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  1. Update! Right before I move on to the thighs there are a couple of tweaks I need to make. First up was this crease to no where which looked a little too horizontal, so I moved it so it ends/starts up at the top of where the knee pad meets the strap IMG_20210415_190708 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20210415_190735 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20210415_190819 by Nick Frost, on Flickr That was better but then created a bit of wide open plain area so I added another bulge of crease into it. IMG_20210415_190847 by Nick Frost, on
  2. Don't feel bad about it going back in the box Pete, better to get yourself sorted before you worry about what models you will or won't finish. Really hope it gets sorted soon (especially as I like the sound of that star wars freighter!) Good luck for Thursday mate
  3. Really great work! A very well done scene that's full of detail
  4. Time for another update, been carried away with sculpting and kept forgetting to update so theres a fair few pics! Started building up creases on the other leg IMG_20210409_091140 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20210409_092724 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Then started making the second knee guard in the same way as the first, combination of cutting and smoothing. I tend to use a scalpel blade for square edges for a crisp edge. IMG_20210409_093310 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20210409_093343 by Nick Frost, on Flickr I
  5. Wow that's really cool, great way to show your models!
  6. Wow those tie fighters are tiny! Really great job with the lighting its looking good
  7. Yeah it's definitely design over practically with these guys! Even my 9 year old said to me "but wont he cut himself when he runs?"
  8. Cheers Pete! I have recovered though now I am also egg shaped! (but I regret nothing!)
  9. Been up to my eyes sculpting creases and really enjoying it! So time for an update Started by beginning the crease process on the right leg, so I started by sculpting the same bulge from the top of the boots, and builing up the top of the calf in the same way IMG_20210406_194247 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20210406_194538_1 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20210406_194631 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Then I started adding creases with sausages of clay I can then blend in at the edges IMG_20210406_195001 by Nick Frost, on Flickr
  10. Great job, especially the face,the shading/highlights are very well done! Always good to push yourself especially when you get such good results
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