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  1. cherisy

    Fleet air arm code letter colours

    A question for the FAA types please. Can anyone shed any light on what colour FAA codes were for shore based second line aircraft?. For example the Lysanders of 754/755/757 sqn and Whitleys of 734 sqn. Bit of a niche subject I know , but some appear to be white and others possibly MSG. Help!
  2. cherisy

    RAF light bomber OTU - No. 2 Grp.

    13 otu were based out of Bicester then Finmere nearby. Both airfields are still there
  3. cherisy

    Lancaster questions

    I can only assume that there were not enough spare gunners for each trip . The FN64s were fitted on the first use of Lancasters on a daylight raid back in 1942 to Augsburg. I dont think they carried the extra gunner on that occasion either. Might be worth looking at any 3 group HQ correspondence as the order to have them refitted may have come from there
  4. cherisy

    Lancaster questions

    Looking at the photo it looks as if what you have there is the FN64 fitted. As stated above the parts are in the new Airfix tooling ( meant for the BII) . Some 3 group Lancs had a single .50 cal Browning fitted to fire through the Turret ring with the gunner merely sitting or kneeling on the floor. All very low tech. There is a photo in one of the Lancaster at war series of books. From memory it was a 622 Lanc out of Mildenhall and all you could see was the barrel poking out. But my money is on the FN64 going by that snap as the mounting appears to protrude and one of the guns is visible. Just a thought but have you tried the National Archives at Kew for a look at the ORBs? sometime there is mention of them being fitted. As an aside I know Wratting Common well and spent time poking about whats left of the airfield as a kid when I used to stay in Haverhill with family.
  5. cherisy

    Gypsy moth interior colour and detail

    That's great many thanks
  6. I've managed to get my hands on the old Frog Gypsy Moth. Nice little kit but as with all of Frogs offerings virtually no cockpit detail. Can anyone help me with the cockpit and seat colours as there seems to be very little on line. Thanks in advance.
  7. cherisy

    Barracuda II - Avenger - Martlet / Wildcat

    Is it me, but am I the only one who cant see the photobucket photos?
  8. cherisy

    Vickers wellesley interior colours

    Thanks for all your help guys
  9. cherisy

    Vickers wellesley interior colours

    Great info guys many thanks
  10. Hi I'm about to start on a matchbox Vickers wellesley. I intend to do it in the markings of 35 sqn at worthy Down. Couple of questions : I've heard somewhere that the cockpit was interior grey green and the rear areas red doped fabric( as we're the wheel Wells) is this correct? I would have thought it was too early for interior green. I'm sure someone will prove me wrong The kit I've got is minus one half of a bomb pannier. So were wellesleys seen without them? Thanks in advance
  11. cherisy

    Blackburn Shark 755 Sqn FAA 1939/40

    Ive read somewhere that Pavlas KI30 Ann canopy may fit?
  12. cherisy

    Blackburn Shark 755 Sqn FAA 1939/40

    Great stuff thanks guys. The Three bladed prop wouldnt be a problem but the greenhouse is. I heard somewhere that the Pavla Dinah may be a good match but im not paying Hannants postage for a £1.60 item!
  13. cherisy

    Blackburn Shark 755 Sqn FAA 1939/40

    Ah thats helpful. Ive only got the older version of the book that only shows a 755 sqn Seamew. At least that confirms a wings aviation profile ( I am always dubiousof those with a back up photo)
  14. cherisy

    Blackburn Shark 755 Sqn FAA 1939/40

    Hi, Im currently working on the old Frog Blackburn Shark and intend to finish it in the colours of 755 Sqn FAA at Worthy Down 1939/1940. Apart from a couple of profile drawings online there seems to be little or no info. Im torn between the pre war colours and the Temperate sea scheme. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance