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  1. Well that looks like a landing accident!! Thanks everyone for your replies, I now have a choice of kitbashing or buying the more readily available Aeroclub model which I could detail with parts from a cheap(er) Revell Dr.1 Clive
  2. I'd love to but it seems they've been pooped on by a rocking horse...
  3. Wow thank you very much, that is most comprehensive. Don't know if I'm brave enough now but we'll see. Clive
  4. If I wanted to build a Fokker D.VI using a Fokker DR.1 fuselage and Fokker D.VII wings in 1/72, how much would I need to reduce the wingspan by? Wikipedia only gives overall wingspan of 8.9m for the D.VII and 7.66m for the D.VI, but no respective widths for the lower wings so would they be reduced by the same amount? Clive
  5. Thanks all, some great answers.
  6. Reminds me of when we went to see HMS Victory years ago, some CPO treated us as if we were signing up! My Dad muttered something to the effect that we'd come to visit the Navy not bloody well join it...
  7. Thanks, I've often seen in films conscripts going through assessment but it always seems to be the Army.
  8. Hope this is the right forum for this question but I've always wondered, if you were "called up" during WW2, how was it decided which branch of the armed services you would serve in? Thanks, Clive.
  9. I'm by no means an expert on WW1 aircraft but I think that Fokkers had a seam along the bottom where the canvas was joined. Maybe a small bit of stretched sprue to actually highlight it rather than try and eradicate it. Clive.
  10. Wow thanks for the comprehensive reply, I'll remove the blisters when I do my conversion. With further regard to the MPM kit, I know that common consensus is that the colour call out is wrong and that they should be PRU blue and not pink but I'm trying to find whether one if the marking options is correct, the one with the red/blue fin flash as I think this looks rather cool compared to the more common red/white/blue. I do know that the given serial is genuine for a PR.X (MD194). Oh, and as per your suggestion, I plan both a PR.X and PR.XI so invasion stripes are definitely a possibility. Clive.
  11. References that I have found state that the PR.X was developed AFTER the PR.XI but utilised the same wing. Now I know that the PR.XI had those little blisters just forwards of the landing gear but the only picture of a PR.X that I can find where the underside of the wings is visible doesn't show them. Is the picture showing a non production PR.X or did they really not have the blisters? Thanks in advance. Clive.
  12. Wikipedia (yes I know) suggests that RAF Vampires operated in "secondary roles" until 1972. Clive.
  13. We first came to South Wales in 1969 and on a day trip to Lydstep Haven were well and truly buzzed by low flying Vampires which were being "shot at" from the Manorbier range so I'd have expected them to still be current in 1966. Clive.
  14. Personally I wouldn't trust the box art for anything even down to what kit is in the box. I've never seen such a poor illustration, the perspectives look all over the place. Bottom line, your kit will at least LOOK like a P-38, unlike the box!
  15. I was the same with the original Airfix Bf109G in that lovely pale blue. Propellor and wheels all black and a coating of H27 on the top of the wings and fuselage. Looked the bees knees to me at the time. Clive
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