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  1. Great work - I love chunky utility vehicles and this certainly fits the bill!
  2. +1 for brushing Klear - dip the brush, then multiple strokes on the lip of the jar/pot to remove most of it before going near the model itself.
  3. Thanks John - probably my best effort yet, really enjoyed this one.
  4. Thanks! For the feedback and the joke!
  5. Great work! I'm mid way through an IS-2 and planning a wee Berlin Dio with a MiniArt base and scratch built roadblock. I know where I'll be looking for inspiration!
  6. Many thanks for the feedback - sometimes everything comes together satisfactorily aye! I've always had a soft spot for the Trabi and getting the kit as a birthday pressie was a real treat.
  7. Hello from Westhill! Another neighbour...
  8. Awesome! An iconic car from a great film, executed perfectly. I didn't know there was a model of the interceptor so it's now on my wish list!
  9. Cheers Skodadriver! My wife and I did a bike tour of Berlin a few years back which was great and saw a good few static Trabis. Bike tour also highly recommended! All the best, Paul (also an actual Skoda Driver originally from Perthshire.....)
  10. Good stuff - I was looking at my Hobby Boss one recently and thinking I could do a better job if I did a second one, bit didn't fancy the fiddly tracks and interior. Will wait for the Tamiya one on the basis it'll be good. Cheers!
  11. Thanks - I think this might be my best effort yet. Helped by Revell's great engineering - zero problems at all with the build.
  12. Thanks! I've always had a soft spot for the plucky underdog!
  13. Horses for courses and all that! I do worry that at some point someone will ask me to build them an immaculate Porsche or summat. In the meantime, my output will be scuzzy, worn and a bit tatty.
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