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  1. Really nice! It is a bit of an ugly duckling, but I quite like aeroplnes like that. Cheers John
  2. Very Tidy! for such an old lit is still builds into decent representation of the Comet. Cheers John
  3. I really like that, beautifully done on the backdating. It brings back many happy memories of my white 'J' reg mk.3 bought in the early 80's, run for 2 years and then sold for the same as I paid for it. (£250) That was cheap motoring! Cheers John
  4. Outstanding work as always Dave, I'm amazed at how good a finish you get with a paint brush. The weathering is just right as well, all in all a real beauty, what a shame that WnW are no more. I expect you can work your magic on Roden kits though, and the Copper State Nieuports are superb, promise yourself one this year - I'd be interested to see what you think of it. And there is always the Meng Fokker Dr.1. Cheers John
  5. That is really good, I love to see vintage kits built, especially something off the mainstream and a bit unusual like this. Cheers John
  6. Westland Dragonfly Mk.1 Miniwings 1/144 (2 in 1) I saw this appear on Hannants website just before Christmas, an immediately added it to my wish list. Luckily, I got it on Christmas day and couldn't resist starting it on Boxing day. There are actually 2 kits in the 1 box, each on a single sprue of clear moulded parts. Yes, the entire kit is moulded in clear plastic. This is a good idea, as providing the large glazed area as separate parts would be very difficult. It comes with an interior, and I managed to wedge in several brass wire rods under the floor as nose w
  7. I was in a restaurant in Texas a few years ago, after taking our order the waitress said "And would you like to start with Super salad" "Oh, yes please" I replied. "Well which" "Which what?" I replied, somewhat baffled. "What do you want?" she said. "Super salad" I answered. "Yes, but what do you want?" "Eh?" I'm confused and baffled about what is going on now. This Super Salad better be worth the trouble. After a cold stare she said "Look buddy, do you want soup or salad?" Oh............
  8. Really impressive, fabulous paint job. Cheers John
  9. Lovely job on an old classic, Great little base too. Cheers John
  10. Thee top one is indeed a Ships Camel, a couple of the middle ones are of a 'Comic' nightfighter with the rearward placed cockpit and no Vickers guns but two Lewis guns on the top wing, the bottom one is a 'normal twin Vickers gun version, fitted with Holt flare brackets on the lower wing and a bomb rack. Looks like a train of Camels is being prepared!
  11. It still makes a nice model OOB, especially when you do such a nice paint job. Cheers John (The main improvement that can be done is to fatten the engine pylons, as the kit ones are the skinny versions only used on the first 100 or so 737's built, and even many of those were retro fitted. I take a view that the best model is the one you enjoyed making - that is the key. )
  12. Lovely job again Steve, Those old Revell 1/28 kits still scrub up well today. Cheers John
  13. Again another beautifully built and painted model Tony, I've heard about the problems with fitting the Glazing, good to see you beat it into submission.. It's got an attractive pugnacious look to it, Love it. Cheers John
  14. What a beauty! Glad to hear it builds well. Cheers John
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