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  1. Good afternoon, chaps Slowly but surely, she's taking form... No dust, no rust, and now the bodywork is ready to receive its top clear coat....not before 4 days, to get a complete and in depth drying Stay tuned for next steps and thanks for watching
  2. Where is the bonnet ? Decidedly I'm a subscriber to mishaps A tool escaped my hands and of course have found fun to hit the bonnet that was quietly curing on my bench ! No photograph, but the painting job has to be done again, starting from zero ... Well, let us be philosophical, I get better with the airbrush each time I use it
  3. I'm hesitating between Alclad Klear Kote Gloss, Gravity Colors Clear (3 components) and Zero Paints 2 Pack Clearcoat Diamond Finish I've already tried Alclad Clear over Gravity Daimler Silver, when I have cleared the underbody, and they match well, without any undesirable reaction... Furthermore, it dries and cures very quickly The Gravity Color clear 3 components would match perfectly with Gravity Colors paint, but I know, by (bad) experience, that it is very difficult to spray correctly (possibly due to the fact that I'm a newbie in clear coating) and that overall it
  4. Good evening guys All is going well today, my son, my daughter in lw, my grand-son, and....my painting job After the slight sanding job of the primer to get it smooth, 3 coats of semi-gloss black, a good drying and a light sanding of this underlay, I've sprayed successfully 2 light coats, then a medium and finally a wet coat of Daimler Silver My God ! These Gravity paints are absolutely fantastic. You could see for yourself: There is some (very few) dust particles here and there and
  5. It's explained in my Friday post: " Why X18 semi-gloss black and not gloss black X1 ? Because my purpose was not get a bright finish, as if I would have to spray then a metallic color, such as Alclad aluminum, chrome etc.. My aim was to get a black smooth surface, which: - 1/ allow the Daimler silver to get a better shine than if I had sprayed it on a grey surface - 2/ avoid the solvents of Gravity Daimler Silver to react with the primer underneath"
  6. Good morning "Brittanica" No news at the moment from my Canadian family, so probably good news Hereunder some pictures of the Daimler Silver in day light, with the doors, after the 2 first coats - Of course, still a bit of undesirable dust to spoil the photographs ! And the scratches at the rear of the top vents have almost disappeared (what is annoying with "almost" is "almost" ). The result is frankly imperfect , but much better and acceptable. I can do no more, imho... Stay tuned for the next stages
  7. It doesn't look as it is a scale model Superb work, as always, Pascal It make makes me want to purchase one of these MFK kits, for instance the Maserati 250F 1957 GP Monaco 1:20
  8. My grand-son Mickael was born at 5:45 pm local hour, his weight 4060 gr, and is doing well My daughter-in-law had to undergo a cesarean section, and she has fever and possibly a leg-vein thrombosis and/or an infection, so I'm very anxious, as you can imagine. Compared with this kind of issue, my paint one is very minor ! Nethertheless, I've solved the problem of my scratches, and I'm waiting tomorrow afternoon to start again the painting job.
  9. In paint there is pain I've noticed a big defect on the bodywork paint, once dried Where I had used files to open the rear top vents, the plastic has been scratched sometimes rather deeply, and this wasn't visible on the white plastic, neither with the primer and the black coat, otherwise I would have fixed that before the painting job But with the silver one, the scratches have been strongly revealed, ans it's impossible for me to live with this ! So, let's go for a new Glanzer bath, putty, sanding, putty, sanding, priming, and so on ... A bir
  10. Evening Gentlemen While I've begun interesting things with the final coats of paint over the bodywork, it's still the morning in Canada where much more serious things are happening My daughter-in-law went 2 hours ago in labour room and is actually giving birth to my first grand-son (I've already 2 grand-daughters). I couldn't resist to share with you all this great new. Preparing for the birth which could not occur before several hours, I let you see where I am with my MB gestation:...2 light veil of Daimler Silver has been sprayed at the moment :
  11. Eevening Gentlmen "In paint, there' pain..." ....really true; at least for me ! This afternoon, I've sprayed 5 super light coats of thinned Tamiya semi-gloss black X18 over the bodywork, doors and bonnet. I had planned to spray only 3 coats, but after the third one, I got a bit of orange peel, and I've had to sand it carefully to remove it....so, to get finally an even aspect of the paint, I've had to spray to coats more Why X18 and not gloss black X1 ? Because my purpose was not get a bright finish, as if I would have to spray then a metallic co
  12. Good evening Chaps Well ! the bodywork, the bonnet and the doors have been primed again with Alcald Grey Primer and micro-filler: 3 light coats and a wetter one, with slight sanding 3000 grit between each layer. The result is rather good, it remains to sand the surface as smooth as possible with 4000 the 6000 grit before applying the bright black coat. I've also finished the underbody with the black painting of each bolt: Tomorrow, I'll spray the black under-coat
  13. Thanks so much Roy,, for your kind words, much appreciated. I don't forget my Ladybug, and I don't forget too that it's thank to you that I've had the chance to gather a large collection of reference photographs. As I've said several times previously, I'm now retired, so, I've much more time to spend for my hobby than before. A lot of administrative work has still to be done to finish my medical career , but I hope to be totally free on July. At this time, it will be possible to reorganize my personal office at home, which is actually used as medical-administ
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