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  1. I think you’re being very wise about this. We are almost there and don’t want to turn him off by being over demanding! I look forward to receiving an update in due course but I don’t expect to get anything until the New Year - a case of rushing slowly!!
  2. Thats great. How do we go about paying for these and getting hold of them? Its probably unfair to expect us to be able to buy them via you at £25 a pop so would it be better if we approached Nigel directly to place orders? Great work by the way!! Simon
  3. British nonchalance eh? Well its traditional I suppose! Great stuff though - Merry Christmas to them all, a job well done.
  4. Well done Mark, a nice, clean finish!
  5. I suppose it’s the ‘Fog of War’ coming into play again. Wonder what Paul Lucas would say? I’m going to stick with my light grey anyway- and until someone produces an accurate colour print of that particular airframe I can be blissfully ignorant! My main query was about the gear bay and gear leg colours so it would seem as though the undersurface colour - whatever it may be - will do, although I might leave my tail gear bay in Vought dark green but paint the inside of all gear doors in ‘underside colour’ I noticed a photo of an inverted Corsair (crashed on deck) with a stripey hook so I think that will be black stripes on ‘underside colour’ and not white as that’s a debate I don’t need!!
  6. Thanks Graham I am quoting from the Xtradecal instruction sheet which refers to ANA 602, Light Gray - "Modern FS paints are not always direct equivalents of the original ANA version, for instance, FS 36440 Light Gull Gray is quoted for ANA 602 Light Gray. In 1944 ANA 602 was replaced by ANA 621 Dark Gull Gray (a seemingly strange choice!) yet it was included in TTC-C-595 of 1950 as (?)3635, which was then superceded by FS36440 Light Gull Gray in FS595 of 1956. The use of FS595 provides a modern equivalent GUIDE for modellers to the general appearance of a colour. Truer representations of the paints can be found on paint cards, such as those found in the US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Colour Guides by Elliott or US Army Air Service & Air Corps Aircraft Color Guide by Archer (Both Monogram) and USAAF Aircraft Markings & Camouflage 1941-7 by Archer (Schiffer)" So, as a mere modeller I latch onto FS36440 Light Gull Gray as being equivalent to ANA 602 Light Gray (My mistake, shouldn't have said Sky Gray). On that same decal sheet instruction guide all of the other FAA American machines - Avenger/Wildcat/Hellcat clearly have Sky undersides as we would understand them. So, how does ANA602 Light Gray compare with Dupont 71-021 Sky Type S Gray? You say not grey at all. Very confusing!! Xtradecal clearly think its a shade of grey!! I've just looked at Colourcoats 71-021 and, on my screen at least, that is definitely a shade of grey, no green in it whatsoever, but then my eyes may need adjusting!! A bit like duck egg blue versus duck egg green! Thanks for the input.
  7. You go right back to the beggining of this thread - that was Alan's original intention. If things have changed over the last month or so, you'd better check with Alan!
  8. Listen Selwyn, if my typing was perfect it would say bay but Corsairs had bats don’t you know?!!! Apart from that, seems like the colour is the underside shade, which in this case is US Sky Gray so light full gray seems the closest match. Thanks gents!!
  9. Says it all! I am building Corsair II JT228/6A of 1833NAS at Machrihsnish, 1943 from Xtradecal X48-102. So, would the gear bays be salmon pink or dark green - like the cockpit- or chromate green or Sky Grey? And what colour would the gear legs and wheel hubs be? Same as underside colour? Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks Simon
  10. Great - that’s 3 out of 15 airframes!! Let’s have some more RN fans!!
  11. Hi Alan I'm hoping that Kits World will do a scaled up version of the Test aircraft as they are mostly RN and the one with HOSM markings is overall EDSG. I'm sure the RN titles should be in pale blue/grey though like the serials. Probably best for Phartycroc to do the negotiating otherwise to many people getting involved might annoy Nigel! You'd think it would be so easy for him to just enlarge his 1/48th sheet by 50% and have done with it!! He's got all the info on his PC so its not like he's starting from scratch!! Simon
  12. I look forward to receiving your update in due course. I see a lot are keen on building an RAF Bucc but I like the look of the RN Bucc - as it was intended to be - so I hope that a few others will want a scaled up version of the 'other' decal sheet as it strikes me as the only 'easy' way of getting stencils that will work on an EDSG airframe!
  13. You are so right but I’m not sure which one to use as this is polyurethane varnish, not acrylic and aren’t Vallejo solvents for use with their acrylic paint? As it happens, I used tap water earlier today with the Matt varnish 27.651 and it worked beautifully but when I tried it with the satin varnish 27.652 a month or so ago, that’s when it all went pear shaped!!
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