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  1. Amazing work! The project is really coming along. Can't wait to see the finished project.
  2. I've just unearthed an old Frog Vengeance that I thought I would have a go at. The decals seem in good order after 40 odd years so am planning to use them. I,m intending to do the RAF 84 Sqn markings My question is : The underside colour call out is given as Azure Blue. Is this correct? I,m aware from other posts on here that the aircraft were delivered in US equivalents of DG/DE for the upper surfaces and Sky for the undersides. But were there variations in the underside colour? Can anyone who is familiar with the kit confirm the SEAC roundels for the RAF version are the correc
  3. True. I checked the airfix site and they are pretty much bereft of everything apart from the bright primary colours that don't get used very often.
  4. On looking at my last post I should have spell checked. I meant Incendiary not " incentives" doh !
  5. Hi John The Revell load are 500lb MC bombs and a 4000lb cookie which is a typical area load. The normal load for raids on say Berlin and Hamburg was a cookie and incentives in Small bomb containers. These can be found in the airfix airfield support set. The Airfix cookie is better than the Revell offering. If you want to model "Greg's the shot " in the Revell kit as it was depicted for the Berhesgarten raid in April 45 I see to remember the load was 1 cookie 6 1000lb mc 1 500 lb mc and a 250 lb Gp. I think there's something about that on here In an old post. The 8000lb blockbuster was
  6. Nice photo. Is that 1000lb?
  7. Is that the same Mk7 offered by Valom? I take it that would be carried internally?
  8. Brilliant thanks Graham. It just so happens I have three old Airfix Jaguars in the stash.
  9. Thanks John, Ive tried looking for a photo of the 4.5 inch RP pods online but keep coming up with the US WW2 version. Any idea what they looked like? I take it the bombs were the modern typre and not the ww2 MC type?
  10. I think it may have to be 1000lb bombs as it seems 88 sqn disbanded in 1962 so a bit too early for 155s?
  11. Nice one Chris, Mind you what about the dark green on the fuselage? It seems darker than the casing
  12. Good point Selwyn I had forgotten about Orthagraphic film changing hues. Having said that the casing looks lighter than the dark green on the fuselage . What do you think?
  13. My bad. I should have been more specific. All the photos I've found of hurricanes carrying in Burma have been the earlier GP type not the later MC seen in Bomber command
  14. Hi Can anyone tell me what colour RAF bombs were in the Burma theatre in 44/45? I'm putting a pair of 250 pounders on a Revell Hurricane IIc and the few photos I can find online indicate a buff colour used earlier in the war. Can anyone provide a definitive answer? Thanks in advance
  15. HI all I have got my hands on an old Frog Canberra B(I)8 and want to go with the 88 Sqn markings from the early 60s. With the belly mounted gunpack I was looking at some wing pylon mounted ordinance .There seems very little online ( or perhaps I have missed it) so was thinking of using a pair of 540 lb bombs from the Phantom FGR1 kit. Does anyone know when the 540s first entered service and would they be correct for the early 60s? If not what else would have been carried at that time? Thanks in advance Lee
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