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  1. You've done a really nice job on these, they really look the part!
  2. So basically they've killed off the Routemaster altogether in London......how very sad!! Better think about replacing the black cabs and put a modern development on the Westminster site. We can have a digital replacement for Big Ben, may aswell knock down the Tower of London while we're at it.....
  3. London just isn't the same without the old Routemasters! I don't know if they still run on the 2 tourist routes, but they were as much a part of London as all the other key sites and features.
  4. Very nice indeed! A lovely model of the most iconic bus of all time!!
  5. Its a really nice job! The weld seams are so prominent on the real thing, but in most cases completely ignored by kit manufacturers.....
  6. That looks really great! Are the weld seams included in the kit?
  7. Hard to believe she has been alongside for over 12 months! Hope she gets her F35B trials sorted soon and effectively becomes operational
  8. Perhaps the UK should place an order for M1A1s
  9. You've done a really nice job!! It really does look great!!
  10. Yes, they really look like it! You've done a superb job!
  11. Its really good to see this restoration effort progressing. Well done guys!!
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