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  1. Today
  2. 3 days of model making in the company of similar guys. Awesome!
    Some thing got done too


  3. Yesterday
  4. Hello Paul E.

    I visited your "ready for inspection"HMS Somerset" and just examined your WIP. Paul my compliments. You are making such a fast progress in your construction quality.

    You are on your way to become a Master Modeler. Lots of success with your next model.

    I forgot to mention your photographs. Sharp!

    Highest Regards, Orion/The Netherlands.

  5. Nicely bedecked Bell 212 of the Japan Coast Guard 海上保安庁 , 1979 - #avgeek

  6. Last week
  7. Hi there, I was wondering were you go the components to make the KC-30A, I want to do the same think but other than buying a KC-135R in 1/144 i would like to know how to do the small items.



    1. TrojanThunder


      Hi David,


      The KC-30A conversion set came from a back yard producer in Australia (based in Sydney) called Hamilton Hobbies. I got the set some years ago. The set has not been available for some time now.


      As far the small parts I just use strip and sheet styrene to make them, shaping with files, sanding and putty based on reference pictures I find on the internet.


      I hope this has answered you questions, happy answer any others or elaborate on what I have said here.



    2. dfmh60


      Hi Ray


      Thanks for the info, Hamilton Hobbies did some great conversions and are very hard to get.


      I will have to make the parts or by the KC-135R for the refueling boom possibly but might try and make it from scratch.


      Can you tell me the diameter and length of the wing refueling pod please.


      Thanks in advance



  8. Went to my LHS store yesterday and absentmindedly walked straight past it. Where is it? I back tracked. No wonder.  Boarded up. Closed down. Owners 'retired' notice in the window. I first went there 40yrs ago, and it's had the same owners all that time. I've been popping in there very regularly now for nearly 2 years. Would have been nice to have had advanced warning.

  9. Worn looking T-33A of the Hellenic Air Force, here usedas a squadron hack -

  10. Hi John,


    I have an Aeroclub Sea Veonom. It has been started. Basically parts cut out and sanded and a few bits stuck together. I would want you to see pictures first. If you were interested you could have it for £28 UK posted which is what I paid for it.


    You re probably not interested but just an option.





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    2. jaw


      Hi Sean,


      Thanks for your reply.


      My e-mail address is


      I look forward to seeing the pics.







    3. BushBrit66


      Hi John,


      email on way. Basically the donkey work is done. Pictures sent. If you are interested, ppal is





    4. BushBrit66


      Hi John

      glad you are happy with the kit. Yes £28 posted


      PPal is








  11. Soviet VVS Mi-24P (Ми-24П) gunship version of the 'Hind' during operations in Afghanistan in the 1980s -…

  12. Hi Jean - Thanks for your comments. Faded RLM shades always abit tricky. I used Tamiya XF 22 RLM Grey green with a dash of light grey. It looks a bit greener on the model than maybe the pics suggest but maybe the division between the 02 and the 65 on the fuselage is a bit indistinct although the wings look OK.



    1. jean


      Thanks Paul,

      this RLM 02 is going to drive me to drink, as no two paint manufacturers have matching colors... Same old story!

      I tend to lean towards a darker, greener hue, which many b & w pics would support, and then wham! the damn color looks ridiculously light...

      So I will have to make my mind and finish the models I have started that require this 02...

      How to make one's life complicated.



  13. Hi Fritag, thoroughly enjoyed the whole Chipmunk thread, with is flying diversions- I  have always loved flying the Chipmunk and have tried to recreate enjoyment in my models.  Seeing your model and your attention to detail, precision and ingenuity I realise I need to lift my game, hope you don't mind but I am going to try to follow your build plan on my next Chipmunk.  Thank you.  Colin

    1. Fritag


      Hi Colin,


      Thaks for the message.  I did about 14 hours in Chipmunks right at the beginning of flying training.  But it was a selection course rather then training proper and it was too stressful to really enjoy, which is a shame given how iconic the chippie is.  I did manage some more tail-dragger time many years later, principally when I flew a Cap10B regularly for a while - but it would have been nice to have soloed the chippie.





    2. ColinChipmunkfan


      Hi Steve,

      I never did get to fly jets P1 and later spent happy hours in Tiger Moths but I still rate the Chippie above that for handling and feel.  Emigrated to NZ and now fly Alphas (Robins) and gliders.  Have been modelling since a kid and never stopped.


