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  1. It's not really surprizing, some of the Czech companies can be the same way. The CMK umbrella, for example, covers many brands: Azur, MPM, FRROM, Planet Models, Special Hobby, Special Armour and Special Navy are all banners of CMK.
  2. upnorth

    Pavla Models

    Today, I went to my local shop that used to deal in Pavla stuff to ask if they knew what was up with the brand. They told me they don't really know as they haven't ordered anything from Pavla in a long time, nor have they seen any product updates from the company in a long time. As they weren't a big player, they may not have been able to survive in the face of companies like Eduard providing aftermarket for their own kits through the Brass-In line and others.
  3. For the past couple of weeks, there's been a forest fire going in one of our national parks in the Czech Republic. While they think they'll have it completely out by the end of this week, they've needed a fair amount of outside help, including Canadair CL-415 water bombers coming in from Italy, to get things under control: https://english.radio.cz/firefighters-and-aircraft-bohemian-switzerland-be-reduced-week-8758113 Photo gallery of images of the fire and fire fighting: https://english.radio.cz/#&gid=1&pid=1 It's also been hot and dry enough that in some farming areas, inspectors are going to farms to ensure that tractors, combines and other farm vehicles have proper fire and spark supression gear on them to prevent any heat or sparks generated by them from igniting the crops.
  4. upnorth

    Pavla Models

    I know they stopped making full kits a few years back to focus on resin sets and vac formed canopies, perhaps that was part of a downsizing move. It's possible they may be a casualty of the pandemic. They were not a large company and did not have ties to any of the other Czech manufacturers as far as I know. I haven't seen any commentary one way or the other about the company on Czech modelling forums, but I'll ask in one of my local shops about it next time I'm in as they used to have some Pavla stuff in stock. Perhaps one of the other Czech forum members, like Libor (Redboost), might have some insights.
  5. A few days ago, a three ship of Mi-35 Hinds flew over my neighbourhood. I sadly wasn't quick enough with my camera to catch them. They were on their way to the centre of the city to overfly the graduation parade of the Czech military university.
  6. I try not to pick favorites, but often I find favorites in the middle of a range. Sometimes the early versions look a bit to minimal and late versions look like the manufacturer went to the well one to many times with a design. For example, the Lightning F.3 is my favorite member of that family. I don't care for the rounded tail tip of the early models nor the monsterous belly tank of the latter ones, but the squared of fin tip and smaller belly tank of the F.3 hits the balance just right. With Harriers, I like the purposeful look of the Gr.3 for the early ones and the smoother look of the Gr.5 for the later ones.
  7. Lockheed reused the "Electra" name across at least four aircraft: Model 10 Electra Model 12 Electra Junior Model 14 Super Electra L-188 Electra Boeing used 'Stratotanker" for both the KC-97 and KC-135 tankers
  8. The article says they're hoping for around 24 aircraft, enough to make two squadrons. Given the geographic position of the Czech Republic and what's going on in Ukraine, a way will be found to make it happen if it means enough to NATO to have F-35s permanently stationed in the region.
  9. This news broke in the last day or so and I was a bit surprized by it as I figured the Czech air force might just go for the Saab Gripen E and F to replace their C and D models: https://english.radio.cz/governments-plan-purchase-f-35s-best-decision-could-have-been-made-says-expert-8756726
  10. Hello all, This past week, I took some time to do some spotting at the larger of the two airports local to me, Tuřany airport (BRQ/LKTB). While I was there, the locally base L-39 Albatros was doing some flying around and I got a few nice shots of her. The OK-DDR registration and the marking scheme are acknowledgement of the aircraft having spent the bulk of its military career in the East German air force:
  11. Lovely finish on that build. My hat goes off to anyone who can get a good finish out of a Classic Airframes kit. I've tried a few of their kits and was never really satisfied by the end results regarless of the tools, patience and skills I brought to bear on them, they just fight every step of the way in my experience.
  12. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or want recomendations of things to see in the Czech Republic. I'll help you where I can.
  13. Kutná Hora is a very popular tourist spot in the Czech Republic, partly because it's easy to get to from Prague and partly because it's home to two of the country's UNESCO world heritage sites: St. Barbara's church and the Sedlec ossuary. I definitely recommend a visit there if you visit the country. I did a write up of it a few years ago on my website about the Czech Republic if you'd like to know a bit more: https://beyondprague.net/bohemian-regions/central-bohemia/kutna-hora-home-of-the-old-money/
  14. On June 24, I took a walk out to Medlánky airport here on Brno and got the pleasant surprise of seeing an Orličan L-60 Brigadýr. The Brigadýr is a Czech designed STOL utility type that dates to the early 1950s and was effecively the heir to the Fieseler Storch in Czech military service. This one is particularly rare as it's the only one of two examples left on the Czech register still powered by an original Walter M208 engine rather than an Ivchenko radial that many were refitted with in the 1970s.
  15. That's exactly what they are. All the hangar buildings at that airport have solar panels covering the roofs.
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