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  1. Many thanks for those lovely reference pictures. As I intend to make the subject of the Airfix kit, the only reference that I have regarding wing tip yellow is their instructions which show just the absolute tips as being painted. Clive
  2. Many thanks for the comprehensive reply, I'll be in touch shortly. Clive
  3. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I'm attempting to build subjects that Airfix kits covered in my dim and distant past but using newer kits and where necessary aftermarket decals whilst accurizing the markings. My first on the bench is the P-51 Fools Paradise IV and my next one will be this: I have both ICM and Airfix kits to choose from. Airfix's instructions don't identify the unit, but I believe that it is SG.2. So on to my questions: There's not a lot of pictures that I can find online but those that I can seem to show a yellow band around the tail where the "F" is in the picture. Should I need this? All pictures show the individual aircraft letter to be dark (black?) with a white outline, is the Airfix suggestion of a white letter possible? Airfix suggest 70/71 upper colours and I'm assuming a mottle of 02, is this a fair assumption? Yellow wing tips or not and if so, how far inboard? If anyone can help it would be appreciated or better still, if anyone knows of an original image that Airfix based their markings on even better. Regards, Clive.
  4. I'm using the Tamiya kit with the fillet-less tail conversion in resin. I'm afraid that I'm rather glacial in my modelling and not sure that my skills are up to snuff for a WIP.
  5. Thanks for all the replies everyone, I think that I have enough to be able to crack on with FPIV. Clive
  6. Got yellow 14 on my list too but using the Academy kit.
  7. That is brilliant thank you, I also now have an idea of how far out the Overlord stripes start should I decide to go for full dress or partially covered as per the photo. Clive
  8. Thanks for that, I'd already found the thread regarding the nose colour hence not asking. If, as you say, the black wing stripe would have been too far outboard, would there have been one in what can be called the "normal" position such as this?
  9. I've recently started on a sort of nostalgia trip based around my memories of building Airfix kits in the 60's. The basic plan is to build the same subject that Airfix kitted back then but using newer kits and aftermarket decals where possible or original Airfix decals if necessary. On my bench right now is Fools Paradise IV, which the Airfix original paint guide got nowhere near being accurate. Having acquired the Xtradecal set for Fools Paradise IV, I have a few questions: This picture clearly shows black bands on the horizontal tail surfaces which Xtradecal have missed, but, as I'm more likely to build my kit without Overlord stripes, here's what I am wondering: a) There appears to be a lighter coloured stripe running across the tail above the serial, would this be evidence of an earlier black stripe that has been removed? b) Whilst the stripes on the upper wing have been overpainted, there is a distinct darker stripe about 3/4 way outboard, is this an earlier black stripe showing through? Looking at pictures of other P-51s, some appear to have the wing ID stripe closer to the fuselage whilst others appear to have them in around the position seen above. c) Am I right to assume that the lighter coloured rudder is merely due to reflection and the difference in material rather than yellow paint? Thanks in advance Clive
  10. I think there may be some truth in this, the Italeri kit in this build is definitely not the ESCI kit of which I have several, although the Italeri kit that I have has raised panel lines that are just as exaggerated as the Matchbox "mad trencher". Clive
  11. Thank you, I can use the Duxford airframe for the torpedo bay detail but I'm really looking for what there is forward of there, is there for example, a box of gubbins similar to that which you have added to this build. Clive.
  12. Thanks but I think that the Duxford version has the original front end not the extended Whirlwind nose. Clive
  13. Those plans look excellent, I don't suppose that they show what happens underneath a Royal Navy HAS.9 that is fitted with a torpedo bay by any chance? I'm converting an Italeri S-55 using a resin nose. Clive
  14. I've decided to take a break from WW2 subjects and make a start on my collection of Italeri S-55, H-18 helicopters. All except the float version will be built to represent Westland Whirlwinds of the RAF or Royal Navy using resin conversions where available. I know that I need to change the windscreen to remove the middle pillars and that the undersides will need to be fettled with but I have a few questions about internal colours. Having taken pictures of the museum exhibits at Newark and Caernarfon, I think I'm right in saying that the cockpits were black with a grey instrument panel and the cabin (notwithstanding any soundproofing) was Dark Admiralty Grey, the "padding" alongside the transmission appears to be a blueish green. If anyone could confirm that would be great. The one area that I've no idea about though due to access restrictions is what I'm calling the "engine deck" behind the cockpit. Any ideas please? Thanks in advance, Clive.
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