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  1. Thanks again for the comments, much appreciated. Always good to go out of my comfort zone and try something different.
  2. Thanks for the comment Pappy. The overall finish of this figure does appear a bit more washed out than it really is due to the camera phone. Getting the skin colour is the challenge and contrasting it with the hair shirt and jacket. The figure was initially primed in grey, shadows airbrushed with scale75 Graphene Grey, highlights airbrushed in Scale75 Thar Brown then Mojave white for top highlights. I then play about with oil filters, davys grey, paynes grey and charcoal grey to get the overall tone I want. Scale 75 mojave white + white misted over head to tie everything together. Thinned titanium white oils then used on highlights with paynes grey and davys grey used on shadows. It's very much a constant back and forward with the oils to get the tone and shade I'm happy with. It's my first attempt at this style and is alot more challenging than it appears. I've seen a number of models done in this style and it's a great idea for busts and figures from this era of films. Here's a screenshot from the film I used for reference
  3. 1:4 scale bust of Bela Lugosi as he appeared in the 1932 film 'White Zombie'. Born Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó on October 20th 1882 in Hungary, Lugosi was a stage actor before moving into silent movies in 1917. Moving to Germany in 1919 and then onto America where he starred on stage as Dracula in 1927 before moving to Hollywood in 1928. In 1931 he starred as Dracula on the silver screen. Lugosi's performance as Dracula and his thick Hungarian accent led to him being typecast although he starred in a number of horror films over the next decade frequently performing along with Boris Karloff. Due to medical issues Lugosi became addicted to Morphene and Methadone in the early 40's and struggled for work. He died in 1956 aged 73 and was buried in his Dracula costume, Cape and ring. He was married 5 times and had 1 son. Lugosi is finished in grayscale style, done in a mix of acrylics and oils
  4. I've tried to get an aged bronze look like in the film. I always research any model I do and like to put a small profile on my posts as I'm sure many people looking may not know much or anything about the character. He's one of Ray Harryhausens' most iconic figures I also find researching the character gives me a feeling and idea of how I want the finished figure to look. Here's a couple of screenshot of Talos
  5. KillerKits bust of Talos, in what I guess is around 1/5 scale, popularised in the film Jason and the Argonauts. Talos was a giant made of bronze by the god Hephaestus, he had a single vein running through his body filled with ichor the life force of the gods. The story goes that he was made to protect Europa, the consort of Zeus, another being that he was given to Minos the king of Crete to protect the island. Talos was eventually slain by the sorceress Menea, part of Jason's crew on his quest for the Golden Fleece. Menea enchanted Talos so that the nail in his heel dislodged and all his ichor ran out of his body killing him. Talos is finished in a mix of acrylics, oils and pastels
  6. Quarantine Studio's 1/4 scale bust of Herr Burkhart from their Dead Reich/Return of the Reich series. Sculpted by William Paquet. Wooden base supplied by Pete Watson. The figure is finished in a mix of acrylic and oil paints
  7. Thanks, he's not pretty that for sure, a fun piece to paint though
  8. N&T productions 1/4 scale bust of The Penguin aka Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. Oswald was the son of wealthy parents however his short stature, obesity and large nose made him an outcast and embarrassment to them, this rejection turning him to evil. As crime boss and super villain Penguin, who got his name from his grotesque appearance and love of birds, became one of the most enduring and popular member of Batman's Rogues Gallery, often paired with the Joker and Catwoman. Penguins eyes are different colours ( right blue and left green) as a result of an injury that led to him wearing his trademark monocle. Penguin is finished in a mix of oils and acrylics
  9. N&T productions 1:4 scale bust of Mr Freeze aka Dr Victor Fries, a brilliant scientist who when searching from a cure for his terminally ill, cryogenically frozen, wife Nora suffers a laboratory accident which lowers his body temperature to sub zero and forces him to wear a cryogenic suit to survive. In building a criminal empire to gain funds for his research he frequently comes into conflict with Batman. Freeze is finished in a mix of acrylics, oils and pastels.
  10. It's amazing how different a picture can look depending on the lighting, I've tried a few things with lights on and off, different backgrounds etc but I really need to look into it more.
  11. The contrast of the greens are alot more than the pictures show, my phone tends to bleach out the colours. The was again preshaded with the airbrush then various shades of lighter greens misted on. The larger scales are lightened towards the centre and darker around the edges but this doesn't show in the pictures unfortunately. I also used oil filters of various greens and a bit of drybrushing with greens and yellows. I take the photos with my phone which gives decent results however I notice that it doesn't show the true contrast that I achieve. The prime examples are the hellraiser busts, where if you seen them first hand you will see the veins showing through under the skin, this seems to get pretty much lost when photographing.
  12. N&T productions Killer Croc bust, around 1/4 - 1/5 scale. Killer Croc, real name Waylon Jones, was a wrestler who had a genetic condition that gave him his crocodile like appearance. Turning to a life of crime he became an adversary of Batman and a member of his rogues gallery The bust is finished in a mix of oils and acrylics.
  13. I airbrush scale75 acrylics. They are heavily thinned for spraying so they go on in semi-transparent layers which gives more control in building up the colour. All the washes and filters are mixed by myself using artist oils and white spirit. I struggle with acrylic washes/glazes especially in this scale, oils gives me the flexibility and time to blend and feather the colours. I've actually just bought some inks but not used them on a model yet, they spray beautifully but some of the colours were very powerful so need to experiment with them
  14. Thank you, they are large, about 10-12 inches in height. I've completed 4 of these now and starting to develop a different style of painting mainly using an airbrush. This figure for instance was preshaded before some basic flesh tones were airbrushed in thin layers, then veining added, more thin flesh layers allowing the veins to show through, washes and filters added then more airbrush layers which helps blend it all together. There's about 12 to 15 airbrush layers on this, they are all very thin allowing more control over how much colour goes on. It's a very fluid process of going back and forward with washes and airbrush to achieve the look I want. Finishing touches are brush painted. I also tend to use oil washes/filters and have not had any problems airbrushing acrylics over them.
  15. Another 1/4 scale bust from the Hellraiser films, bust produced by Keith Cousins and sculpted by Steve Peacock. The Cenobite Butterball was a follower of Pinhead. In his human form he led a hedonistic lifestyle and took great pleasure in sin however after finding and solving the lament box he was transformed into the Cenobite character we see here. Painted in a mix of acrylics and oils.
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