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  1. I’m expecting action within the next 3-4 weeks. Simply because people who ordered from some Far Eastern retailers have received theirs now.
  2. A quick question - Is Paul still trading? Cant find anything via Google and he hasn't visited this site for almost 12 months? I hope that he's okay.

  3. I normally take the view that +6 means less than 10 but I have my order in already so I hope that it materialises!!
  4. I had read that it’s showing ‘available’ on some Far Eastern websites. There was a photo of kits in shipping cartons but it was pointed out that the kit box is so big that one box fills one carton!! Let’s hope that they have produced sufficient kits to satisfy the retailers worldwide!
  5. I bet!! If it looks the same then it probably is, the only thing might be the plug but you’ll know soon enough!
  6. Intermittent fault - the worst kind!! ps my reply to you vanished!! I was pointing f you in the direction of spare motor/gearboxes on eBay and also suggesting Forgebear and Welshdragon. That unit is probably used on several HL tanks but the ones I saw yesterday were from the RX18 MSU era, not 6.0 so you need to check the physical characteristics and maybe change plugs?
  7. That looks great! Very unusual for an LED to fail - not withstanding the IR emitter in your T-34! I assume you've checked the solder connections to the faulty one? Could be a dry joint?
  8. Ah, the joys of technology! But it sounds like you’re right though - what a pain.
  9. Could be the sky is too bright for it? I’ve heard that said before about IR sensors. Does it work at closer range?
  10. Now I think you’ll like that - sexy tank!! If I remember rightly then turret needs to be turned 10-15 degrees to the left so that you can lift the hatch on the engine deck to turn it on!! I haven’t had mine out for ages but it was that HL thing!! Just a good looking tank imho!!
  11. There’s a Facebook page - 1/32 Lancaster Factory - or such like covering the HKM and Border Lancs. I looked at it last night and there was a comment about Covid causing a further delay. I wasn’t expecting the kit in Europe until the end of this month anyway and more like mid-May for the U.K. so I’d give your lms a bit of slack!!
  12. That’s fair enough Tom, and I may well do that, Cheers Simon
  13. You guys must be really feeling it so my sympathy goes out to you too. Do you know what got him? I had read something along the lines of him visiting hospital recently. Anne and his son must be going through it too. All terribly sad,
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