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  1. Ok, I starting to paint, lower part and wheels for now as they are already finished. First is base for chipping, it a minium, I think. Contrary to the rest of vehicle where minuim was overcoated with a layer of gray primer, lower part was painted directly with green. As a reference I will be using photos from Axvall museum.
  2. If you have problem with big air bubbles in casts, they appear when air is trapped during pouring, you have to find a way to let air go. You have pour slower, you can use syringe, or what I found works quite nice, use small rod submerged in resin and pour one drop at a time. Resin despite low viscosity likes to trap bubbles and you have to remove them forcefully for this you can cut mould a little in places where bubbles are appearing and use small rod to stir them.
  3. Radio operator has plenty of space, look at Chieftain: https://youtu.be/qvI6tqj6obA?t=415 how happy he is : ) He has this small steering quarter-wheel and periscope; throttle control are two levers behind silver electric pot, I omitted them in the model otherwise I would never finish it. Interior in these photos is a little bit different than that I used as references, but layout is the same: As for commander, his seat is mounted on the floor: Credits to http://www.rommelkiste.de/Fahrzeuge/strv103/strv103.html
  4. Hi, This is one hell of a project, vehicle is far more complicated than I estimated, I aimed to make crew compartment, working suspension and as many moving parts as possible but I wasn't prepared how complicated this was. Materials I'm using are HIPS and prespan parer(brown color), tracks and jerrycans are casted from resin. All photos are in this gallery: https://imgur.com/a/Ab9TBZc Enjoy! It started in 2018 with collecting data and preparations, 8 months of procrastination later first hull was completed. More than year later, in September 2020 I realized that all available plans and trumpeter model that I had for reference are incorrect. There are two issues: one present upper frontal plate as flat, where in reality front of it is on the same level as engine doors. Second issue is with overall hull proportions, what is funny only War Thunder's model is correct. I decided to make it again, cheap price for Second hull was made and crew compartment fit correctly. Most significant photos from the journey: Working suspension, first and last arms are connected by rod inside of hull, middle ones are moving freely, it is important feature of strv Two years later and I'm still not ready for paint, there is a lot of important details that has to be attached, casted tracks need to be cleaned, a lot of screws is missing.
  5. Kalor

    Hi from Poland

    Hi, My paper modelling was also mostly scratch, it's just recently I realized that polystyrene is also useful material, but I'm still using paper a lot. I don't have pure paper models to show, most are left in my parents house, one sailboat(https://imgur.com/gallery/Mqrj3Wm) And one PAK-40, 90% scratch, currently being restored(https://imgur.com/a/zicmDnz)
  6. I think it's a time to expand to the west, so, hello to you all! I have a bit of history with paper models, but now, since 2019, I'm doing primarily scratch and plastic kits. I don't have big record as I have a tendency to lose focus and juggling between few projects at a time, combined with love to over complicating finishing models takes forever. So during this time I managed to finish two models that I'm content enough with to show to the public. Kugelpanzer from MiniArt, gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/pbpI9Hu VK72.01 from Amusing Hobby, gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/BEQ1iaN This is one of my favorites, when I failed to paint ambush camo third time I gave up and painted it blue. I have also two scratch projects, one, STRV-103C in quite advanced state, almost ready to painting, will start proper thread soon. Teaser: See you soon!
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