plenty of jobs being advertised. There are three airshow type events coming up in September. Two I know I can get to for certain and the other I'm still looking into. I finally got in to see a physiotherapist about a shoulder that's been playing up for a while now.
  8. Nice, looks like it could be one of the fleet that tagged along behind the Galactica in the original Battlestar Galactica TV series.
  9. It was new for me too. The monument was installed in 2015 and the last time I was in the city was 2010.
  10. That's tempting considering that the Czech air force will be taking the type on in a few years.
  11. Hello all, My girlfriend and I have been on holidays the past couple of weeks and we spent some of the time in the south central and south west parts of the Czech Republic. One day, I took a solo day trip to České Budějovice and came upon this memorial to local men who were among the Czechoslovaks who joined the RAF in WWII. I've seen a lot of monuments to those men around the country, but this is easily one of the best thought out and presented ones I've seen to date.
  12. upnorth

    Olympics anyone?

    And by the same token, hopefully the skin tight, one piece suits the guys have to wear for some the track and field events will be done away with as well. For as much complaining is done about the outfits the female beach volleyball players get stuck in, there's a disheartening lack of similar ire for the guys doing the 100 metre dash in outfits that leave little to the imagination regarding their "endowments" For as much as female athletes in certain sports should have the option to have uniforms that cover more, male athletes in certain other sports should have the option to have uniforms with a respectable degree of frontal containment designed into them. If you're that good at your sport, whatever powers that be (IOC, sponsors, national team...) should ensure that you look respectable while competing on the world stage regardless of your sex. As for the coverage of the games here in the Czech Republic, it's fair, but has been better in previous years and there is blockage of certain events. The Czech team is giving a good account of themselves in a number of disciplines.
  13. My experience is that Revell of Germany is one of the better companies when it comes to customer support. I have not needed their support in a long time, so it is good to know they still do it well.
  14. That came out quite nice. I built the kit several years ago from a Monogram box. I found out a bit later that it was a modified version of the Aurora kit from 1969.
  15. On the matter of place names, several years ago I worked with a fellow from America. One day over coffee, a group of us got into a conversation about strange place names and he mentioned a struggle he had trying to get his place of birth on his birth certificate updated as the town had changed it's name at some point after he was born. Apparently they wouldn't let him change it out of concern for accuracy of record keeping. I don't recall what he said the name of the town had been changed to, but on his birth certificate, it said his place of birth was "Grandpa's Knob". It was somewhere in the New England states.
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