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  1. I tried the Migammo.one shot and wasn't impressed. Its too thick. The Tamiya fine surface primer is excellent and I used red oxide on wheels and lower hull. The upper hull will have zimm, so thinking of using grey on the zimm areas, and the red oxide on the rest, as I have no idea what colour unpainted zimm was.
  2. Apologies Greg, moved to where?
  3. You and me both.....it clogged my airbrush and I'm not impressed. Too thick to spray from bottle?
  4. Hi guys, for those who have used it on their tanks, what is the best thinner to use with this?? Thanks
  5. They're convinced US is planning on storing a supply of free fall nuclear bombs like those stashed at various airbases in Europe including Germany. A supply was at Lakenheath and supposedly removed in 2004 I think?
  6. Getting the best is always a problem as like you say penny pinching governments always seek the cheapest deal, although in this case that would actually be Blackhawk with the bonus that we already have a good number of pilots trained to fly it after exchange postings with the US. E7 is currently the best AEW aircraft, but we need 5 as opposed to the 3. Type 26, yes we need more than 8....
  7. If the UK wants to give our armed forces the best option is Blackhawk hands down.... andthe Army wants Blackhawk
  8. Amazon and Ambuscade had Exocet fitted later in 84/5? Making Antelope the only vessel in its class that never carried it.
  9. If I recall correctly, only 5 of the Type 21s had Exocet fitted initially, Antelope was one of the 3 that did not have it in 82
  10. The Tamiya 1/350 Bissie & Tirpitz kits are nice, built Tirpitz a good while back now.
  11. Whitewolf

    RAF Dark Earth

    Yep, the Gunze/Mr Hobby colours are very good. They do RAF colour sets for differing time periods, highly recommend them!
  12. Voyager appear to do one in the TES update set?
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