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  1. unless you're dating St.Bernards
  2. Always a strange looking plane. This one has a lot of work done obviously, looks good. What's the reason for the big bulge in the fuselage?
  3. I want to combine the two kits. I like most of the Esci and a few parts from the Italeri. I rally like the tail wheel on the Esci kit since it's in parts and not one piece with the tail wheel. I forget what else I like from each.
  4. I love the F-8, don't know why really. I like what you did with this one. It could've happened. Just need a faded version of one now with a replacement USAF F-18 next to it.
  5. Are some of the aircraft in sorta flyable condition? I know the navy doesn't let them fly.
  6. I don't know much about these but it looks good. It's your summer project and it's done for summer. Canadians sure come with a lot of baggage don't they?
  7. To bad this is the closest to one flying. Real nice job.
  8. Hobbycraft did make one but they are rare now. I do have one that needs to be rebuilt. Nice Clunk, the Odsecuro parts sure help the old kit out.
  9. There is a B-24 flying with a replica of the Dragon artwork today. Surprised no one freaked out about it yet really. I made my own years ago painting it myself, but i painted both sides. Didn't know the mural was only on one side. Of course, awhile later the decal set came out. This was one of my first kits to. I had the one with the green and yellow stripes. It takes 13 1/2 Canadian pennies to hold the nose down. With a bit of work this kit can be quite nice. I never looked to see the reviews on it yet.
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