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  1. So sorry to hear this about Chris - get well soon! John
  2. jaw

    1/48 Gannet AEW3

    Alan Wilson of Icelandic Fine Arts has produced a resin 1/48 Gannet AEW3 which is pretty good. Whether or not it is still available I do not know. John
  3. Very nice indeed but one small comment in that all Hunters had a rounded trailing edge to the ailerons, and not pointed as in all of the kits on the market it seems. I told Airfix about this at the last SMW, but they were not interested. I wonder if the forthcoming F4 will have the same error? John
  4. jaw

    SE5a propellers

    Thanks Tim - another mystery solved via BM! John
  5. Ooh - just had a look at the website and see that a 1/144 scale Poseidon is planned! I wonder when that might be available - in RAF colours?? John
  6. jaw

    Hunter T7/T8M

    Thanks Diego - I stick to RAF/FAA models, but I am sure that Unc will be interested in your comments. John
  7. jaw

    Hunter T7/T8M

    Yes Chally - you are right. I pointed out the wingtips error to Airfix when they showed to Hunter at 2018 SMW. The rep on the stand was totally disinterested. Admittedly it is only a few swipes with a sanding stick but the point is it should not happen. And none of the reviews that I have seen have noted this either. I wonder if the error will be reiterated on the forthcoming F4. John
  8. jaw

    Hunter T7/T8M

    Thanks for this - I had not appreciated that the Heritage hunter kit tooling may have moved to Ali. I still need to look at the conversion and the Airfix kit to judge whether they are compatible or nearly compatible. If not I could always use the T8M nosecone on Ali's conversion! John
  9. jaw

    Hunter T7/T8M

    Thanks Troy - as helpful as ever. Just to satisfy my curiosity I want to compare the Heritage conversion with the Airfix kit. If it does not work I guess that you can still use the T8M nosecone with Ali's forthcoming conversion! John
  10. jaw

    Hunter T7/T8M

    I will have a look to see how the Airfix/Heritage kits match up - but too many other things going on at the moment! John
  11. jaw

    Hunter T7/T8M

    Thanks for that Unc, Yes I have it in mind to do what you say - but I also have an Academy kit so may use that instead. I believe that all the major errors with the Academy kit are at the front end so the conversion would get over that problem. You ask about 2 seat Hunters and the F6 exhaust. Some of the non RAF 2 seaters had the bigger Avon engine as used on the F6 but most of those had the brake parachute housing as well as on the FGA9. Countries that had these machines were India, Chile as well as some Middle East air forces. Cheers, John
  12. jaw

    Hunter T7/T8M

    Thanks EX-FAAWAFU, I know that Alistair of Aerocraft Models is doing T7 and T8 conversion sets for the Airfix Hunter which with luck should be available fairly soon. Ali has put info about progress on BM recently which you might want to look at. But I thought it worthwhile to ask the question. John
  13. jaw

    Hunter T7/T8M

    I have the 1/48 Heritage conversion kits for the Hunter T7 and T8M lurking in my stash. I know that these were designed for the Academy kit, but wonder if any brave soul has tried to use them on the Airfix Hunter kit? If so, I would love to hear how they proceeded. Thanks, John
  14. I have started getting the 500 message every now and again over the past week or two. John
  15. At Tangmere Military Aviation Museum we have an SE5a replica of the cockpit area, but it has an original 4 bladed propeller - which is marked SE5a and Hispano- Suiza 200hp. Yet I have seen pictures and references to the SE5a which show it with a 2 bladed propeller. So my question is why did some SE5a's have 4 bladed propellers and why did some have 2 bladed propellers? Thanks, John
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