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  1. I want to see the movie in theatre, but after all the trailer teasers I feel I saw it already.
  2. they soaked me again (I try to avoid those guys at all costs)
  3. 1/72 planes went way up in the last few years, don't know why. I started collecting some ten years ago and they got stupid in prices.
  4. I saw it asked on the BPK site about a flaps down option. Wonder if that would happen? I think it would require a whole new wing or some very careful cutting.
  5. BPK makes one, Welsh models also has a vac form one. They look quite large being a 737 in that scale. They're a few bucks to.
  6. whatsa matter with dat? (the only Italian in me is the pizza I had, burp)
  7. It would show the progression, but then you'd have to get a P-8 also.
  8. I never knew how close in size the Neptune is to the B-24. I only ever saw a Neptune up close once. Models look well done, those are good stablemates, almost like the Neptune is replacing the Privateer.
  9. I had the hardtop of this car, wanted to kitbash it with the Dodge 330 because it has a nicer floor and bottom half, ended up selling the model before working on it. The bodies and interiors on these are very nice. Going to watch this one, like to see it done.
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