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  1. "Don't write off the Goose until you see the box going into the hole!" Good work so far - following with interest.
  2. Weathering and attention to detail - exhausts, large fuel tanks and chips look perfect to me! I've got the same kit in the stash and was thinking of a similar tribute, possibility with some of the new Masterbox figures. Great work.
  3. Look great yep. Checked my completed one and I didn't actually manage to get much sag in without heat. I was too nervous to apply any heat so mine are still taut looking.
  4. Looking good so far! I did one fairly recently and just very carefully bent the tracks with no heat applied to get a bit of sag. I maybe just got lucky though! Probably safer with some heat.
  5. Holidaying near Keswick just now and treated to an Osprey a few days back but today was the real treat, 2 x F35's (I think) and 2 flypasts from a quartet of F15's.
  6. I got by with one of these and a cheap Clark compressor for my first few year: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/000511320/?da=1&TC=GS-000511320&gclid=CjwKCAjw5NqVBhAjEiwAeCa97Yl8CYrwarzw3jbCn-3VYaQ80Ug_3Mb3GwYMwRg0tAsgPG_Gx7oPGhoCD58QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  7. "Tankers" is also worth a watch - lots of KV1 and T34 action:
  8. Welcome! They look great - a good variety of subjects too. Currently visiting Glasgow!
  9. One step at a time Andy! Currently still at the planning stages - i.e. I've not bought the kit yet. Will see what else I've got on the go once I get it. I've never done a WIP before so perhaps this would be a good time to start...
  10. To be fair, I'm lucky that Mrs. Modelmonkey is largely ambivalent to my hobby. In fact recently after only 17 years of marriage I was permitted to put my 1:24 Routemaster on the bookcase in the lounge. Who knows - maybe there's hope for the Falcon...
  11. Thanks! I might need some intervention from the force as I bring home another kit for the stash.... 1:72 Falcon box will be too big to sneak into the house...
  12. Thanks Andy! Whatever it is it looks great! You've inspired me, as has my daughter who got me the Haynes manual for the Falcon for my birthday. I smell a purchase....
  13. Looks fab - I'm swithering over the 1:144 Bandai one vs 1:72 Revell. Was this the level 3 Revell one?
  14. Looks great! I had loads of Zoids as a kid, which I'd love to revisit for a similar project as you've just done, but they were all handed down to cousins.
  15. Looks great! I'd wondered about that Tamiya set for myself and they look really good - great sense of action/movement.
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