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  1. You are correct there, the Hapag Lloyd livery really does suit the 737! Lovely light weathering on it too. Cheers John
  2. Superb finish with incredible realism, and such an interesting subject. I have one in the stash and now and again think about doing it as a fantasy 'Lufthansa Cargo' post war freighter! Cheers John
  3. That is just so smart, the Sabre is a good looking aircraft anyway, and that livery takes it to another level. Beautiful. Cheers John
  4. Lovely SE5a, it shows that the Roden kits are well worth building even if Wingnut Wings had spoiled us. This one more than proves that a great result is possible with the Roden offerings. Cheers John
  5. That's a little cracker Dave, amazing to think that this was a front line fighter in such a scheme! And that the whole Jasta was painted like this. Cheers John
  6. Unusual looking Vampire, nice to see it in different clothes! Cheers John
  7. Lovely Chippy Neil, I'll have to get mine out of the stash now I've seen this beauty! Cheers John
  8. A post script that I just remembered! My father returned to Gardermoen, (Oslo, Norway) after 68 years since he first arrived there in a Sabre for NATO exercises . In the museum is a a Norwegian F-86F that I believe was used by Airfix to lidar scan for the kit, The kit comes with decals for this aircraft, and illustrated on the box art, Appropriate then that I should use it to backdate to his Mk.2!
  9. All done & posted in the gallery. A few more here: With his Citroën 'Traction Avant' that he owned at the time! Thanks for all the help & comments throughout this, I've really enjoyed it, and to Zebra & Enzo for hosting it, Cheers John
  10. !/48 Airfix F-86F-40 converted to Canadair Sabre Mk.2 with reduced wing span & chord, and 'Vee' windscreen. Decals from Above & Below Graphics. This aircraft was flown by my father from RCAF Grostenquin, France, in 1954, callsign 'Boozey-eight-seven'. He delivered it to Manchester Ringway, UK in May 1954, for refurbishment for the Greek (or Turkish air force, not sure which) . It was a notable sortie as he ran out of fuel on the taxiway after landing, due to having to hold while an RAF Vampire that had bellied in was dragged off the runway. The photograph that inspired this build, with the model in a similar pose,
  11. Superb, I thought the first phot was real! Cheers John
  12. Superb job again John, it is a really fascinating way to build a model and way more interesting than a 'painted' one, Cheers John
  13. That is a really lovely build of the Airfix Sabre, the weathering looks just right for a well used aircraft. Cheers John
  14. Just started doing a few photos, and playing around with a comparison of the real photo that started all this off. Hmmm. the tail plane dihedral needs increasing And in colour:
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