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  1. My dear Dan, I'm speechless before this splendid full-scratchbuilt and unique in the world model of a rare race-car , Hat's off, Sir !
  2. Thank you so much, @Pouln. Unfortunately, I haven't time enough to spend actually for this build. I'm alone at my office and have to face alone the workload of 3 GPs ! But all the job to do soon is planed ! Thank you very much, @Pascal
  3. Sorry for your loss too, Tom, all my thoughts with you And don(t worry for your Bug's work... At my point of view, you've already greatly improved your model !
  4. Harvey, if you don't own a lathe, it's possible for some of us, me for instance, to fabricate pulleys for you, if you want....
  5. It's incredible to see the ease with which PROPELLER can produce what is so difficult for many others, of which I'm one ! Beautiful work, Dan
  6. Definitely 6... for such a sexy car ? ...OK, I get out
  7. My dear Harvey, there's no more word to congratulate you, after all those dithyrambic comments you received from all our friends. For my part, I would just like to add that, facing the incredible work you've already done with this build, everybody - more, all of us - should have to stay very humble with his own skills. You have reached, not only the top museum quality and excellence, but the most and unequalled artistic level ! Your work is definitely for us an inexhaustible source of inspiration and will keep the status of a standard reference for those who want to build everything in scale car modelling. My hat's off, Sir Very modestly, CC
  8. Thanks a lot @Endeavor, @harveyb258 and @sharknose156 for your kind words and encouragements.
  9. Sorry Olivier to post a negative critics (and a positive one simultaneously): The color or your strips looks very convincing BUT, the width of the two WW strips and of the large blue one at the center near them doesn't match at all with the photo on post #580; IMHO... Congrats for your tenacity CC
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