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  1. According to Scalemates ZA718 is a decal option for the Matchbox kit. EDIT https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Matchbox-Chinook-Hc-Mk-1-CH-47D-1-72-Model-Kit/154042406967?hash=item23dda49837:g:3nAAAOSwlGxfMvfA Yep, BN is in there. I didn't pay anywhere near this much for it BTW!
  2. Made an offer on a Matchbox one on eBay. I love/hate the internet!
  3. Does anyone do ZA718? I need to start filling up a fourth box of unbuilt kits
  4. Just bought a copy of Sharkey's book for a couple of quid off Abebooks. Enjoying the David Morgan one despite the poetry.
  5. I’m not terribly bothered about 100% accuracy or raised panel lines. As long as it is an ESO (Etendard Shaped Object) I’ll be happy. What I really want is one with Argentinian markings as having to go for additional decals pushes the price up considerably.
  6. I’ve got in to the habit of building kits around the books the I’m currently reading. The Big Show – Tempest V, Enemy Coast Ahead – Lancaster BIII, Fortress Malta & Warburton’s War – Maryland, Macchi 205, Spitfire Vc and so on… Well that is the plan, but it doesn’t work as I read faster than I build. So I have a Dambusters A10, and a Falklands Maryland and will no doubt have a Space 1999 Eagle Transporter to go with a future book about the battle for Sicily. I’ve just started on David Morgan’s Hostile Skies and have dug a Sea Harrier and GR3 out of the stash. Who ma
  7. Yep. "Frustrated Contract" apparently. They just painted RAF roundels and tail markings on them. I can't even see evidence of any RAF serial numbers.
  8. Looking at the few photos I have I can't see any serial numbers on the aircraft. Any one know if the re-assigned French aircraft had them? If so what format and where abouts on the airframe?
  9. Primed. Lost my MoJo a bit with this one as I started it so long ago. Need to pick it up again as I don't want another kit staring down at me from the Grave Yard of The Unfinished.
  10. Frank, Adrian and Paddy. Warburton like to fly wearing an Army battle blouse and "Oxford Bags". Dubbed by the media as "The Crew with a price on its head". Which unfortunately lead to the RAF splitting them up for fear of them being singled out for special attention should they be captured.
  11. Over lockdown I've been reading a lot of history books and stumbled across the story of Adrian Warburton via James Holland's excellent Fortress Malta. Without giving too much away to those who don't know, Warburton was a photo reconnaissance pilot based predominantly on Malta during WWII. To find out more you need to read up on him. He has a Wiki page, but that doesn't do the story justice. I've got an ancient Easter Express kit that I'm going to build in the re-badged French scheme that Warburton flew early on in his career. Sadly the aircraft didn't last long and pict
  12. ...and we're back in the room! Not touched any kits since June as we've taken the opportunity to re-decorate the house during lockdown. However Covid has struck (in an asymptomatic way) and we're locked in, so the kit is back on. I'm a big fan of Italeri and all of their short comings, but this is testing me. The kit is fine and the fit is "Italeri" but the plastic is egg box quality and it turns to liquid with the merest hint of glue. Onwards!
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