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  1. That's a little cracker Mike! Full of character, and beautifully finished. Cheers John
  2. How about a Roden Britannia and Amodel Comet with 26decals? I hacked my Comet about a bit as the kit is slightly under scale, but wouldn't bother doing it again, I'd just build straight from the box. The Britannia is a delight to build though. [Edit] Just remembered the Mikro-Mir Beverley and Minicraft Herk too. [/Edit] HTH John
  3. What a lovely 109, two for the price of one even! That are both stunners Steve, very impressive indeed. Cheers John
  4. If it helps, I recorded some thoughts a few years ago on this very form about fitting struts and rigging Cheers John
  5. Lovely work as usual Dave, the Tu-154 has bags of character. I couldn't agree more about decal sheets having a bit of 'patching' material on them. I'm always grateful when they do. Cheers John
  6. Like others have said, that is amazing brush work Alistair. Good to hear that it goes together well, I've got a couple in the stash and seeing this, they may have to move up in priority for the workbench! Cheers John
  7. That is really lovely Dave, those pinstripe cheatlines have gone on beautifully. I always try to avoid anything that has them! Well done for persevering with an F-Rsin lit, like you say they need a lot of work, but you have certainly justified the effort. Cheers John
  8. What a lot of work, but it certainly paid off, It looks pretty good and I think it is always interesting to carry out these sort of modifications, 'real' modelling instead of kit assembly. Cheers John
  9. Hi Allan, In 1/48 I would recommend focussing on the Eduard kits for consistent quality. They are well designed and fit well, with usually a range of decal options. Decals are very good, with the proviso that I think some of their German lozenge colours are a bit strong, and I prefer to replace them. Weekend kits are the cheapest and simplest (only 1 or 2 decal options, no resin, and no etched brass), Profipack will have 5 or 6 decal options, etched brass accessories, and sometimes resin parts. They have a big range as well. They sometimes have minor problems such as too short undercarriage legs on the Albatros D.V, and too small wheels on the Albatros D.III, but nothing that can't be resolved. Roden are my second choice, fit is ok, but beware the separate engines, sometimes the cowling panels won't fit around them. Earlier kits had troublesome decals, but the more recent offerings I have built have had much improved decals. They do some nice 2 seater like the B.e.2c which I see you have. Glencoe are for collectors rather than builders, unless you want to do a lot of work. In 1/32 it is no contest - Wingnut Wings! But they are out of production now. The Roden kits are pretty good and well worth building. The Copper State Nieuports even better. HTH, I'm sure others will be along with more thoughts & opinions soon! John
  10. Very nice Vulcan, Adam so neatly done it looks like a much larger scale. The camouflage is really nicely done. (Keep up this rate of Vulcan production and we'll have to start calling you Mr Spock!). Cheers John
  11. As Dave says, lovely models up to your usual high standard! Hard to believe it is the 50th anniversary, I remember seeing the prototype flying in pseudo BEA speedjack livery at Farnborough. Was it really that long ago? I must be getting old! These are the first Otaki Tristars I have seen, they do look very good, it is a shame that they disappeared. Cheers John.
  12. Fantastic, it looks great in those markings. Cheers John
  13. Lovely to see such a classic livery on a classic airliner! Cheers John
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