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  1. Looks good. I too have one in box somewhere that, after seeing yours, has just pushed it's way further up the queue. Good luck with the treatment.
  2. Agrh! I've not bought a kit all year because I have 3 boxes full of them... Until now. Thanks. £15 delivered from Japan. I can't complain at that, but my wife will.
  3. Nice kit. I built one earlier in the year. Good call on the "Blanking Plate", I can see daylight between the pilot's feet.
  4. I thought I'd take a break from the endless cycle of filling and priming on my Revell Victor and quickly bring an "easy" kit up to the painting stage then finish it in tandem Big Vic. So, I grabbed this from the stash. Just exactly how naïve was that!? Every single join needs attention. I swear that some of these cheap kits area loss leader to sell filler. Anyway. It is starting to look like something. I did a bit on the cockpit (the black has been tidied up and the home-brew HUD looks less ghastly) and after a fair bit of swearing I'm here. That'll teach me! Should have done an Airfix Spitfire.
  5. Wow! I remember that canopy issue from when I was a kid. Happy days, although not on this occasion.
  6. I've dug the next kit out of the stash ready for when I've finished the current one (like you do). As the current one is the Revell Victor I thought I'd go for something that fits together properly as any more sanding will endanger my health. I’ll be doing the Cyber Hobby Sea Vixen FAW.2. I’ve got an aftermarket nose cone and some proper sized ejection seats. Has anyone tackled one of these recently or has anyone got any built photos?
  7. Nice. You've made me dig a Cyber Hobby Sea Vixen FAW.2 out of the stash. What paint did you use on the grey?
  8. No need. You can do it online as long as you have the kit and part number.
  9. Drop Airfix customer services a line. They may have one. They've rescued me before. Also, how easy is it to vacform? Never tried it, but you have the original to work from.
  10. That's very nice. I made an absolute Pig's Ear of mine.
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