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  1. Makes it sound very simple - methinks you’ve done this more than once?!!! Simon
  2. So what is the process then Guy? I’m interested to know what make of paint and colour you use. I haven’t tried painting a wooden propellor yet but I imagine you start with a lighter light brown colour then mask it with narrow strips, apply a darker brown. Apply something like burnt umber oil paint and dry brush to get graining and then, when dry, apply something like Tamiya clear orange. Am I anywhere close?
  3. Amazing, I thought it was one of those very expensive carved wooden propellors! There's hope for us all!!
  4. Beautiful - is that the kit propellor? Cheers Simon
  5. That’s very good work. I have two Chipmunk kits already - Heritage and Aeroclub - so I don’t need anymore but, if you can vacform a canopy that would be better although it’s probably fiddly because of the bulged panels for the rear cockpit. I agree - no more panel lines. Sometimes ‘less’ is more!
  6. The old FPS used to work really well for me but the stuff I bought today is rubbish! I’ve just searched for brown DettoI. Is that the standard stuff or is it something special?
  7. Of course! Thank you, something to get hold of tomorrow
  8. This is my ‘go to’ stuff for stripping enamel and acrylic paint. I’m in the process of doing just such now and have just bought some more from Sainsbury’s. But it isn’t the same! I’ve got more chance of polishing the paint off!! They must have changed the formula because people were drinking it - I blame Trump! - but can anyone recommend a cheap alternative that works?
  9. Mine arrived on Monday so well done Lucky Model. I would agree with B_Bogus regarding condition of the parts but the ailerons on the main sprue (A) have the flash along the trailing edges so that's got to go!
  10. Nothing at all at this point - a lot of matt white paint in fact. I’d rather remove it all but it might be doing me a favour in reality and I would want to fill some of the panel lines anyway. Not sure what markings to go for. Maybe even ‘whif’ BOAC !
  11. That’s just it. Mine came to me part built with some joins that I think I can do better so I’ve broken it down to the major components and will reassemble it so at looks as decent as it can. I picked up resin wheels and some missing parts from Airfix a couple of years ago so that I can finish it. I’m not going to lose any sleep over inaccuracies but that aerial housing might just get reduced by 50% or so!!
  12. ADF sense and flux aerials it would seem. For a rubbish kit that looks lovely!!
  13. Yes, I saw video footage on Facebook earlier today. Just tried to find it because I thought he was spinning - not spiral dive - and, looking at the still shot as he was coming down and then the aircraft on the ground, the elevator is obviously okay but not much 'up' was applied, but I didn't see any 'out spin' rudder applied either so maybe he'd got it straight but a touch too low. Of course I don't know how well a BE 2 recovers from a spin, a lot of early machines wouldn't so that may be the case here and so I would speculate that he slowed it down too much and stalled then spun and didn't have the height to recover. But he was extremely lucky to get away with it anyway. He must have had an angel with him today, that's for sure! I wish him a speedy recovery and to back in the saddle soon. All being well the BE2 will be rebuilt to.
  14. Ah well, never mind but I want to finish it, no matter how imperfect it may be!! I have a couple of references and will also have a look on the interweb for top side shots but, as it stands the 'canoe' on the roof is coming off!
  15. I have one of these to renovate and complete. I have question. There is a large rectangular shape on the upper port fuselage. I assume it’s an aerial of some sort? My question is whether this rectangular thing is to scale? It looks very chinky for an otherwise very clean airframe. I’d appreciate some help here please! Thank you Simon
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