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  1. It is a mean looking thing. Very pleased with some aspects of it and utterly annoyed with myself on others.
  2. I've already got the Heller. I think that will be enough!
  3. Thanks. Just had a look at ITA1246S and there are no dogs or guards with weapons, so I'll go for the Aiffix.
  4. 1/72 I can get a set of Airfix NATO for about a tenner. I assume that these are the same ones I had 35+ years ago and I know that they had pilots, technicians, guards and dogs. I was wondering if there were newer or better ones that had the same variety of figures.
  5. Thinking of doing a diorama of a splinter Viggen hiding in a snow covered clearing (I'm blaming Airfix Model World magazine). I have a Heller Viggen and I can get trees and stuff from the local model shop, but I'll need some figures to crew and guard it. Who does the best out of box Cold War ground crew?
  6. Alclad Matt on and I'm quite pleased, especially with the hateful Blue. There are a couple of gremlins in the Augergine than need sanding out and repainting, but other than that I'm happy with it. Next up I need to make some progress on the Cammo one, then I'll come back to this for the weapons and the ladder.
  7. In a laugh out loud moment of Italeri Italerism the beautiful decals and the fabulous instructions don't actually match up with each other. How the Hell have they managed to do that? Anyway... Next up a coat of matt clear and the canopy mask off.
  8. Black / Aubergine Duck glossed and part decalled. Can't wait to see what it looks like with a matt finish. The glossing is a bit "in your face" but it has worked as none of the decals have silvered. Kudos to Italeri for the design of the undercarriage and doors which was way more detailed than my previous experience of their kits. although I wish they had warned me because getting it on wasn't the ten minute job that I was expecting. Perhaps the instructions should have a symbol for "pour yourself a drink and set aside 3 hours". The tyres need another coat of paint, the seam on the front leg needs removing and I'll add the lamp lenses after the final application of clear. All the problems with this have been my own doing. Repeatedly snapping off the pitots, canards and the starboard stabilizer, having to mix a fresh batch of Aubergine and having to touch up with Hateful Blue.
  9. Come on... Has nobody else finished anything this year? We want some pictures!
  10. Bit of a poor do from me this year, but I have built a load of brick walls and steps in the garden. Ta152 Crusader F15E
  11. Errors corrected. Canards added, with the angle set to "threatening". Hopefully the Clear will mask some of the variations in the homebrew "aubergine" as I haven't got enough left for a major respray.
  12. A combination of impatience and a MASSIVE hangover has got me to this stage. Don't know if I'm happy with it or not to be honest, but a coat of gloss clear will sort it out prior to decaling. Poor masking lead to many leaks and rework, including a good deal of Hateful Blue™. Glad to put it away for the day.
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