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  1. Oh man this is a real feast for the eyes! The bust itself looks great, really like the shading and the lights look incredible. The fact you've also gone to the trouble of making a cool detailed hangar bay for it is awesome, and it's a cool little scene even on its own. Superb Brian
  2. Nice! Have to say I'm a big star trek fan but really don't like the ship designs at all (except the kilingon ones) so glad to see something different
  3. Wow cool base! Not seen a rotating one before
  4. Indeed I do! Looks great, and just to throw my hat into the colour options, I'd be tempted to do a light blue with some white bits because I love a retro looking paint job and it would show up rust and weathering really well. Just my two penny's worth
  5. Oh cool! Off to a good start, I'll be following with interest
  6. Great paint on these guys they look great!
  7. No nothing that extreme, I'm thinking more like how you ride a normal sports bike on the road. So he'll be trying to keep his centre of gravity by staying what looks like upright while keeping his feet on the pedals and leaning the stap with his arms to his left while he s shifting his weight to the right. It's a bit tricky to explain (if I still had a motorbike I'd film myself to illustrate! ) but once I start getting the droid together I'll do some dry fit poses to help me sort it and show what I mean
  8. Thanks Brian! Yeah think there is going to be a lot of cutting, but hopefully it wont be anything too crazy Just a quick little pick to show that I've sorted the lean of the STAP out, I bent the metal support rod with some pliers IMG_20210701_180025169 by Nick Frost, on Flickr As you can see by the shadow on the left of the base, its only a few degrees from toppling! But I'm going to either add some weight to that side or just mount it on to a bit of wood (I had even thought about small suction cups!) I'm planning on positioning the droid like a motorbike rider so he'll be leaning kind of in the opposite direction to keep his centre of gravity so that may make it bit more stable anyway. Thanks for looking, more soon
  9. That looks great Brian, what a beast! Good start on the hangar too, maybe some warning stripes here and there would be a good way to get some colourful details?
  10. Thanks Pete! Cheers Aku! And now you've said that I can't not see it when I look at it!!
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