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  1. Love it! The RSO is one of my all time faves. I built the ancient Tomy boxing which I bought at a show - the Dragon one is stupidly expensive so I'll be looking for a cheaper one for my second one too! I hope my next one turns out half as well as yours!
  2. Ooh - I'd just assumed the colour was fairly accurate - more of a comment on the choice from the manufacturer of the real thing or NATO. I know the Russians opted for a more chilled out green for their aircraft - a bit more soothing to spend time in.
  3. Really nicely done - love the mud. Not a criticism of your model but I wouldn't want to spend a lot of time inside one with that green interior!
  4. Lovely finish - looks factory fresh!
  5. I initially read the link as "ashtray head" and was super intrigued. Now I am slightly disappointed but super impressed at the same time!
  6. Fab-u-lous! I'll be bookmarking this for reference - one of the best I've ever seen!
  7. Looks fab! Moment of paternal pride for sure. Airbrushing too? All credit to him, I was scared to use the airbrush until my teens and it still gives me the willies a little bit at 42!
  8. It's gorgeous! I've yet to try Alclad - maybe now is the time!
  9. Hello - the photos seem to have disappeared, any chance you can take a look or provide an update link? I'm making some home made stowage for a 1:16 T34 and looking to shamelessly steal any ideas I can! Thanks.
  10. Looking good! For their vintage they're great kits - I'd happily do another one but they are quite pricey!
  11. Great - I don't think I posted mine, just my Triumph. I've done the BMW with sidecar too, really enjoyed them all.
  12. Awesome Wokka - really nice finish!
  13. Great work! If it's the ex-Esci 1:9 Harley WLA750 then you're in for a treat, I really enjoyed mine!
  14. To continue the hijack...sorry...I'm using THE desk during the day to work from home so I need to clear and clean it daily... I have got pretty slick though. I'm about 70% of the way through the same kit, pics to follow once I'm done. Yours is looking great Natter!
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