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  1. Many thanks Selwyn. Every days a school day
  2. Some interesting shots there. The first looks like the 114 tail that Selwyn mentioned. The second looks like a ww2 bomb and the third, well I dont know what that is.
  3. Thanks Selwyn. 114 tail it is then
  4. Hi Having decided to build an old Frog Canberra out of the box, Im using the kit decals for an 88 Sqn aircraft from 1960. Ive some wing pylons left over from an old airfix kit and want to fit a pair of 1000lb bombs which finally leads me to my question: what tail units would have been fitted in 1960? Ive seen one photo online showing one carrying a pair of 1000lb bombs with ww2 era tail units and appears to be flying with a trials unit. How common would the ww2 units have been? and when did the 117 ( correct me if im wrong on that) units begin to see service ?.
  5. So a light blue then. I,ll try an avoid the traffic on the M4 later
  6. That nails it I think. The photos in colour I have seen lean towards a sort of mid blue. Many thanks
  7. Sort of makes sense as I've only seen colour photos of those colours but I'm in agreement that it was whatever was available.
  8. Hi Does anyone know what colour V Force crew ladders were ? I've seen a photo of a crew boarding a valiant with a red ladder and one of a Victor with a blue one. I'd there a definitive answer? Or was it down to individual stations. The Aifix victor instructions would have me paint it green which doesn't seem right for the early 60s.
  9. I did that too. Glad it's not just me.
  10. That pretty much nails it thanks Selwyn. Actually it kills 2 birds with one stone as I've a Freightdog WE177 conv for the Airfix Buccaneer that I was planning to do as a early 12 sqn version So the Cosford YS2 is correct for an operational weapon. The 12 Sqn markings for the new Airfix Vulcan are for 1963 I think so that would be pertinent?
  11. Yep I've seen the one at Cosford and Deep bronze green seems to be the correct colour. I'd read somewhere that green was the colour of inert bombs at some point . I got my yellow sun from Hannants. Transport wings made them. I've checked and there's still dome in stock. I'm intrigued about your secret desk top
  12. I'd read somewhere that training rounds were green but not sure of the era. I agree the ones in b and w photos lean towards green though
  13. Hi all With the impending arrival of my Airfix vulcan I've got hold of a 1/72 Yellow Sun to go with the 12 sqn scheme. The question is : what colour were operational Yellow Sun weapons?. Im aware of previous threads about the Blue Danube and Red Beard. So, were Yellow Sun's white? Or Deep bronze green? Thanks in advance.
  14. It's scary that such a low tech piece of kit was issued.
  15. Does anyone have any info/photos of the anti flash curtain fit on the Victor B2 whilst on QRA ?. The only reference I can find is a small photo in the Haynes V force Manual. Thanks in advance
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