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  1. Looking forward to seeing this one completed in probably the best looking livery that any British commercial aircraft have ever worn. Whenever I see a BOAC 707 I'm always reminded of the tragedy of Whisky Echo all those years ago.
  2. I have this kit but have always been surprised by how much smaller the V-1 is compared to the one in the Frog Spitfire XIV kit which looks far beefier and more likely to be able to carry a man (or in the case of the real Reichenberg, a woman).
  3. That Sopwith looks much better than the constituent parts. What did you use for the cowling? It looks nothing like the kit part.
  4. One thing to check for is that on the Italeri version, the trailing edge of the tail rotor was thicker than the front edge.
  5. I forgot to say though, which was quite rude of me, that this is a cracking build and a testament to your skills. I hope I can do as good a job when I get around to mine. Clive
  6. Maybe I'm not looking at the same airframe but if you Google "Catalina 11088" there's an image which shows that the floats were white. Clive
  7. Thanks Dave, I will take you up on your offer. I'm quite enjoying scratch building WW1 cockpits and suddenly find myself with a Revell Albatros that I started 20 years ago also on the bench.
  8. Thanks so much Dave, I did notice the streaky green on the link that Duncan posted, Can I assume the same streaky finish on the undercarriage fairing?. I have actually availed myself of some cheap Almark decals for the lozenge and surprised myself by getting the tailplane undersides done, I even remembered to treat the elevators separately so that there is no continuity of pattern. I don't know how I'll go on when I have to lozenge both top and bottom of a wing on an alternative D.VII that I want to do. I've discovered the blue and pink rib tapes so if I am doing both top and bottom can I
  9. Thanks Duncan, that really helps. I wonder why they bothered painting it at all given that it's hidden away. Clive.
  10. Completely out of my depth here as I'm normally a WW2 modeller, but as I have a number of WW1 subjects in my stash and I have time on my hands, I've decided that I want something a little more colourful on my shelf and it will be a challenge. Anyway, I have both the Revell and ESCI 1/72 versions of the Fokker D.VII (the one with a red forward fuselage and a blue rear). Both kits agree on most of the colours, but I'm wondering, what colour would the top of the little wing between the undercarriage be? I'm assuming that it was originally lozenge, but most models have it as blue, rath
  11. I think this kit still holds it's own against some modern offerings. You've made a fantastic job of it.
  12. As had been mentioned there are a number of faults with the Heller kit but I've always liked it and with raised panel lines is easy to sand down to convert to other Mark's like the Mk.IId or the Mk.iV. One thing that always bugs me though is that Heller in their wisdom only provided one landing light and even that is in the wrong place (approximately too far inboard by it's own width). At the very least you might want to add one to the other wing. Clive
  13. Yes I remember the old baggie well, silver plastic if I recall. I just can't fathom why, when they made this new mould, they then made a retrograde step of removing detail in later releases.
  14. I liked this version of Airfix's Stuka, I never understood why but in subsequent mouldings, the mainwheel halves were moulded as part of the spats rather than separate as you have here. Clive
  15. Thanks Mike, funny thing is that I can't find any mention of this in any reviews or builds previously.
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