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  1. Looking forward to the paint. A shame about the guns, but the metal replacements will still be top-notch.
  2. Very kind of you all to say. I've moved on to the remaining parts which are largely hand-painted. As always, I look at the turret glazing and decide that masking really isn't necessary, but I think I still managed a passable job on the, thanks to the ever useful cocktail stick. The turrets in the kit are very basic: just the guns, really, though I'm not sure there's much else to include in the mid-upper turret. There's a wee moulding flaw or something on the rear turret that I haven't been able to polish out as it seems to go right through the plastic. Irritating but hardly critical. I think next step is to varnish the airframe and then I'll start to install the exhausts and landing gear. Getting there, slowly but surely.
  3. I hope they wouldn't cost you that much! You can pick up cheap Chinese made airbrushes for less than most kits cost, although a compressor will be more. But you should model in the way that you want, and it looks like you're getting very good results with your methods.
  4. I'd seen some videos, was really hoping that I'd be able to see it fly this side of the North Sea this year (but alas that's not going to happen). Just watched a Youtube of it landing at Leeuwarden; what was queued up next but the BBMF Lancaster taking off? Coincidence, or a Google algorithm really getting into this thread?
  5. I guess the way to decal as you describe, KeIT, would be to add some plastic to the back of the console and sandwich the decal between the two. Or you could try the Yahu Models IP, which looks excellent (not sure on availability down under, though). If you're still having problems with the Vallejo Model Colour bubbling, may I suggest that you try not thinning the paint on your palette? Try thinning it on the brush, as it were. I usually paint VMC with a damp (not soaked) brush and relatively small quantities of paint, and I'm usually pretty happy with the result. Or you could go further and use the pre-thinned Model Air range, but you'll probably find that coverage of larger areas will require several more coats with that product. It's about now that I guess I encourage the acquisition of an airbrush. I resisted for years, then spent several more years with a barely used airbrush because I couldn't figure out how to paint effectively with it. Last year I tried again and something clicked, and I'm a convert. I only wish I'd had someone to show me what I was doing wrong the first time as it can be daunting initially when trying to deal with the many variables. However, from your pictures, your detail brush painting looks excellent.
  6. amblypygid

    Vulcan XH558 - Airfix 1/72

    Ah ha! I saw a notification and wondered whether this was your newest build, Ced. What a summer project. Still saddened that we won't see XH558 fly again.
  7. amblypygid

    WIF: AJ35 Strike Draken

    Wow! How did you keep track of all that masking, Christer? That's really something.
  8. Once again, I know nothing about the subject, but I like the sound of the schemes you've picked, Stew. Just going to settle myself over here.
  9. amblypygid

    Achtung Anfanger!!! 1/48 Bf109E-4B

    Looks terrific, great work Andy.
  10. The power of sleep! Enjoy the peace
  11. Thanks, chaps. It weirdly feels like I'm nearly there, when I've still got loads to do (mainly u/c and turrets).
  12. Took a while longer than hoped, but got back to some painting and decorating yesterday. Photos taken late last night, but the port side decals are done: DK Decals behaving impeccably and settling nicely under Microset
  13. I think I've been terribly uncouth and not commented here yet, Ced. I'm with the others here in having confidence in your ability to sort out those roundels. This build is a splendid demonstration of your skills, you've done a really nice modelling job here.
  14. Well, from here the decals look magniificent.
  15. Exceptional, Jaime. Thanks for putting so much effort into the WIP (and thanks again for moderating the original GB!)