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  1. upnorth

    What Do You With Olk Kit Boxes

    I have no large stash to speak of, but I rarely take the boxes home from the shop with me anymore when I buy a kit. I only take a box home if it has important painting/decaling guides on the back. If it doesn't, I leave it at the shop so they can use it in their store front display when the sun has faded the boxes currently in the window. I find both my local shops appreciate the gesture very much.
  2. upnorth

    Planes in my Town Square!

    Yes, the Morava is a beauty. It has such smooth lines that it's hard to believe it's a machine of the 1950s. It's also one of those machines that you'll hear a fair bit before you see. It makes enough noise for a machine twice the size.
  3. upnorth

    Planes in my Town Square!

    Yes, the MPM shop in Brno is alive and well. Which reminds me that I should pay them a visit as I haven't been there in a month or more.
  4. Hello all, Yesterday, a small display of Czech made planes was set up on Svobody square in Brno, Czech Republic. Along with the planes were some other displays showing Czech accomplishments in aerospace fields. The display goes until this Sunday (17.6.2018) The display is part of larger celebrations across the country marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the old Czechoslovakia. Specifically, this display marks 100 years of Czech aviation. Here's a few views of the planes: The Phoenix Air U-15E Phoenix electric powered glider is a contemporary Czech ultralight design currently in production. The Let L-200 Morava was first flown in 1957 and a total of around 370 were made between 1957 and 1964. This is a rare example of the L-13TJ version of the legendary Let L-13 Blaník glider, one of two Blaníks fitted with a jet engine on the back for some record setting flights. The Zlín Z42 first flew in 1967 and was the first version of a large family of training aircraft used in several countries. A true legend among Czech made aircraft, the Aero L-29 Delfín jet trainer first flew in 1959.
  5. upnorth

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Good to see the Z-37 kits so close now. Just a couple of questions about them: Will you be representing any spray or seed spreading devices in the kit? If so, will they be plastic or resin? I know you told me earlier that you won't be doing the Turboprop versions, but will you possible do the Z-37 A-3 version with passenger seats in the future?
  6. upnorth

    Hornby secures £18m lifeline

    Scale down the Sea Vixen to 1/72 already!
  7. upnorth

    1/72 Tornado

    Revell Tornado kit 04619 is the one you want for the best 1/72 Gr.1 straight from the box. Be careful you don't buy their Tornado kit 04363. It represents a Saudi IDS and has some of the bits for a Gr.1, but it's the old Monogram plastic in that box and that was a truly dire rendition of the Tornado.
  8. upnorth

    Amari AB Estonia - Yesterday 25 May 18

    Nice collection. It's good to see that 41 is still flying, I saw her at a Czech show back in 2012.
  9. upnorth

    Look what Tom posted today....

    You'd think they'd have at least given him an up to date helmet with his name on it.
  10. I have to admit, we are pretty spoiled at shows here on the continent. However, I wish we would see more of some of the vintage stuff on the UK show circuit make it's way over here more often. A few years ago at pardubice, we had a Buchon, Hurricane and Catalina in from the UK. A few years before that, a B-17 and P-47 were scheduled for the show but had to cancel due to poor weather between Germany and the Czech Republic. I was quite saddened when G-CVIX had her gear up landing incident. I was hoping the Pardubice show organisers might find their way to inviting her and crew one year. I think she'd have fit right in and the show could use a touch more on the vintage jet end of things.
  11. I went specifically for the event. Pardubice is about an hour and a half train ride from where I live, so a day trip there is no great hardship. The Pardubice show has been going on for almost 30 years and is one of the larger and better advertised airshows in the country. There's a number of smaller fly-in type vintage airshows at other places around the Czech Republic, but they aren't as easy to get to by train from where I live. As Czech airshows go, I'd say that between Pardubice (usually in late May or early June) and the NATO Day show at Ostrava (usually mid or late September) you'll get a good dose of both vintage and modern. My hometown, Brno, used to host the annual Czech International Air Festival (CIAF) and it was good while it was here. However, it was forced to move and is now a shadow of its former self. On the bright side, the local gliding club usually hosts and annual vintage sailplane weekend. I attended it for the first time last year and it's safe to say I'll be going back.
  12. Here's some of the flying action from Pardubice yesterday:
  13. Hello all, Yesterday, I went to the annual airshow at Pardubice, Czech Republic. As usual, this show has the focus on civlian and vintage aircraft with modern military aircraft taking a smaller role. The weather was great and the show enjoyable as always. Here's some of what was in the static park, much of it also participated in the flying:
  14. As OK-CKR is local to me, I'd hope to see them do another ag type local to me. OK-MLP is a Piper Pawnee used as a tow plane at the local glider club:
  15. The version in your link is a Z-37A-2 trainer version. Depending on how they tool the basic Z-37A kit, we might see one at some point. I asked Jan Polc about the turboprop version on the dedicated AZ thread and he saud it's not going to happen. Despite sharing the Z-37 designation, the piston and turboprop versions are very different aircraft under the skin that couldn't be done through a common mold.