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  1. Revell Dambuster with Airfix refuelling set. Build thread.
  2. Revell Dambuster G for George with Airfix refuelling set and reference material.
  3. Progress! For such old moldings they are lovely little kits. I may have accidentally built another RC car too. Oops. This one I decided to paint with the airbrush. Talk about cross-over skills!
  4. Managed to get a bit of work done on the refueling vehicles, so hopefully it'll be a sprint for the line and I'll get them done. There's the small issue of watching 8 episodes of The Mandalorian with my lad though before Sunday.
  5. No update on the vehicles as I've had a couple of weeks off after completing G for George and me and the kids have discovered this, which has taken up every living moment in the woods behind my house. However, I digress... Can I recommend the 2019 edition of Enemy Coast Ahead by Guy Gibson as it was absolutely fascinating if ultimately tragic. My opinions of the man have changed after reading it.
  6. Indeed we do. There have been several tales of woe in this group about the Airfix one not going together, The Revell fit was perfect. Not a problem anywhere apart from the ones that I caused myself. And it is a fraction of the price!
  7. Sliced all of the bottom and shimmed it. Cut the first 1cm on the upper leading edge to allow it to bend and filled it. I made a cardboard former with a 5° angle to check that both wings were set the same. I also filed down the inner edge of the outboard engines to bring them back to vertical. Thought that it would be a nightmare but it was easy. By the way, you are the first person on here to ever ask me how I did something! I normally feel like the kid in armbands sharing a swimming pool with Adam Peaty.
  8. Uglier than a knife fight at a Mafia wedding. Nice build though.
  9. I've got some better pictures now that the wind has dropped and I've attached all of the bits that I forgot to attach. And one to destroy the illusion If I had tried this the other day there would have been three airworthy Lancasters in existence. Going to build up some vehicles and set a small ground crew diorama for Gallery..
  10. My local model shop are doing mail order. They sent me a "rescue parcel" today of paint and glue. The Locoshed, Manchester. They have black paint.
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