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  1. These. ®Stealth Tactical Elite Precision Competition Specification 5.95MM Bio BBs 0.20g | eBay No jams at all so far after blazing a couple of hundred off. Range about 10m at a guess.
  2. https://youtube.com/shorts/UDtmbBq5E1Q?feature=share
  3. Update: 5000 0.2g bio BBs have arrived. No loading/jamming issues and the range is quite impressive. The silliness level has just gone up several notches.
  4. Test run. Tanky Tanky! It was quite bright and the range of the IR was about 7m.
  5. They've got a Challenger II in at a pretty good price too. Definitely not got space for one of them.
  6. Update: They sent me the wrong radio which is an easy error to make given that they look the same other than a blue paper sticker on the battery box cover. New radio in the post, other radio going back. Excellent customer service from Howes. Spent a wad of cash with these guys over lockdown on various RC big boy's toys. Will definitely use them again (the Sherman is at a tempting price, but out of stock, don't tell my wife!).
  7. Just tried that. Tank fired up on the other transmitter. Other tank wouldn't fire up on the new transmitter. @Simon Cornes Have you bought a replacement radio and tried to pair it with another tank? I've noticed some subtle differences between the original radio and the replacement. The graphic on the front, the trim (?) under the right stick moves, there is no 6.0S sticker on the back, it doesn't "beep" when switched on and maybe most significantly the circuit board inside is different. Yet whenever I google "replacement 6.0 series radio for Heng Long" I g
  8. Arghhh! Can't get the new radio to pair with the tank. Any thoughts? Have followed the instructions: Radio on Start button held down Tank on Not pairing.
  9. It is just dead. They are made out of the same stuff as 1980s audio tape boxes, so dropping them from 3ft on to a stone floor is bad.
  10. Guess which idiot dropped the radio for his Tiger One. There's £30 that I won't see again. Luckily Howes had them in stock. Anyway, patriotic messages improved by my Russian colleague. For the Motherland!... For Stalin!
  11. I asked a Russian colleague what the Heng Long text that I copied on to the T34 said, and he told me that it was wrong! Will have to break out to the paint brush again.
  12. Apparently yes. : D I just copied the kit decal. I think it looks suitably "ratty".
  13. Ah... sod it. The decals showed that the marking were hand painted anyway, so I've just gone for it with a brush!
  14. Disaster! The decals refused to adhere. Will have to get some after market ones. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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