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  1. Oh that looks sufficiently weird! I like it
  2. Basosz

    Heinkel He 111H-6 - 1:48 ICM

    Thank you!
  3. Basosz

    Heinkel He 111H-6 - 1:48 ICM

    Nice review. How big is this thing when finished?
  4. Basosz

    I-16 Type 28. 1:32

    Oh it's so cute !!! It's almost like an Eggplane
  5. I've seen (and build) kits with fewer parts than this kit has sprues. It's amazing
  6. So could you list all the sprues please? Sorry, couldn't resist
  7. Enterprise wins hands down. I have seven kits of different incarnations of the Big-E (eight if you count CVN-65) and none of the MF, so by that completely valid logic Enterprise wins.
  8. Basosz

    Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    I use yahoo.com and only sporadically receive BM email.
  9. Is it me or does this look like the unholy marriage between an F-16 and a Rafale and someone saying a rude word that is not allowed on BM?
  10. It must be fairly brave to release a kit of such an unusual and unsuccessful tank, but I love it! The term "premature detonation" made me laugh though, cause I'm 12
  11. Basosz

    MAN LKW 5t MIL GL Truck - Hobbyboss 1:35

    You say the cut corners are for standard flatbed trains... is that so they can fit through tunnels?
  12. Basosz

    Messerschmitt Bf.110F Profipak 1:48

    Sure I'm certain I can find a place for it!
  13. Basosz

    Messerschmitt Bf.110F Profipak 1:48

    That dachshund is just about the funniest thing I've ever seen
  14. Basosz

    Model T LCP. 1:35

    The more I learn of Henry Ford, the more he sounds like a complete tosser. Now you tell me he hated the Brits. Why? And during the first few years of WW2 when the US wasn't yet completely involved (pre-Pearl Harbor) he was the face of the Isolationist movement. I think it was called America First or something? He may have been quite the industrial entrepreneur but he really doesn't sound like a very nice man.