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  1. Yes, I like it muchly, Stew. Shame about the kit decals but you might be better off anyway with an AM set.
  2. It's looking very nice indeed. Love the rudder stripes.
  3. Well, it looks good to me! I too find the canopy colour rather jarring. I have a stalled build of this kit (the 73 Sqn boxing) in the same camo scheme and the canopy there is green. I think I've built three of these now and it's a good choice for a fast build, there's nothing onerous in the construction other than trying not to break that flaming dorsal radio antenna!
  4. Can you justify it to yourself by anticipating a very quick build?
  5. It's a fine kit, GrzeM, and your instructions are 100% clear on the colours (just in case anyone is misled into believing that I can actually follow clear instructions). I'll have a go at repainting those parts, but I'm glad to hear that the shade of brown is a good approximation (it's Vallejo's Model Air Dark Earth, the non-BS version). Very glad that I have a couple of Hurricanes in the stash, I think I might have a go at them next. Thanks, Stephen. It's a testament to the kit rather than my limited skills. Thanks, Stew, that's very kind of you.
  6. OK, I'm calling it done. All the smaller pieces went on without trouble, except the tiny PE ring and post sight pieces, of which the former has disappeared. Again, commendations to Arma for their design; I always worry about how struts will match up but orienting the wing to be level was as simple as one could want, and the struts all fit beautifully. Here it is: Thanks for following along and providing encouragement and feedback!
  7. Thank, jpl. Kraków, the home base of this particular aircraft, then and now. Some more progress with the decalling to report - the fuselage is done. All that remains now is to attach the wing, the engine, and matte coat once I've got the decals to settle down a little more. Oh, and the tiny windscreen. The decals add some bright contrast to the overall brown uppersides:
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