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  1. Thanks Selwyn. Certainly looks like silver finish
  2. That's brilliant. Many thanks
  3. Hi Can anyone shed any further light on what the 3 JP T4s looked like whilst acting as FAC for 20 sqn Hunters in Malaysia in the late 60s? The photos I have found online in black and white seem to indicate the training finish of the time. I cant see any other markings other than the usual .Anyone seen any colour photos or profiles ? Lee
  4. Silver not grey. Thats great thanks. I nearly ended up following the " some sources"
  5. Are those white Sergeant Fletcher tanks I see ?
  6. Got to love proper roundals and that can opener badge !
  7. Thanks guys that's helped as I was planning on a 6 sqn aircraft
  8. Ok I'll look it out tonight. Did you send me a PM? I had a notification but no message
  9. I have two Airfix MR 2s in the stash. One was going to be built with the turret, the other without meaning I've got one spare. I dont need it for anything else so happy to let you have it . Drop me a PM Regards Lee
  10. Just a quick question. Other than the FGR 1 and 2s used for air defence , Did any of the UK based strike sqns ever rely on air to air refueling? I'm aware that this was unlikely in Germany . I know there are a few ex phantom types here that may be able to put me straight. I'm looking to do the Airfix kit as a 6 sqn aircraft. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Having battled with the old Airfix Boston I'm faced with a problem. The decals are next to useless. The 88 Sqn version RH H appears to have white sqn codes on the decal sheet which is clearly wrong. I'm looking at doing the aircraft as it would have looked in early 42 before the change to red codes. So...is it Sky grey or grey ? The photos suggest darker than sky. Any thoughts ? Thanks in advance Lee
  12. The MR 2 I'm doing is a 37 sqn aircraft used in the Suez operation in 56 So the MK 30 should be right. There doesn't seem to be much else aftermarket weaponry available.
  13. Hi Can anyone tell me what the normal loads carried by the Shackleton was over its career?. The Airfix kit supplies the MK30 and 44 Torpedoes. I have also seen photos of the MK101 Lulu Nuclear depth bomb fitted ( which it seems no one makes an aftermarket version of) but what else?. I am also curious as to what 37 Sqn carried during their involvement in op Musketeer in 56. The research books I have do not say much although I know the MK 2 s were carrying 1000lb bombs in Aden. Thanks in advance Lee
  14. Hopefully Xtradecal or other such after market company will no doubt produce a full set of options such ad they did with the Lightning
  15. Im currently working on a 1/72 version TS530 6G G " Gremlin Teaser" of 223 Sqn. Steetlys book Aircraft of 100 group states that some Sqn aircraft had a ventral gun fitted in early 1945. This apparently consisted of a .50 cal fitted in the rear crew entry hatch. However on reading the book special ops liberators by Steve Bond , there is no mention of any such guns being fitted. Does anyone have any views? Thanks in advance Lee
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