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  1. upnorth

    Model brands

    Buy any brand that seems to care about what they're doing at the time you want to make your purchase. I stayed away from Airfix for years because they seemed satisfied to keep pumping out their old back catalog and I was sick of finding decades old kits in fresh boxes. It's only been in the last few years I've been taking them seriously again and that's because they are cutting new molds and seem to care again. I haven't looked at an Italeri kit for quite sometime as they seem to have sunk into the re-issue/rebox doldrums over the last decade or so. Revell-Germany is quite a gamble as well. They do still put out some good fresh kits of their own, but you have to watch them like a hawk for reboxes of ancient Frog kits. I'm grateful to Revell for keeping some of the old Matchbox kit line alive so I can have a trip down "Memory Lane" every now and again with good decals thrown in, but I don't want a nostalgia trip if that wasn't specifically what I was shopping for. Another good example I could make is Hasegawa. So many people fawn over them, that it's largely forgotten that they were not taken seriously in the hobby when they first started out. If you find a Hasegawa kit from their early days, it's not hard to see why they were looked down on back then. These days, they seem to be running on the near fanatical loyalty some have for them and pumping out old reissues with new decals at new kit prices. Getting away from models, I've been thinking about buying a new camera for the last year or so and it amazes me how many people ask me "Canon or Nikon?" as if those were the only choices. I've owned a couple of Canons in my life and have no complaints about them. I've never owned a Nikon, but would give them consideration. I have a friend who bought an Olympus a couple of years ago and absolutely loves it, so I'll definitely keep that brand in mind as well when it's time to go shopping in earnest.
  2. upnorth

    Model brands

    I don't practice brand loyalty in model purchases or any other avenue of life for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, brand loyalty is lazy consumerism and lazy consumers make for lazy suppliers. Once I decide on a subject I'd like to build a model of, I do some research according to the following criteria: 1: What's REALLY in that box. This is so important with all the reboxing that goes on. I don't want to spend money on a kit from 60+ year old molds without knowing it. 2: Level of complexity. I want a kit complex enough to give me a sense of satisfaction at finishing it, but not complex to the point that kit is less flexible to conversion or includes more parts that won't be seen than will once it's finished. 3: Current reputation of a manufacturer. If it's a new manufacturer that seems to have energy and drive or an established one that clearly is making efforts to get better with each release, I'll certainly give my money to them before I will to a "Legendary" name in the business who seems satisfied with sitting on their laurels and building their catalog primarily out of re-issues of their existing kits or reboxings of kits from molds they accumulated from defunct manufacturers.
  3. Looks like a straight up rebox of the 2010 kit going by those sprues, they don't looked the least bit altered from when I built the kit a few years ago.
  4. Lovely idea! With that paint scheme, it looks like it should be stationed in RAF Germany and used to courier things between the bases there.
  5. Nice to see it becoming a reality. I though Avis was trolling us for a while. Nice also to see that it seems to be production standard and not a prototype.
  6. Hello all, I've been looking around the various online model shops here in the Czech Republic and Milliput seems rather scarce and I can't find the superfine white at all. I noticed they have a relatively new turquoise variant. Does anyone have any experience with it? Is it good for catching fine details? Also, I'm thinking of buying some Blue Stuff instant mold. Does Milliput work well with Blue Stuff? Thanks in advance.
  7. I just found this thread and I can tell it will be very useful whe nI get around to starting my first vac formed kit: It's the 1/72 Avro Canada CF-100 kit made by Astra. I bought it when Canuck models were offering a package deal on the kit plus a choice of one of their CF-100 decal sheets to go with it. I'm stillslowly planning a lot of the build and deciding what I can use from the kit and what's best to scratch build or find aftermarket for.
  8. Great build of a great subject. Another notable historical aspect of the F.13 was that it was the world's first corporate aircraft. The Bata company, of Bata shoe fame, was the first company to use aircraft for business to shuttle their execs around and work as couriers. Company founder, Tomas Bata, was killed in 1932 when the company F.13 he was flying in crashed on take off. There is a full scale replica of Bata's F.13 on display at the Tomas Bata memorial in Zlin, Czech Republic, the ancestral home of the Bata company:
  9. I do like that, very majestic looking even in unfinished form.
  10. Hello all, This weekend I broke out the paints and did my first more involved painting on a very long time. I didn't go all out with details as it was a practive piece and small in size. This painting shows the prototype of the Let L-410 Turbolet passing over Buchlov castle in the south east of the Czech Republic. Buchlov is quite close to the Let aircraft factory at the Kunovice airport. It was a bit of fantasy as I used one of my own pictures of Buchlov from about 2016. I couldn't find any pictures of what it looked like when the L-410 made its first flight in 1969. The L-410 protoype still survives and is in the collection of the aviation museum in Kunovice, Czech Republic. In 2019, for the 50th anniversary of the L-410, the museum restored the prototype to the appearance it had at the time of the first flight. This painting takes it a step further and plays with the idea of the prototype being brought back to fully flyable status. The painting is acrylic on paper at A4 size and took most of a weekend to do.
  11. I think those would work well for "What if" type projects. If you're going to do female figures and of the casting quality in the picture, would you consider some real world options as well? Maybe some female ATA figures to go with WWII RAF subjects.
  12. I cut my modelling teeth on Matchbox kits, so I havea soft spot for their box art. I'm particularly keen on their Victor box art for its immediacy. It makes you feel like you're right there at the side of the runway just after a rain. You can almost feel the vibration under your feet and feel the spray in your face:
  13. If companies are going to do throw in all sorts of extra inards into a kit, I prefer if they mold the major kit parts as if the kit was going to be built closed up. On the inside surfaces of the parts, they could mold thinner areas that could be cut along to open up holes for bays and compartments (I know some companies do that) and the compartment walls, and relevant panel are separate on the runners. Good fodder for the spares box if you don't want to use them in the build. It's a "best of both worlds" approach that will let those who want a clean build have it pretty much from the box, but give the kit flexibility for those with the want, patience and skills for open panels to do it up their way. I personally prefer a nice clean build that shows of the lines of the aircraft. I'm also a big proponent of companies offering both open and closed canopy options in their kits
  14. WOW! That might be enough to get me back into 1/48 for at least one model. If they do a civil packaging and include decals for Z-126 OK-IFG in the last colours she wore before going to a museum, I'm definitely in:
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