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  1. @Nobby Clarke—I think @Phantome used it for his excellent military color section on his World Wars site. Scroll down to the Military Colours and Camouflage section and choose one of the topics: http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/
  2. I wonder, in this case, if they got the names for Deck Tan XF-55 and Deck Brown Linoleum XF-79 mixed up. I would think a Deck Tan and Red mix would be a much closer mix.
  3. I think I originally found it here: http://www.ipmsdayton.com/sites/default/files/Tamiya_Mixes.txt
  4. Thanks for the mix! I’ve seen that one somewhere too. XF79 is really dark. I just tried the ratio you suggested, and the CIE index, according to the app at least, is not close to 30279 at all. The index is 29.33.
  5. Ah, the ins and outs of international business! Well, I wish to apologize for coming on too strong about Heller kits. So as penance, I should look for one the next time I go to my local model shop. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a Bloch 174?
  6. Yes, maybe they attached it to a carrier pigeon!
  7. Wow, I didn’t realize this thread was over a year old! I was communicating with a modeler recently on a Facebook page, telling him how I would like to mix various colors using Tamiya acrylics, and he recommended an app called iModelKit, which I found in the Apple App Store for $9.99. One of the features that looks promising is its paint mix feature. You first choose a reference color from a bunch of different lists, like ANA colors, for example. Then, you choose which type of paint you would like to mix. Based on your reference color, it will recommend different paints, until your mix is as close as possible to the reference color. Using a CIE number (Commission internationale de l’éclairage), it tells you how close your mix is. A CIE number of 2.00 or less means a close match. Anyway, to make a fairly short story even longer, I was able to find a mix for Desert Sand using Tamiya paints. I haven’t had a chance to mix it yet, but I’m eager to try, as I have several models planned ahead that will be in Desert Sand. The CIE number for this mix is 0.16, which means it’s very close to the reference color. This mix has a warning icon showing that the reflectivity is not the same as the reference color. I believe it’s because one of the colors used is glossy, so the finish will turn out to be semi-gloss instead of flat. That shouldn’t be a problem, and might even save a step when applying decals. Here’s the mix, in case anyone has a Desert Sand aircraft lined up: Paint Ratio/Parts XF57 Buff. 6 XF72 Brown JGSDF. 9 X17 Pink. 7 XF19 Sky Grey. 14 Should be interesting to try it out, at least.
  8. @JWM—Hi, I just got the decals you very kindly sent, and they look like they’re in great shape! I just wanted to thank you again for your generous help. I was able to find an old Profile book about the Heyford, which I hope will help me to rig all of the wires correctly. It should be interesting, to say the least!
  9. I seem to remember from one of those Squadron books on the P-40, that when Curtiss would crate P-40s for shipment, they would include roundel decals in the crate. I wonder if they simply ran out at one point?
  10. DuPont colors, I’m thinking?
  11. I honestly think they ship substandard kits to the States, and nicer kits to the EU. This happens in other industries too, where different countries get products of different quality levels. The automobile industry would be a good example of this. And you’re right, Heller makes some kits of uniquely French subjects that no one else makes, the same as Airfix with English subjects and Tamiya with Japanese subjects.
  12. Gotcha! I guess we’re spoiled with the way a lot of new kits are engineered these days, especially if they have photo-etch and resin parts!
  13. It’s quite a useful site!
  14. It might be this website. Just scroll down a bit and click on whichever category you’re interested in under Military Colors and Camouflage: http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/
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