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  1. Hi gents, A few steps down the line in experimenting with my Complementary Pre-Shading method: First couple of very thin passes of Vallejo Middlestone over the purple and white pre-shading scheme. The paint withdrew from the panel lines in some spots (maybe it has something to do with it being very thin) but no worries, since more layers are coming along with panel line washes. The color varies in the photos due to my bad phone camera and different lighting conditions. I tried to get it as best as I could. I like it so far. We'll see. Y
  2. Phenomenal work!!! Superbly executed materials and weathering. Well done man! Best, Nikola
  3. Hi gents, A little progress: - Vallejo German Dark Yellow primer applied. - White highlights applied to simulate directional light later on. - Sticking with my Complementary Pre-shading method and experimenting further, I pre-shaded with purple as it is in the complementary color range to the base color (Vallejo Middlestone) and also to the dark yellow primer. Apologies for awful photos. My phone camera is not very talented. Thanks for looking! Best, Nikola
  4. Thanks for the support Exdraken. Appreciated. Like you said, a Mirage's a Mirage. I guess you're right about Tamiya as well. I still have to have more kits under my belt to judge better. We'll see how this one turns out. Best, Nikola
  5. Hi Arnaud, Thanks for the tip! I'll have that in mind for future builds for sure. Too late now, haha. I will probably go with Vallejo Middlestone and Green Brown for the camo, and Sky Blue or USAAF Light Gray for the underside. Any better suggestions? Best, Nikola
  6. Thank you Nanond! So far I went with a light blue matt sheet, with only one lamp of around 2500K and knew that I have to improve on that. Will definitely try out your method with two lights and cool white. Best, Nikola
  7. Hi gents, OK, definitely not a kit for someone with little free time like moi. The fit is not tragic, but also not very good. Needs filling, sanding, rescribing and all that jazz which I would rather not be doing that much right now. I should probably have chosen a nice Tamiya kit... ...and should probably stick with Tamiya kits until the kids are a bit older and I have more time to waste on fixing fit issues. Anyway, pushing through... Almost ready for the primer. It is a practice build anyway. Thanks for looking guys!
  8. Beautiful work! Spot on in every way! Well done man! Do you use a photo booth of any kind or do you have another method? Any photoshop editing? Best, Nikola
  9. S U P E R B!!! Brilliant work man - paint finish, weathering, attention to exhaust stain detail... The whole lot's just amazing! Well done! Best, Nikola
  10. Hi Tato, Very nice job on a very cool bird! I like it very much. One comment if I may - IMHO, the shading of the panel lines might be too strong and uniform. I think that variation of the intensity and the color of the wash would add more interest to tha already good paint scheme. It might be the lighting though, so I could be completely wrong. Again, well done. Thanks for sharing. Best, Nikola
  11. Another beauty from you Mathy! Brilliant work man! Well done. I am especially amazed by the cockpit. How long did the build take? Best, Nikola
  12. Another beauty from you Andy! Simply amazing! Perfectly executed and balanced paintwork. Maybe one day when I grow up... Maybe one day... Best, Nikola
  13. Excellent work! Brilliant metal finish. Good that you decided to share. Show us more. Best, Nikola
  14. Another beauty from you Red Five! Excellent work. I can only dream of these, as you call them, speed builds, haha. With me it all takes forever, plus I don't dare starting multiple builds. Maybe I should give it a shot and not worry about the time taken, and just enjoy the process however long it takes. Again, well done man! Best, Nikola
  15. Hi Noel, Superb looking bird! Excellent work, well done! I have one waiting on the shelves so this is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Best, Nikola
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