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  1. Morning chaps Early morning job today. I've put the 3 chromed caps over the cam cover. It's been difficult to remove the sprue residues under the caps, due to their very small size, but it was necessary in order to manage placing them correctly Decals also have been placed on the cam cover. And the exhaust pipes have been fixed. Then I decided to improve the intake manifold, as I did for the first MB, but in an even better way. So, I added small strap of BMF Aluminium over the black tubing to simulate the SERFLEX clamps.
  2. Thanks so much Ron Yes it was, Ive ordered 5 meters of black, red and yellow. They still have a lack of flexibility when you want to bend them imho, but very useful for detailing a 1:24 scale model, given that it's quite exactly the right thickness to represent 7 mm plug leads Thanks for the kind word, Edward...coming from you, it's still more valuable It's precisely why I would prefer to own the 1:1 car
  3. Good evening (night ?) gentlemen The postman delivered my GB order today, so, no excuse for procrastination . Therefore, I've finished the loom with its 4 holes on the top, and nickel plated it Then, I've scratched 6 spark plugs with their wiring, using 0.28 mm black electrical wire and shorts sections of 0.5 mm brass tube. The wires have been threaded into the tubes and glued, and the outer part of the brass tubes have been painted white, to simulate the white ceramic part of the plugs. Next, each set has been
  4. Thank you for the kind comment, I'm happy you've fallen in love with her, but you must know I'm very jealous Thank yours much for this superlative comment, stay tuned for next steps
  5. No more lyrical words to express my admiration for your skills and for the utterly amazing tiny model you've built
  6. Good evening mates Not a lot of progress today, apparently, because what I've done has been time consuming . Taking inspiration of a lot of photographs you can find on the Internet, and particularly This one, I've opened my plumber's toolbox , and scratched the plumbing of the oil pump, on the left side of the engine. I've used a lot of patience ans several brass bits, made of 10 sections of 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm tubes etc. shaped progressively, by making numerous tests. Making the 3 lines you can see has taken about 6 hours The result is rather con
  7. Oh, J├Ârgen, I've a question: which kind/Brand of paper do you user to print your decals, and which kind of color printer, Laser or Inkjet ?` Thanks in advance for your answer CC
  8. wow, that nose A very meticulous job you did here, congrats
  9. Good evening guys A little progress today, with the plumbing of the ignition pump. As you could see on the photos below, the fuel lines are not as well aligned as they should be, and it's also the case for the connectors on the top of the pump. There were aligned, but, the pulling force applied while shaping the copper lines, has put a merry m... Probably I'm not skillful enough, because I know that it could have been possible. I just have to look at some videos on Youtube (Please search "A4 Garage" and enjoy ) However, it's a difficult job, always
  10. All right, I go on The tubing over the top of the injection pump has been made, and I've test fitted the set on the engine block, to get an idea of what is resulting : And the 6 injectors have been glued on the engine block: Now the most difficult work still lies ahead : give each fuel line the right shape and thread them into the injectors. This will be for tomorrow, since my eyes sting, after 2 hours wearing magnifying glasses
  11. Good evening gentlemen Not a big progress since the previous post, since I fell ill Friday evening, and I've had medical examination and X-rays yesterday...I feel better today under antibiotics, but I was not far from a digestive surgery ! Aniways, I've progressed on the engine, assembling some parts and painting/weathering it, after a long masking session: Left side: Right side: Top side Focus on the added oil pump on the front: Focus on the top of the gear
  12. Thanks so much Phil for the nice comment If you own a 3D resin printer, I can send you the *.stl file and my setting for this print
  13. Good evening chaps While paint's drying, I've drawn on Fusion 360 the Treadle-Vac canister: Let's get started for a new 3D printing session
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