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  1. This was brought on a whim; I’d never heard of it but liked the quirkiness. PKZ- 2 artillery observation platform / helicopter Roden 1/72 Its an experimental Austro-Hungarian replacement for observation balloons it flew a few times in the spring of 1918 before being shelved. interesting build, quite fiddly and difficult to line things up - rigging was shall we say challenging. Quite pleased with the end result though
  2. Yep both horses have only 1 hoof on the ground - i drilled about 10mm into the supporting leg and the base and pinned with stiff wire and then crossed my fingers - I suspect it may not travel well
  3. Its normal loose static grass randomly sprinkled on to pva glue with a bit of pale yellow dry brushed on once dried to give some variation
  4. This has been on and off the workbench for around 6 months but finally finished today Its been challenging at times but I’m happy with the final result . Masterbox 1/35
  5. It is superfine has 0.01 on it which the place I brought it from advertised as mm ….. perhaps it’s not and it is right after all edit: just found a site which says superfine is 0.01 mm but is correct for 1/72 rigging
  6. The rigging is Uschi 0.01 mm; it almost invisible without the white background; scale wise 0.03 would be closer so will try that on the next one the decals were bad (they were 20 years old I suppose) - I had one break up which i replaced from another newer set I’ve got but my main issue was they would just not settle even with copious amounts of micro sol/set - the white areas also seemed translucent when dry so I had to overpaint them with white paint
  7. Not posted for a while but quite pleased with this so here goes …… I found this kit while clearing a cupboard that hadn’t been accessible until recently for some years, I started it back in 2002 got fed up trying to do the wood effect so gave up. I decided to give it another go stripped the bodged wood effect to give the oil paint method a try don’t think it’s come out too bad. First go at rigging as well, it’s too fine but I’m not redoing it !!! I think I may have to try another one now, possibly an old Toko Hansa Brandenberg DI I’ve got in the stash somewhere. Albatros DII Jasta 24 Western Front March 1917 flown by the Austro-Hungarian ace Godwin Brumowski during his training on the Albatros Roden 1/72 kit: Reddog base : aerobonus figure
  8. 3 weeks with the “worst cold ever” has meant no modelling which means this has definitely beat me. it will be finished eventually but for now its going to the shelf of doom as I have no enthusiasm left for it
  9. So not given up entirely with this but not convinced it will be done by the closing date due to work commitments. after stripping most of the black and orange from the wings and part of the fuselage I’ve redone them and finally got a couple of coats of aluminium on; hopefully one final coat tomorrow and then pick out a few panels in a different shade for variation before sealing with klear
  10. This one is fighting all the way and I think it may win - masking the orange was a pain even Tamiya tape just didn’t want to stay put and then the black base just didn’t go well to the point I need to strip the wings at least (but suspect it will be the whole thing) - I’m not convinced I’ll get this one done now
  11. Orange on masking and then black base for the aluminium
  12. I’ll give it a couple of days for the undercoat to fully harden off but it’s essentially ready for paint - dayglow orange panels on the wing tips and fuselage first before nmf for the rest
  13. Wings on - engines on - bit of filler around the engines to clean up and then it’s ready for masking and some undercoat
  14. Ok after a few weeks completing extensive “research” in La belle France (mostly into wine and brandy to be honest but I did drive past the Cognac training airbase on the way to a distillery visit so that must count ) I’m back to this. engines built ( and filled with liquid gravity) - wings cleaned up and filed to get a decent fit with the fuselage -undercarriage parts sorted and cleaned up - vertical tail surfaces installed - more filler next but it finally feels like I’m actually getting somewhere with it
  15. Finally back on this after a busy few weeks with work yet more filler on the fuselage around the cockpit and quite a lot required around the tail joint - started on the wings which I think will need some work after needing clamps to keep them together while drying - also cleaned up the engine parts ready for assembly fun
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