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  1. Double figures. I'm on 1 and a half. I did however buy 4 more Harriers and a Buccaneer last week, so I've got enough kits to see me through to death. Was thinking of getting the Sword Gannett too.
  2. I don’t normally venture past the Aircraft and AFV sections of this forum, so this is uncharted water for me*. I’ve got the Airfix Severn Class lifeboat and want to put it in a diorama rather than on a stand, but to do this I need a crew. Has anyone got any ideas or references? Could modified aircrew be used? *See what I did there?
  3. Just bought the same kit again, delivered for about £12. Going to do ZA194 in the low visibility scheme and I've already unboxed a GR.3.
  4. Thanks. Would he have typically been carrying three plus fuel tanks on the inner pylons?
  5. Thanks, I’m doing it with a bomb load so it will be operational rather than in transit. Won’t fit the probe. Out of interest, does anyone know what Bob Iveson in XZ988 was carrying on the mission where he was shot down?
  6. Thanks, in that case I'll do XZ988.
  7. Thanks, more of a glancing blow rather than a full on assault. Get your jabs kids!
  8. After my SHAR I'm going to do a GR.3 from HMS Hermes. XV744 or ZX988. Not sure which yet. 744 is a Tangmere and I'll be seeing it next year, 988 was brought down during the Falklands war but the pilot survived. A question... Would it have had a re-fuelling probe? There's one in the box but I'm not sure if it was fitted.
  9. Had a touch of The Plague over the last couple of weeks and decided that after watching 6 seasons of Game Of Thrones that I could do with a change, so I went to the stash. Kit selection criteria was as follows: 1) It had to be a kit that wasn't in the loft. 2) It had to be a kit that wasn't camouflaged as I really couldn't be bothered with faffing. So, based on the above I present the Hasegawa Sea Harrier FRS1. 899 NAS, HMS Hermes 1982, EDSG all over. No weathering, no additions (other than tape belts), no messing, no fuss. Not a bad little kit and it got me away from the TV.
  10. Just had a fresh batch of Alclad Klear delivered and there is a distinct yellow tinge to it. Been on the Alclad website and they talk of an improved formula and the pictures show the same slight colouration. The first job for spraying has large areas of white. Is this this going to be OK?
  11. I've got the urge for a budget price Tornado. Does the Italeri make a reasonable TSO (Tornado Shaped Object) or is it junk?
  12. No conclusive answer then... Thinking of doing my Dragon 1:72 FAW2 next. Got a Pavla nose and some bigger seats. Other than that it will be OOB. The kit looks very nicely engineered even if it isn't 100% true to the original.
  13. How do, I'm doing an 899 NAS Sea Harrier in all over Extra Dark Sea Grey and have a query about the under wing roundels. What is their position relative to the outer pylons? Are the bisected or inboard of them? Thanks.
  14. Also, now that I've binned the packaging I have created space for more packaging. Leopard 2A6 or T-90?
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