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  1. Horses for courses and all that! I do worry that at some point someone will ask me to build them an immaculate Porsche or summat. In the meantime, my output will be scuzzy, worn and a bit tatty.
  2. Thanks Old John and Spiny! Agreed, Revell did a great job - this was a joy from start to finish. I admired your Trabi Spiny, lovely and clean. Something in my modelling DNA makes me a bit scared of trying an immaculate clean finish though!
  3. Thanks guys. MR2Don - the amended DDR sticker was actually one of the decal choices on the sheet - had to go for that one!
  4. Thanks for kind comments folks, I'm pleased with this one.
  5. Thanks Jeroen. I mixed the blue, sprayed the body, discarded the remaining paint, then noticed I'd missed a bit so had to mix a new batch and spray the whole thing as I couldn't match it exactly. There's a lesson in there!
  6. Thanks - out of the box save for the radio aerial (a skinny string from one of the noodly 6 string guitars - I am a bass player) and the couple of classic LP's - Tayo Mago being a firm favourite.
  7. Finished a few days ago but I was waiting for my chum to print the interior accessories. Really enjoyed the build, especially the weathering, I'm sure there's more scope for extra bird poo too. Posting from my phone - let's hope this works! My folks had bought me the swish anniversary boxing for my birthday year so here it is in its intended environment:
  8. Good tip thanks. I've not really experimented much with metallic from rattle cans, either lacquer or otherwise so it'll be a learning experience!
  9. I'll be going brass - but aye, any metallic finish can be tricky!
  10. That's exactly what I've got - still in the box in the man cave. I'll start it once I've finished my 1:24 Trabi. Only 4 pieces so construction not too hard but a lot of prep needed to get the surface ready. It's a got a bit of a depression round the tip. Looking forward to it though.
  11. Thanks Niall. As a T34 fan that would be an interesting comparison with the considerably chunkier 88mm round. Will see how I get on with building/painting my 88mm before I "shell" out for another.... (sorry...)
  12. Nice one thanks - looks good. As usual for me I get sucked down a rabbit hole of comparisons but I would think most brass spray paints would likely do - yours certainly looks like it fits the bill and Hobbycraft is a manageable bike ride away. Hurrah!
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