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  1. Nice shots. I visited the museum back in August. It was my first visit since 2014 and I was amazed at how much had changed and developed.
  2. I loved the Ferris schemes, I so much wish they had caught on. You've done some great work capturing it in that model.
  3. I saw that reflected at the Typhoon display tent. The couple of young ladies that were working it seemed rather lost for what they should be doing. They also had next to nothing in the way of PR material and souvenir goodies for the crowds. Why bother with a tent and staff for it when you're not going to give the staff anything of substance to hand out or sell to the crowd?
  4. Very little, but they usually aren't one of the bigger participants. The Typhoon display team was there, but that was it. There was suppose to be a Typhoon and Watchkeeper UAV in the statics, but they didn't show.
  5. Hello all This past weekend was the annual NATO Day show in Ostrava, Czech Republic. We had great weather, sunny but not too hot and a decent variety of stuff on display. Here's a taste of what was on hand when I visitred the show on Saturday: Romania was the special guest host nation and they brought in a good selection of air and land gear. Their aircraft contribution included MiG-21s, IAR 99 Soim trainers, IAR 330 SOCAT helicopters and a C-27 Spartan transport: For the first time, Italy brought a Tornado and a pair of AMX light strike aircraft to the show. According to one of the AMX pilots, 2019 might be the first and last NATO Days for the aircraft as the Italian air force is planning to retire the type quite soon: Germany brought this Tornado and Sea Lynx as well as an A400: Hungary brought this Gripen and Falcon 7X as well as a "Hind" helicopter: Canada brought a CF-18 Hornet: Switzerland also provided a Hornet as well as their Pilatus PC-7 team: The Dassault Alpha Jet was a big presence on the ground and in the air this year, with two Belgian examples in the statics and the Patrouille de France making their NATO Days debut in the air: The Czechs and Slovaks had their shared corner in the statics with a mix or aircraft both old and new to their respective air forces. Here we have a Czech Yak-40 and Mi-35 along with a Slovak Blackhawk: A couple of shots of a Czech Mi-17 doing its thing in the dynamic displays: A Polish CASA 295 on its way to dropping some paratroopers: A Czech police Bell 412 in action: A few other residents of the static park this year:
  6. Lovely shots! That show is definitely a bucket list item for me.
  7. I quite despised Wesley Crusher most of the time. However, watching him hand in his Starfleet badge and man up to walking his own road in life rather than stay on the road his dad's friends were steering him down earned him a fair bit of respect out of me in the end. Tilley has a ton of growing up to do, just like Wesley did. Hopefully now that Discovery is set to have its own ground to stand on in the Star Trek continuity, we'll see her forced to do some of that growing up.
  8. How the Czech military will replace their Russian built Hip and Hind helicopter fleets is a decision that's been in the works for some time now. Today, a decision was made. A mixed fleet of Bell Venom and Viper helicopters was chosen over Sikorsky Blackhawks and is expected to enter service in 2023. Honestly, I'm not sure how to feel about it. There's lot of understandable pressure from NATO for the former Warsaw Pact members to divest themselves of their remaining Russian made gear. However, when I see how physically big the Hips and Hinds are compared to the Venom and Viper I can't help feel that it's a bit of "trading down" especially when one looks at how much a Hip can haul around. Personally, I would have liked to see Chinooks and Apaches; but they were never on the table. At any rate, here's a few articles on the deal if you're interested: https://www.info.cz/czech-news/czech-military-to-acquire-u-s-attack-utility-helicopters-42691.html https://af.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idAFKCN1VC1BI https://www.defence24.com/armed-forces/air-force/czech-republic-will-acquire-new-helicopters-more-than-it-was-initially-planned
  9. Great model and gift to your friend. The Tempest was one of Heller's best kits for a straightforward and trouble free build. I'm glad it's still available in Smer boxing today.
  10. Most models I've seen built from that kit have had the engine doors closed. Some modelers I've spoken to who know the aircraft well say it's best to leave the engine out completely as it's somewhat overscale.
  11. No, it's not hard but it is fiddly and delicate work. Getting the actuator arms off those thin slats without breaking them takes some patience and gentle touch in my experience.
  12. The Hasegawa F-111 kits are designed to be built with the wings spread and everything hanging. If you want the flaps and slats tucked in and the wings swept back, you'll have your work cut out for you. Unlike most other models of variable geometry aircraft out there, Hasegawa did not design movable wings into their F-111 kits. That said, they build up beautifully. I built their RAAF F-111G kit a number of years ago and quite enjoyed it If you try to convert to the F-111C, remember that you also have the option of putting an extra weapons pylon under each wing.
  13. Not bad, but the choral music is rather cliche.
  14. Thanks so much guys. It looks like I'm doing the work to give her four seats then. Looks like there's quite a few antenna fits to chose from too.
  15. Thanks so much for help so far.
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