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  1. I x Chinook and 2 other large helicopters, possibly Merlins(only saw them at distance) or CH53?
  2. Very nice indeed!! What colour did you use on the exhaust pipes? Bit of a mystery regarding colour in service as many pics show them the same colour as the bodywork to start with, but I love that clearly heated, used look
  3. Unfortunate incident. I hope damage if any, is minimal and easily repairable.
  4. It certainly is! It's surprising how many tanks seem to be in a poor condition and missing multiple hull parts
  5. There is some confusion as to which tanks are featured in some of the pics, or indeed their ownership. As Ukraine has now captured significant amounts of Russian armour, they are the most numerous user although there is a pic of a Ukranian T72B1 captured by the Russians.
  6. Certainly does! Not always easy to correctly identify certain types because of the similarities, but seems like everything from T64s, multiple versions of T72, T80s, T84s and T90s are out there on one side or the other or in some cases both!!
  7. That is a very impressive thread! Over 5000 pages!
  8. I believe the data link pod was carried under one wing with a Martel under the other?
  9. 2 x CV22s from Mildenhall just flew over Acomb area of York at very low level
  10. Fully agree with the Hurricane observation. I've built the Trumpeter Mk1 and it's great, specially if you use the cockpit set they do for their Hurrjcanes with a load of etch!
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