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  1. This is certainly a fantastic piece of work, thanks for your effort. Graham
  2. There is a kit of the Battle class in 1/700 made by HP Models. HP models do not sell them any more, but they are freely available on the secondary market, indeed I bought three just the other week. There are pretty nice and come in both 1942 and 1943 versions. If you are interested, let me know and I may be able to source one for you. Graham
  3. Simon, First, if you want to make a 1/700 USN WWII Aircraft Carrier, you are fortunate in that just about all of them are available in one way or another. As a result the claim of “Best” is tough to answer. Here are the available options. Note, I have owned/built or still own almost all of the ones below: CV-1 Langley Loose Cannon-Resin Only one is in resin and from what I have seen, pretty nice kit. Hard to find CV-2/3 Lexington/Saratoga Fujimi –Lex Older kit, nice but there are better alternatives. Meng – Lex & Sara, very new, Meng’s first ships kits and from their reputation, likely to be pretty good. This is one of the few that I don’t own. Tamiya, Sara late war only. IMHO, the best one available especially if you can find the one with the Pontos upgrade set Trumpeter. Can make early war Lex as well as pre-war Sara. No bad kit and cheaper and easier to find than Tamiya. Pit-Road. Not seen these but believe they were the kits that the Trumpeter ones were based on. CV-4 Ranger Corsair Armada. Resin but beautiful kit. Hard to find CV-5/6/8 Yorktown/Enterprise/Hornet So many versions of this, you take your pick. Academy, Doyusha, Tamiya, Trumpeter, Mini Hobby. Academy is the newest and probably the best. CV-7 Wasp Aoshima (3 boxings). Very nice kit. Corsair Armada. Resin but beautiful kit. Hard to find Essex Class Once again, so many versions of this, you take your pick. Hasegawa is old, stay away from, Trumpeter is good, but the best is probably Dragon, available in several versions. Both Trumpeter and Dragon do short and long hull versions. Independence Class The same sprues are sold by three companies, Pit-Road, Dragon and Revell. All the same kit, and very nice. All of the kits listed can improved by aftermarket PE and 3D printed AA guns, but assuming that you want a buildable plastic kit that looks good, I would go with any of Tamiya Saratoga, Meng Lexington, Aoshima Wasp, Academy Enterprise, Dragon Essex or Dragon Independence.
  4. Hi David, I have a copy of that book also and can send it via Media Mail from Ohio on loan if you want. Good to see that you have finally taken up ship modelling and a great subject to start with. Graham,
  5. Mike, One quick follow up question to get your thoughts. The Shipcraft renderings show the early 1942 scheme having Y turret as the darker colour (507B), but my analysis of your photos seem to show that is it X turret that is darker. Thoughts?
  6. Yes I have the 2013 of Burt, not sure why I never noticed that before. I also have the Shipcraft book, but as I am also making a 1/7/00 1944 version of QE I keep looking for QE pictures and missing the photos for the 1/350 Valiant. Thanks for the pictures and the help, nothing holding me back now.
  7. Looking back at my photos, I have none that show this scheme, but have an April 1940 that has her in a dark scheme with large roundels on A and Y turrets. I agree that most likely she was repainted sometime soon after her arrival in Alex in Sept 1940. In his book, R.A. Burt states "Dark Home Fleet grey until early 1941 when painted up in two-tone grey (507b and 507c or possibly B5). Worn until Christmas 1942." Given Jamie's recent research I think that the B5 reference is wrong and that they are the new 507b and 507c colours that Jamie has as NARN 22 and 20 respectively. This would match Warspite nicely. Burt then states "Unofficial Disruptive scheme painted up in late 1942/early 1943. Repainted Admiralty Disruptive type in May 1943. Repainted Admiralty Standard type in 1945. All grey by end of 1945." I have plenty of pictures of these schemes, but like you, my Valiant will be as at Matapan. The only thing this leaves is the exact demarcation lines as your pictures are not quite clear enough to discern.
  8. I haven't seen the Meng one yet, but having owned and then sold the Trumpeter one I can honestly say go Tamiya. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-31713-cv-3-saratoga--316915 This is a beautiful kit that blows the Trumpeter one out of the water. Having said this, the Tamiya kit depicts her as she was in 1944 and that may not be what you are after. She did after all change a lot.
  9. Mike, Sorry to hijack, but can I ask you about the above statement? I too am doing Valiant at Matapan time, but what have you found out about her paint scheme then? I have a photo of her in 1940 where she is all grey and another that is dated May 41 where she is still all grey. I have my doubts about the date on this latter photo but I have found nothing to prove it wrong so I am really interested in hearing what you have discovered. Graham
  10. zed

    Aftermarket suggestions

    As Jamie states the Hood turrets need replacing, and WEM and Flyhawk are good replacements, but don't forget the 3D printed ones from Shapeways. MicroMaster make some really nice ones.
  11. OK, that one is an easier subject. Yes, the Heller 707 kit works fine for this one. I know that there is a complex lineage of the Heller kit and what it can be made in to, but I am pretty certain that you are good to go. Kit # 80305 contains decals for a BOAC aircraft, G-ATWV, which is the same -336 model as G-AXXY show above. Kind of a shame that you no longer have those Conway engines, that would have made a nice conversion.
  12. Yes, you can, but it will need mods. The biggest mod is that you need Rolls Royce Conway engines to make it a -420. I don't think that anyone makes replacement engines so your only route would be modifying the kit engines and that is quite a task, especially the exhausts. You will also need to add the underfin.
  13. Jase, You have two choices in 1/350 scale, Academy and Trumpeter. From what I understand, to make the most accurate model it is best to combine both kits as they both have good and bad points, but that is probably not practical. I have heard that neither are truly awful, but the better one, slightly, is Academy, and if you can find the Premium Edition that includes the Pontos detail set with a wooden deck, brass barrels and lots of PE. Graham
  14. zed

    Duke of Edinburgh ship ?

    I have the same list of ships that he served on as well, and as I have a thing about collections I am making as many as I can in 1/350. I have Whelp from Atlantic Models converted from Venus already in work, I have Magpie from WEM (Starling) almost finished, I have two Trumpeter QEs, one will be Valiant, and have Cornwall on pre-order from Trumpeter to make as Kent, though I could wait for Kent. The hard one is Wallace, so to make it I have two Showcase Vendetta kits to combine into one. This conversion means making the extra length of the Thornycroft type leader as well as the WAIR AA conversion. Et Voila, I have my five, though would love to add Ramilies and Shropshire as well, especially as that is my birthplace. I suppose a passable Shropshire could be made from Cornwall, but a lot of effort. Also, don't forget he stoked boilers on RMS Empress of Russia.
  15. Now that is useful. What format are they in? A few ships I wouldn't mind getting myself. Being on the left side of the pond, digital would be much easier.
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