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Simon Cornes

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  1. Simon Cornes

    F-35 arrives at RAF Marham

    Noted regarding strobes but I was talking about the nav lights, obviously optional traditional colours or white strobes and 3 out of 4 went for the whites so obviously not a hard and fast rule. Actually I am trying to find the 22 minute video - was it Channel 4? - that I found via the links above - cant find it now but some really good close up film of a lot of bits the cameraman thought interesting plus a bit of voice over for the news report. Wish I could find it again! Quite long at 22 minutes though - but well worth watching right through.
  2. Simon Cornes

    F-35 arrives at RAF Marham

    Interesting how the number 2 jet had his nav lights set to red and green as well as strobe white. Its amusing to watch them all lined up on the pan with panels opening and closing - almost as if they're saying 'How the hell do I switch this thing off? !!' Some really good close up photos though
  3. OMG.I'm saying no more.....OMG !!
  4. It strikes me that we should let each other know via this thread when we receive replacement glazing. From my point of view, I bought my kit from a retailer who was not Hannants but he got the kit from Hannants. If Hannants are going to receive replacement sprues from Sergey then I would lie to know when anyone who bought the kit direct from Hannants gets their new bits, then I can ask my supplier to get me a set from Hannants. No point me asking him now if Hannants haven't got anything yet and I really don't want to put any more pressure on Sergey by prodding Hannants than he is already under to sort this matter out! At the end of the day, we need manufacturers like Sergey otherwise we wouldn't have a 1/48th Provost so we don't want the heavyweight buyers of this world to give him grief if he's already doing his best to help us out!!
  5. Well I picked mine up from Clifton Curios today and I have to say that its a lovely kit! I will now contact MM to see about arranging a replacement clear sprue!! Simon
  6. Interesting photos - some with canopy vents, other without! Wonder of it was a local mod? Simon
  7. Simon Cornes

    Supermarine Scimitar, 1/48 scale resin kit.

    Artie Many thanks for that. Looking at your other products you seem to be working to a very high standard so I am sure that those of us who have ordered the kit will be very keen to see just how good it is and if we are only talking 4 weeks or so before you start shipping then that is no time at all ! I assume that out of the first 10 kits, a fair number will have ben ordered by UK modelers, who I hope may also be BM members so it would be very interesting to read a review by a third party in the next few months.
  8. Simon Cornes

    Supermarine Scimitar, 1/48 scale resin kit.

    Nothing on the website about the Scimitar and the eBay link now brings you to an ATR 72 MP kit.
  9. Simon Cornes

    Supermarine Scimitar, 1/48 scale resin kit.

    Hi Guys, Well a month has gone by so I have suggested to Artie by PM that it might be good idea to provide an update in this thread about how the kit is progressing. If he thinks the kits should start to be available in around 3 months - so mid to late July - then I think that all of us who have already contributed to the funding would like to know how far the project has progressed. I am going to have a look at the website to see if it gives any clues!! Simon
  10. This is great news but I am picking up a kit on saturday so how will I get a replacement canopy and windscreen?
  11. Oh dear, I am supposed to be picking one up from Clifton Curios on Saturday! I to would like to know what MM are going to do about the kits already sold? And how quickly can a replacement mould be fabricated? In truth this is a real tragedy because I'm sure a small manufacturer has to get things right first time and invests a lot of money and then needs to see a return pretty quickly in order to keep going. Work in Progress may find a stream of modellers PM'ing him for a copy of his crash moulded version!
  12. Simon Cornes

    MiG-29A (LSK-NVA, Trumpeter)

    You certainly know your subject matter. I am tempted to ask 'What scale?' !!
  13. Simon Cornes

    eBay - any answers?

    I guess that the real answer is to check your facts before you bid. I was caught flat footed because I had an e-mail from eBay about a different auction and it happened to include this kit listing. It was actually a SH Tempest VI. I knew that the kit was coming out and this one was listed as an auction item, not BIN, so I normally work out what price I might have to pay through my usual sources and then set my maximum a few pence more or less than that. In this case I had a system malfunction and looked at Hannants price, with postage added instead of doing a broad check and used Hannants price as my maximum. And I won! Wont to do it again, honest! Simon
  14. Simon Cornes

    eBay - any answers?

    A bit of a vague title but this is aimed at those who have a good working knowledge of eBay's rules and regulations. The situation was this. I saw a kit for sale that I wanted so I put in a maximum bid for it and very quickly I was outbid. I then had a proper think and a look around and realised that I could buy it for significantly less than my maximum bid so 'Hurray' saved! A day or so later I get an e-mail from eBay. The person who had outbid me has withdrawn from the auction and I am back in the lead again - rats - but there are several days ti go before the auction ends. So I sent a message to the seller, explaining that I could buy the kit locally for less than my maximum bid and so I would like to reduce my maximum bid to a figure which would make it worth my while buying from the eBay seller. I got no reply, the auction ended and I won but at virtually my maximum bid. I took a view that the seller probably thought 'tough' when I explained that my maximum bid was too high and I coughed up and I now have the kit but at more than I should have paid. My issue here is that, if someone else decided to pull out - and was allowed to - then why wasn't I? I spoke to a colleague at work today and she said that a few years ago if you were told that the high bidder had pulled out you were given the opportunity to resubmit your bid. It wasn't automatic. I can't be bothered to go down the dispute resolution path, I've got my kit and I shouldn't have been so hasty in putting in a maximum bid before checking my options so I hope that I've learnt my lesson but does anyone know what the rules are about withdrawing bids? Thanks Simon
  15. Simon Cornes

    Supermarine Scimitar, 1/48 scale resin kit.

    Well I've ordered via eBay what I assume is the 10th kit. I must say that I'm not entirely happy about the crowd funding approach, having been involved with the 1/32 Blenheim affair a couple of years ago but, in this case, having seen photos of the Narval kit , firstly they actually exist whereas no illustrations of the Blenheim parts were ever published and, secondly, the Narval parts look very nice so if this is the standard that Scratchaeronautics are working to then the basic components of the Scimitar should be very good as well. I have high hopes that this will come off so I just have to forget it all for 3 months and then hope for some solid progress and an actual kit at the end of it all.