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  1. Ali - that looks really good but I hope that there will be a little more detail in the cockpit - an instrument panel and coating perhaps? John
  2. I am very sorry to read this news. Scratchaeronautics have provided us with 2 of the kits - the Swift and Scimitar - that many of us have been asking for. so thank you for that Juan and all the best for the future. John
  3. From what I remember of seeing the sprues at Telford last November, I think that they contained the normal Spit wingtips as well as the clipped version. And I think that there was a Mark 18 fin as well. For a high back Mark 14 can you use the Spit 19 fuselage with Mark 14 wings? John
  4. Hi Chris, Correction I do have photos of the vents underneath the wing root fillets - they are on both sides of the fuselage. PM me your e-mail address and I will forward them to you. John
  5. Hi Chris, No I do not. However I will be at Tangmere next Monday (22 April) so could take a photo for you then. If you could PM me your e-mail address I can send it to you then. hope that helps. John
  6. I too have received my Swift and am delighted with it. A small problem though as mine did not have he outer wing panels, but Juan is sending those to me. John
  7. Wow - that's a delay and a bit. Last time I looked it was expected this May! I wonder why the delay? John
  8. Hi Chris, The Hunter is looking good. Two thoughts though - are you going to add the Sabrinas and I do not think that the F5 was plumbed to have any pylons on the outer wings. Pleased to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Tangmere. John
  9. Thanks for the info Ali - looking forward to those Hunters! John
  10. What is going on with this Spitfire? It all looked perfectly good when shown at Telford last November - and 6 months later is still not available. John
  11. Frolls

    Hi, is the revell 737-800 and poseidon conversion kit still available? 

  12. jaw

    RAF yellow T bands

    Thanks to Nige and Dennis for their info and comments. After a bit of research I have come to the conclusion that the Hunter had T bands 24" wide, yet according to the relevant Xtradecal sheets they were 36" wide on the Vampire T11 and Meteor T7. And on the Balliol the Magna instruction sheet is quite clear that they were 36" as well. I am still trying to work out what they were on the piston Provost but I think that they might be 24". John
  13. I was at Shoreham and saw the crash, and although I am no expert the manoeuvre looked fine to me, although the Hunter appeared to do a bunt on the way down from the loop. The map in the Daily Fail article is entirely wrong - the Hunter flew in from the south over the coast - not from the north as indicated. I guess that it was doing about 400 knots along the runway line when it pulled up into the loop. I too saw no defence evidence in the press - only the glaring headlines of the prosecution case. I am sure that Mr Hill will live with his accident and the deaths it caused for the rest of his life, and may not fly again. Nor do I think that there will be anymore airshows at Shoreham, not only due to the new CAA regulations but the fact that it is planned to build an IKEA in the area that the Hunter crashed. John
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