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  1. The problem is finding one of those sheets. I have been looking for one months, the reason for my question. Bruce
  2. Hi All! I just finished my Bobcat 2-seat Harrier as a USMC TAV-8A. My problem now are decals. I know VMAT-203 used the TAV-8A, but I cannot find any decals for one of these. So, does anyone know of another USMC Sqn. who had the TAV-8A ? I has to be a USMC T-Bird. Bruce
  3. Bruce Archer


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  4. Hi All! Thanks for the info on the AV-8B(NA) colors. While I wait for the green I ordered to arrive, I took down from the shelf of doom a Bobcat TAV-8A, Harriert2/4 kit I started 15 years ago. Well after putting a cockpit in, new landing gear, proper wing tips , and adding new nozzles and exhaust plates I have two questions: 1- Did the Marines paint their TAV-8As in the grey/green wrap around scheme? 2-Are their decals available? Thanks! Bruce
  5. Thanks for the information, it is just what I needed. Thanks again! Bruce
  6. Hi All! I need red, outlined in white codes ( 7K) for a 1/48th scale Seafire. Does anyone know where I can get them? Bruce
  7. Hi All! I am building an Airfix Av-8B (NA) from the USMC. The aircraft I wish to do has a green and grey camo, and Airfix gives only their color callouts. So, what colors are the Green and Grey (FS number would be a godsend). Thanks for looking! Bruce
  8. Thanks for the information. A late friend sent me an index for Scale Aircraft Modeling (SAM) and I found that SAM did an Aircraft in Detail for the Lynx. And better yet I have the issue! Thanks again guys! Bruce
  9. Hi All! I have some more Lynx questions... 1-What is the difference between the Lynx HAS2 and HAS 3? 2-What color is the blue found on the HAS2? The grey found on the HAS3? 3-What color is the Olive green on HA.1s? 4-What color is the French Lynx' AH.3? Thanks! Bruce
  10. Bruce Archer


    Deleted - not the wanted area.
  11. I went into my spares box and dug up a bunch of parts. The basic kit is the Hasegawa F.6, but I am using a lot of Matchbox bits. I have not received my Airfix F.6 and F.2A yet. This is an adventure in seeing I can build something which looks good from spare parts. Bruce
  12. Hi All!! I am banging away on this Lightning F.6, and found decals for it on a Modeldecal sheet. All was unicorns and rainbows until I realized the aircraft I was doing (XS903, "AM" of 5 Sqn) had cannons in the belly tank, and the kit I am beating into submission does not. I do not have a good image, or drawing as where these cannon ports were. Not even Ian Black's "Last of the Lightnings" was a help. So does anyone have an image(s) or drawings as to where the cannon ports were on the belly tank? Thanks! Bruce
  13. Thanks Guys for the information! Bruce
  14. Hi! I am building a grey schemed Lightning F.6, XR726, coded "DF" of the LTF. I do know the upper color is Medium Sea Grey, and the lower color is Light Aircraft Grey. But the side color is BDS4800.188.21 "Grey". Does anyone make it? Does it have a FS number? I have the MSG and LAG in Humbrol, but need the side "Grey". Thanks for looking Bruce
  15. It is the F.1. The FGA.9 is not that bad.... Now to find a stand. Bruce
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