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  1. I cannot see a centreline gun pod. I believe the port undercarriage door, only partially visible, is the impression of the front end of a gun pod?
  2. Its a pity google earth doesn't update more regularly. Type in Alang Road, India and you can see the whole beach
  3. Yes, the silence appears to indicate that the NOC was not forthcoming and she has probably been beached with dismantling underway.
  4. Its suddenly gone very quiet about the fate of INS Viraat.......one can only assume things haven't gone well?
  5. Belfast was dry docked at Tilbury in 1982 and again at Portsmouth in 1999, during which her hull was cleaned, shot blasted and completely repainted. I believe a lot of ultrasonic readings were also undertaken which revealed the Hull was in very good condition.
  6. Isn't Belfast towed to Portsmouth and dry docked every so many years?
  7. The problem with Noryh Carolina and Texas is that they were both berthed in locations where the Hull became encased in wet mud, which really hasn't done them a lot of good! But note that both are being repaired and will continue on......indefinitely. lessons are being learned as time goes by. A dry dock is a better setting, and I believe there is a proposal to berth the Texas in a dry setting as it were.
  8. An Inspirational pic, of our Falklands Flagship, enroute to a war no one thought we would ever have to fight!
  9. Its true, that did happen, took a few people by surprise! The bikes were recovered..
  10. Strangely enough she spent more time in service with India than the UK. From what I understand from individuals who worked on her at Devonport prior to the handover, she was not in a good material state. However, according to others who spent time aboard her in later years, she was in pretty good condition? It seems the Indian Navy took far better care of her than we did.
  11. I remember that! It was unbelievable! Viraat was supposed to be beached on the high tide today, but can't find any confirmation of whether or not that has actually occurred?
  12. At this point we still don't actually know whether she has been beached, or if the effort to get an NOC is ongoing??
  13. Has anyone heard anything? Today was D-Day with Viraat due to be beached in the absence of the NOC?
  14. Yes, its very sad. Someone at the centre doesn't want her preserved and has put pressure on to block the NOC. The question has to be asked though, why didn't the guy who wants her, buy her at auction instead of allowing the scrapman to get her in the first place?
  15. It appears that no NOC has been forthcoming, and the scrap company plans to Beach her at high tide on the 15th.
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