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  1. I think the Typhoons keep the gear down as each u/c cycle fatigues the airframe.
  2. Ive got some upper wing roundels from the airfix sheet if you need them.( almost positive i have )
  3. That is amazing ! Sort the background out and it would look real.
  4. Yes the last 2, superb. Ive only seen a B1 once at Fairford air show. I was in the loos and one took off. . Holy cow the noise , i peed on my foot.
  5. Sat in this very lightning at Bruntingthorpe a few years back. Cracking job , especially the gun openings.
  6. Dont pay too much attention to Bruntingthorpes Victor as she was painted a few years ago in Desert Pink instead of hemp uppers .With the flaps lowered you can still see the original hemp colour. She is literally the last Victor to fly though !
  7. Thanks for the replies, ive now done it . I assembled the main u/c and dry assembled the nose u/c and sat the mains on a placemat on the dining table to prop the back end up. This gave me a better sit . I measured the placemat at 5mm so chopped that out the front leg.
  8. Does this model sit right ? Im convinced the nose wheel is too tall and the completed model sits at a nose up attitude. Trimming a bit out of the nosewheel leg will lower the nose up attitude but how much is needed if any . Your thoughts please
  9. It wasnt the old boy from bruntingthorpes Victor was it ?
  10. Im sure its canopy operation instructions. The later camouflaged birds omitted the white box. Google will be your friend here https://goo.gl/images/VpUEUD
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