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  1. Just found a fascinating picture of HMS Fury and HMS Ashanti wearing the same scheme as mentioned before (if only the number on the hull wasn't changed somehow). Might the colours of Fury's Western Approaches be the same as those on Ashanti and therefore Tartar?..
  2. Hi everyone! I have recently started Trumpeter's HMS Zulu conversion to HMS Tartar (with all of this amusing bow, funnel and mast corrections and lots of stuff from Black Cat and others) and got stuck with the colours. HMS Tartar had an unteresting scheme which I have never seen on other RN destroyers, but it looks a bit similar to what HMS York used to have in 1941 So might it be 507A and 507C then? Help would be much appreciated Also what do you guys think, are the guns painted in that darker colour as the camouflage spots on the hull? Or only some of them are? TIA!
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