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  1. I did the Revel one a few years back and mucked it up, so I have the urge to do another. I had trouble fitting the "Power Egg" assembly and bomb bay doors, but I don't know if this was down to me or the kit. So, which is best... Revell, Trumpeter, Frog or Sword?
  2. Scufflin' https://photos.app.goo.gl/9hkMbb3gghSPG1DSA
  3. I ordered one out of frustration last night, the RX18 one on eBay. It looks the same. I've just sent them a rapid email to ask if it will work with 6.0s. Getting hacked off now!
  4. ....and now it is working again! Perhaps something is out of alignment and a combination of dismantling, bad language and toothache has sorted it.
  5. Not having much luck with the Leopard. The broken light turned out to be a bad bit of soldering, but now the turret motor/gearbox has given up the ghost. Pah.
  6. I’ve just got a 1/16 Heng Long RC Leopard 2A6 which looks fine apart from the Bustle Baskets. These look like empty shopping trolleys, so I need to fill them. Would there have been anything specific that went in there or were they just for general stowage?
  7. Tank has arrived! However, one of the headlights doesn't work. Seller has already contacted me and will hopefully sort me with a spare so I'll need to figure out how to remove the dud and break out the soldering iron.
  8. Spare LED with lead and plug is less than the price of 2 bags of vending machine crisps. Hopefully pulling the thing apart and replacing it won't be too bad. I've had the top off the T34 before, but never been in the turret. The Leopard was 131.25 bags of crisps, which is still pretty cheap.
  9. Dunno, the other tanks were all working. I'll check by filming it with my phone as the camera can "see" the LED flashing when the naked eye can't.
  10. The grass has been cut short so mine have been garden battling. The IR transmitter on my T34 has packed up though. Hopefully just a loose connection or a dead LED and not a failure in the main board.
  11. Ooops! Just got a Leopard 2A6 with the 6.0S controls for £105 on Amazon! Get In.
  12. Yep. Found the old Airfix and the MisterCraft and that is about it.
  13. I'm starting to fall down a Saab shaped rabbit hole and need a Draken. Who does the best? I see that Mistercraft have one, but after "experiencing" their awful Hunter a few years back I'm not going to trust them with my money.
  14. £12.31 on Amazon. Ask me how I know this
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