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  1. No need. You can do it online as long as you have the kit and part number.
  2. Drop Airfix customer services a line. They may have one. They've rescued me before. Also, how easy is it to vacform? Never tried it, but you have the original to work from.
  3. That's very nice. I made an absolute Pig's Ear of mine.
  4. Pre-shade and first coat of Humbrol Hemp on. Was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't awful. Added some detail (fences?) inboard of the intakes and a few aerials. Will do the finish coat and get rid of the mess that I made sanding a thumb print off when I next get a free hour or so... in the Winter. Put it with a couple of friendlies for scale and to keep it company.
  5. Another question... Do the refuelling baskets retract fully in to the under wing pods?
  6. Hemp. I've got another in the stash that will be camo. Was going to do them side by side, but on reflection that wouldn't be much fun. Will do something small and easy next then build myself up to do the other later in the year. I've got a load of resin and etch for that one.
  7. Filling and sanding pretty much done, but I've run out of primer. I have to say, for all of its faults it is the best £15 I've spent on a kit. I just need to think of somewhere to put it.
  8. Who makes one? I don't mind a bit of filling, but after my Hawker Hunter experience I won't by buying a MisterCraft.
  9. My Victor K2 is nearly ready for paint. I'm going for a world weary Gulf War scheme and want to know where all the dirt should be. Unfortunately most of my reference pictures are of clean examples. Anyone got any filth?
  10. Got one in the stash. Seeing this has just pushed it nearer the front of the queue.
  11. http://www.airteamimages.com/handley-page-victor_XM715_united-kingdom---royal-air-force_201114.html From left to right. Aerial, aerial, dome, dome, rail.
  12. I like to know what things are before I glue them to a model and these have me stumped. What are the antenna on the top of the Victor K2, specifically the “rail” assembly? Also, what are the two small domes for?
  13. My wife's somewhat eclectic tastes. I just grabbed whatever was around before the tail fell off it. Again. Riotty, this is your era IIRC? Have you got a Victor?
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