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  1. Ward was heavily involved with the introduction into service of the FRS1 and was known as 'Mr Sea Harrier'. He had a far better appreciation of the Sea Harriers radar capabilities, and placed a lot of faith in the aircraft as a an effective fighter ( no coincidence that he was the highest scoring pilot ) whereas others with far less knowledge failed to recognise this.
  2. I can highly recommend Starkey Ward's book, it makes for a great read and highlights a few home truths which made it somewhat controversial.....
  3. I've enjoyed watching this to date although disappointed with the lack of tank action in recent episodes.
  4. When I saw it lined up all those years ago, I woukd swear it was original. The faded sand had tank grey showing through in places. Plus official photos of 131 on trials in the UK clearly showed one overall colour, I have no idea where the multi-colur schemes ever came into it. One pic shot in Tunisia clearly shows a Tiger in overall green.
  5. Very nice model indeed! The North Africa colours will forever remain controversial....pictures taken of 131 on test trials after capture only show it painted in one overall sand colour, and when I saw it at Bovington over 45 years ago in its original paint job, it was overall sand worn in areas with dark grey showing through. The 'Olive' colour finish on some Tigers of Pzbt 504 was supposedly Italian Pea Green.....
  6. Looks good! Perhaps they'll do a 1/16 Shot Cal at somepoint
  7. On a kit of this size, couldn't Trumpeter even get the bow shape right???
  8. The New turret is now available on pre-order from MigAmmo
  9. Glad the pilot is safe, and that they recover the wreckage ASAP. We need to know what happened here......
  10. Sea Dart was originally conceived to engage high flying aircraft, primarily Bombers and recon planes. Not low flying aircraft travelling at speed, and certainly not cruise missiles. However, the whole system including the radar underwent a substantial upgrade that made it much more useful....
  11. Yes they did...... must admit I hadn't noticed the Syrian Tanks were Tirans....
  12. New Takom kit no #5015 - 'A' Turret USS Missouri - WW2 config. Pity its not 'B' or 'C' with 40mm gun tubs.
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