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  1. Thanks, it's good to have the feedback from first hand. The wheels were one of the things making me hesitate on the Obscureco set, they just didn't match any pictures I'd seen of Clunk wheels. One thing I really liked when I saw the Flightline Engineering set was the choice of intake cones. I'll be building a European based Mk.4, so the deicer vanes look to be a must have from all the pictures I've seen of Eurpean based Clunks with the exception of the Belgian ones. I did find the lack of nose gear leg in the Flightline Engineering set a bit curious given th
  2. Thanks all, I'll drop them an email then and try to get my hands on the set.
  3. Hello all, I'm in the process of gathering up research and aftermarket goodies to use when I get to work on my Astra 1/72 Avro Canada CF-100 kit. I was looking at the quite extensive Obscureco resin set, but recently this 3D printed set from a company I'd never heard of, Flightline Engineering, came to my attention: http://www.flightlineengineering.com/item_72_cf100_update_set.html At the moment, it seems it's out of stock and the company is not taking new orders due to health issues. That's not too much of an issue as I'm not in a hurry. Do
  4. upnorth

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    I always thought that was "Poultry in motion"
  5. upnorth

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    Elton had some classics! "Someone shaved my wife tonight..." "She's got electric boobs, her mum has too..."
  6. Not sure what would make anyone reissue any MPC kit of any subject. MPC almost put me off the hobby at an early stage. Their kits were mostly toylike and unsatisfying to build. I still have nightmares about them.
  7. Some great shots of the Trener. I only saw the "Follow Me" team once and that was at Vyškov in 2012 I think. The Pardubice shots bring back some memories.
  8. The Metro comes from the Fairchild stable as I recall. The same folks that gave us the A-10, so maybe it shouldn't be surprizing that the Metro survived so well.
  9. Great pictures! The Czech air force had retired so much of its Russian made gear by the time I relocated to the country in 2004. I'm happy the Hinds and Hips have been kept around. Though I will certainly miss them when they are gone.
  10. Gorgeous model! Matchbox did great stuff and were willing to touch subjects that other mainstream manufacturers wouldn't at the time and many still aren't. Those interwar types are a great example of that. As I recall, Matchbox had a quite a novel way of molding the wing struts so they were a single piece of plastic already aligned properly that you just had to slot into the wings.
  11. The first flight I actually remember was in 1986 and it was in a C-130 Hercules. I had just joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and still hadn't been issued my uniform when my squadron took a field trip to the local air base, CFB Edmonton. They had removed the two boarding doors just ahead of the cargo ramp and put the clear panels used in search and rescue missions in their place. It was quite something watching the snow covered prairie go past beneath us. During my time in the Air Cadets, I managed to get a ride on each of the types at the base: Twin Otte
  12. I knew we wouldn't be seeing the event this year, but I really hope it isn't gone forever.
  13. That's right, the Aerospool WT9 Dynamic. It's a Slovak designed machine. I got a sight seeing ride in one back in 2015 and have to say it was a very smooth ride.
  14. It's been a couple of busy months, so time to take a minute to see what there is to be happy about.... Earlier this week, I had my first pint of draft outside in the sun in months. This park is just down the street from our new flat and there's a little cafe in the middle of it. I got my beer and went up to a terrace above the cafe to take in the goings on. A bunch of older ladies doing tai chi, every now and a again younger ladies jogging through the park... It was really refreshing to just see people out and enjoying themselves. I suppose that brings me t
  15. Today, I took an afternoon walk to the Medlánky airport here in Brno, Czech Republic and whiled away some time watching them throw one of their vintage gliders about. The glider in questions was OK-5439, a Scheibe Bergfalke III. The BErgfalke glider family is of German origins and dates to the early 1950s. Here's some of the action from today:
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