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  1. Those things are gonna be eaten by the carpet monster! Very cool though
  2. Indeed. He also thought a Shack has 32 prop-tips
  3. Actually... *three* license plates are provided.
  4. QI once mentioned this gun (or something similar) could also be urine cooled. Just getting that out there
  5. Soo... only one decal option then? That's a bit minimalist
  6. That's the weirdest thing I've seen today, even after looking in the mirror. Cool plane and definitely weird!
  7. Episode was Chain of Command (two-parter) where Picard gets captured by the Cardassians and is tortured by Gul Madred who wants Picard to say there are five lights instead of four. There is a strong Orwellian 1984 connection. But at one point Picard yells at Madred "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS". It's very dramatic.
  8. I am sorely tempted to put in a Capt. Picard picture... "there are FOUR lights!!"
  9. So there are FOUR options in the box?
  10. Good work! I only just noticed that the Alien Queen is basically wearing high heels.
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