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  1. Its a great kit if you dont follow the instructions! Theres a 4 or 5 part build on youtube , follow him and it'll go together much better than if you follow the instructions.
  2. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous aircraft in a stunning location. Thanks for sharing
  3. Not really sure just wing it mainly. Ive got a load of plastic pipettes off ebay and squirt a bit of thinners in the airbrush cup and add 1 or 2 paintbrushes full of paint then spray and go from there. If its too thick and wont spray add another squirt of thinners or too thin a bit more paint . Its probably 70/30 ish
  4. Halfords own brand car primer and humbroll enamels thinned with standard celulose thinners .Fool proof just stinks a bit so spray outdoors if possible.
  5. I use standard celulose thinners (get 5 litres cheap from work) and get very satisfying results with humbroll, revell and tamiya paints. Spray them in the shed because it stinks and prime with halfords primers
  6. Some cracking photos there, a great big thanks for posting them. Brings back memories of some great spotting days. Its my local airfield as im in melton mowbray. Sadly no flying now its home to the army and has changed its name to Kendrew Barracks. Runway and tower are still there but will probably end up as a housing estate i shoyld imagine
  7. 753 was an F3 that crashed while attempting an unauthorised display at Scarborough . Lords build has an F6 tank
  8. A quick search on ebay for Lightning decals scale 1:32 shows some 11 squadron decals which might work
  9. What happened to the Thunder City Lightnings in Cape Town SA? Last I heard was the silver 2seater ( cant remember the serials ) crashed killing Dave Stock and the fleet was grounded. Poor servicing practices led to the permit to fly being withdrawn ,but the black 2seater flew again some time later . Mike Beachyhead passed away and the whole outfit was up for sale. Are the airframes complete, where are they and are there any recent photos of them ?
  10. a21 by aaron hughes1, on Flickr Taken from my big Harrier build. Theres a great photo in Chris Allens Fast jets book of this very area so I copied it. Difficult in 1.24 near impossible in 72 I should imagine
  11. Go for Teasin Tina as shes the last Victor to fly (accidental officer )
  12. Now that does look good. Ive seen so many Vulcans with iffy camouflage patterns but yours looks spot on. Great job on an unusual scheme
  13. I agree with Lord Riot, those colours look great. Id leave it
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