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  1. Thanks Harvey Indeed, this transformation offers a new range of possibilities, and I'm very excited. It remains to enhance the machine, making a ventilated-box to put the electronic cards in, and stowing spaghetti-cables in cable raceways...
  2. Hi chaps Well..back home 10 days ago, and had no time to work on my Lady Bug, because a lot of work at my office. During the following weeks, I'll try to work on her from time to time, particularly making my second front brake lever, and then the rear ones. However, I took advantage of my free time during my - quite - four weeks of holidays in Canada, thinking about how converting my milling machine (a little Proxxon MF70) in a CNC milling machine. And finally, I did succeed in getting a CNC working one, without the need to buy an already-built solution as the "Go-CNC", and saving at least 250 euros. Hereunder are pictures of my modified Proxxon, and a (very bad) sample of what we can get with such a tool Now, I'll be able to machine complex parts, with curves and circles or engraved letters, and to machine parts in several identical copies And I've a head full of ideas... Stay tuned if you like
  3. CrazyCrank

    The loss of a Comrade

    Ohhhh....I just achieved to discover this post: very sad news, indeed. All my thoughts goes for his wife and his family. I thank Chas, Ron and Sam to intend to do him justice, by achieving his model.
  4. CrazyCrank

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Dear Harvey, each element you make is a wonderful piece of art, and your work will help all of us to increase his skills
  5. Hi chaps and gentlemen... There will be a little break for this construction, because I'm on holidays since half an hour, and I leave France for Canada tomorrow evening, for three weeks. See you soon.
  6. Here is the lever quite achieved( remains opening the upper "eye", polishing and nickel plating), with its bolt, washer and nut: Stay tuned if you like and thanks for watching
  7. Wow ! I've found my lever on the floor, enlightening it in the dark Here it is; it remains a little bit of work on the milling machine to decrease the thickness at the bottom, and then filing and polishing it:
  8. The best is the enemy of good I was rounding off the bottom of the lever on the milling machine, when suddenly, the tiny bit , quite achieved, said bye bye to the pin on which I had fixed it and has flown somewhere in my workshop It has been impossible at the moment to find it....sad ! Let's go for the fourth attempt
  9. Well guys This third attempt of the brake lever has been entirely rough shaped and then refined on the milling machine. I've used the files only for rounding off sharp edges of top part of the lever: Once separated from the rod, I got this part, on which a lot of work remains to do: Essentially to round off the bottom of the lever, and then polish I before making a second one, and nickel plating them Stay tuned if you like and thanks for watching
  10. Yes of course, my dear friend: Hereunder "un moteur dans son jus" genuine unretstored engine of a 1965 Mustang: And the link on the car, to restore: Mustang 1965 dans son jus
  11. Imho, if you decide to keep the engine visible, it has to be the more realistic as possible, at this big scale. Because, hood opened, the engine and all its details is perfectly visible, as you can see below: Furthermore, I think you shoud scratch a new belt, because the kit's one is absolutely out of scale, too large, too thick
  12. herunder what I just found on the net for 1965 Ford Mustang fan blades: If it can help you...
  13. Hi Olivier Imho, the fan blades are too thick, perhaps should you try to slightly thin them ?
  14. Unfortunately I've failed: probably because of a mistake during milling, the piece has broken Let's go for the third try