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  1. Looks like many Z-37s I've seen. Weathered just right to look like the flying tractor that it is.
  2. I recently moved to a new flat and it's put me in comfortable walking distance of Medlánky airport, the smaller of the two airports in Brno, Czech Republic. Medlánky is a very friendly grass strip airport that is mostly focused on gliding. Here's some of what was going on today:
  3. Beautiful work on all of them. I'm most partial to VF-142 Tomcat, but that's just because I think the Tomcat always looked better in high visibility markings. No need to be lo-vis when you could knock the enemy down from as far off as the Tomcat could.
  4. Buy the purchase contract, they would not have been allowed to buy any advanced weapons for their Jags. Iron bombs and rocket pods might have been the most they could carry. Going by this article, the Nigerian Jaguar deal had some pretty serious strings attached: https://beegeagle.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/how-nigeria-lost-the-use-of-her-jaguar-jets-without-most-of-them-logging-up-200-hours/
  5. The Hasegawa 1/72 F-111s were great when they first came out and have held up very well over the years. I built their RAAF F-111G kit many years ago, which was a reissue of their FB-111, and I very much enjoyed it. You've done a great job on the "Spark Vark"
  6. 11 years well spent I'd say. I quite like the metal finish areas on your model, they look believably anodized and give the finished model a nicely used look. Add a bit of soot across the wings from the engines and she'll look every bit the workhorse a DC-6 should.
  7. I imagine if it gets approved for production and goes into service, it will be given the "F" or "G" suffix for US service models. If exports are good, we'll see it spawn a bunch of new F-15 sub-variants with their own specific suffixes as well.
  8. A great tribute and touching story. I love those Med Theatre schemes. I have to say that stories like these are what got me to stop stashing a long time ago. Not to mention that looking at a stash got to be demotivating at times when life kept throwing other things in the way every time I'd get a bit of spare time to to a bit of work on a kit. I did a big stash clear about 20 years ago, when I still lived in Canada, and I've never had a stash since.
  9. My Avatar is a Z-37 Chmelak agplane that I snapped a few years ago in the south east of the Czech Republic. No deeper meaning to it, I just liked how the picture turned out.
  10. I'm thinking that myself and that the beige tone may be a discolouration.
  11. My understanding of the Australian Tiger problem was that the Tiger is designed to be part of a larger integrated system and doesn't really work so well when the other elements aren't there. Rather similar to Sweden and the various iterations of their STRIL defensive network. Those who purchased the Saab Draken needed to buy it with the STRIL specific gear stripped out and replaced with something else to compensate in order to be effective.
  12. From what I've seen, the inside of the front section of the intake is the same as the immediate external colour and then something lighter takes over. This picture taken from Wikpedia shows a Tornado intake with the front section removed and what looks like a beige colour for deeper structures: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3e/Panavia_Tornado_GR.4_intake_detail_%2823794698270%29.jpg
  13. This discussion from a few years ago touches on the landing gear colours and cockpits, so may be of some use to you:
  14. If you've got a connection to a professional writer in your home town, you're off to a good start already. If Ms. Jackson is willing to let you pick her brain and mentor you a bit, you've stepped in some pay dirt already. A few years ago I joined writers club where I live. some of the members are professional writers with published books under their belts while others are hobbyist type writers. Every monthly meeting has a writing prompt for a short story on a chosen theme for the next meeting and we sit around and discuss the various submissions. It's quite useful to me as I do ge
  15. Considering what I've seen of self published works on Amazon, that would be a real two edged sword. I would say if your self-discipline is strong, your thought process very organized and you have connections to people who can proofread (never proofread your own work) then go ahead and try it. You will also have to know how, or know someone who knows how, to market your finished work. Based on my experience of reading quite few self-published works by people on Amazon, the quality truly runs the gamut and you can tell the difference between those who care
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