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  1. I did not know about the Aussie bird so must revise my views on the name. I thought it might be some daft name dreamed upby Boeing like Rivet Joint - which is even dafter! I FAR prefer names like Osprey, Goshawk, Falcon and Harrier! John
  2. Welsh Models have already released a 1/144 version of the Wedgetail (what a stupid name!) which I have and is very good. Densil assures me that when the serial numbers are known, he will resissue a decal sheet to those that have bought the kit - unless of course the serial number really will be WT001! John
  3. jaw

    Airfix 2023

    How about a 1/48 Hawk T2 ?
  4. Well - wishes do come true as Welsh Models have done us proud with their Lincoln release, both in RAF and long nose RAAF guise. John
  5. jaw

    FAA Corsair II

    I'll see what I can do about the log book, although it is a bit complicated. John
  6. jaw

    FAA Corsair II

    It's all there in black and white in the log book! Unfortunately the pilot is no longer with us. John
  7. jaw

    FAA Corsair II

    Hi all - according to the pilots log book the Corsair that he landed on Essex on 9 August 45 was JT676. Thanks for your help! John
  8. Some help please! A friend of mine is making a model of an 1834 Sqdn FAA Corsair mark II as flown by Sub Lt Gordon Showell . There is a picture of the plane when he landed on USS Essex due to a fuel shortage and the side code is 147/P from HMS Victorious. But you cannot determine the serial although Corsair II's were in the JT series. I have hunted high and low on various websites, and the best that I can come up with is a list of the Corsairs which flew with 1834 and with serial numbers and side codes - but not for 147/P of course! I suppose that the FAA Musum might be able to help but I wondered if BM members can solve the puzzle? Thanks, John
  9. Can it be built with all the fan panels unextended and the exhaust not sending thrust down? John
  10. Not much help I'm afraid other that to confirm the correct serial is V6548. John
  11. I am a guide at the Tangmere Miiltary Aviation Museum, where 'Tubby' Badger was based with 43 Sqdn. I'll see what info we might have there on the aircraft code. John
  12. Now that the Airfix F86F-40 variant is available has anybody been able to assess whether a slatted RAF Sabre can be made from the kit? John
  13. I wonder when the 1/48th F35B will be released? John
  14. Whilst in Chichester earlier a Hurricane and Harvard flying over Goodwood. John
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