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  1. Know that feeling well Dave - my father was in India during the war and used the expression "Doolaly Tap" which I have recently discovered refers to the transit camp and hospital at Deolali where soldiers with mental problems were sent - I dare say there is a similar colourful Australian expression for the condition? Can't put my hands on the conversion article at the moment but I seem to recall that as well as the obvious problems with the cockpit, wheel wells and canopy there were also problems with the tail - both wrong shaped horizontal surfaces and perhaps the vertical as well. Then of course he had to make a replacement undercarriage including twin tailwheels not one as I think Frog may have provided, and the chap doing the conversion also made out of plasticard formers and filler the large ventral fuel tank Attackers usually carried. All in all you will certainly need a mad urge as you state! Decals are relatively easy compared with the rest of the problems. Well that's another post towards my 100 as you suggested. Cheers Pete
  2. Dave, I remember the Attacker - possibly the first Frog kit I bought, complete with solid cockpit and no wheel wells! I hacked out the cockpit and stuck a seated pilot in (ex-Airfix) and did it wheels up. Some time later I saw a conversion article (probably still have it if you feel mad enough to try it) which said it needed a lot of work, but I left it alone. Only replaced it a couple of years ago when I bought one from "A Model". Happy days! Pete
  3. Steve, I have at least 1 full set of original Frog decs for the Maryland so if you want to do the SAAF version send me a PM with your address etc and I will post one. They have been kept in a cool dark place for over 30 years and normally work OK, though I sometimes give them a coat of MS Decal Fix (or varnish) to play safe. Of course if you want to do something different how about one in original or Vichy French markings assuming you have the decs? Pete
  4. Hi Dave, I was thinking of making up my Whittle in the later form, with a couple of small auxiliary vertical surfaces on the horizontal stabs - should be easy enough. Then I can paint it grey/green/yellow to make it something just a little different. Pat - seem to remember reading that you have to have a minimum 100 posts before you can use the "Wanted" section, which has put me off as I don't qualify - is that correct? Pete
  5. Hi Cliff. Hadn't thought of that as 84" and 54" roundels don't work well with 1/72 which I model! Are you thinking normal or perhaps faded "nuclear" markings? Pete
  6. Just noticed on e-bay lots of single sheets of Frog decs for £3-£4, and a set of 30 for £39.99. Like me they probably bought them as sets of 40 for between 50p and £1 so not a bad investment. Could they have heard about this GB? Perhaps I ought to think about selling my 90+ sheets! Lot of Javelins listed quite cheap, and several Shell Welders including a Gomix one for £20 or so currently - originals are around 3 times that. Cliff, Don't expect 1/96 decals are easy to find but at least being a white plane it should be easy enough to print your own decs on white decal paper, perhaps scaling down a set from the Airfix kit, which is what I would probably try as I have one in my stash. Any problems give me a shout and I'll have a go. Pete
  7. Hi Dave, Usually I find if more efficient to have 2 or 3 kits on the go at once so that I can work on one whilst the glue is setting on another etc. I will start the Me 410 and the Shackleton pretty well at once - probably a mistake but we will see. If I have time I might do the Bf 110 later, depending on what plans my other half has for me! I may regret this but at the moment I am looking forward to starting.
  8. Hi Ray, When I built my Javelin a few weeks ago I found that there were no fin flash or overwing roundels available that were the correct size on either my Modeldecal or Xtradecal markings sheets and the Jav is not one of the kits I have Frog decs for so I used slightly smaller roundels and hand painted the fin flash. Might be worth trying a coat of MS Decal Fix or varnish on the Novo ones assuming they are in register - it sometimes works for me. The Lightning should be no problem in that respect, and I will be building my Novo ex Frog/Hasegawa one before too long, probably in 56 Squadron markings like my Airfix F3. Later, Sorry - just noticed Hannants do actually have a full set of markings for the Jav on their 23 Squadron history sheet if that was the one you meant. Have fun. Pete
  9. Ok Pat. I have the right size type D roundels and fin flashes and the walkway lines from the SAAF sheet may do, I also have a sheet of Shack markings made by Sutcliffe (Contrail?) that Hannants recommended but they are a bit iffy by now. If all else fails it will be standard Modelcal lettering and/or DIY. The reason I thought of this kit is that I have just ordered a resin Viper conversion so I should be able to do that Phase III version if I ignore the slight enlargement of the tip tanks! Better finally open the bag and see if all the parts are there - should be fun as they have all fallen off the sprues. Chris - just noticed an advert in Scale Aircraft Mag Jan 1980 for MHW near Haworth. I used to use them for mail order and they were selling 50 assorted Frog decs for 50p and 50 German Frog decs for the same so I could have bought them there - makes you weep given today's prices. Pete Later - should be OK as the only part missing is one half of the lowered radome and I was going to build it retracted anyway. Sprues are marked "Made in USSR" but full of flash and fuselage somewhat warped - don't know if it is a very early Novo shot or perhaps a very late one judging by the flash. Can't remember if I bought it early 1980's or later. This is one big old bird, in 1/72 only an inch shorter than a B29!
