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  1. I keep thinking I ought to get one of these ..your build has inspired me to go ahead. Thanks for sharing your work.
  2. How inventive I bet that's a first ? Well done love it
  3. I've been here since 2010 and only just noticed those!! Off to Specsavers tmrw. Fabulous build by the way
  4. Great build nice paint job very clean. Pity you didn't paint all those bands!! ( coming from someone who bins off the stencils in this scale sometimes!!) . Appreciate the facts too looked it up afterwards
  5. Alan, firstly what a lovely build and background comments. Not my scale but I appreciate your sentiment about modeller input. I love old or challenging new kits, they would never win any accolades but I'm happy. And I guess it's been said any times but as long as the modeller gets something personally out of building/displaying/researching that's the diversity of our hobby theres room for all and long may it continue. Thanks again for sharing your work.
  6. Fantastic build..did they use your model in this.... I'm struggling to see the difference. Truly inspiring work.
  7. Here's a bit of anecdotal for you..my uncle served as ground crew in Libya, I have seen a photo (black and white), he is standing with a pilot alongside a P40, the pilot is clearly wearing a v neck jumper, open neck shirt and shorts with what looks like desert wellies (short boots). If I can contact my cousin I try and post here if it helps. I love the fact that these guys wore what was comfortable as opposed to regulation issue in the most uncomfortable conditions. Piggy
  8. Great job love the setting. But bit concerned how she got blew onto her back!..marauding low level attackers no doubt! Fantastic model Russ thanks for sharing
  9. Love it ...what happened to the airmen? Already rescued?
  10. Nice to see a model not looking like it's been in service since WW1 That's not to say that some of the ultra realistic models on here are not skilfully crafted, as is yours BTW, just that sometimes it's nice to see a just as it looked a few weeks/ months after delivery.......just my opinion. After seeing yours dug mine out of the loft insulation that is my stash and Inspired to try and get a similar result. Kind Regards Piggy
  11. Very nice job indeed. I found the same as you all imperfections have to be sorted first and extra,extra care taken not to blemish the finish as you rightly point out there are no quick repair cover ups. But on a positive note I have noticed that it (BMF) actually improved my modest skills by teaching me to be more methodical and careful at all stages of the subsequent builds, whether BMF or otherwise. Onwards and upwards Kind Regards Piggy
  12. Well done that manI had trouble recognising either that time in the morning
  13. Has anyone seen this yet.? CGI fest, loosely based on the exploits of 303 Sqn during the BofB. My opinion...great premise for a film, just a bit lacking in the script. Plenty of CGI Hurricanes tangling with the Luftwaffe, some of the flight dynamics are a little far fetched, a bit like a console game. But credit to the film makers for presenting a very important part of the RAF victory, the sacrifice made by Polish pilots. There will be more knowledgeable people here who can comment on historical accuracy (not to sure about uniforms!) Not a great film but a good watch never the less. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7515456
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