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  1. So not given up entirely with this but not convinced it will be done by the closing date due to work commitments. after stripping most of the black and orange from the wings and part of the fuselage I’ve redone them and finally got a couple of coats of aluminium on; hopefully one final coat tomorrow and then pick out a few panels in a different shade for variation before sealing with klear
  2. This one is fighting all the way and I think it may win - masking the orange was a pain even Tamiya tape just didn’t want to stay put and then the black base just didn’t go well to the point I need to strip the wings at least (but suspect it will be the whole thing) - I’m not convinced I’ll get this one done now
  3. Orange on masking and then black base for the aluminium
  4. I’ll give it a couple of days for the undercoat to fully harden off but it’s essentially ready for paint - dayglow orange panels on the wing tips and fuselage first before nmf for the rest
  5. Wings on - engines on - bit of filler around the engines to clean up and then it’s ready for masking and some undercoat
  6. Ok after a few weeks completing extensive “research” in La belle France (mostly into wine and brandy to be honest but I did drive past the Cognac training airbase on the way to a distillery visit so that must count ) I’m back to this. engines built ( and filled with liquid gravity) - wings cleaned up and filed to get a decent fit with the fuselage -undercarriage parts sorted and cleaned up - vertical tail surfaces installed - more filler next but it finally feels like I’m actually getting somewhere with it
  7. Finally back on this after a busy few weeks with work yet more filler on the fuselage around the cockpit and quite a lot required around the tail joint - started on the wings which I think will need some work after needing clamps to keep them together while drying - also cleaned up the engine parts ready for assembly fun
  8. I see what you mean in the pictures it looks to have a scalloped edge which is not represented in the kit - It would be difficult to replicate though without making a new canopy so I think I may have to accept the error for now…….
  9. Interior done - decent cockpit including etch controls - completely empty passenger compartment even though it’s more visible when the fuselage is closed up interior floor, bulkhead and seats scratched out of plastic card and rod - looks ok fuselage closed up and clamped shut rescribing of the wing is turning out to be more than planned
  10. Cockpit installed and closed up a lot of rescribing was required particularly around the nose due to the amount of sanding required to get a good fit - still a bit more to do and a general tidy up along with some filler around the canopy ive also made a start on the tailplane - it will need some work along the joins before it’s attached to the fuselage
  11. Wing joint cleaned up just a bit of rescribing to do - also made a start on the interior with the cockpit and added the side glazing - a lot of cleaning up and sanding on this one but I think it will be ok in the end
  12. Nose cone on (with what seemed like half a ton of weight added) and the strange resin piece in front of the cockpit added - lots a filler required here and still work to be done - join line also took more effort than expected to clean up and still needs rescribing - despite this I’m happy with how it’s going
  13. Passenger cabin complete and closed up to never be seen again fuselage fit is “ok” but will need some work and a bit of rescribing
  14. I’ve made a start - I think even with less than 20 parts this is going to be a challenge - everything so far has required considerable cleaning up - having glued the wing together you can just see the large gap between the halves that’s going be fun to fill
  15. Interior is taking longer than planned - having made the rear bulkhead it highlighted that the floor was about 5mm too narrow which needed some work to rectify - however its now getting there with the majority of the interior painted (even though most of the interior of the passenger cabin is invisible when the fuselage is closed)
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