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    • Mike

      PhotoBucket are no longer permitting 3rd party hosting   01/07/17

      As most of you are now painfully aware, Photobucket (PB) are stopping/have stopped allowing their members to link their accumulated years of photos into forums and the like, which they call 3rd party linking.  You can give them a non-refundable $399 a year to allow links, but I doubt that many will be rushing to take them up on that offer.  If you've previously paid them for the Pro account, it looks like you've got until your renewal to find another place to host your files, but you too will be subject to this ban unless you fork over a lot of cash.   PB seem to be making a concerted move to another type of customer, having been the butt of much displeasure over the years of a constantly worsening user interface, sloth and advertising pop-ups, with the result that they clearly don't give a hoot about the free members anymore.  If you don't have web space included in your internet package, you need to start looking for another photo host, but choose carefully, as some may follow suit and ditch their "free" members at some point.  The lesson there is keep local backups on your hard drive of everything you upload, so you can walk away if the same thing happens.   There's a thread on the subject here, so please use that to curse them, look for solutions or generall grouse about their mental capacity.   Not a nice situation for the forum users that hosted all their photos there, and there will now be a host of useless threads that relied heavily on photos from PB, but as there's not much we can do other than petition for a more equitable solution, I suggest we make the best of what we have and move on.  One thing is for certain.  It won't win them any friends, but they may not care at this point.    Mike.

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  1. Yesterday
  2. RT @AviationPhotoCo: US Navy RVAH-3 North American RA-5C Vigilante 156626/GJ-301 (1977) https://t.co/tzTzvgCecv

  3. Last week
  4. Does anyone know of Andy's status? He lives in Germany and I live in Texas, USA. Andy and I have become friends, Andy was going into the hospital for a operation and I have not heard from him now for 6-7 months. Andy is married but his wife does not speak english and I can't get in touch with him. If anyone can write german his wife is Sabine, his email is "Andreas.Dyck@web.de" and my email is "carlhataway@me.com" if anyone can get some info on Andy I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Carl

    1. Gorby


      Hi Carl, I'm sorry I can't help, but I don't think that many members look at the status updates, so you may have more luck if you posted this request in 'chat'.

      I wish you luck - Gorby

  5. Check out Revell Monogram 85-5869 1/48 F-102A Delta Dagger *New Release* #RevellMonogram https://t.co/8VkCC4OUh1 via @eBay

  6. I won! I have defeated the evil Npower!

    After five months of writing angry letters and dozens of incredibly frustrating phones calls, Ofgem have awarded my dad £3,233.60 - due to over-charging and £75 by way of an apology.

    Today is a good day.


    :party: :penguin::dog::yahoo:

  7. Check out Fujimi 1/72 scale McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom-II Red Devil #Fujimi https://t.co/pGA7XTXz2U via @eBay

  8. Check out Meng TS-008 1/35 French FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret) with interior #Meng https://t.co/9m6RHCeWZZ via @eBay

  9. lack of modelling updates, seems the vulcan has become a groundhog day model sanding the seems down....

  10. Hello Yurek, I wanted to know from you which tanks you used on the endings of your P-51D Cavallerro? I would be very grateful for the answer! Or advise from what model you can use! Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Alexander!

    1. Jurek Greinert

      Jurek Greinert

      Hi, I'm sorry but I can't remember. I took from the scrap/junk modeling.

      Regards Jurek

  11. Earlier
  12. Check out Revell 04275 1/144 Boeing 747-8 Lufthansa #Revell https://t.co/oSLiIHv06E via @eBay

  13. Currently on a coach to Edinburgh to see my mate and just had a low fly over by two typhoons (at a stop around the Peak District) they must have known I was here :) 

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    2. Procopius



    3. Stew Dapple

      Stew Dapple

      Enjoy your holiday Rob :)



    4. CedB


      Have a great break Rob - Edinburgh's a nice relaxing place in my experience - enjoy!

  14. My greatest achievement as a father so far: I've taught my twenty-one-month-old to exclaim "By Jove!" Next: introducing him to pink gins.

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    2. jean


      My dear Mr. P,


      this is a fantastic achievement many parents should try and emulate. If you have to swear, or use expletives if the situation commands, do it the English way.

      They have a way to make the worst insult sound so mundane. So much better than "cold steel", "blood'n guts", etc.

      Well done old chap!

      Now I am sure that even under Trump's presidency bowler hats must be available in the US of A. Get your son one, and while you are at it, get another one for you.

      Taking your son to school in that attire will sure be remembered for a long, long time.

      Anyway, be proud of yourself. And this is coming from a Frenchman who does not eat garlic and does not particularly like wine, red or white... But pink gins are just fine.



    3. rob85


      That PC is some fine work... with our first she picked up a habit my ex wife and I would have rathered we avoided... especially while laura couldn't find what she wanted in Waitrose, Q small angel of a 20 month old child "what's wrong mummy" mummy: "I can't find your yogurts!" Small beautiful daughter: "oh... (drops head) FFS" (forum rules do not permit me using anything but the abbreviation). She is a sharpe cookie and, as we found out, a very quick learner! 


      Looking Ng forward to the pic of him with his pink Gin :) 

    4. CedB


      Well done PC!

      If you want to extend his 'toff' vocabulary a simple trick is to just use single letters...

      "A S" - I understand your point

      "S A" - that's interesting.

      Rob your story reminded me of one of my favourite, slightly rude, ads along a similar vain. Less sensitive members can find it here. :D 

  15. In FRIAT enclosure from Thursday :smile:

  16. Check out Hobby Boss 81710 1/48 Grumman A-6E TRAM Intruder #HobbyBoss https://t.co/8UmlJI8t1m via @eBay

  17. There is a line of huge storms passing about 10-15km west of us. I've just been outside listening to the thunder and it's continuous, I imagine it must be like listening to bombing or an artillery barrage. The power of nature is awesome.

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    2. CedB


      Huh. Big storm here this morning so went down to see if Mols was trembling in her bed and got that sleepy 'What do you want boss?' reaction. She's obviously grown up (except for hot air Balloons!) :) 

    3. Biggles87


      Those was a French storms you had yesterday, they built up over Brest and drifted across the Chanel. You can follow storms on www.LightningMaps.org if you're interested. We follow them because we don't like leaving the horses out in fields surrounded by trees when there are heavy storms around, fortunately most of them seem to pass us by. 

    4. CedB


      Ah, French storms, les best! Glad they passed you by though - don't scare the horses! :) 

  18. Greets from the Yankee side of the pond!  Thank you for permitting me to participate in your site!

  19. Hi ,just joking about your comments regarding my painting my Stug iv that i said in my post about repainting models.

  20. Using rattle cans reminds me why I so prefer brush painting......

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