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  1. Can I add my thanks as well for your help over the past few weeks Enjoy the F-4 and hope your life gets back to what you want it to
  2. Hi David I have just forwarded the note to your work e-mail. Many thanks Seventysecond
  3. Hi Just to update as I said I would. None of my subscription copies have arrived as yet and I have also not received a reply as yet to my query to MA asking if they have any further news on the bulk mailing. I did get slightly hopeful when I saw a magazine land on the mat but it was just the May issue of Airfix Model World delivered early. In the context of everything else going on at the moment I feel it is a minor irritation rather than a major issue, although I can understand others feeling differently. I also do have sympathy for MA having a second pri
  4. Hi Rodders If it is any help I am a SAMI subscriber and I am still waiting for the Jan, Feb and March issues as well. The last e-mail communication I had with MA was on 19th March when I was informed that Jan issue was with distributers on 12 March and Feb issue on 16th March (I was not given any information about the March issue). I was also informed that the bulk distributer quotes 3-7 working days for delivery. Based on this information there does still seem to be a problem with delivery to subscribers by the bulk mail supplier they are using as it is now 10 working
  5. I really hope you are right, but if I recall correctly Airfix only scale up their 1/72 kits to 1/48 and not the other way around (the 1/48 Gnat came after the 1/72). If they continue with this approach, much as I am pleased for the 1/48 modellers and hope this sells well for Airfix, I fear this announcement means we won't see a new 1/72 version from Airfix.
  6. Yes there are, because to them using very thin strips of painted decal is more stressful than masking Just goes to show what a broad church of views modellers on here have.
  7. Funny you should say that as I did receive the Dec issue of SAM today!
  8. Hi Jabba I am a UK subscriber and as of today I have not received the November issue of SAMI. When I contacted MA publications last week they said that RM was being a little slow this month and to give it until the early part of this week, but given it is now past that I am going to contact them again, to see what they say.
  9. If it helps, my May subscription Issue of SAMI arrived today, so hopefully other will see their copy too.
  10. For those that subscribe I can update you based on a reply from MA Publications (the new owner) I received a little while ago to an e-mail I sent last night querying what the latest situation is. The reply stated that the double issue has been received back from printers (which is verified by Des seeing it at the Newsagent) and has been sent to the subscription distributers, so we subscribers should see it in the next few days depending on what the current postal situation is in your area. Hope this helps anybody wondering where their issue is.
  11. Hi Ali Just received your replacement canopy I ordered on Monday. The transparent parts are as clear and detailed as the SH original and the extra canopy parts are well cast and add detail that will be seen when open, so it will be a great replacement for anybody wanting to model the kit with an open canopy. It was well packaged too, which is good for such delicate parts. Great service and a great product, so I wish you well with this and your other products. Many thanks Steve
  12. Hi Ali I agree, just what was needed for this great kit in my opinion, so thank you for producing it. Just placed an order for one through your website and understand you will send it when you can. Kind regards Steve
  13. Great news and in the right scale too. However I have no idea what happened to cause the leak, but I hope that it doesn't lead to someone losing their job over this as Airfix inferred. I would have happily waited another 41 hours to hear this if it meant people keep their jobs.
  14. Hi Dave You are right, never noticed it on the box lids before. Now its me with the red face! Kind regards Steve
  15. I received mine a few days ago and agree with the general opinion here that Airfix have done a good job on this iconic aircraft, but I wondered if anybody else had noticed a minor mistake on the box lid that has probably left whoever created the artwork with a face the colour of the box. On mine (and I assume on all of them) the long side of the lid, which has the two profiles is upside down. Not suggesting this makes it unbuildable, but surprising nobody at Airfix noticed this before it went into production, but as no kit can ever be perfect to everybody I would rather the issue was in t
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