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  1. Harry_the_Spider

    The Great Amazon £10 Challenge!

    Rather boringly I bought tape.
  2. Harry_the_Spider

    The Great Amazon £10 Challenge!

    Got all of the above too, but not in multiple quantities, apart from the Typhoon. I've got 3 of them. However, I don't have an F86! I don't have a P38 or a P61 either, but neither do Amazon. Keep the coming! Does anyone do an Argentinian Mirage or Etendard?
  3. Harry_the_Spider

    The Great Amazon £10 Challenge!

    I have a tenner to spend on Amazon to make up an order and I'm at a complete blank. So, what would anyone recommend in the region of a tenner? Doesn't have to be Cold War. Anything from WWII onwards will do. I've got at least 3 Spitfires, 2, Hurricanes, 3 Harriers and 2 BF109s. So don't need any more of them. Go!
  4. Don't spill your glue on the kitchen table.
  5. You can't beat a £5 kit!
  6. Harry_the_Spider

    Bashing your Stash - The Art of Procrastination

    So am I, but I'm taking a bit of a run-up!
  7. Harry_the_Spider

    Moving Time Again

    Donated. Keep up the good work!
  8. Harry_the_Spider

    Italeri F15E Strike Eagle

    I do like the F15E Strike Eagle. They took a very pretty plane and uglified it with the big tanks, then stuck a load of knobbly bombs and sensors to it. It looks "hard". The Italeri kit seems to have been based around the F15B with the tanks as an after thought, so we'll see how well they go on. Detail is recessed and quite fine. The cockpit looks quite basic too. The decals look fairly comprehensive, but without 1,000,000 stencils (which is why I don't have a new Airfix Phantom) and the scheme is for the prototype rather than a combat model, so I'll be doing it clean rather than grubby. One thing I have noticed is that, like in the plug hole of Dale Arden's en-suite, there is considerable evidence of Flash.
  9. Harry_the_Spider

    Russian Military Blues

  10. Harry_the_Spider

    Russian Military Blues

    I’ve got an SU-34 in the stash just itching to be built. I want to do it in the 3 shades of blue scheme. As Bolton Show is this weekend I thought I’d take the opportunity to get some paint because I DON’T NEED ANY MORE KITS. Repeat, I DON’T NEED ANY MORE KITS.* Which paint manufacturer does the closest blues and what are the codes? I don’t need a set that contains half a dozen different paints including black, white and red. *unless I can find a Dragon Gloster Meteor for a reasonable price.
  11. Harry_the_Spider

    Revell Focke Wulf Ta152H

    It is. Canopy is a bit thick and the cockpit is hideous, but the canopy takes care of that because you can't see through it. Those blown up pictures show that I had a leak somewhere in the mask, but in real life you can't see it. Also, I only spotted that there was a decal for the spinner spiral after I had painted it. But getting the paint on the spinner right was my favourite bit!
  12. Revell Focke Wulf Ta152H. I needed to do something to restore a bit of Mojo to spur me on to finishing half done projects before I tackled a "biggy". The 152 was a nice if basic kit, especially as the moulds date back from 1968 (apparently)! It gave me the opportunity to try something new too. Specifically White Tac "worms", Flory Filth and doing spots with my airbrush. Quite pleased with the outcome and my son has already stolen it.
  13. So.… I've got a big build lined up. Not one, but two Victors. One OOB, the other with resin and photo etch. I've been building myself up to this for months. I even did a quick FW ta152H to get my eye back in and to make sure that various nozzles and tubes hadn't gunked up through lack of recent use. So when do I start? eh? After I've done this... and finished this... I think I'll do the Victors as a long term thing with smaller kits done in parallel. Well, that's the plan.
  14. Harry_the_Spider

    Revell (Frog) Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    Well, I'm calling it done. Will probably touch it up when I've seen it in daylight though. Not a bad little kit. The canopy is about a yard thick though.
  15. Harry_the_Spider

    Revell (Frog) Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    Bugger. It must have flipped over. Good job I've got a load more on the sheet. [EDIT] Sorted now. Quite pleased with myself that a) I got it off without damaging the paint and b) I've lived my life without knowing which way up a swastika goes.