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  1. I am so messy it is embarassing. But as I am using the dining table as my modelling bench , I have to tidy it up when my children come over at the week end. So it gets tidied up regularly. That's my trade off for the mess the rest of the time. Philippe
  2. looking good so far ,can't wait to see the finished article
  3. hi just curious, do you have an approximate release date ? or is it still too early ?
  4. i love it , lovely markings. you must have had fun with the spinner? are the decals from the kit or AM?
  5. beautiful my favourite aircraft !did you by any chance invert the no walk sign(ne pas marcher)
  6. great job on the weathering . and i particularly like the scheme you chose .
  7. Never mind in this scale, it's one of the best example I've seen period.
  8. I realy like the worn whitewash mate, I've got a me110 waiting for the same treatment and if I can manage it half as well as you did, I'll be a happy man.again nice work, can't wait to see it finished Philippe
  9. rugbyfan

    airfix fw190

    thanks paul i like what you did with yours . philippe
  10. rugbyfan

    airfix fw190

    Thanks for the info guys, very much appreciated
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