  14. Earlier
  15. The prototype of the Mirage 4000, the Super Mirage - double the size and double the engines of the Mirage 2000 - ci…

  16. Hello all,

    This public post function is useful :thumbsup2: 


    My second attempt at this post as I can't find an 'edit' button.


    Thanks for the nice messages following the last message folks :), makes a big difference.


    Just a quickie; after a few weeks of being a 'day patient' for various clinics, right now I'm an 'in patient'.


    I have to say that this Canberra hospital is very good. I could probably write a bit of a guide on 'hospitals of the world' albeit limited to Europe, Scandinavia, the U.K. and the Commonwealth.


    I'll give this one a food rating tomorrow. It's 3.18am and I have sampled their 'pesticide free' tea, and can vouch for it.


    I personally gave up on 'Anthrax Blend' long ago, it was making my hair a little brittle :fool:.


    I just wanted to apologise for the lack of comments on the Group Build and threads I follow. I'm allowed a mobile phone in here, and there's not a lot to do, so I may be able to catch up now.


    If it goes quiet, please send me a PM, as they appear in email, and I'll scribble something back.


    My Spitfire and Jak 23 are more advanced than the threads suggest, I've just been too tired to tackle the photos and text, but it will happen.


    The Jak has suffered with Alclad black gloss coat 'crazing'. I'm sure that I put it on too thick. That product takes patience (and a good respirator :wacko:).


    The Spitfire is in camouflage now. Many difficulties with spraying acrylics, and big differences in shade for the sane colour, from different manufacturers. Not good if one forgets with which manufacturer's paint one sprayed on  e.g. the first coat of 'Medium Sea Grey' .


    I also resorted to a hybrid 'spray, then hairy stick' approach, to try to get a bit of depth, make it look realistic. I didn't resort to that because my airbrush work was abysmal. At all.




    Happy muddling folks and I hope to be around more soon to watch people making satellite catching aircraft, record breakers, lightnings, unusual early submarines, Spitfires, all manner of Glosters, De-Havilands and more.


    Apologies again for the absence.

    All best regards


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    2. JOCKNEY


      Hi Tony

      Thanks for the update, and really sorry you are still not back to your old self. I could make a completely inappropriate comment about keeping your End up whilst watching the nurses....but I won't :wicked:

      Instead I would say look after yourself, use the time to get back up to full strength and hit the ground running when you feel better.

      In the mean time you can nag the plants off the rest of us that have no excuse not to be getting on with things, other than our own ineptitude. 

      Go on Tony you know you want to :fight: :evil_laugh: :deadhorse:


      cheers Pat


    3. CedB


      Best wishes from me TT - get well soon :) 

    4. TonyTiger66


      Thanks chaps :):thanks: 

      Very kind and in the case of Pat's intended comment on keeping my end up, it can get a bit tricky around these parts with only flannel pyjamas on, I can tell you :o.


      What did John Noakes used to say to his sheepdog :hmmm: ?


      Feeling much better. Hospital food... very good, although the battered 'fish' tastes like battered 'dishcloth':S.


      I'm now getting busy reading all the fantastic builds here :thumbsup2: 


      Can't wait to get back muddling ;)


      Thanks again chaps; the balloons and grapes are lovely :lol:!



      All best regards 


  17. Hi Muddyf,


    I am most encouraged that you are liking my Bristol build so far.





  18. PM sent, re: A-10 in Operation enduring Freedom and F-8 Crusader Vs. Mig-17. 





    1. Nigel Foster60

      Nigel Foster60

      Hi Chris,


      Thank you for your e mail.


      I will be happy to put those aside for you..

      I am afraid I do not have paypal so I would ask for either a cheque or a direct bank payment please.

      Please can you let me have your address so I can prep the parcel. If a direct payment to my bank account I can post on  Monday if you wish.


      Thanks and regards



  19. Reconciliation - The process of comparing a model with reality in order to reduce the differences.

  20. It's sad how excited I just got at the arrival of a decal sheet! 

  21. Alis Apta Scientia

  22. One can never have too many Nieuports

  23. I'm not dead. Just very sleepy.

    1. jean


      Just be careful. Some people are dead and do not know it.

      It happened once to me...

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