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  1. I was convinced that those outdoor shots were of a real car! Amazing modelling, and a pleasure to look at. My dad owned one of these when stationed in France with the RCAF,,before I was even born. I'll have to see If I can find the slide photos, I know they are soemwhere... Cheers John
  2. Very smart, that scheme suits the Mustang very well. Cheers John
  3. Very nice, it is one of those ugly/beautiful aircraft. Cheers John
  4. A real beauty Ray, it seems there was a fair old amount of work you put into it, so expect a state of the art injection moulded kit to be announced any day soon. . I really like the familiar-but-different look to it. Cheers John
  5. Totally agree, 100% the best airline livery ever, especially when worn by the VC-10, the most elegant airliner ever. I've got this build planned as well, with a Roden Vc-10 and AA 707, you are reminding me to get on with it! Cheers John
  6. Almost missed this Ian, glad to have caught up with it now. It looks spot on as always, another one of your outstanding builds. I'm looking forward to the Zvezda kit coming out,, hopefully there will be a now round of decal releases for it. Cheers John
  7. Really lovely, what a super job you did on it. I remember seeing this on the newsagents twirly rack, in the original bagged kit back in the early 60's when I was a kid. I always wanted on but never had enough money, so it is great to finally see one built at last! Cheers John
  8. Beautiful work, I'd quite like to have this one on my collection. Cheers John
  9. Well that's a new one to me! Always interesting to see lesser known aircraft, especially when so beautifully built and finished. Cheers John
  10. Nice Twotter, I remember building that when it first came out. The Mossie is something special though, I really like that civvy scheme on it, very classy. Cheers John
  11. You have made a superb job of that Jason, it looks fantastic. The engine is particularly good, I love that you wired up the magnetos, it really does add that extra touch. Glad you found my build log helpful too! Do you any more Wingnuts in the pipeline? (such a shame that they ceased production.). Cheers John
  12. Beautiful! I have this kit in the stash, and was looking at it a few days ago, wondering whether to start it. I think I might now! Cheers John
  13. That is extraordinary, a brilliant example of skill and craftsmanship. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the photographs. Cheers John
  14. Lovely! A very classy looking airliner, beautifully done. Cheers John
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