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  1. Outstanding build, the open cargo compartments are a very original touch. Like Ian I think you surely have the skills to shorten the fuselage, it might be nice to add a -200 to the collection. Cheers John
  2. Outstanding! Beautifully executed paint job, I'd be thrilled if mine comes out as good as this. Cheers John
  3. Superb scratchbuilding, looks better than a lot of kits. Very interesting back story and great tribute to your dad. Cheers John
  4. Top quality again Russ, looks stunning. It is an interesting looking aerploane and I'm now feeling the temptation of getting one after seeing this. Cheers John
  5. It is posted on this site as well.
  6. I almost forgot about that Dave. I wrecked it trying to bend it! Fortunately I thought there was a high chance it was going to break, so I drew around it to make a paper template before I started. And then used it to make a new back from plasticard which I marked all the holes on with a compass point, and drilled out. It rolled into shape perfectly. The kit part was too hard and brittle. I forgot to take photos, but here are a couple of 'under construction ones. Also I used a spare Sopwith Camel lapbelt, not strictly accurate but better than nothing. Another thing - the rudder decal was massively oversized, so I masked & painted the rudder stripes. Oops, I forgot the obvious! It is N3305 flown by Caporal Six of Escadrille N.159, February 1918. Heat stretched cotton bud tubes, sliced into little sections, and fishing line for rigging. Since they changed to making cotton buds with paper shafts my stocks are depleting! Thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated. Cheers John
  7. First one out of the starting gate! It looks very,very nice, better that I hoped after reading various on line reviews. Superb paint job, I really must take the plunge and try masked/painted markings. Cheers John
  8. Another winner Tony! I'm always amazed at your brush painting skills. Atre the tail checks painted too? Cheers John
  9. That really is very nice Dave, it looks real. Good to know it is a pleasurable build as I have been eyeing this very kit up for pulling from the stash for my next build. Cheers john
  10. I've got a soft spot for the Firefly, and vintage Frog kits, so this wins on both counts!. Lovely job on it Eric. Cheers John
  11. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. What a fine tribute, and so beautifully built, as always. Cheers John
  12. I remember building one of these, nice to see one again after 40-odd years! Cheers John
  13. Mean Machine! Lovely looking model again Steve, Cheers John
  14. Nieuport 24bis 1/32 Roden The Nieuport 24 was a development of the Nieuport 23, but offered few improvements over it. Entering service in 1917 it featured a more powerful engine, increased wing and redesigned tail surfaces. It was used by few front line squadrons, but was mainly relegated to training duties. The large rounded fin/rudder and tailplanes were replaced with those of Nieuport 17 to create the 24bis, the subject of this kit from Roden. I found this kit going for half price at the last IPMS Bolton show, and thought it would be rude not to offer it a home, especially with the demise of Wingnut Wings. Roden kits are not of the same quality as Wingnut Wings but are still quite buildable if you accept that more care is needed. I read some other builds of this kit on line, so was forewarned that wing struts might be problematic as they could end up canted inward. I solved this by filling the location holes on the upper wing, and re-drilling them 3mm outboard. I found that the critical thing was the lower forward fuselage part. It is2 -3 mm too wide, and will force the fuselage with out, meaning the upper forward decking won't fit. Simply trim it down and test fit until the cowling fits neatly on the fuselage, The lower wings are meant to be a butt join with only 2 tiny pegs to locate them. I felt that was never going to work so cut the pegs off and replaced the rear ones with a brass wire spar that went through the fuselage,. Not one for the beginner, but with a bit of experience a nice model can be built from this kit. I have a liking for French WW1 aircraft but they are only a few available in 1/32 scale, so I was glad to add this one to my collection. My growing collection of 1/32 Frenchies, Morane 'N', Nieuport 24bis, & Nieuport 11 Thanks for looking, John
  15. Beautiful build Neil, glad to see that you are maintaining your high standards! The faded paint and general weathering are superb, and appropriate for a war weary machine like this. It's a real treat to look at. Cheers John
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