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  1. I am not getting any notifications either and I am on Outlook too John
  2. jaw

    RAF Texan2

    I wonder if anybody can help me please. I have just bought the 1/48 th IsraDecal kit of the Beechcraft/Pilatus Texan 2 which I want to finish as an RAF machine. Of course the kit does not include any decals for these! Nor is it likely as far as I can see that Xtradecal or any other manufacturer will oblige. So I am left to go through the spare decals . However it would be useful if anybody could conform the size of the roundels used on the machine - are they the same as used on the Tucano ? And also the size of the white serials on the side of the fuselage? Thanks John
  3. Melvyn,, I have just come across your wonderful post about that modelling that lovely red Hunter at Tangmere - you are making a superb job of that and I look forward to the day when you can bring it along to Tangmere (when we are open again) so that we can admire it and it can sit beside the real thing. It was a real pleasure to meet you and the beautiful Mrs H at the museum and talk to you about Hunters. I had to smile at your reference to John's curves ( I won't live that one down if my colleagues at Tangmere ever find out!). Unfortunately the new Airfix Hunter has does not have John's curves but it is an easy mistake to remedy. The kit has other errors as well but happily Ali at Aerocraft Models has done a series of modifications for it and the Hunter F5. Take care. John
  4. I have got one of these to do so shall follow your experiences with great interest. John
  5. Welsh Models do several versions of the Andover C1 - have a look at their website. I have the kit and it is very nice. John
  6. jaw

    RAF Tucanos

    Thanks chaps - that is helpful John
  7. jaw

    RAF Tucanos

    Can anybody tell me whether all RAF Tucanos in the gloss black scheme had the yellow flashes on the upper surfaces of the wings and tailplanes? The picture that I have seen suggest that some did and some did not. Thanks, John
  8. Melvyn - what an interesting story after a very sad time. I await a PM from you to agree a date to see WB188. If it helps I see that Pavla do a 1/72 scale conversion for the F3 including the pointed nose and extended canopy. But I think that they have made a mistake if it is intended to be the record breaker as at Sept 1953, as it includes the clamshell airbrakes on the rear fuselage - as is the case on WB188 now. There is a photo of Neville in WB188 presumably taken just after the record breaking run which quite clearly shows that these airbrakes were not in place at the time of the run. I believe (and of course I could be wrong) that the clamshell airbrakes were added at a later date when Hawkers were investigating where the airbrake on the Hunter should be placed, before deciding on the under fuselage site. John
  9. In addition to the pointed nose and extended windscreen you would also need to add the air intake under the fuselage. This is situated in about the same place as the air brake on standard Hunters. In addition the rear fuselage needs to be modified to allow the afterburner installation. If you live 20 minutes from Tangmere why not go there and have close look at the real thing. I am a guide there so if you visit on a Monday ( not 17 Feb) or Sat 22Feb I will be there and very happy to show the record breaker. John
  10. jaw

    P-8 Poseidon choices?

    Don't forget that Scratchaeronutics have produced a 1/144 scale P8, and Draw have done decals for the RAF machines. And icing on the cake, Scratchaeronautics have done the E7 as well in readiness for the RAF aircraft. John
  11. No - the RAF /FAA Hunter T7/8 also had the small bore exhaust and dog teeth wings. John
  12. Xtradecal did a series of 4 Sqdn markings a while back but nit sure if they are still available. John
  13. jaw

    IPMS Bolton show

    Hi Silver Fox - further the above now that I have read your message properly you could pm me their details on jaw . I would rather not give you an e-mail address at present as I think that may be compromised. John
  14. jaw

    IPMS Bolton show

    That would be great - thanks very much. John
  15. jaw

    IPMS Bolton show

    Thanks Silver Fox - I have just tried the website but no joy. John
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