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  1. A little bit of progress. Interesting kit, instructions aren't fantastic and there aren't any locating pins e.g. for joining the fuselage together, not a massive problem though. Should be at first painting stage by end of week.
  2. Picked this up in person at The Aviation Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells. I've got roughly three weeks to finish so need to get a wriggle on. This one is subtitled "Czechoslovak & Polish Pilots" and has four different schemes from various French squadrons in 1940. Looks like it's the second MS-406 in the French Fancy II so will try and have a different scheme, they all look rather marvellous. My first French aircraft and certainly my first Morane-Saulnier..!
  3. Matchbox 1/72 Fairey Seafox HMS Arethusa, 713 Catapult Flight Kalafrana, Malta, 1939
  4. This little Seafox had it's fair share of difficulties and took a little longer to finish than anticipated. Not my best by any stretch but fairly pleased with the outcome. Gallery updated.
  5. Recently sprayed model biplanes - like small children - should not be left unattended Not a hint of a breeze when I left the Seafox outside - half a hour later a gust of wind had catapulted it to the stone patio Upper wings are off, multi strut damage, tailplane detached, call the repair crew...!
  6. First biplane (for 40+ years) minor traumas aside - strut breakages, getting the wing alignments just so - it's slowing coming together. I'm surprised how big (large wing area) it has compared to a Bf109 for example. The float assembly is almost done (out of shot) so should be mostly there - apart from canopies and various easily snapable items - soon. For painting I'm going for the aluminium option. The decals for this version are much brighter than the camouflage ones.
  7. Thank you for your welcomes and comments - very interesting. A little bit of progress, the photo doesn't do it justice. Had to give the pilot some cardboard cushions as was seriously low down in the cockpit! Have a week off work so should get a move on now. Lovely little kit - has a nice feel about it.
  8. This is my entry for the High Wing GB. An early 1980s Matchbox Fairey Seafox in fetching two tone sprues! This will be the first Matchbox kit and first biplane since returning to modelling in my 50s. I'm pretty sure you won't be seeing any rigging but I'll see how it goes. There are two painting options; a light/dark grey 702 squadron detached to HMS Asturias, 1942 or a silver HMS Arethusa 713 Catapult Flight based in Kalafrana, Malta, 1939. Looking forward to reading up about this aircraft and it's WW2 role.
  9. Airfix Bf109E-4 1/72 Aircraft flown by Oberleutnant Franz von Werra Gruppen-Adjutant I/JG 3, Samer, France, August 1940 Thank you for looking, Tom
  10. Thank you all, we'll call that one done Gallery updated. Thank you to the hosts, I really enjoyed this one. Since returning to the hobby in my 50's I now have three Spitfires and three Bf109s!
  11. So far, so good. A collection of Bf109 parts being painted and pending assembly this week all going well.
  12. Thank you all. Making steady progress. The detail on this Airfix kit is very good but I wonder if anyone else has noticed that the joins between the sprue and the part are rather thick? I'm used to simple snip with cutters and then perhaps a minor trim but because of the thickness I'm having to be very careful not to take a chunk out or worse break a part (already happened!). The technique required for this kit is to use cutters or a knife a relative long distance from the edge of the part and major trim as required.
  13. After a brief summer break from modelling I'm back with my third Bf109. The first was an E-7 for the Heller Classic GB and the second a F-4 Trop for the Africa GB. This E-4 will be interesting to compare to the Heller E-7 although I've just realised it's missing a tail wheel (nabbed for something else). And I'd better get cracking (looks like wind and rain this weekend, so should get some progress made!)
  14. AZ Model 1/72 Bf 109 F4 Trop - Build thread here
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