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  1. I'm very moved by your kind ( @Codger ) or lyrical / hyperbolic ( @Albatros ) words, my friends. I'm not sure I deserve all the huge compliments Albatros paid me , but the interest he shows to my thread is much appreciated
  2. Good evening chaps I've begun to work on the Fusion 360's project of a new brake axis which incorporate an elliptic section. This elliptic section will act, as on the Pocher part, as a cam whose function is to spread the brake jaws when the brake lever of a drum is pulled backward (or forward fir the rear brake) by the brake cables. Hereunder several pictures of my fusion project. At resting state, the gray (steel) rod will be pulled backward by a spring, and this mechanism (thanks to PROPELLER) will pull forward the brake lever on the drum, providing a good tensioning of the brake cables. If the "driver/modeller" press down the brake pedal, the brake lever will be pulled backward, the gray rod will move forward, enlarging the spring, and when the modeler will release the brake pedal, the spring will compress, pulling backward the rod and forward the brake lever. The two jaws of the bake drum will be joined, as on the Pocher system, by a spring which ensure the jaws will get closer when the brake pedal is released. This mechanism hasn't be tested yet, only in my mind, but I think I've found the way to create it. Unfortunately, my CNC Mill isn't five axis, and it's actually impossible for me to machine this part in a simple and single way So, starting with a 8mm brass rod, using the lathe and the CNC milling machine, I've at the moment got the following part, which has to be considered as a rough draft, and on which a lot of work remains to do (groove at the outer end, hole and rod at the inner end), before it gets its final shape: Stay tuned if you like, and thanks for watching
  3. CrazyCrank

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Stunning work, as always, my dear Sam
  4. CrazyCrank

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Devil in the details of course There"s a lot of details on your engine I imagine I see a brand label on your ignition coil ?
  5. CrazyCrank

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Your build, @harveyb258, has reached the top museum quality, and this work is very instructive and stimulating for all of us, mere mortals....my jaws drop on the floor each time I look at your thread....Many congrats and "Chapeau bas"
  6. CrazyCrank

    A Different Morgan Model

    For a funny moment: A short video of Ugears models
  7. CrazyCrank

    A Different Morgan Model

    Very exciting project
  8. Thanks a lot, my friends , for your encouragements
  9. Evening, Chaps First of all, a Happy New Year 2019 for all of you, your friends and your families I've not been very present on the forum, and even less on my own thread these last weeks . And I want to apologize for that, because I've only read some threads and put some LIKE here and there, without entering any discussion The truth is that I've suffered a severe pathology since several weeks : a few days after I went back home from Canada, I've had what I thought to be a right renal colic, as in June and July. Things appeared to be back in order, when I have had 2 or 3 recurrences. Last but not least I began to feel a bit worried, and had some radiological examinations..... and the verdict was devastating: I hadn't a renal colic but an artery dissection on the right external iliac artery. The surgeon wasn't very enthusiastic to the idea of operating me, thinking that the arterial injury could auto-repair itself as time goes by. But the disease's evolution, with permanent pain and disability, and the risk of further deterioration, have finally convinced him to make something. I've had to wait 2 long weeks, once the decision was made, before going on the operating table, because of Christmas and New Year holidays, and need for ordering a special endoprothesis. That has been made last Friday and I've had a covered stent (8 mm diameter over 85 mm long) implanted in my external iliac artery. I feel better now, and the greatest danger is over, but I'm extremely tired, both physically and mentally, and I'm absolutely unable to return to my workbench at the moment. I need time to recover my strength and my mind. But be sure that I'm not going to abandon my work on this precious "LadyBug". I'm quite able to entertain on Fusion 360 and think to solutions for several construction problems such as actuating brakes, exhaust pipes, dashboard, and I look at 3D printers with interest etc. So, I hope you won't be too eager to see any progress on my build. Many thanks to all of you for your advices, comments, critics and kind support. Stay tuned if you like
  10. CrazyCrank

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    absolutely gorgeous
  11. No, I havn't yet a CR 10, but I've planned to purchase a 3D printer in 2019, and this model is on my top 3, beside, for instance, the PRUSA I3 MK3 (769 euros in kit to assemble )
  12. Hi Olivier I think you've spent approximately 400 euros to purchase 2 3D printers, that have not imho the best rates on the different tests you can read on the Internet. For less than 400 euros, you could have bought a Creality CR10 or 10S, that have very good functions, very good notes, and which are supported by a BIG fan's community all over the world. I'm looking on the net since a few weeks and I think it would be a good choice. Obviously, I can understand that you didn't want to spend a lot of money for just trying a new modeling method... All the best and wish you'll find quickly the good settings to get an acceptable result. CC
  13. CrazyCrank

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Love it so much My jaws are on the floor, my dear Harvey ...You've done the work of a goldsmith My hat's off