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  1. This looks pretty damn good. Is there a specific name for this type of aircraft? And by "this" I mean the Pucara, the Cessna Strikemaster, OV-10 Bronco, OV-1 Mohawk. Small planes that seem to carry a fairly big stick to pummel the enemy with. They really appeal to me for some reason.
  2. The base looks *really* good, but I don't think satellites get dirty. They're kept clean during production, stay inside a fairing or nose cone during launch and then up in space where there's little to no chance of weather to weather the thing.
  3. I'm in a Fiat 500 club and the versions from '57 to '64 were all suicide doors. In our club the story is that they are called that because if a door opens when driving (which did happen somewhat frequently), the person next to it would instinctively reach for it. Since seat belts weren't a thing back then, anyone grabbing that door would be pulled out, killing (or at least severely hurting) themselves. I have a feeling this is just one explanation among a myriad of others. Sounds plausible though.
  4. Thank you for the review. There is no such thing as too many Corsairs!
  5. Is it possible that the first picture is the wrong one? The box art clearly says it's an interior kit and there are 3 (instead of 4) decal options.
  6. Excuse me while I mop up some drool. Imma gonna need that kit! Just the nose is a fantastic idea
  7. Holy Hannah. 69 sprues and it's "just" an exterior kit. Are they gonna get into triple digits for the interior one? Not really into modern armor anymore, but this might be something to get. Have been eyeing a T-55 for a while and I like IDF stuff.
  8. Just so I get this right... this is a model of ONE tank? Just one T-54 that got its top blown off? If it is, then that's commitment from MiniArt to model every single version of the T-54/55. Also means they got a long way to go!
  9. That drawer thing is not a bad idea. Thank you for the tip! I will consider it for when I'm modernizing my modelling bench.
  10. That looks really rather useful. Do you happen to know if there's a comparable system for Revell Aqua (The square ones) paints?
  11. This could be just me... but that one on #11 looks like the German eagle...
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