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  1. Just pretend they were on an exercise and load that bird to the hilt
  2. Dont think the training aircraft carried any tanks. They were flown clean all the time in the pictures ive seen . Of course stand to be corrected
  3. Just recieved this from the LPG: Hi Aaron Only the business at Bruntingthorpe has been sold the land still belongs to the Walton family. We have been told we are safe and will not have to move, as for the future of things like the open days we will need to wait and see how things develop. Thank you for thinking about us and hope to see you at Bruntingthorpe soon when things return to normal. Cheers Scott LPG Bruntingthorpe
  4. It looks to me you should chop out the rear bulkhead so the piece fits in and sits flush . As it is it looks odd and too far forward. The wheel well just fill in the gap with some card
  5. Great build and description. I saw a couple of JPs running down the runway at Bruntingthorpe a few years back now and its a lot of noise for not much speed. They taxied back and Bob Tuxford ( black buck fame ) got out , he later ran the Victor.
  6. Im an enamels sort of guy really and love humbroll and xtracolor , tried xtracrylix but kept clogging and spitting so tossed the lot and vowed never again. But tamiya acrylics are great and work for me if i use standard celulose thinners ( a bit smelly ) or tamiya lacquer thinners (not so smelly) just mix to a milk like consistency and away you go.The best bit is they dry really quickly.
  7. I knew Rob would know the answer ( Hello mate hope youre well ) and the off white underneath on the early camo Vulcans was the original anti-flash white that all the nuclear delivery a/c were painted in, V Bombers, Buccaneer, Tsr2 etc
  8. A brilliant original idea and executed superbly. My favourite of 2019
  9. Now thats a blast from the 80s . Wasn't there a crew patch with " Anytime Baby " on it ?
  10. The wife just asked me this morning what I want for Christmas. . .
  11. I think the Typhoons keep the gear down as each u/c cycle fatigues the airframe.
  12. Ive got some upper wing roundels from the airfix sheet if you need them.( almost positive i have )
  13. That is amazing ! Sort the background out and it would look real.
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