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  1. Excellent - you have a good reason not to buy one! I have a garage so I'm lost!!
  2. I know, I saw them at £115 plus postage a month or so back but didn’t buy one but I have a good working relationship with Wicked Imports- who manly sell on ebay and online so I bought a pair of Sherman’s for £250, which is okay in my book!! I use the www.rctankwarfare.co.uk group and also the 1/16 rc tank group on Facebook. I managed to pick up a Firefly conversion at a decent price so I’ll use that with one of the new Sherman’s and the other will be for an M3 Grant conversion- when I can get one that is!! These radio controlled tanks can be addictive!!
  3. I think it’s very likely that he sold you a transmitter for a 5.3. At least you know the tank is okay anyway. I think you might be best having a transmitter for each tank as I’ve heard it said that some systems don’t take kindly to multiple rebounding. Frankly, that’s a pity because it would be good to have one transmitter and multiple tanks - as you can with more expensive computer sets but I don’t mind having multiple transmitters - I only need a couple of sets of Duracell’s
  4. This is Heng Long right? So when the tank is switched on the headlights are flashing? So I’d first of all switch everything off Next turn on just the transmitter Press and hold the padlock button (start) and then switch on the tank with the on-off switch and you should hear the engine start Thats pretty much what you’ve said isn’t it? Straight from the HL instructions. If it still doesn’t work, try the Tiger transmitter? It could be something up with your replacement transmitter?
  5. Interestingly I ordered some stuff from EBay from a company in China and the Paypal price included an extra 20% for VAT. My understanding is thats the way its supposed to work so I'm not expecting any interference from HMRC now - I hope!!
  6. I’ve got a set of schurzen that I acquired recently with a Heng Long/Taigen Panzer IV. I’m happy to trace around the outlines and post off to you if you’re interested? If so, PM me!
  7. Ah, the Law of S-d applies!! I have a fair collection of Heng Long transmitters now! Is yours that badly damaged then? Probably worth trying to repair it if you can. Glad you have corrected your cyrillic now!
  8. This is what happens when you put the comma in the wrong place!!
  9. The thing is, I've not deserted aeroplanes, I'm just side-tracked for awhile! The weekend before Easter I bought a Panzer IV with Taigen metal running gear and tracks and metal gearboxes with Taigen radio installed. I had it fire top this morning and it runs well but my purchase also included the 'schurzen' side and turret armour plate so I want to find a tank with that fitted and refinish it ins the appropriate markings. At the same time I also picked up a Sherman Firefly conversion - a good one by a company called DGS Military Hobby in Canada (beware, you can buy a Firefly from Haya in South
  10. What a talent - to be able to write in Cyrillic !!
  11. Try Forgebear! But they are proper water slide decals so you’ll need varnish!
  12. A tense time!! I ordered some tank bits from a chap Sunday two weekends back. It wad posted from Edinburgh by Parcelforce 48 and arrived on the Thursday afternoon - whilst I was out. They left a card saying they'd redeliver the next working day. Then we had Good Friday but I checked their site and they were open on Saturday morning but nothing delivered! So now I'm thinking 'yesterday' but I checked the tracking and, blow me, its been taken back to their 'National Hub' (Coventry) !! So Ive looked this morning and its back here again and out for delivery. I could really do with going out today
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