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  1. Last week I saw on the Wingnut site kit no 32077 Hansa Brandenburg D.1 ? And today, in the new SAM, I see that Copper State are also doing a D.1. Is this an example of Wingnut trickery or are we going to get 2 kits of the same quirky machine. Personally I hope not!!
  2. Agreed, it must takes months to build something like a B-17 if you make use of the aftermarket especially. On that basis it’s not that expensive compared to other hobbies but, on the hand, if you are collecting then it’s a significant capital investment. It really is the top end of the plastic modelling game but then I don’t feel so bad when you see how much model railway stuff sells for. Thank God I’m only addicted to aeroplane modelling !
  3. I think that if you buy wisely then even though its one hell of a capital investment, because its Wingnut, you could always sell it on, probably at no loss or very little. Wingnut tend to produce maybe a couple of thousand of each boxing and a lot of those will go to regular Wingnutters who buy every kit plus, in this case, those who build 1/32 WWII airframes so I reckon Peter Jackson knows these kits will sell. And the when the 2,000 units have all sold the fun begins! Its bad enough with a WWI aeroplane which probably sold for £85 full retail that is now selling for around £150 but there may be a good profit for those who buy a Lanc , keep it for a few years then sell it on. It will pay to know the state of the kit market at that time but a Lanc may actually be a good investment, if you dont build it. But ten how much is a non-modeller prepared to pay for a very well built Lancaster B.I/III ? Mmmmm.......
  4. Forgive my ignorance but I thought it was basically just a different paint job on a B.III ?
  5. I know what you mean and it seems like it may have found a new home already. What I’ve seen of the WNW kit tells me it is typical for the manufacturer and it probably won’t need aftermarket, unless you prefer HGW fabric straps. As you probably know, it may only come with one full engine as standard with the option to purchase more but that suits me fine. Also, Richard Alexander said that they would probably not bother putting detail where you can’t see it but 9 months ago the plans were not finalised. Telford this year may be very interesting!!
  6. Well Peter this is obviously your opinion but I have seen a beautifully built HKM Lanc in the model display at Cosford which was built by one of the 32 SIG guys and it looks great. I assume he built it pretty much straight out of the box and it certainly looks like a Lanc and he used the clear plastic fuselage to good effect to display the cockpit from the starboard side. I compared the WNW Lanc with the HKM kit at Telford last year -they were about 100 feet apart. I made the decision then that if I was going to have one Lanc then it would be a WNW kit and I haven’t changed my mind since. I see there is a Norfolk based dealer selling the HKM kit brand new for £300 including the post. I’m not interested I’m afraid.
  7. I've never seen an F-15 carrying an R2D2 before but I was aware that the Israelis had some new F-15's on the way! I wonder where the Tiffie had been to get the French AF roundel zap?
  8. Thanks Dave, I read in a report this evening that the Skyraider did a 360 degree roll after the wing tip came off - and not surprising! But they are tough boots so I’m not surprised it just had a new outer panel fitted. Pity there aren’t any based in the UK now
  9. Thanks Mark. Do you know if the Skyraider got fixed? I know it was French registered and flown by a French pilot st the time. I’m sure it must have been repaired but I bet he lost his no clams bonus?!!!
  10. Thank you, I think I found it as well! Two very lucky pilots! I am going to see if I can find out what happened to the Skyraider. I assume it was repaired?
  11. Does anyone know what happened after this accident? The P-51 pilot bailed out - of Beautiful Doll if I remember rightly - as the Skyraider damaged the rear fuselage but I think the Skyraider lost about 6 foot off the starboard wing tip but presumably landed. I have no idea what happened after that. Can someone tell please?
  12. Lovely bit of work. Not my scale but the quality is very evident!
  13. Thanks guys, yes it is USMC colours so it seems like the underside grey- I suppose I should say gray! Many thanks for the input Simon
  14. A quick question- are the drop tanks normally painted one colour - the ‘middle’ of the 3 shades? Thank you
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