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Hunter Rose

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  1. Hunter Rose

    Biological Oriented Bot v1.0 or Bob.

    Really like this little guy, he looks great! He kind of reminds me of tick-tock from Return to Oz, like his hardcore sword wielding brother!
  2. Cool! I love the cover. Hmm, a spaceman shooting a laser at tentacles? Seems familiar but cant put my finger on it... Cheers John, really appreciate the compliment mate!
  3. Hunter Rose

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    Ooo nice varied rust undercoat!
  4. Cheers Andy! I really like that saying, its like how the future of the 60s/70's was exciting, vibrant and full of adventure. Whereas the future now is often shown as dark and dystopic and makes you feel fear rather than excitement!
  5. Hunter Rose

    Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    Nice! The shield looks cracking! And he looks cool with the sabre handles in place
  6. Hunter Rose

    Biological Oriented Bot v1.0 or Bob.

    Cool! Love his sword. Will follow with interest mate
  7. RIGHT!!!! Im back on this! Its been a crazy few weeks at work with a HUGE print job that had sapped all my energy used for modelling, but all the stress is gone so I can dip my toe back in the calming modeling water. I wanted to fill some of the annoying little cracks here and there first just so thats done and I can touch up the base colour, so I slapped on some squadron white 20180702_133438 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180702_133656 by Nick Frost, on Flickr And then after a bit of sanding with some 180 grit I retouched it all up 20180704_132206 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180704_132138 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180704_132144 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180704_132449 by Nick Frost, on Flickr I really want to get the arm computer sorted to, so at work in illustrator I designed the little screen for it, it looks big here obviously but it will be pretty weeny on his arm so may lose some of the details. Tried to keep it retro as possible, and you cant beat the keypunch font for that! 20180712_105356 by Nick Frost, on Flickr This will be printed onto clear vinyl in reverse and stuck on the inside of the clear arm computer bit to give it a bit of depth like a proper monitor, I'll spray the back of it with some white just to diffuse the light a bit too. So next up I'm finally getting a chance to get some primer and paint so I can start the arm computer and also start getting the base painted in its initial blue colour. Thanks for looking, more soon
  8. Hunter Rose

    The Alien 1979

    Thats totally killer Andy! You have once again nailed the "Aliens" paint job, he looks amazing
  9. Hunter Rose

    1/100 flying truck.

    Really cool! Makes me think of the converted Junk boat in Fifth Element, nice one!
  10. Hunter Rose

    Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    Lookin seriously nice dude, cracking job on the bazooka, some really nice weathering
  11. Hunter Rose

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    Love it! That truck is quality :)
  12. Nice one! Looks lile it could have been Boba Fett's blaster!
  13. Hunter Rose

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    Nice groundwork it looks ace Brian!
  14. Hunter Rose

    1/4 Scale Alien "Big chap"

    VERY nice paint mate!
  15. Hunter Rose

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    Nice, the rudder looks cool, it suits the look very well i think