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  1. No 10 solved! Fuel fillers on the wings that correspond with the panel lines on the 1/48 scale kit. https://warthunder.com/en/news/5361-development-martin-167-a3-american-mercenary-en?page=5
  2. Fuel fillers eh? Good call! On the 1/48 version the fillers are detailed in the wing. I'll use that as a reference.
  3. Going to try some home made decals as Warburton's aircraft has the rather distinctive "2" on the side and the winged demon with a grenade logo on the tail. Test run for size printed on white paper.
  4. Going to give this a go. I've only got access to an ink jet and need some white decals, so I'll be using white paper. However, I'll have to cut right up to the decal to avoid a white border. Has anyone tried cutting them first then fixing them with Microscale?
  5. Thanks. I've just edited my mistake. 5,9 &10!
  6. I'm building the Easter Express boxing of the 1/72 Martin Maryland. The kit comes with stencils, but no instructions as to where they should go! Any ideas for 5, 9 & 10?
  7. Don't get me going! There was always going to be VAT somewhere, but now the website prices don't show it. Bit of a stinger having to pay a fee to pay the tax though!
  8. Just a "heads up" on the prices for Heng Long tanks from motionrc.eu. Don't forget to add VAT and a handling fee (£12 or 2.5%, whichever is the greater). This will be charged separately by FedEx. There is also a surcharge for Lithium batteries. This information has come from the seller. By my calculation a tank listed at €139 will end up costing £158.
  9. Finally got a bit more done. Filled and primed. As the canopy is a bit of a lash-up and reality it out of the window I'm going to raid the spares box for some better wheels. I've a set from a Revell He111 that'll fit the bill if the size is comparable. The kit ones are featureless plastic discs.
  10. When you had the top off yours did it have nylon or steel gears? Specs are different depending on which shop you look at even though the model is the same.
  11. Snow Tiger. Waiting on stock availability on a Panther G. Found a place in Europe that does Series 6 for a very reasonable price including carriage to the UK.
  12. Got any photos? The Sherman was always going to be a compromise as it wasn't "Fury" and I wasn't going spend £100+ modifying it. The Panzer looks mean. That'll do for me and me lad. People don't make it easy when they are trying to sell these things as hardly anyone lists the revision of the control system or whether it has IR. My brief foray into tanks has lead me to the "Top 5" videos from The Tank Museum. Recommended if you haven't already seen them.
  13. Update... Thinking of getting the Panzer instead. I know that skirmishing with a Tiger won't be historically accurate but it looks way more menacing than the short barreled Sherman.
  14. There's a couple that say "Fury" in the description, but it is the standard HL Sherman.
  15. They look even better with mud in the tracks, but I doubt that'll ever be able to run it indoors again. Thinking of going down the "Fury" route with the Sherman. I know that it isn't the right tank but I would like to source the longer barrel eventually.
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