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  1. Heather, I believe that the engine nacelle had a circular intake which you could represent south a circle of black decal (I wouldn't suggest drilling if you want the wings to stay on)...
  2. Excellent news, far too few options for RFC aftermarket decals at the moment. Hopefully my own local hero Albert Ball will feature. Clive
  3. Thank you, any other external differences from the Mk.X that I need to be aware of? The number of machine guns I believe. Clive.
  4. I'm well acquainted with the rather prominent bulge for the Sperry autopilot on RAAF Beaufighters but being the curious type, I've always wondered what was the specific reason that RAAF aircraft needed these and Beaufighters operated by different air arms didn't. I could assume it was due to large distances having to be flown over the Pacific but beyond that, I'm stumped. Any experts care to enlighten me please? Thanks, Clive.
  5. Actually Bob it's quite the reverse at the moment, I can get the Aeroclub one from Ebay, or King Kit. The Roden one I've only seen on King Kit and whilst I was waiting for my monthly "allowance" for kits, somebody nabbed it. Even Hannants doesn't have it listed to be able to backorder and I'm not aware that I can order directly from Roden. Clive.
  6. Well that looks like a landing accident!! Thanks everyone for your replies, I now have a choice of kitbashing or buying the more readily available Aeroclub model which I could detail with parts from a cheap(er) Revell Dr.1 Clive
  7. I'd love to but it seems they've been pooped on by a rocking horse...
  8. Wow thank you very much, that is most comprehensive. Don't know if I'm brave enough now but we'll see. Clive
  9. If I wanted to build a Fokker D.VI using a Fokker DR.1 fuselage and Fokker D.VII wings in 1/72, how much would I need to reduce the wingspan by? Wikipedia only gives overall wingspan of 8.9m for the D.VII and 7.66m for the D.VI, but no respective widths for the lower wings so would they be reduced by the same amount? Clive
  10. Thanks all, some great answers.
  11. Reminds me of when we went to see HMS Victory years ago, some CPO treated us as if we were signing up! My Dad muttered something to the effect that we'd come to visit the Navy not bloody well join it...
  12. Thanks, I've often seen in films conscripts going through assessment but it always seems to be the Army.
  13. Hope this is the right forum for this question but I've always wondered, if you were "called up" during WW2, how was it decided which branch of the armed services you would serve in? Thanks, Clive.
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