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  1. tank, only driven Sundays
  2. We know how that goes, that's why they assistants, if they do. Boeing still thinks it'll make money on this? Are airlines just keeping existing aircraft flying longer? Wonder what's written in the contracts if these don't get approval. Maybe this was answered already.
  3. flannel two piece bikini
  4. sister mary elephant gun
  5. They are hard to see, but yes they are red, the edge is so small. https://www.milavia.net/airshows/cfb-trenton-quinte-intl-airshow-2016/view.php?f=123 I have a book from '83 when they were new and they had red then to. Here's a very clean example http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/001363550.html
  6. Hope it helps. I've yet to build a CF-18, pretty bad isn't it?
  7. Not sure. I did see someone one here building a Navy one and a CF-18 together and comparing the small differences, sometime this summer I think. Have to look for it. It seemed pretty good.
  8. So far the Hercs I want to make will just be a couple E models and older.
  9. So rely on a photo to make sure which length. Especially if it has the prop line.
  10. Ships are not the best way to get around, but then we have freighters, tankers, battle groups etc to.
  11. Add some red, green lights and put it under the tree in the backyard. I want to get a beaver toy now and try this. Side note, I wash buses at a company called Beaver Bus Lines, so you can imagine all the jokes I get.
  12. I couldn't see the GTC in the link you sent unless i missed it. Is it the small oval shape on the right side?
  13. I read about the sponson length somewhere. I know you can see the prop stripe just ahead on the early ones and later ones the stripe runs over the front of them, just by a little. I do see the nose gear doors are different and the crew door is farther forward and hinged difeerently. I know the first five I think Canadian Air Force ones had the side door. don't know if they were traded, sold or what.
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