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  1. CrazyCrank

    MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    absolutely wonderful
  2. Time for tiny bits A plug for the radiator's hole of my Lady Bug through which cross the starting handle (Crazy CRANK). Nickel plating remains to do... . . . And hereunder a try for rounded-head micro-bolt.... Doesn't exist ?...have done it ! I'm working on a cosmetic solution for the attachment of the direction shafts and the wheels, and I need such type of bolts . . . The bolt is 3,22 mm diameter and is threaded M1: Stay tuned if you like, and thanks for watching
  3. CrazyCrank

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Another little effort and this engine will really run.... BRAVO
  4. Thanks @Roy vd M. for your sweet words Yes you're right...I'm an eternal dissatisfied person
  5. CrazyCrank

    Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Excellent idea, and excellent introduction to a great enormous big job to go...I"m subscribed too
  6. CrazyCrank

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Absolutely gorgeous, Harvey If only I knew how to solder half as well than you, I would be pretty happy Congrats for this fantastic scratch-building !
  7. CrazyCrank

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Very inspirational and a very pretty work
  8. Oh happy day I just had the chance to find my micro EB logo on the floor of my workshop...
  9. Thanks a lot Endeavor Central disk soldered: And micro EB Logo lost on my wooden floor... today isn't a good day
  10. Finally ! After my burnt last nut's arm, I've waited some time before starting over a new one....and I think tonight that I should have waited more ! In fact, today, I wanted to mow the lawn, but the tractor's battery was down, so I didn't have better to do that sit down at my bench And I've turned on the lathe 3 arms, wasting the first two, due to a lack of concentration. Anyways, my second arm has been turned and filed and soldered on the nut The, arms have been bended outward, and below is the result: Spheres at the end of the arms are far to perfect, but I will be happy with them after a lightly sanding All that remain is to sold the central disk on this set, then to nickel plate the ensemble, and finally to stick the micro EB logo, and tint black the bottom of the disk in order to bring it to light.... Stay tuned if you like, and sorry for the slowness of my build
  11. Impossible for me to solder both at the same time, because the pin of the second arm was thinner than the hole of the nut, and bended the wrong way I've silver soldered the first arm without any damage, as you can see on the pics above, probably my light was colder than 900°C And then, I've intended to soft solder the second arm, regulating the flame's temperature : The low-temperature silver-brazing has melted, but without joining the two parts. So I've taken the second arm, and, carefully eliminating the cooled melted solder with a file, I've seen the brass was corroded ! Furthermore, after reading your answer, I've just tried to melt the brass of this arm, using my Proxxon welding torch with a stronger flame, and I did not succeed....so, your explanation isn't the right one, I guess
  12. Oouuuups Second arm damaged while soldering I do not understand what happened: I've to turn another one...this will be tomorrow
  13. Hi chaps This evening, first arm of my nut has been silver soldered, using jewelry's silver paste. Why silver soldering ? Because of the high temperature it requires, approximatively 900°C. So, once the first arm welded, if I solder the second arm using low temperature soldering, the first arm will not unsolder....hum. theoretically ....fingers crossed As you can see, the crocodile clip of my second hand, that hold the parts during the soldering, left some marks on the central nut...I'll fix this little Injury later, with sanding and polishing: Stay tuned if you like, and thanks for watching
  14. Very kind of you, Harvey....I've no word for your superlative work on your 1:12 Fiat