  10. Thanks Chris, I have aftermarket between the war roundels and can print serials etc, but I may take you up on your offer as and when (i.e. if) I ever build the Vimy. It is not a priority at the moment, or in other words I hate rigging biplanes but am getting slightly better at it after 60 years of trying - at least the Airfix 0/400 can be rigged without drilling too many holes in the wings! Edit - Jan - For the first 20+ year of my life I lived within 10 miles of Halifax - many happy memories. In middle of building the Academy Avenger - supposedly a new mould but 95% identical to Frog down to the FAA style bulged observation windows, and both lacking either nose or wing 50cal! I have spare Blenheim decals but it was day bomber/fighter scheme as I recall - see Cocardes site. I built mine as a radar equipped night fighter with a spare radar aerial from the Airfix Mosquito. Cheers Pete
  11. Hi, Last Century I bought 3 bags of assorted Frog decals from Hannants for about £1 each and currently have one or more sets of decals for over 40 different Frog kits, but not the Vimy (or indeed any of the "Trail Blazers" unfortunately) so I will need to be inventive when I finally make my own Novo one. Plenty of Mirages, Sea Venoms, Havocs , Marauders, SB-2, Shark, Sea Fury and the like if anybody needs a set. One or two of the early RAF ones are either very dark, out of register or both but most seem useable - they have spent the last 30 or so years in a dark cool place and have not yellowed, though putting them in a plastic bag in the window for a while can sometimes solve that problem I find. I have just used a Hellcat set and they were fine. I have tried coating Novo decs with MS Decal Fix or varnish and that sometimes works - not sure how other Frogspawn decs such as Eastern Express behave. Would a list of the ones I do have be of any use? Cheers Pete PS Pat Being retired I might have a bit of time left after my Me410 and Bf110 builds - has anybody mentioned the Shackleton MR3? Just a thought! I have the South African decals, and may be able to lash up some RAF ones if time permits. No idea what make it is as it is in a bag - probably early Novo as no decs and a photocopied Frog instruction sheet marked "imported by Hannants".
  12. OK, perhaps a bit “off topic” but whilst waiting to start the Frog Squad GB, I though I better finish some of the 7 kits which are/were in progress and thought you might find my “Frogfix” Javelin and my Revell ex Frog Vengeance amusing. The Vengeance is painted in my take on the DuPont RAF equivalent colours used prior to the ANA standard being introduced. I added exhausts and replacement gun barrels. The Javelin FAW5 is a hybrid Frog and Airfix (ex Heller). I bought the original Frog FAW9/9R when it came out in about 1975 and initially thought it was OK, though like the later Sea Vixen FAW2 it did look a little “chunky”. Then in Jan 1982 edition of Scale Aircraft Modelling I saw a conversion mating the front end of the Frog kit with the Heller T3 to produce a series of earlier Javs with the distinctive “pen nib” exhaust fairings. I was very tempted but as I could not get the Heller kit I put it away and almost forgot it. About 10 years later I saw the Airfix reboxing of the T3 and grabbed one, which was probably a good thing as Airfix shortly changed the moulds to produce an FAW9, though I did not know about that until it was out of production. Having broken up the Frog kit, I had second thoughts as the conversion looked ruddy hard so I abandoned it until earlier this year. The conversion is quite brutal as it involves cutting out the forward fuselage sections of both kits just behind the cockpit canopy, likewise the radar nose cones, and then grafting the Frog nose to the rest of the Heller.Airfix T3 before adding the so called “bosom tanks” from the Frog kit and the nose cone from the Heller one, but in reality it works out quite well if, unlike me, you can use a razor saw accurately! I have built mine as a FAW5, though the 4 is identical externally. Once I got over my nerves I actually enjoyed building this model of the RAF's first purpose built all weather fighter. Like most early designs it had problems and was only built in modest numbers, remaining in service for just over 10 years. In fact it is exactly the sort of less well known aircraft that only Frog would consider modelling in those days, as is the Vengeance. Roll on June. Giorgio, I have always liked the Folgore - bit basic of course but with a decent paint job (unlike mine) it should look great. The Sea Venom is also pretty good. Pete
  13. Hi Col, Yes the Matchbox kit looked ok except for panel lines, but had neither pylons nor weapons I think. Please put me down for an updated RAF version of the Airfix 1989 release and a naval version of the new release, The only 1960 NA 39 I have seen recently were all from the US and with postage were in the £20-£30 range. Having done the F4K and now the Buccaneer, perhaps they will get round to downsizing their Sea Vixen some time - I hope. Cheers Pete
  14. Hi, I bought the NA 39 from my local chemist when it first came out, but threw it away when I bought the Matchbox S2, which I now regret. As I recall Airfix were going through their Gimmicks Phase" so it had wings, nose and possibly tail cone that folded (may be wrong about some of that) which made it a bit of a mess but I could have fixed that if I still had it! I have a Matchbox and Airfix S2 in my stash and was about to build them, but may wait for this GB. I have also pre-ordered the new Airfix moulding and have bought both the early and late mod sets from Freightdog, so we will see what happens. I gather the Matchbox engine intakes are better than the Airfix ones and have somewhere a conversion article cross kitting the two, so if I end up with 3 kits I may just just do that to end up with one RN and one RAF. Cheers Pete
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