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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the blurb on the instruction sheet is genetically about Mk.V's and not specifically the Vc? I'd like to think that this suggests that a Vb May be forthcoming too...
  2. There seems to be a dearth of aftermarket decals for the F-84F considering how many air forces it flew with. Even USAF decals are nowhere to be found.
  3. Thanks Richard, I've ordered the Modeldecal sheet from Hannants along with another Airfix GR.3, I didn't realise that there was a grey variant of this scheme so it looks like another kit is due. Luckily I already have enough fin correction pieces lined up. Clive
  4. That top left picture shows exactly what I need. I was surprised at the amount of sweep as the front demarcation lines seem more angular. Thanks all for your help.
  5. Very nice. I'm a huge fan of this scheme too and have even discovered a GR.3 that wore it which will make a nice change.
  6. That's brilliant, I can just see the line on the photo. I'm assuming that the stabiliser upsweep meets with the wrap around on the underside which Eduard doesn't appear to show.
  7. I'm steadily progressing with my conversion of the Airfix GR.9 into a GR.5 with thanks to all of you who have helped so far, but now I'm a bit stuck on the paintjob. I can see where the underside green goes around the front nozzle fairing to meet the wing leading edge because there's plenty of pictures around, probably because that's usually where the squadron badges are painted, but I'm stuck on seeing where the demarcation at the rear goes. Most pictures and profiles don't show this area because the outriggers are in the way, I've even tried looking at other people's WIP builds to see i
  8. Thanks Mark, I've ordered some Air Graphics ones, missed them completely the last time I looked. I can now get on with my Hawk too!
  9. I've looked for those CBLS in 1/72 in the past for BAe Hawks but couldn't find any. I wonder how easy they would be to scratch build?
  10. Thanks, I'm using Modeldecals which provide 233 OCU, 3 Sqn,1 Sqn and A&AEE. Most pictures that I can find show mainly empty pylons, very few even carrying tanks, but I would like a full load as far as I can get it. Clive
  11. Thanks for that, from what was said above I'm assuming that these would be the earlier guns fitted to 1st gen Harriers and not appropriate for a GR.5?
  12. I've acquired the Airfix 1/72 Harrier GR.7/9 and am going to convert it back to a GR.5 using the nose from the earlier Airfix model using advice of further modifications that I found on Britmodeller. I've also found a discussion of a typical load on the GR.5 on this site which suggests that gun packs were carried. So far so good. However, the new Airfix model doesn't have gun packs, is this because the GR.7/9 rarely carried them? I'm loathe to use the guns from the old kit so will probably go aftermarket but I was just curious as to why Airfix may have omitted the guns when they are such a not
  13. Instructions for the MPM Mk.IV can be found here https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Wellington-Mk.IV-R-1830-Engines.html#gallery_start if it helps to understand the fit of exhausts. It suggests that 3 of the pipes are completed using supplied resin "hedgehog" extensions. Clive.
  14. Disappointed to hear about the decals as I have these in my collection too. I believe they are recommended for the Hasegawa kit which might account for the size issue with the tail markings?
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