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  1. Today
  2. Hi Neil, need a bit of info please, what is the unit the Lincoln is from and the serial number please?


    It looks a real winner.



  3. Hi Crisp, Re the Schopf tug, I'll have to dig around, it's a while since I drew them up, can't remeber if I did it 48th or 72nd. I also drew up the big one the crabs use but neer info/ref on the top deck.



    PS Is Tony Cooke still MIA?

    1. Ex-FAAWAFU


      Scale not a big deal; I can multiply / divide!  I haven’t heard anything from TC in a good while.



    2. heloman1


      Had a look for the drawings this am, will have to dig harder to find the them!! Pity, I was hoping to get some Wildcat parts from him. I have a physical address and was going to try and contact him whilst i was in the UK in August but ran ourt of time!

      I mastered the engine cover whilst making the parts for the Super Lynx the SA Navy uses, which is now available from Scalewrox in Cape town, as his his 48th Allouette III. There are pics on ther IPMS Cape Peninsular FB page.




    1. Stew Dapple

      Stew Dapple

      All we are getting from Slade this side of the pond is "Merry Christmas Everybody" in every shop you go into... 

  5. Yesterday
  6. NASA Awards Contract for Safety, Mission Assurance Support via NASA https://t.co/uRnjMJZjfa

  7. Check out Mission Models MMA-006 Gloss Clear Coat Acrylic Paint 1oz/30ml #MissionModels https://t.co/gU2yBTJk6V via @eBay

  8. Last week
  9. Check out Hobby Boss 85507 1:35 - LKW 5t mil gl MAN-5 4x4 Truck #HobbyBoss https://t.co/opAODgHNMA via @eBay

  10. The weather here is pretty atrocious today with strong winds and heavy rain so I turned on the TV as I sat down to eat my lunch and Bargain Hunt was on. It wasn't long before one of the teams got to a stand with some aircraft instruments and picked up a morse key, the type fitted to the starboard cockpit wall in the Spitfire, and decide to buy it for £30 ( it sold for £70 ), but what really caught my eye was a complete instrument panel in the background which I reckon came from a Meteor judging by the shape of the lower edge of the panel.The event was held at the Kent showground which I believe is on part of the old Detling airfield.


    Good luck with the snow



  11. The Moon Shines Brightly Among NASA’s 2017 Highlights via NASA https://t.co/G9mZ33VhwO

  12. Check out Zoukei Mura SWS09 Super Wing Series 1/32 scale P-51D/K Mustang IV RAF Fighter https://t.co/el04TbHdEo via @eBay

  13. NASA Hosts Media Teleconference to Announce Latest Kepler Discovery via NASA https://t.co/esxzmd3dgF

  14. Here are the photos that i took at IPMS Scale Model World 2017 #flickr https://t.co/x3XIGwO3wb

  15. Check out Zoukei-Mura SWS04 1/32 North American P-51D Mustang USAAF #ZokeiMura https://t.co/WXAJfQw5xD via @eBay

  16. Earlier
  17. I don't suppose anyone knows of a source for the Airfix Lancaster B.II? They seem to have become rarer than hen's teeth.

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    2. Procopius


      You're a gent, Stew! Your advice is also solid, as, like most kits I buy, it would simply form part of a rude nest of kits upon which I would lay curled up, like Smaug.

    3. Cookenbacher




      I just got a Sword Seafire from them.

    4. Procopius


      Woof, fifty bucks! Well, I'll save them pennies, I guess.

  18. Check out Meng VS-008 1/35 Russian Gaz 233115 SPV Tiger-M #Meng https://t.co/e4hu0COxyR via @eBay

  19. Hi Julien, someone asked me if I had any more shots of Phantom FGR2 details (which I have) and rather than just e-mail them to him I wondered if they would be better in the walkaround section. I saw that it says you co-ordinate this? Do I just post them beneath your shots in the Phantom FGR2 slot or do I send them to you?

    Cheers Bob. 

    (or should I not do anything;)).

  20. Check out Eduard 11100 1/48 Spitfire XVI & FW190 D-9 ‘Rise of the Bubbletops’ Ltd Ed #Eduard https://t.co/Q7PYc3XpgM via @eBay

  21. Me too please!


    1. RZP


      No problem. :-)

  22. Good evening Enzo

     Being the host of the P 47 Thunderbolt II GB 30 June to 30 September for the Grumman Gb I would prefer this  slot  10 February to 3 June or this one 20 October to 10 February 2019 ..



    Best regards


  23. I sorely miss my modelling space. 

    With two kiddos in full toddler load out I am just not able to construct my ideal hobby room in the depths of this abode. I even suggested my wife and I could share the space as designated hobby area, but she has yet to relent and approve of spending any time away from the insanity.



  24. Hiya,


    I'm making a Qatar Police Lynx HC.28 from the 1/48 Airfix Lynx AH.7. I am using the Rotorcraft AH.1 conversion set and managed to source a Navy Lynx canopy. Apart from these easy conversion fixes, I am wondering if you're able to provide some insights on the intake section.


    I read (somewhere) that the Qatari Lynxes were fitted with uprated engines and sand filters.

    Would I be right in using the intake sand filter units from the Airfix kit, in conjunction with the standard (non-IR suppressing) exhausts?


    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  25. Woke up to a Christmas card scene this morning after about 2cm of snow overnight and more forecast for today.

    Our youngest dog loves it and wants to stay out all the time (-02C at the moment ) the other two just stay in their beds and give her the ' oh really! ' look.

    Hope you're all keeping warm



    1. CedB


      Crikey, a white Christmas already?

      I hope you don't get snowed OUT John; snowed in is good, out not so much...

  26. @Transporter74 Cheers for the follow!

  27. Check out Takom 2067 1/35 British APC FV432 Mk.3 Bulldog 2 in 1 #Takom https://t.co/MgL1k3O0z0 via @eBay

  28. Hi Olivier , contact me on teteargudo@yahoo.es and I'll send you good Mustang cockpit pics for your wonderful build, cheers!

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