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  1. You've done a really nice job there! I can't wait for the release of kits of other variants, hopefully including an MC130J.
  2. Many thanks! I know there are a load of Panther kits out there, and doing a plane builder I'm unfamiliar with them, so appreciate your input!
  3. A question for all the Panther experts out there! I understand (rightly or wrongly) that the main version used in the Ardennes offensive was the Ausf G, and there are a number of 1/35 kits out there covering early, middle and late versions. Is there a particular kit you can recommend for a vehicle used in the offensive?
  4. Flory washes? I've used those on aircraft, but never on AFVs....
  5. Very nice! As an aircraft builder I'm not sure how to weather something like this? I've seen the kit around and fancy building an Ardennes Panther?
  6. You've done a great job there!! Very nice indeed! I have always wondered exactly what Ark's hull colour actually was? The pics of her listing indicated a very worn dark grey, but I've yet to come across any books or ref material detailing her colours?
  7. The first allied encounter with King Tigers, was with the Porsche Turreted version at Caen in 1944.
  8. Perhaps they bought up the WNW moulds for the 1/32 Lanc and intend to actually issue it????
  9. Accurate Armour Challenger ARRV conversion set?
  10. It has to be said that the Aussies are really pulling their finger out when it comes to updating and acquiring new military capabilities. The UK really needs to concentrate on doing the same at a brisk pace. We are moving in the right direction with Carriers/F35B, Type 26 , E7 and P8, but Killing off the Sentinnels without replacement will have an adverse effect.
  11. A P8 Posiedon fitted with an AAS pod can do the job of the Sentinnel. We just need 4 or 5 additional P8 airframes fitted with the pod. It makes sense to retire Sentinnel and replace it with the modified P8. Cost savings through airframe commonality come to mind!
  12. The RAF is pushing for more P8s, additional airframes could be fitted with a pod and fulfil the role of the Sentinnel.
  13. Haven't used my 1/48 Mig 29SMT set yet. I didn't see the magazine article on these, so you slide them off, dry them then use glue? I had heard the decals don't fasten as such?
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