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  1. Just been for a local walk - Near Rushlake Green, East Sussex - 29/09 - about 5:45pm - A Hurricane and a BF 109 arrived nearby and proceeded to have a dogfight - there was a helicopter nearby presumably filming. At one point the 109 was trailing smoke all quite dramatic!! If anyone knows anything about this and what they might be filming for would be grateful for any info. Many thanks Tom
  2. Airfix 1/76 T-34 - I love the little chap
  3. This had to be a quick build in between work and getting ready for a short break. I have never built a 1/76 tank before - it was rather good fun
  4. A collection of He 111 parts are coming together for assembly over the coming days all going well. I might be on my own here but this aircraft has a certain look and shape that is quite attractive and pleasingly in proportion. I made one as a kid but pretty sure didn't complete so looking forward to seeing this built - as a H1 - and painted will be a treat
  5. Thank you all for your comments. Hopefully the photo below might clear up what I've got here, is it a H1/H6 or a pre-internet hybrid..?! The props I would say are the wider flavour, the only alternative options are a rear tail gun (for the H6) and a torpedo or not
  6. Picked this up recently at Aviation Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK. I do remember making an Airfix 111 aged 10ish but pretty sure I didn't finish it (something is telling me it flew out of my bedroom windows - possible in frustration!) It's clearly an OLD kit, the decals look relatively OK although somewhat yellowed. It matters not!! Haven't decided as yet on the H1 or H6 version but very much looking forward to doing a bit of research, learning more the aircraft and making a start this weekend Couple of pics of box front plus sprues and peek at instructions and decals. Ha
  7. This little Airfix T-34 is my seventh group build. I wasn't going to enter but my nephew (7) is getting into modelling and I've been helping him build a 1/76 Panther so I grabbed this off eBay to build alongside. My last (and only other) tank was a childhood Tamiya Walker Bulldog. This weekend saw us get a move on and quickly complete most of the build minus tracks. Painting and finish this week all going well.
  8. Academy 1/72 Vought Corsair F4U-1 F-107 Captain P C DeLong - VMF-212, 1945 Thank you for looking - build thread here
  9. Completed Decals a little shiny (not as good as the very much older Kit You Built As A Kid Sabre) but overall very pleased - and - no wheels or antenna knocked off as per usual! Gallery pics to follow.
  10. Progress last week and over the recent heatwave days. Primer on, just a couple of gaps filled and sanded, wheel assemblies glued and painted and then three coats of thinned Humbrol 15. Pretty sure this is the first kit I've ever painted BLUE - I love it Added the external fuel tank today and wheels are on (trying my very hardest to not knock them off!) and it's starting to look like a Corsair. Propeller to paint, then canopy then decals... One query - I'm not sure if I should add the forward antenna / mast. The instructions list it as optional but don't give any other advice. T
  11. So far so good - with the engine cowl next to go on and a little filler at the wing joints - it should be primer time.
  12. Looking forward to building my first Corsair for this Group Build. I'm very tempted to go for the VMF-212 Gloss Navy Blue version piloted by Captain Philip Delong. Scalemates link.
  13. Airfix 1/72 North American F-86D Sabre FU-845 - 520th Fighter Interceptor Squadron 1955 Thank you for looking - build thread here
  14. What a thoroughly enjoyable group build - a real trip down memory lane Thank you to the hosts and all those with encouraging comments. Since my return to modelling I have been using acrylic paints or spray cans. And although I used Halfords Aluminium for the metal finish instead of Humbrol 11 I think I will have to order an enamel tin - just for the reminder of childhood smell. I was expecting a nightmare with the ancient decals but they went on a treat. I also can't believe I knocked off a wheel AGAIN next time the wheels are going on LAST...! Photos added to gallery...
  15. Painting complete - decals on this week. Have knocked ALL wheels off at some point and the fuel outlet pipe today, need to get this finished very soon and safe on a shelf away from my clumsy hands
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