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  1. Would it be allowed to ask how this compares to the HobbyBoss versions? I have their "early" and "late" version of the Wildcat, but am wondering if I'm better off selling those and buying this one.
  2. Wasn't Devonshire the ship that was sunk in that James Bond movie?
  3. I've built the Runabout many, many years ago and still have it, so it might be good to redo it, but unholy mother these sets are expensive! I know they're worth it but that's a lot of dough
  4. Did the RAF not shoot down any Iraqi aircraft in either of the Gulf Wars then? Or was that all on the USAF?
  5. I actually roared with joy when I saw this There is no such thing as too many Blackbird model kits
  6. He may not want to admit it, but yeah Absolutely did he make the pew-pew noises
  7. The more I see of the T-34, the more I love it. Might have to get this kit to support the 1:16 I already have
  8. Did you make the pew-pew noises? Please tell me you made the pew-pew noises !!!
  9. I'm gonna need these for my Battle of the Bulge diorama!! Oh no wait... wrong era
  10. Maybe you can deduct it from some SWMBO-taxes. It *is* going to charity after all
  11. Oooh I like that! Never heard of this plane but it's really interesting. I just saw a picture on wikipedia where the nose kinda reminded me of that weird Gloster Meteor with the prone pilot.
  12. Indeed. The plans can be wrong, the kit can be wrong, or both.
  13. I had no idea this ever existed but this is a thing of absolute beauty! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will have to acquire this
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