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  1. That is a thing of beauty! I look forward to seeing the Piper Enforcer! Cheers John
  2. Impressive build as always Russ, I particularly like the weathering. Cheers John
  3. These are great little kits, nice to see some of them being built so such a nice standard. Cheers John
  4. Thanks all, I'm thinking of getting this sheet for the Lockheed Constellation. It should look lovely. In the meantime, my Irish fleet also includes this Aer Turas DC-4! Cheers John
  5. Amazing result again Dave, well worth all the improvements you put in to it. Cheers John
  6. Boeing 720 - Aer Lingus. 1/144 Roden The Boeing 720 was a development of the 707-120, with a the fuselage reduced by 8ft but with the same wingspan and structural weight changes to make it lighter. Other changes to the wing reduced take of and landing speeds, the intention being to create a jet airliner that could operate from smaller airfields than its bigger brothers. In this is was moderately successful, but ultimately it was another Boeing design, the 727 that came a few years later and really dominated in this area. The Roden kit has been around for a while now, and is very nice indeed. However the 720 kit suffers from JT3C engines that noticeably too large by about 25%, (The 720B kit does not shave this problems as the JT3D engines in that release of the kit, with Pan Am markings is ok). Welsh models sell a set of 4 corrected JT3C's that can be used on this kit, as I have done here and they greatly improve things. Decals are from www.classic-airlines.com and they fit beautifully, but being laser printed you need to cut each part from the sheet. Special thanks are to Mike @bootneck for kindly donating this kit! Just had to park my S&M models Viscount next to it! Thanks for looking, John
  7. Very smart, they seemed to quickly disappear from airports in the 2010's.
  8. Another lovely dose of nostalgia, great shot of all 4! Superb job as usual Dave, with your customary superb finish. We really need a source of Viscount props for both this and the S&M kit. Cheers John
  9. Another beauty Dave, the finish you achieve is always superb, Thanks for the detail on correcting the nose leg, duly noted! (Nice to see none of the doors have fallen out 😉) Cheers John
  10. Oh yes! I really like that Dave. I hadn't realised that the 737's were on their way out, shame because it suits that scheme very well. I happen to have a 737-700 in the stash with no decals for it - I think I might well get this set. Thanks for the tip on the paint mix as well. Cheers John
  11. Amazing job Neil, looks entirely plausible. Cheers John
  12. Options A,B,C, & D on the Wingnut Wings kit instructions show 4 of them, HERE
  13. I missed this one first time round Alex, glad to have caught up with is now, it's great! I can see that it must have been quite a masking job, but you've done your usual excellent job. Cheers John
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