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  1. Simon Cornes

    NA Harvard - reference material

    Thanks Graham Well I was thinking MkII, IIB or III using the bits in the box and an A2Zee resin canopy that came with the deal although I'm not sure how different it is to the standard kit rear glazing. I assume only Mk I's would be in the camouflage and operated in the UK? The one I saw a photo of - FT281 - was operated by No 5 (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit at Tern Hill and although it seems a dark green colour (black and white image) I imagine its overall yellow with black anti glare panel with Type C markings and no visible yellow ring around the fuselage roundel, rather confirming the airframe colour. N7003 looks to be interesting though and that is full camouflage including gas patch but is it a Mk I ? No aerial mast visible on the cowling and rather strange markings below the cockpit. Also N1476, PS894, same time, same unit. Mk I ? I rather fell from grace and bought both the Peter C Smith 'short' book - which I think may be mainly plans? Also the Warbird Tech book as, on balance, it seemed to be a good idea! Time will tell!
  2. Simon Cornes

    NA Harvard - reference material

    Thanks for the advice and opinions Guys. Graham, that was a very comprehensive summary of whats about and, goes what, its RAF Harvards that interest me, probably UK based ones and probably in the Dark Earth/Dark Green/ Trainer Yellow colour scheme. I need this info for the Kittyhawk 1/32nd kit so an RAF Harvard I is not an option as far as I know. I saw a not great photo of a 5 FTS Harvard IIB at Tern Hill today and that may be of interest but I suspect it may be all over yellow. As tempestfan says, maybe the best option is the Warbird Tech book - at least as a starting point? Thanks again Simon
  3. Simon Cornes

    NA Harvard - reference material

    I am amazed that either Valiant or SAMI haven't produced some sort of datafile on the Harvard given how many were built. I have just ordered a copy of the Peter C Smith 'simple' book which I think may be mainly plans, not the Crowood book but can anyone recommend a 'modelers' type reference book on this type? Thanks Simon
  4. Simon Cornes

    Vosper MTB

    Looking lovely Dan! I just had a ferret around the inter web and found a photo of a model of MTB 58 and that has the darker grey lower hull - very much like the box top illustration for the Airfix Vosper but then the antifouling runs right to the bow - but then the Airfix Vosper stops at around 1/4 way back so thats probably where I've got that idea from! In truth, I expect there were quite a few variations to the camouflage, especially depending on whether they were UK Coastal Forces or in the Med and your boat captures the 'feel' of a well used MTB extremely well - it will put a lot of r/c scale boats to shame, I know that much!! (former chairman of Potteries MBC and bit of a scale boater!)
  5. Simon Cornes

    Vosper MTB

    Just a quick question. In my experience MTB hulls were often painted in two shades of grey and the black anti-fouling often finished in a straight line from waterline to waterline around 1/4 of the hull length back from the bows so that the bow appeared grey instead of black when the boat was on the plane. I built a 72.5 foot Vosper about 15 years ago now for r/c and that was the kind of colour scheme, with a sea grey (Humbrol 27) deck if I remember rightly. But if your references show a single grey all over then so be it!! But a great looking boat Simon
  6. Simon Cornes

    1:72 Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    Well done Shellie, no kit build is wasted time, you always learn something to carry on to another build. Well done with the rigging, a lot of people are put off by that and I think you've nailed it!
  7. Excellent news!! Please can those who receive replacements direct from Sergey tell us when they arrive then I can ask my supplier to tap Hannants!! Thanks Simon
  8. Simon Cornes

    F-35 arrives at RAF Marham

    Noted regarding strobes but I was talking about the nav lights, obviously optional traditional colours or white strobes and 3 out of 4 went for the whites so obviously not a hard and fast rule. Actually I am trying to find the 22 minute video - was it Channel 4? - that I found via the links above - cant find it now but some really good close up film of a lot of bits the cameraman thought interesting plus a bit of voice over for the news report. Wish I could find it again! Quite long at 22 minutes though - but well worth watching right through.
  9. Simon Cornes

    F-35 arrives at RAF Marham

    Interesting how the number 2 jet had his nav lights set to red and green as well as strobe white. Its amusing to watch them all lined up on the pan with panels opening and closing - almost as if they're saying 'How the hell do I switch this thing off? !!' Some really good close up photos though
  10. OMG.I'm saying no more.....OMG !!
  11. It strikes me that we should let each other know via this thread when we receive replacement glazing. From my point of view, I bought my kit from a retailer who was not Hannants but he got the kit from Hannants. If Hannants are going to receive replacement sprues from Sergey then I would lie to know when anyone who bought the kit direct from Hannants gets their new bits, then I can ask my supplier to get me a set from Hannants. No point me asking him now if Hannants haven't got anything yet and I really don't want to put any more pressure on Sergey by prodding Hannants than he is already under to sort this matter out! At the end of the day, we need manufacturers like Sergey otherwise we wouldn't have a 1/48th Provost so we don't want the heavyweight buyers of this world to give him grief if he's already doing his best to help us out!!
  12. Well I picked mine up from Clifton Curios today and I have to say that its a lovely kit! I will now contact MM to see about arranging a replacement clear sprue!! Simon
  13. Interesting photos - some with canopy vents, other without! Wonder of it was a local mod? Simon
  14. This is great news but I am picking up a kit on saturday so how will I get a replacement canopy and windscreen?
  15. Oh dear, I am supposed to be picking one up from Clifton Curios on Saturday! I to would like to know what MM are going to do about the kits already sold? And how quickly can a replacement mould be fabricated? In truth this is a real tragedy because I'm sure a small manufacturer has to get things right first time and invests a lot of money and then needs to see a return pretty quickly in order to keep going. Work in Progress may find a stream of modellers PM'ing him for a copy of his crash moulded version!