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  1. ModelMonkey

    Fujimi FIAT 500

    Great work! As the owner of a 1:1 scale one in red I might well be tempted by this! To be fair my 1:1 scale has required a bit of bodging so hopefully the kit won't be beyond me!
  2. ModelMonkey

    Academy Whirbelwind 1/35

    Great finish on the camo - I find it very hard to do a convincing whitewash type finish, without it looking like I've tried to do a flat white finish and failed! Yours is just right!
  3. ModelMonkey

    Fahrgestell munitionsshlepper

    Absolutely outstanding! Love it. Any details about kit/conversion? I like my run of the mill AFV's toocbut for me the utility/service vehicles are normally more interesting - Famous, RSO, Bergpanzer, etc Edit: Oops! Just found the WIP thread - I'll have a gander.
  4. ModelMonkey

    Nice pair of 1/32 Jug's

    Gorgeous finish! Just right.
  5. ModelMonkey

    MiG-25 RBT Soviet Reconnaissance Plane - 1:72

    Oh, botheration... Just when I thought I might actually be able to start shrinking the stash...
  6. ModelMonkey

    T-34 Trumpeter 1/16

    Good stuff - thanks!
  7. ModelMonkey

    T-34 Trumpeter 1/16

    Lovely - I'm about 25% into mine. Yours is lovely and neat. I've gone for a grubby interior on mine. Did the decals conform okay over that lumpy turret texture?
  8. Amazing work. Almost makes me glad my own one has bitten the dust so I do t have to look at it after seeing yours! :O)
  9. ModelMonkey

    New Bedford Whaleboat

    Fabulous work - Chase, Nickerson et al would be proud to have taken refuge in that.
  10. ModelMonkey

    Soviet Ball Tank "Sharotank" (40001)

    Oh well... I guess I deserved that. What goes around comes around... In all seriousness though, it does look great. Maybe once the stash has shrunk a bit. "Oh, those Russians..."
  11. ModelMonkey

    Soviet Ball Tank "Sharotank" (40001)

    Looks great, I'll get one for the stash and build it when I get round to it. Sorry.
  12. ModelMonkey

    Golden Arado 196

    Amazingly clean finish for brush painting - great work! As said previously it shows up any imperfections, so doubly well done on such a tidy build.
  13. ModelMonkey


    Nice! I've just got the 1:16 version of that very same tank for a big birthday pressie.