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  1. Thanks Francis. The lack of skirts does as you say give it a different profile! I've been researching these for a while now and note the preserved example at La Gleize has had a new paint job by an historian and note he painted a wheel on each side. This particular tank is from the SS Pzbt 501 and eveything I've come across including a few good pics indicate the wheels on these were never camouflaged, remaining in Dark Yellow, so was curious when I saw yours lol.
  2. A Russian near copy built using data stolen from Lockheed Martin perhaps?
  3. I would really like to get my hands on the 1/24/1/16 lines, but they seem to have been out of stock for a while? Any idea when they will be available again????
  4. I cannot honestly believe they ever seriously thought they could mount that on an F16 in the desired role. The vibration was bound to play hell with the jet and you would have thought that was detected very early on in trials? Crazy idea born out of desperation perhaps?
  5. Really nice! Just out of curiosity, why did you opt to paint one wheel red/brown and leave off the side skirts?
  6. Like the pic, refuelling a very famous Lanc, R5868 PO-S - S for Sugar.
  7. That looks great to me, a very nice finish indeed!
  8. A 1/32 F35B would be most welcome! The RAM panels are not so obvious these days as they merge into the background in the overall paint scheme
  9. It will no doubt be configured as an E6-B in order to train crews on a non-operational aircraft. Once again the US finds a use for kit we are discarding........
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