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  1. That is a lovely Whitley Phil, very interesting to see the 'Kilfrost' leading edges, I've learned something new there. As for the U/C doors, lets just say they are fine. It's the aircraft itself that is pointing the wrong way! (Easily corrected I'm sure, we've all done worse in our time) Cheers John
  2. You can't beat a Big Doug for sheer class! Beautiful, and that is a very nice line up you are starting there. Cheers John
  3. If the kit has moulded clear windows I often stick them in and then apply Milliput from the outside, and smooth it all down. Either way works though. [edit] Dave beat me to it, and explained it better![/edit]
  4. What a beauty!, I love those markings too, Escadrille 48, there is a touch of humour about that rooster. Cheers John
  5. Oh wow, that is just superb. I love the setting! Cheers John
  6. It captures the look of the Bucc very well, I like your idea to modify the markings, and the base plat you set it on, very evocative of Yoevilton! Cheers John
  7. That's very nice, a few more photos would be good!, I like the one with the two refuellers and the Lanc in the background. Cheers John
  8. Superb, I love the sense of movement it gives, I can just hear the roar of that engine! Cheers John
  9. Blackburn Beverley Mikro-Mir 1/144 Despite it's ungainly looks, the Beverley was considered to be a useful workhorse in its day. It's service life was relatively short, from 1957 to 1967. I always remember the one that stood outside the RAF museum at Hendon before it was unfortunately scrapped. Having recently completed the S&M models 1/144 scale Hercules in the same desert scheme, I was tempted to pull this kit out of the stash and build it to pair up with the Herk. It is a very nice kit, fit was very good apart from the underwing nacelle parts that required a little filler, but that was standard modelling fare and not difficult. The props and spinners didn't want to go together until I sliced off the 'wedges' on the spinner backplates that were meant to fill in the gap behind the blades. I also drilled the backs of the spinners and fitted brass wire shafts to fit them to the engines. Looking at other builds on the internet I thought that many finished models had a very 'stilty' sit, as if the main gear legs had been moulded in the extended 'in flight' position, so I shortened mine to make the whole aircraft 'sit' better. I also drilled out all windows and filled them with kristal kleer. I used the 'Shelf Oddity' decal set to replace some kit decals. It corrects errors such as the large 'S' being in light grey rather than white, has 'non-handed' scorpion decals for the nose, and corrects the spelling of 'Midle East' to 'Middle East' on the tailboom lettering. And finally, it makes an interesting comparison with it's replacement, the Hercules C.130k For anyone contemplating building this kit, this is what I did to the main legs. Shortened (left) original kit part (right). I cut a 2mm slice out of the lower oleo section where the scissor link is. Thanks for looking John
  10. Another flawless build Ian, I love the finish you get on your models it has just the right level of sheen on it. Great base too, I really must get around to making one myself. Nothing is more frustrating than having decal troubles, but you overcame it. I agree with Chris, the -200 is better looking. The same is true of the 767. Cheers John
  11. That's gorgeous, great work. I always find resin kits difficult - I assume it is resin? Cheers John
  12. Absolute beauty, I also have one in the stash waiting, which decals did you use? Cheers John
  13. Completely brilliant, it looks real. I remember being fascinated by the photo of the real thing as a kid, and have often wondered if they successfully extracted it, and how. Cheers John
  14. Great restoration job, I think the 767 particularly suits the Chatham livery. Cheers John
  15. That's a monster! great looking aeroplane with a superb multi tone NMF. Cheers John
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