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  1. There was a Model Alliance sheet - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MLO-32701?result-token=ftdYi - 29 Squadron Lightning F3 XP705/L
  2. From what I've got, they look properly done and equal to anything other decal manufacturers produce. From what I can remember, the whole thing cost about £11-12 which included the postage from Russia. The person who produces them has aspirations to produce other 1/48 Tornado F3 silk-screen decal options - worth getting in touch via the website..
  3. I've just ordered these https://uprise-decal.ru/tornadoadv/novyy-tovar for my 1/48 Tonka. It took a few weeks, but they look just right - four 1435 Flt Options, but you will have to use the Revell stencils etc for the rest of the decal fit.
  4. will2017

    Paint Racks

    I hadn't thought of either of those options. Thanks for that.
  5. will2017

    Paint Racks

    I'm looking for a vertical paint rack that will hold a variety of paint pots - Humbrol tins, Alclad (small / large), Xtracrylix As I appreciate budget suggestions, is there a vertical paint rack that I can get that will accommodate all of these? Currently they're all in a shoebox and I need the bench-space. Thanks.
  6. This may (or may not), help. http://www.fradu-hunters.co.uk/history.html
  7. I didn't expect that detail of information. Thanks for all of that - I can now finish off my research successfully.
  8. I'm researching a P26 build (with a hope to follow it up with a P12), and was wondering if anyone knew what paint to use for the Yellow / Blue schemes? I've sort of a zeroed in on RLM04 for the Yellow, but have not managed to decide what the right blue is. Is there anyone who can help me?
  9. Thanks for the advice, and the great pictures. I may do as advised and build the T55 as a Saudi or Kuwaiti one, and find a Sword T5 for the RAF version.
  10. I've managed to find a Matchbox Lightning T55 Lightning, and want to build/paint it up as a RAF T5, I know that I've got to find a pair of straight wings, but is there anything else? And is there a step by step conversion I can follow?
  11. Thanks for all your suggestions; I may have to start haunting model shows for hints, sniffs of P1a heaven.
  12. I might find myself trying to convert an existing kit..... I'd love one of the three mentioned, but they're like hens teeth clamped around unicorn eggs. Thanks for the help.
  13. I can see lots of different ideas for those, who like me, want a Lightning P1A to build. I've seen excellent conversions for large scale (i.e >1:72) Lightnings, and obv the Whirlykit option in resin at 1:72, though I'd have to save up for that one. For the benefit of the uninitiated (i.e me), what are the options if you want to model the P1A in 1:72 - I'm quite happy to hack up a base kit, just that I'm not sure what I need to do then..
  14. Not my content, but Thunder & Lightings have a cockpit section of XG331 in 1997. It might give an indication of previous paintwork. http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/lightning/survivor.php?id=540
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