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  1. Bit more progress Masking off (need to clean the windows 2 years of it being there has left some residue) and decals started will look to sort the platform gubbins out next before the roof is fixed permanently
  2. more progress on the TN6C2 - the cab is nearly complete and the main colours are on the passenger compartment (minor issue meant I had to reopen the passenger compartment- this kit is fighting me all the way)
  3. Yep had to buy some new bottles of cream & green just for this and expect to use most of it
  4. Bit more progress Front end is now green and the cab interior walls are done (covered in masking tape!) ready for adding the cream at some point this week
  5. Im still here and still missing the GB :( Currently clearing the shelf of doom and have finally returned to my "got me back into modelling" kit which has languished on the shelf for almost 2 years ..................................................................its Heller and its big Kit 789 Autobus Parisien Ive started a build thread here if anyones interested :Renault TN6C2 Looking forward to French Fancy so I can build some more Heller loverliness (although I may sneek at least 1 non Heller in!!)
  6. Resurrection time...... I had coveted this since first seeing it in Beatties Birmingham when I was 13 - 40 years later I brought one on eBay as my get back into modelling project spent 2 months building then got distracted and shelved it - 5 months later and the cat decided he didn’t like it on the shelf so sent it to the floor - it’s sat there now for 15 more months dejected and unloved - it’s time has come though and it’s now back on the workbench first job was to repair the cat damage which got me back to this Over the last couple of weeks I’ve
  7. Signed up and ready to go with that ........... when I say ready I mean I haven’t actually decided what yet - probably what randomly comes up on eBay the week before it starts a bit like the Heller GB
  8. Taxi de la Marne ICM 1/35 Finally finished after 18 months on and off It’s been a challenging build - slightly misaligned molds meant every part had to have work to get them to fit along with the usual ICM over engineering (why use 1 part when we can use 5 on something you won’t see when it’s finished anyway ) Happy with the result though in the end
  9. I have 4 stashed away in the garage somewhere ............ I have no idea why however
  10. I’m missing it already my first GB but I suspect not my last - it’s been challenging, entertaining and a learning experience all rolled into one. thanks to all the mods for a good clean fight .........
  11. C'est fini First one of my 4 builds started last one finished - it fought me at times but quite happy with it in the end
  12. Renault Vivastella Heller kit no724 1/24 scale The Vivastella was introduced in 1928 and remained in production in various forms until 1939 Build thread is here
  13. Bit more done - most parts now attached just the bonnet, a couple of mirrors and soft top to go - few bits of gloss to touch up but should be done by the weekend
  14. today I have mainly being painting chrome - windows; running boards; top of the radiator; indicator housings and various other details - bit of gloss varnish tomorrow and these will be finished the body is now also permanantly joined to the chassis Next will be the bonnet - some respray required following an earlier cock-up and some chrome for the many handles You never know i might get this done by the closing date after all
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