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  1. Ironically when I was at Honington on the 90s they were storing the WE177 on site post retirement
  2. Yep I know RAF Barnham well. In fact I did a stint of guard duty on the accommodation side when I was in the RAF at Honington back in the1990s. I never saw the Blue Danube though. I believe that's on what is now the industrial units ?
  3. By coincidence I found an IWM clip about bombing up the valiant which was clearly meant as a training aid. One shot includes a schematic showing the "bombs" in place which is clearly the AP you refer to. I can see what you mean. I'm amazed Airfix could do such a good kit but not check references re the bombs. I suppose the re release will include them again. If I made another (which I probably will ) I will use the new vulcan bombs. I'm glad airfix have come along way since then.
  4. I think there was a gradual change over to the low level camo scheme. I've also managed to find some ex valiant types on a well known social media platform who confirmed both B28 And B43 were carried which is handy as Eduard to a B43
  5. Thats great info .many thanks Insofar as a 49 sqn valiant in 1963 then its fair to assume a pair of B43s would be accurate as well as 21 1000lb bombs . As I've already finished her in the anti flash white as the kit suggests I assume it would be the cross over to the camoflage finish ?. As to the conventional load I shall wait till my new vulcan arrives ,as the valiant kit bombs do not resemble any RAF bomb I've seen. Over wise it's two Eduard B43s. Do your refs mention how they were carried? Tandem or side by side?
  6. Hi all. Having just finished an Airfix Valiant I had in the stash, I decided upon the marking option for XD857 of 49 Sqn RAF Marham 1963. The nuclear weapon supplied is the Blue Danube. However This was out of service by 1963 and 49 sqn was part of the Tactical bomber force under control of SACEUR by then. I recently read that they were carrying American weapons under project E. My questions are: what weapons would XD857 have carried and how many? A trawl on the net suggest B28/B43 possibly two at once along with Red Beard. Can anyone clarify?
  7. That explains why the cupboard appears to be dry almost everywhere. So The Beaufort is available in Oz but not in the UK ?
  8. Maybe I misread it but the airfix website said winter 2021 the other day
  9. Can someone give me some guidance as to what would be the correct tail unit on 1000lb bombs carried by very early 70s RAF Buccaneers? Were the 117 retard tails in use by then ?
  10. To my memory at the far end on the Elmpt village side. They were removed about 1984 if memory serves
  11. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere on this forum ( I cant find it for some reason) . I have the RN S2C version of the Airfix buccaneer in the stash along with rhe Freightdog Bomb bay insert and WE 177 s along with the 1st xtradecal set. Can I build an RAF version with the bomb bay insert and buckets of sunshine ? There are 2 RAF Germany versions in the decal sheet. Which if I use the Freightdog insert negates the bulged bomb door. I was hoping to do a QRF (N) version. Other than the landing light and vortex generator is there anything else I should be aware of?. Are the s
  12. Just watched the video. Bruggen ! Recognised my old block and my old sqn compound ( 37 sqn ) I never knew this video existed. A couple of years before my time.
  13. That shouldn't be difficult. I'm sure I can find some sort of spare pylon in the spares box and amend it. Pretty straight forward. Thanks Rob. As an aside I take it the fit would be 2 drop tanks and ecm/phimat pod on the outer pylons or an AIM 9 depending on period. ( I'm thinking early 80s) Cheers Lee
  14. Would such an angled adapter rack be easy to scratch build from spares? . I've a Freightdog 177 spare that I could use for one of my Airfix Jags.
  15. Wasn't the Jaguar able to carry a single WE177 on the centre line ? Where they used on QRF (N) in Germany prior to the Tornado? Or was it just the buccaneer force ? And did any of the UK based sqns carry one ?
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