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  1. Hi! Was the dark blue mentioned Oxford Blue? Bruce
  2. Hi All! As I look for a scheme for my Whirlwind HAS.22, I dug out a 1/72nd Chinook. When I Yahoo'd the Chinook I found three schemes. Dark Green, and grey uppers with black lowers Overall sand as used in Desert Storm ( Op Granby?) And what appears to be an overall olive drab type color which looks close to US Army Olive Drab. What color is the Oliveand is there a source for markings? As an alternative does anyone have "Bravo November"'s markings from the Falklands? Any help is greatly appreciated! Bruce
  3. My fat fingers appear to have gotten in the way again, but The kit I found in the stash is an Airfix 1/72nd scale Whirlwind HAS.22 Bruce
  4. Hi All! I have had good luck here so I'll try again... In my stash I found a Westland Whirlwind HAS.22. I would Like to do a plane guard Whirlwind in RAF Blue-Grey. Can I do one or will I need to do some mods tot he kit? Drawings and Images would help. Thanx! Bruce
  5. Thanks Iain, but it seems the site has not been updated since 2013 and the forums section his gone. Thanks for the decals , but do you have the Sword T-Bird kit? Would it be possible to trace the three tails ( the original short tail, the AV-8A tall tail and the RAF tail with the RWR bar) for me? Bruce
  6. It does appear the vast majority of RAF/RN Harrier T.4s do not use the tail from G-VTOL or the TAV-8A. So my next question is there a source giving dimensions or a 1/72nd scale drawings showing the differences? Thanks! Bruce
  7. Hi All! I thought I had Harrier trainers sorted out but now.... I am building the Heller/Humbrol/Bobcat Harrier T.4 to have the tall tail RWR and laser nose. I have added the fan , new bang seats, cut out the air brake, blow in doors and made other improvements (we are modelers after all). But what is making me crazy is all of the T.4 decals I have have the smaller fin, with or with out the RWR antenna. Only the TAV-8A decals have the taller tail (USMC, Spain and Thailand). My question is: did the RAF use the tall tail in the T.4? And if so what serial number range? Thanks! Bruce
  8. Hi! I have an Airfix 1/72nd Harrier GR.7 and wish to convert it to a GR.9. What do I need to do? bruce
  9. Hi! I have started an Airfix P.1127 kit and need to know what colors are the gear wells, landing gear, and door interiors. Can anyone help? Bruce
  10. The problem is finding one of those sheets. I have been looking for one months, the reason for my question. Bruce
  11. Hi All! I just finished my Bobcat 2-seat Harrier as a USMC TAV-8A. My problem now are decals. I know VMAT-203 used the TAV-8A, but I cannot find any decals for one of these. So, does anyone know of another USMC Sqn. who had the TAV-8A ? I has to be a USMC T-Bird. Bruce
  12. Deleted - not the wanted area.
  13. Hi All! Thanks for the info on the AV-8B(NA) colors. While I wait for the green I ordered to arrive, I took down from the shelf of doom a Bobcat TAV-8A, Harriert2/4 kit I started 15 years ago. Well after putting a cockpit in, new landing gear, proper wing tips , and adding new nozzles and exhaust plates I have two questions: 1- Did the Marines paint their TAV-8As in the grey/green wrap around scheme? 2-Are their decals available? Thanks! Bruce
  14. Thanks for the information, it is just what I needed. Thanks again! Bruce
  15. Hi All! I need red, outlined in white codes ( 7K) for a 1/48th scale Seafire. Does anyone know where I can get them? Bruce
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