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  1. Finished - basic base as I didn’t want to overwhelm the figure
  2. French Infantryman and bike done - waiting for the oak base to arrive hopefully in the next couple of days to complete it
  3. Infantryman done bar his rifle and a coat of varnish. Bike next then sort out a suitable base
  4. With the Mystère finished ive returned to the french infantryman. I’ve sorted out the missing straps with plastic strip and green stuff and have started painting. Uniform is almost done just a glaze to go to tone it down a tad and blend it together. Base coat and initial wash also done on the bike
  5. Dassault Mystère IVA 2 Escadre de Chase "Patrouille de France" 1957-61 Old Matchbox kit discovered as part of a lost box of kits when clearing the garage Last couple of pics include my first garage find kit; a Heller Ouragan also in Patrouille de France colours Just for Perdu (Bill) - the pilot figure has been ordered I've also drawn up a plan for a ladder - hopefully it wiil be done before we return to Longbridge WIP topic is here
  6. On the final stretch - undercarriage complete - canopy almost there - gun sight added to the cockpit - NAV lights done - seat underway - hopefully be finished by tomorrow
  7. The blue (pastel blue) and metal are the red and white are Army Painter
  8. Panel lining done - final gloss coat done - masking removed and final build commenced Fingers crossed I should be done by the weekend
  9. Managed to get the bulk of construction on this done today as the matchbox mystère panel line oil wash is still curing the bike is extremely fragile - painting will be interesting figure is almost done just need to add the missing parts of straps with strip and green stuff and then he will also be ready for paint
  10. Be prepared for a lot of “adjustments “ - especially to get the etch to fit inside the plastic wheels
  11. Decals done on the Mystère - didn’t go well even though there are only 16 for this scheme Most were ok bit thick so the side stripes needed copious amounts of Micro Sol to get them to sit right but the ones for the “spine” were dire - broke up and were way too short - anyway ended up painting them in the end with a hairy stick (they are ok just don’t magnify the image too much ) Next a coat of gloss to seal everything and then wash the panel lines.
  12. Tonight I have mainly been cutting and bending etch before glueing it to plastic - very fiddly but quite rewarding
  13. So my matchbox mystère build has got to the point where there is going to be lots of “waiting for things to dry” so I’ve decided to start this to fill the gaps was going well cleaning parts for the figure but went down hill on the bike with a dose of “ amazing jumping PE “ - need to scratch build replacements now Anyway that’s it for today will pick up again tomorrow evening
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