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Simon Cornes

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  1. Simon Cornes

    Hawker Hunter crash

    Well i'm glad that the pilot was able to eject, albeit at low level where an MB2 or 3 is not the greatest but at least he had a fighting chance. Wonder what caused it? Mechanical failure or birdstrike/ingestion - as he was over the sea? No doubt something will be trotted out in 6 months time or so but I'm sure that the jet was well maintained. Very doubtful if any of it is fixable though - but I'd like to be proven wrong.
  2. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    I am looking at the profiles in the From The Cockpit volume on the Gannet (No 7) and, if they are accurate, I would say that AS.4 windscreen bow is closer to the vertical compared to the centreline. The AEW seems to be angled forward more. Apart from that, they are very similar. Now maybe someone can produce a known accurate profile drawing that clarifies the point? I think everyone who has one of Alan's kits could benefit from a vac form replacement, probably for the observers windows as well. I wouldn't mind comparing the parts with the CA AS.4 kit to see if its some sort of optical illusion?
  3. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Having had a look at the bits I have to agree with John's original assessment that the surface detail is very good - well done Alan- and so I'm grateful that he brought the kit to our attention. If I could do one thing to improve it then I would replace the glazing with vac form. The external outline of the canopy is fine but the resin is just to thick and I'm a bit dubious about how successful thinning it from the inside might be. Anyone any good at moulding canopies?
  4. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Mine arrived today - Hurrah!!
  5. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Mine is 007 and I've just paid. The thing is, do you buy a second? I have the From the Cockpit book on the Gannet and there are at least 3 profiles in there for AEW3's but, of course, only one MA decal sheet - must make sure I've got a copy!! Didn't Freight Dog do tanks for the Gannet?
  6. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    If Alan has up to 20 kits and isn't thinking of re-popping them then its got to be now or never time I would say. I cant imagine them getting any cheaper either!
  7. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Reply now received! All is good! It turns out that Alan is based in Iceland but he can ship from within the UK so no problem but these Gannets sound like a finite resource so if you think you might want one then don't hesitate for too long. Not a 1/48th Vulcan, but you can put your Gannet with the Hen's teeth! Simon
  8. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Thanks for the update. No reply to my e-mail - sent on Monday morning - so I'm getting a bit worried! I've just sent Alan a second e-mail so I hope I don't wind him up but we all know what its like when there are only a few of something up for grabs and we have done our best! Price seems reasonable in every respect. We may have to use yours to 'clone' if Alan doesn't do any more!!
  9. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Rene John mentioned it cost £52 at the show. That's a fair chunk of resin so I would expect £5 - £6 postage on top Simon
  10. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Still no reply from Alan Wilson!!
  11. Simon Cornes

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Well I e-mailed Mr Wilson this morning but haven't had a reply to date. I'm a little surprised that he doesn't inhabit the pages of BM but each to their own. I wonder how many he made? He may have been testing the water and found that he sold all of his stock on Sunday but I am hoping to get a reply at which point I will pass on whatever he has to say. Sounds promising though. I must say that I thought it might be a conversion for the CA AS 1-4 kit but obviously not. As John says, the weak points are the decals and the glazing but we can sort decals easily enough and, hopefully, a but of TLC and Clear will sort out the glazing. Fingers crossed!! Simon
  12. Simon Cornes

    Where to start?

    I am wondering if I should stick with enamel and start with a red/yellow/white mix for basic flesh and go from there or try acrylics? I always used to start with eyes and fill in from there but techniques seem to have moved on!
  13. Simon Cornes

    Where to start?

    Can you suggest paint and shades please? Thanks
  14. Simon Cornes

    Where to start?

    1/32 / 54mm
  15. Simon Cornes

    Where to start?

    The last time I did any figure painting was around 40 years ago, I used enamels and oils (for clothing) but mainly enamels. I'm a Wingnutter and the latest kits include figures and I also bought a Copper State RNAS pilot figure yesterday so I really need to recover my skills! So what is the best way to go about it now? First thing, maybe a number 1 kolinsky brush - I can do that! But paint? Do I stick with enamels or is there a better option? If so, given we're talking about WWI airman - on the ground, not freezing at 18,000 feet- can you suggest what paint I should start with, just to kick start the old fingers and hoping there might be some residual muscle memory - and a magnifier now!! Any suggestions gratefully received! Simon