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  1. I just realized that I made a mistake on the prop - the cuffs were apparently made from rubber so there wouldn't be any bare metal visible due to scratches in that area. Will have to fix that.
  2. Hi gents, Panel lines finished. Started some streaking, stains, leaks,... Best, Nikola
  3. Thank you very much SD! Appreciated! The first picture really helps a lot with a number of things. Didn't see that one anywhere before. Best, Nikola
  4. Hi gents, Weathering has begun! First was the colour modulation (which I should have done before decals but life ain't complicated enough so I like to spice it up a bit ) Lesson learned. Next are washes, post-shading, oils, pencils...
  5. Decals - check! Not super easy to soften. Great print and in register but kind of on a thicker side. I used both Vallejo decal softener and Humbrol Decalfix to do the persuasion. There is some minor silvering to fix. We will see how it all looks after a clear coat. Best, Nikola
  6. Some tyre works (aluminium not treated and weathered yet):
  7. Hi gents, Gloss coat on. Exhausts painted with the first and main weathering pass complete. Apologies for s%#ty photos. Finally on to the decals Best, Nikola
  8. I know that this is a LATE reply but I just wanted to share my experience - Tamiya X-22 and Mr. Color Levelling Thinner at roughly 40/60 ratio sprayed at around 15psi never failed me so far. I spray at around 2-3" moving relatively fast as to just get the wet surface before moving on. I wait until the surface looks dryish before the next coat. All the coats are the same. Dries rock hard and glossy in roughly an hour. However, I do not have experience with polishing afterwards. I guess it is wise to let cure properly for a couple of days. As this thinner is nasty stuff I always use a mask with filters. Best, Nikola
  9. Hi gents, Finally got some free time (when I am not too tired) to continue working on the pony. My first checkerboard pattern masking and painting done. I screwed up in one place but it's an easy fix. Next is painting the exhausts, then a gloss coat and then decals. Best, Nikola
  10. Amazing work as usual Koralik! Well done man! You should post some WIPs so we can learn from you. One question - where the hell do you keep all these beautiful 1/32 beasts? Best, Nikola
  11. Simply amazing! Pure eye candy. Well done man! Best, Nikola
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