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  1. Thanks, Dennis! Hope you survived all of that cold Chicago weather this winter! Although I must say it gives you a good excuse to stay indoors and build models!
  2. Clifton

    Old models

    You could consider donating the kits to a history teacher at a local school. It really helps them to have visual aids while talking about an era of history.
  3. Thanks! Seems like a great group to be a part of!
  4. Howdy everyone, from Texas! I've been reading the site for a while, and finally decided to go ahead and join. I'm blown away by the amount of knowledge people on the site possess (especially about Spitfires!) and it's been fun to read all of the discussions I've seen so far. I'm a retired high school English teacher. When I taught elementary and middle school I hung many of my 1/48 World War II aircraft models from the ceiling of my classroom, partly as decoration, but also as an advertisement for the after school plastic model club that I sponsored. I would also try to have them read a classroom novel that had a WWII aviation tie-in, if possible. Anyway, I look forward to being a member, and participating in many discussions to come.
  5. No, thank you! That means more Tamiya kits for me!
  6. Thanks for the replies, everyone! I really appreciate it! Chillaton, do you remember if you added Tamiya pink to your mix, or did you just "eyeball" it with red and white? I must say that it's a frustrating color to find. There are plenty of Tamiya mixes published on all kinds of websites, but this appears to be one that gets overlooked. Maybe there just aren't enough modelers using a desert scheme to justify it. I know that both Testors and Humbrol have discontinued the color, so that's no help!
  7. Nice! I was listening to Heaven Up Here just the other day, although Porcupine is probably my favorite album of theirs.
  8. Clifton

    Old models

    What kind of kits are they? I mostly build 1/48 scale aircraft. I hang them from the ceiling with clear fishing line. When I was teaching, I used to hang them from the ceiling in my classroom, and the kids really enjoyed them. I also used to sponsor a plastic model club after school, and the kits hanging in the classroom got them excited to build their own models.
  9. Howdy, all! I'm a brand-new member with my first post. Does anyone have a mix for Desert Sand that they like which uses Tamiya paints? I've looked everywhere and have been unable to find one. The color I'm trying to replicate is Desert Sand ANA 616, also known as FS30279. This color was used in Africa by the USAAF during World War II, and, I believe, fairly recently by the RAF in the Gulf War on their Tornadoes. Any suggestions for a Tamiya mix would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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