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  1. Mine is me when I get done up, which isn't as often as I'd like.
  2. More cab work done. The exterior bodywork is done. Filled and scribed new door lines. Filled the signal light holes, made a new visor. Made the whole interior (except the steering wheel) and wheel wells. I built a platform to go under the circuit board mostly to protect the underhood from water and dirt. Also a place to mount the on/off switch. The driver had is a standard gijoe. I had to cut his boots down a bit to make him fit at the toe boards. The head came from another. Had to use the cut off disc to cut away portions of his thighs to make his legs pull up more and stay closer together. I
  3. Nicely done, not severly weathered, kinda what I'd expect from a well taken care of plane.
  4. How about two part epoxy? Although I had it not bond before a couple of times.
  5. I heard of so many good ones, forget which is which. I still use testors cement for most stuff. I know some builders will throw a rolling pin at me from across the pond but it's what I'm used to and doesn't spill out when you drop it. To bad it's hard to get out your way. Not sure what else would work for large parts.
  6. took back three wishes (cut backs you know)
  7. the full word, applications (haven't seen that word in forever, today is just apps)
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