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  1. ModelMonkey

    Golden Arado 196

    Amazingly clean finish for brush painting - great work! As said previously it shows up any imperfections, so doubly well done on such a tidy build.
  2. ModelMonkey


    Nice! I've just got the 1:16 version of that very same tank for a big birthday pressie.
  3. ModelMonkey

    1/32 Bf-109E-4

    Looks fab - the E3 is my favourite and you've done a great job on this one. Lovely stuff.
  4. Hideous! But in a great way - excellent work!
  5. ModelMonkey

    Tamiya quad gun tractor

    Looks great, one of my favourite vehicles and I remember the kitmfondly from my youth. Good work!
  6. Fab-u-lous! Looks lovely, if I was going to get any of the WNW kits it would be that boxing. Well done!
  7. ModelMonkey


    Great work! I enjoyed doing mine too, it's got a SeeHund on the back now.
  8. ModelMonkey

    Italeri 1/9 Triumph 3HW (Esci)

    Thanks Homer!
  9. ModelMonkey

    Italeri 1/9 Triumph 3HW (Esci)

    Cheers Derek!
  10. ModelMonkey

    Italeri 1/9 scale HD WLA

    Mine is here: Have fun with it!
  11. ModelMonkey

    Italeri 1/9 scale HD WLA

    Cheers! I think I deserve one... I did the 1/9 Triumph a few months back and it was pretty fiddly in parts too
  12. ModelMonkey

    Italeri 1/9 scale HD WLA

    Excellent work! Lovely. I've got one on my Christmas list - fingers crossed. I'll bear in mind the comments re wiring as I go thanks Steve!
  13. ModelMonkey

    Airfix 1/48 Ju87 Stuka

    Cracking work, lovely finish. I fairly recently finished its predecessor, the early 80's moulding - which was okay but yours is fab!
  14. ModelMonkey

    1/35 A39 Tortoise

    Looks great! I've been inside the one at Bovington and clambered about on top, it really is a big brute!