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  1. Ok finally got some “not” decorating time so have moved this one on a bit as I’d not got enough time to get the airbrush out (fingers crossed for a window at the weekend ) Main hull colours done along with the deck - next is gold ...... lots of gold only managed to break 1 oar in the process which I’ll re attach once I’m ready to paint them (post gold)
  2. Still waiting paint - compressor issue now resolved but SWMBO has decided I’m decorating the bathroom before Christmas so all modelling is severely curtailed still hoping it (and the Arado & La Réale) will be done before the closing date though
  3. I have been for a while and I fear beyond redemption - I used to get similar comments for painting lace on 6mmwargames figures and adding masts etc to 1/3000 scale ships
  4. Don’t I had to stop myself; I’d already worked out figures would be around 4mm and dug out references for the 1690’s french uniforms .............
  5. Well was going build this out of the box .......... It’s just that I kept looking at the overly thick railings / missing railing and thought I could just do a bit of a tweak ....... so plastic rod at the ready I’ve replaced the solid stuff and added the missing bits ........... much better; now what other improvements can I make
  6. Ok the compressor needs a part - as a result the Vivastella & the Arado are on hold so rather than lose a week I’m starting build no. 4 064 La Réale 1/450 £5 whim purchase off eBay - been a long time since i built a ship so let’s see how this one goes
  7. Still deciding whether to do the 1946 scruffy ex Luftwaffe scheme with French markings or the 1948 overall aluminium with red “lightening” flash ........
  8. Major construction done - I’ll mask the cockpit next and then just a bit more sanding / filling to go before spraying the initial undercoat
  9. Bit more progress today - fuselage closed up (as anticipated most of the PE detail is hidden !) also progressed the wings and have rescribed the panel lines on the major sub-assemblies i’ll get these bits together next and then some filling fun - dry fitting suggests there will be a few areas that will need attention
  10. Interior all painted ready to assemble and close up
  11. I can now safely say no - still better than the basic kit though Nice ; I’ve got a RS Models SIPA S10 waiting to get on the bench - late 40’s and 50’s french forces trainers and liaison aircraft are a particular passion of mine ( weird I know)
  12. 143 - Groupe Mitrailleuses Hotchkiss This is my first group build entry since joining the forum (but not the last) Brought for a fiver off eBay - not bad figures for their age - enjoyed building these build post is here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235081133-143-groupe-mitrailleuses-hotchkiss/&tab=comments#comment-3875405
  13. Tonight I have mainly been picking etch up off the floor I only lost 1 lever from the control panel in the end which I replaced with spare brass - still a few bits to do and a smidge of fettling but almost there and ready for a drop of paint
  14. interesting and something id not really considered as ive aways painted the whites (even on 28mm wargaming figures) but now you say it ....................................... i may need a rethink
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