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  1. That's a beefy looking Falke! Love it Pete, especially the beefed up intakes on the rear of the booms
  2. Cheers Pete! I'd say give it a go mate, it's a really great kit Thanks Brian!
  3. I was just thinking that image looks like a cool artsy desktop wallpaper!
  4. Right time for an update, sorry its been so long, now its getting darker I've been mucking about sorting a light for the shed which has held me up! I've been tidying up seam lines and getting it all together, got the stap body together but before that I couldn't resist a dry fit to check the size IMG_20200917_184013 by Nick Frost, on Flickr BIG is definitely the key word for this build! So got it glued and as usual with this had to clamp the hell out of it IMG_20200924_165356 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Technically according
  5. Cool Will, I'll enjoy watching this come together! @Andy Moore love that template! Not seem one before, just purchased one for an upcoming project thanks for sharing
  6. This is looking good so far, will be watching! As for decals I have printed some before, don't really think it matters what clear coat you use (as long as it's not water based!) I used a clear spray varnish from a can. Can't remember if it was matte or gloss but that wouldn't matter as I assume you'd put a sealer coat of matte over the whole thing anyway. Good luck with it!
  7. That's really nice metal finish that you've achieved, looking good!
  8. That's a good go for a first build, and fair play for doing something different rather than standard paint. Practice makes perfect and the more you do gradually you'll improve each time
  9. Very nice! Especially like the bloody hand, and the bases are cool, they look very "ethereal"
  10. This is great, I really like the pilot pose in the process of putting on his helmet. Never seen that before and love it!
  11. Really great work on this, nice job with the detailing and it even gets a bath!
  12. They look superb Will, the missiles look fab, glad you didn't have to muck about with a drill!
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