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  1. Snagged a 67 Mustang GT 350 and a 77 Ford surfer van, stuck with full price but oh well. Want to make Jim Morrison's Mustang using the 68 GT 500 for the engine and decals. Plamoz used to make a nice set of resin wheels, the kit ones are horrid. But they stopped making them recently. Problem is I lost the GT 500 in the house somewhere and don't want to buy another. The van, along with a parts one will be lengthened into an E250 Club Wagon and made into Terry Fox's van. It's been found and restored in the mid 2000s, now sits in a museum in B.C.
  2. I bet someone could get a billion dollar grant to write a thesis and become an expert.
  3. Bezo's egotistical space ticket (that must be where all there overpricing goes)
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