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  1. That's great work with the lego joints on the arms! So funny you mentioned the bits NOT to glue on the head as I did the exact same thing with my one! Following with interest
  2. Another one done! Nice to see the finished model, looks great Pete!
  3. It's looking great Pete, seriously nice work with that canopy!
  4. Nice! Great paint work Andy, look forward to more
  5. It certainly does! This is going to be great, i'm going to enjoy watching this come together
  6. These are really cool! Look forward to seeing some paint on these guys
  7. Oh man yeah the at at was a big toy but I remember how massive the snow speeder was in comparison! And a 41cm tall one would be awesome!!
  8. Looks like a beast of a kit! Look forward to this one coming together, looking good so far
  9. Thanks Andy, really appreciate the kind words and interest, especially as the Combat Racer is one of my builds I was most pleased with! Great job with your droid I love the stance you've given him. And yeah I'd heard about the leg and foot problems with this kit, seems most people have a devil of a time getting the feet on the pedals in a decent pose! My plan is to cut him off at the ankles and wherever else I need to and pin the joints with wire, I want to give him a motorbike style lean (the stap will be at an angle) so I'm going to have to get a bit creative
  10. Thanks Will. Yeah definitely! But it's all good I've ended up getting a great deal on a better car so I'm feeling really good now, finally back in a modelling frame of mind! Cheers dude, that's exactly what the missus said about them! And in actually fact I've done a load of spraying on the stap this evening so there'll be an actual update coming soon
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