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Simon Cornes

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  1. Nice Spit. I have the Heller version and I am fond of that! Simon
  2. Simon Cornes

    Anyone want to contact me, 3D printing required.

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the offer. I will dig out my e-mail trail and forward it on to you to have a look at. I was at Clifton Curios today (not your neck of the woods!) and we were only talking about 3-D printing and saying that modellers think/expect an aftermarket wheel to cost maybe £5 - based on what True Details charge for a set of 1/32 B-24 wheels for example and so there is a disconnect between what we expect and what a 3-D printer charges.Until that link is establish then 3-D printing is way to expensive. The only exception I can think of is GasPatch where their 3-D printed accessories are beautiful but still at a price, whilst albeit expensive, is affordable with a little stretch of the imagination, Best regards Simon
  3. Simon Cornes

    Anyone want to contact me, 3D printing required.

    You could be right John. The likes of GasPatch do absolutely beautiful 3-D printed machine guns where you can see right through the cooling jackets. Absolutely amazing and relatively cheap for about £15 for a pair but I think it makes sense to fall back to 'proper' modelling when you want a 'one off' and you can see how to do it. Its not like I'm trying to make canopies, that is a different thing altogether! Simon
  4. Simon Cornes

    Hawker Hunter F.Mk.5, Academy 1/48

    Thank you for the link. Now all I need is that Aeromaster decal sheet!
  5. And they are lovely! Second set ordered!
  6. That is really rather nice and proof that there's many an old kit that deserves a chance. Lovely!!
  7. Simon Cornes

    Hawker Hunter F.Mk.5, Academy 1/48

    'Wolf Wishes, Wolf Flies' eh? Those are probably my favourite Hunter markings as well - from when I first saw them on the inside cover of Fighting Colours by MJF Bowyer. I have a couple of Italeri/Academy kits. Did you do a build thread anywhere? The fuselage vent issues are what I would like to get nailed - maybe I need to re-read my Hunter MDF? Great stuff Simon
  8. Set ordered last night. Well done Ali!
  9. This might have been mentioned already but Ali of Aerocraft has just released a set of bronze inserts for the undercarriage. £20 + £2 P & P in the UK available via his website. I should imagine demand wil be high! I'm expecting to wait 2-3 weeks before my set arrive but I'm in no rush! Now all we need to know is what Brassin are going to do! Simon
  10. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    That's good to know. What about a baggage pod !
  11. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Great photos James. I thought the intention was to make XL500 airworthy again? A long time since I read that and I suppose these things take a lot of time (and even more money) but I see your photos were over 6 years ago. Any idea what the position with the airframe is now? Simon
  12. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Hi Linus, I didn't know that but I think what I have with the Alleycat kit will be more than adequate. I see that the chap on eBay is now up for offers on his AS/AEW Franken-gannet? I bet he is! Ah well, I suppose he's happy with it and see's what completed models sell for (or are advertised for)on eBay and thinks 'Why not?' If he sells a few at what appear to be much more 'reasonable' prices to Joe P then good luck to him but its better that we don't know!! Simon
  13. Picked up mine today! OMG - huge!! 300g nose weight. Should that be 500? Definitely needs metal in the u/c legs! Will be interesting to see what the a/m come up with by way of 'essentials' !! And the box stacks neatly on top of the HKM B-17 and Airfix 1/24th Mossie! How convenient!! Simon
  14. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    I have an Alleycat 1/72 AEW3 in the stash somewhere and I was thinking that might provide some good basic reference for the operators cockpit. I have an idea that the windows need to be more 'hemispherical' than as moulded but that's relatively easy compared to producing a replacement canopy. We are very lucky though. Got my January SAM today and there is a suggestion that there will be build article at some point - I think Colin 'Flying' Picket has one - but as the number of kits is limited then the number who will be interested will be even more limited - but it might stimulate a mainline manufacturer to produce an injection moulded kit? Not that I need one though!