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  1. Gorgeous! I've got one of these in the stash, along with a Pegasus one with white metal bits - plan is to try and combine the best bits of them into one kit. I know where I'll be coming back to for inspiration!
  2. Looks great - brilliant job. I'm swithering over which Stryker to go for between the couple of Trumpeter options. I presume you can tuck the mortar away and close up the top hatch if you want to? I see from the instructions available online that it looks like the mortar is spring loaded - but you can lock it down to keep it fully enclosed in the hull? Or does it not naturally pop out of the hatchway anyway? Thanks!
  3. I have the same issue, exascerbated by the fact I normally apply glue direct from the nozzle to the parts required, so I tend to get extra glue on the outside of the spout. I normally give it a squeeze and a few taps on the desk to try and pull it back into the bottle but I get sticky crusty bits too. I normally trim mine off with an old blade when they get bad but would be great to have a real winning solution to the problem yep.
  4. I did read a suggestion somewhere that they can be thinned with vodka - the more agricultural the better - but never tried it. I don't think the post I read it in was created on 1st April...
  5. Gorgeous! The Drakken is one of those aircraft that still looks futuristic 60 years later. Lovely scheme and nice to still keep the camo.
  6. Ace! Thanks for the info. It'll be a while before I get busy on it if I try something similar but good to have a list of materials now. Cheers!
  7. Awesome work Simon, I keep revisiting this. I was thinking of doing something Stalingrad-y with a bunker based around Miniart's "Dinner at the front" below and somecold Germans huddled round a brazier up top. What did you use for the bulk of the structure? Did you build a wooden frame or similar? I didn't see an WIP thread. Very inspiring work! Cheers.
  8. I'll chuck in my tuppence here if I may? I'm currently using an Iwata Revolution CR, having upgraded from a Neo for Iwata. I really like the CR, it sprays well and is easy for a hamfisted bass player such as myself to strip down and clean when needed. On the paint front, as a Scotsman I typically err on the side of frugality and use Revell Aqua, which is at the cheaper end of the market. I thin it for spraying with Xtracrylix thinners, which in a 300ml bottle is also relatively sensibly priced. I've found the Revell paint, pretty forgiving as well over the years although with an unmixed consistency like partially melted bitumen it does have a habit of drying up in the pot if not sealed well. Possibly false economy due to that but I've stuck by it over the last few years.
  9. Interesting thread here for a few reasons, one being that I like the Revell u-boats, having done ones in 1:72, 1:144 and 1:350. All modelling related stuff on here looks great so far. On the other front, I picked up a necrotising infection in my finger after a very innocuous looking cut got infected. I was very close to losing to my fingertip and even now (6 years later) have lasting nerve damage and am missing a chunk out of the top of my digit. Did little to improve my modelling or bass playing, but I did end up with a great set of grisly (and gristly) photos to show off to anyone who wants to see them!
  10. I'll second(or third) the positive comments. I did one a few years back, just after I started modelling again after a lengthy break. Really enjoyed mine and it's certainly got a lot of impact and I think good value for money. I took the time to drill out the flooding holes on mine, which was time well spent I think. I ended up buying a cheap floating glass shelf from B&Q which is about twice the length of the stand, so the model sits nicely on that. I'm thinking of re-priming mine and re-spraying it as my skills have improved in the last few years and mine looks positively drab compared to many of the ones I look at in RFI's these days!
  11. Wow. Looks pretty much perfect to my eyes. Excellent work!
  12. Argh! I really need to stop looking at RFI's... With another excellent example I've now decided I need to add the LRDG Chevy to my stash.... Another drain on time, space and money! Ignoring my grumbling about my lack of willpower - that looks excellent! I think just the right amount of weathering, a lovely finish on it.
  13. Stunning metal finish! Well done.
  14. Great work! That first picture threw me a little bit - had to do a double take...
  15. Based on current progress that's looking to be sometime in 2023...
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