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  1. Will be interested to see this one progress. I remember when I was young and other than the odd Bell or S-76, it was 61N's everywhere. I used to skip school and go on the pickup run at Longside airfield. IIRC G-BEIC and G-BEID had a bit of a jinx reputation amongst the crews, always a drama with Charlie!
  2. Now we just need decent accurate ones in any scale, come on Eduard you seem to be coming up with lots of weapons recently
  3. Very nice, Don't see many 310's modelled or real Reminds me of the old Airbuses sunbathing at Queen Alia in Jordan
  4. Phantastic, There is something a bit special about a fully stencilled Phantom in SEA.
  5. Now that is rather special, top work. I have the A model in the stash, was wondering if the gun vents ahead of the nose wheel bay are correct for the A or C. There was a build post with the differences somewhere but I can't find it.
  6. A new Piero build to follow, I bet this will be good
  7. Just found this whilst doing research as I've picked up a reduced F/A-18A. Quite like the idea of a blue bandit hornet since I came across a pic of NSAWC #22 on the net. I think that VFC-12 bugs morphed into NSAWC bugs. Got so much on it'll be in the stash for some time so I'll bookmark this and probably drool over it when you finish
  8. Now theres a set of markings you dont see very often, DIng-Dong!
  9. Ive got a bookmarks folder with all the best builds Ive ever seen, this is now in it... Fantastic
  10. Still stinks of Yak-38 design to me, and we all know what was said of deadlift engines back then
  11. Also doesnt mention that even if the F-35 is on schedule they will not actually return to Marham until 2018 after working up in the US
  12. IIRC the auxiliary inlet doors on some of the fujimi releases are in the wrong position http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/phantom/models.php
  13. Let me check when I get back off my business trip, might do
  14. Ordered the wolfpack folded wing set 48146, so after a bit of hacking it will be a 'J' I will see what typical 70's hi-viz decals I can find now
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