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  1. The Stash is still quite healthy/ridiculous
  2. Had to tidy up my "mess" as we have visitors over the weekend and also I've had my staples out and am fit enough to go back to work. This is where it currently is and will probably stay for a while Still requires doors, weapons and pitots plus the decals that go on the canopy.
  3. I built this in a hurry thanks to having a few days off and nothing to do. Start to finish* was 3 days. The kit went together reasonably well, but the underside seams aren't great, so I didn't photo them! Painted in Tamiya Nato Black with various tones up and down to get the fading. Instructions for the decals are a bit of a joke as they bare very little resemblance to the decals suppled or indeed the kit. Also they aren't numbered! Anyway, for a quick build to keep me busy I'm pleased with it. Just got to find somewhere to put her now as she's a big old girl! *Apart from the 7 day wait for the replacement nose gear that I accidentally washed down the plug hole when I was cleaning the parts. £18 kit, £21 stupidity tax! Also, if you consider buying this white metal detail set forget it, the detail on the bits that I didn't lose was better than on the replacement.
  4. Thanks. A happy accident! Using panel line wash on an unvarnished matt surface causes it to "bleed" and create blotches.
  5. Will ping you a picture on Twitter after I've finished watching Bridget Jones with the family.
  6. 3 different greys plus two for the anti glare and the bit behind the wings, a panel wash and 2 pigment washes brushed on then wiped off. Gave it a once over with a dirty rag too.
  7. Went for the Phoenix in the fuselage anyway...
  8. Got it together and primed. Painted the wings prior to assembly and experimented with panel wash, mottling and a spot of filth in the swing-wing bit. @Biggles87 there have been no issues at all. This is the only filler! I think that the canopy is slightly oversized, but I can live with that. However, I must confess to not being the most "precious" of builders and I'll never build anything of show quality.
  9. On operational detachment did they always carry external fuel tanks under the engine intakes? I like the sleek lines and think that the tanks and fuselage fairings for the Phoenix missiles spoil the look. I'll be mounting a pair of Phoenix on the pylons and would like to ditch the tanks, but only if it is accurate.
  10. The fit so far is very good. Not even the faintest smear of filler. Maverick and Goose were clearly two generic pilot mouldings, so even after I had thinned out their knees to get round the control columns they still didn't fit. With the lid down their heads were below the line of the canopy surround, so they are now sat on booster cushions (not for the first time eh Mr Cruise?) Painted the wings prior to assembly as I figured it would be less hassle... the glue-fingered one of them. Meh.
  11. Here's mine. Link Got the weight in under the floor and around the air intakes as I used a resin nose.
  12. It does actually! I asked the question here. Engines off the port one should be closed. As I have the crew in it and the lid down I assume that the engines on mine are running.
  13. Yep. I need to give Mav's hat some attention. Looks like I thumb-printed it.
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