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  1. Thank you all very much for the kind comments
  2. 1/4 scale bust of Frank Cotton from the Hellraiser films. Produced by Keith Cousins and sculpted by Andrew Copeland. Frank Cotton opened the lament cube to another dimension and was torn apart by the cenobite beings from within and his remains taken there. However through a turn of events his spirit was brought back into the real world and he would be resurrected by consuming blood and flesh from dead bodies which would replenish him. The bust represents the stage of him trying to heal his body.
  3. 1/9 scale Verlinden bust of an SS Sturmann during the Ardennes offensive of 1944. This is an old model I completed about 15 years ago and remains the only military bust I've done to date. It had been packed away in the loft when we moved house and I only just came across it again recently. He has been painted in a mix of artists oils and enamels.
  4. Another large 1/4 scale bust from the Hellraiser horror franchise. The Hell Priestess produced by Keith Cousins and sculpted by Steve Peacock. The cenobites are beings from another dimension who are summoned by anyone who solves the Lemarchand configuration (lament box). She has been painted in a mix of acrylics, oils and alclad brass for the box.
  5. I don't really see this type of figure on here so not sure how it will be received but here goes anyway. This is a 1/4 scale garage kit of Chatterer from the 1987 horror film Hellraiser. The original 4 cenobites ( Pinhead, Chatterer, Butterball and Female Cenobite)who are summoned from another dimension by the lament cube, a form of puzzle box, have become iconic figures for anyone familiar with classic 80's horror films. This bust is produced by Keith Cousins and is sculpted by Stuart Little. He's painted in a mix of acrylics and artists oils.
  6. Opinions are always welcomed and appreciated. I think when you look at the animated Joker in comic books and cartoons you tend to get this style of stark contrast and grey, pale skin which is the kind of finish I was after, working of some images I have. If I was to do a Nicholson, Ledger, Phoenix Joker then he would be done differently. I get where your coming from though, the colours could have been warmed up a bit more. Thanks for the comment
  7. N&T productions Joker, a fantastic sculpt that was a joy to paint. Finished in a mix of acrylics and oils.
  8. Thanks for the replies, the H&S was my preferred choice and flexibility is important, the 2 colour cups and 2 nozzles gives a number of options that would suit what I want it for, I was just wanting some confirmation before I take the plunge.
  9. I'm in the market for a new airbrush and looking at the Harder and Steenbeck infinity CRplus 2 in 1 with 0.2 and 0.4 nozzles or alternatively something from the Iwata eclipse or High performance plus HP B or C model. Looking for a gravity fed airbrush and like the idea that the H&S has an interchangeable paint cup along with good reviews and I know Iwata has always been a popular and quality make. I'm just curious to have some opinion from the modelling community. Any downside to the H&S in relation to Iwata My current set up is a Paasche vls double action with siphon fed cup and a Badger 200 single action. I would be looking to spray both enamels and acrylics although would like to move more in the direction of acrylics, painting figures, sci fi and armour kits. I am also moving into large scale figures in 1/4 and 1/6 scale and will be looking at shading and highlighting with an airbrush rather than brush painting so looking for something that will give me tight control of the paint in small areas for creases and folds etc. I will keep my Paasche for spraying Alclads and metallics and can use the Badger for blocking in large areas of colour where I don't need precision as much. Any and all opinions appreciated
  10. N-T Productions Two Face bust in 1/4th scale. Single piece resin cast painted in artists oils. Not much else to say about this other than it's a beautiful sculpt.
  11. Mooncrests kit is great out the box, beautifully cast, nice detail and looks accurate. I've replaced a few bits, notibly i've added white perspex on the rear console of the chair, built a more accurate backrest,replaced the beads on the head cage and built a custom made base. All the work is detailed in the WIP thread. So here he is, Davros played by Terry Molloy from Resurrection of the Daleks broadcast in 1984.
  12. Calling this one done now. I'll post some pictures up the the RFI section.
  13. I decided to have a go at building my own base for this and went for an octagonal design but tried to keep it simple. i just started building it up with a rough idea of what i wanted without really knowing how it would end up. A square cut out was left underneath to allow me to use fixings to secure Davros to the base Thicker plastic strip was used to create a small plinth effect around the base The base was painted with Halfords gloss black and given a T-cut and polish, the top will be painted in a aluminium or duraluminium, i'm waiting for the paint to arrive to finish this off, add the name plate received from "Name It" and sticky back felt to cover the underneath
  14. Thanks Chris, still new to this so wasn't sure about size and stuff like that but will look into it Cheers Glen
  15. Now onto the piece that makes this build, Davros himself. A beautiful sculpt and cast of the character played by Terry Molloy. Mooncrest do another Davros which is the original from the Tom Baker era played by Michael Wisher, i have this kit as well and it's just as good but thats maybe for a future build. This was a big challenge for me as i've always modelled in enamels and oils but i've decided to try to convert to acrylics especially for figure work. I bought a number of Vallejo sets and used a wet pallette to help keep the enamels from drying out and extend the working time. If you've never used a wet pallette i'd seriously consider at least looking at what it can offer you, there's plenty of videos online that show their use. I bought some delrin plastic 4mm balls for the head cage as they didn't have a mould seam around them. The cage is trial, error and patience. the instructions are very good in explaining how to build it up but it is very tricky Cage now added and red wire suppliedin the kit, this was warapped around a rod to form a spring then pulled apart to stretch it out then cut to size, the microphone was added once the figure was completed As a first attempt at acrylics i think the result is ok, i've learned alot just doing this figure alone, washing, glazing, feathering etc. The figure and chair are complete but i'm currently working on a custome base i've made myself. The chair wil be fixed with screws to this before the figure is added and the piece complete. I'll post up some wip shots of the base progress later but hope that you've enjoyed this wip so far.
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