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  1. jaw

    Mel Bromley RIP

    What terrible and very sad news. Like Paul J I have known Mel for longer that I care to remember but what I will always remember is that smile when I saw him and had a chat at shows. He will be missed. RIP Sir. John
  2. Mike - Airfix have just re-released a 1/72 Hawk T2 with RAF decals, or they did a Hawk 128 (?) in 1/48 scale which is a T2 and you can get decals for the 4 Sqdn version from Xtradecal. hope that helps. John
  3. Eduard have got a 1/48 Tempest II on their list for this year! John
  4. OK - thanks for letting me know. I look forward t seeing it if you do decide to offer it as a kit. John
  5. How much is the 1/48 Anson likely to be? John
  6. 51 Sqdn operate the RC135W - the horribly named Rivet Joint (ugh!) John
  7. It would be a 1/48th Anson for me! John
  8. Scratchaeronautics have done a1/144 Poseidon - and also an E7 Wedgetail! They look pretty good to me. John
  9. I am not getting any notifications either and I am on Outlook too John
  10. jaw

    RAF Texan2

    I wonder if anybody can help me please. I have just bought the 1/48 th IsraDecal kit of the Beechcraft/Pilatus Texan 2 which I want to finish as an RAF machine. Of course the kit does not include any decals for these! Nor is it likely as far as I can see that Xtradecal or any other manufacturer will oblige. So I am left to go through the spare decals . However it would be useful if anybody could conform the size of the roundels used on the machine - are they the same as used on the Tucano ? And also the size of the white serials on the side of the fuselage? Thanks Jo
  11. Melvyn,, I have just come across your wonderful post about that modelling that lovely red Hunter at Tangmere - you are making a superb job of that and I look forward to the day when you can bring it along to Tangmere (when we are open again) so that we can admire it and it can sit beside the real thing. It was a real pleasure to meet you and the beautiful Mrs H at the museum and talk to you about Hunters. I had to smile at your reference to John's curves ( I won't live that one down if my colleagues at Tangmere ever find out!). Unfortunately the new Airfix Hunter has does not have
  12. I have got one of these to do so shall follow your experiences with great interest. John
  13. Welsh Models do several versions of the Andover C1 - have a look at their website. I have the kit and it is very nice. John
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