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  1. Thanks for the information. A late friend sent me an index for Scale Aircraft Modeling (SAM) and I found that SAM did an Aircraft in Detail for the Lynx. And better yet I have the issue! Thanks again guys! Bruce
  2. Hi All! I have some more Lynx questions... 1-What is the difference between the Lynx HAS2 and HAS 3? 2-What color is the blue found on the HAS2? The grey found on the HAS3? 3-What color is the Olive green on HA.1s? 4-What color is the French Lynx' AH.3? Thanks! Bruce
  3. Well I have found instructions on line, and I am ready to paint the Lynx and have found I do not have decals. So does anyone know of aftermarket decals? Does anyone have decals for the 1/72nd scale Lynx AH.1 they could sell? Thanks! Bruce
  4. Bruce Archer

    Lynx AH.1

    Hi! While rooting around in my stash I came across the Airfix Lynx AH.1 kit (No. 03025-8). I received it on Christmas 1976 (as written on the bottom of the box). So I am finally going to build it, as it has probably "aged" long enough. I am building the kit without instructions, so I am winging it. My first ( of probably many) question is what color is the interior and cockpit. Also what color(s) are the rotor heads, and blades ( both main and tail). And is their any other colors I need to be aware of? Thanks! Bruce
  5. I went into my spares box and dug up a bunch of parts. The basic kit is the Hasegawa F.6, but I am using a lot of Matchbox bits. I have not received my Airfix F.6 and F.2A yet. This is an adventure in seeing I can build something which looks good from spare parts. Bruce
  6. Hi All!! I am banging away on this Lightning F.6, and found decals for it on a Modeldecal sheet. All was unicorns and rainbows until I realized the aircraft I was doing (XS903, "AM" of 5 Sqn) had cannons in the belly tank, and the kit I am beating into submission does not. I do not have a good image, or drawing as where these cannon ports were. Not even Ian Black's "Last of the Lightnings" was a help. So does anyone have an image(s) or drawings as to where the cannon ports were on the belly tank? Thanks! Bruce
  7. Thanks Guys for the information! Bruce
  8. Hi! I am building a grey schemed Lightning F.6, XR726, coded "DF" of the LTF. I do know the upper color is Medium Sea Grey, and the lower color is Light Aircraft Grey. But the side color is BDS4800.188.21 "Grey". Does anyone make it? Does it have a FS number? I have the MSG and LAG in Humbrol, but need the side "Grey". Thanks for looking Bruce
  9. It is the F.1. The FGA.9 is not that bad.... Now to find a stand. Bruce
  10. Hi! Of the three main issues of the Tornado, Hasegawa, Revell (G) and Monogram , the Monogram Tornado has the best overall shape. The Hasegawa kit has the cockpit too far forward and too low, the Revell (G) kit has an odd shaped nose. The original Monogram kit came with bad decals, no drop tanks and a lot of cluster bombs. The Desert Storm Boxing has some extra ECM parts. Revell of Germany released the Monogram kit as an ECR version with lots of stores ( this is the boxing to get). The Hasegawa kit comes with lots of stores, but that cockpit. The Revell kit also has lots of stores. The R
  11. Hi! I intend to build the Frog Hunter as a desk top style model, as there is so much which needs to be done and life is too short. So: 1-Does anyone have a Frog or Airfix stand I could use they are willing to part with? 2- When was the Frog Hunter released? Thanks Bruce
  12. Do not forget the P-40K/Kittyhawk III lent to the RCAF in Alaska. I cannot remember the Sqn or location, I will need to look further. Sweating Beaver ( IPMS Canada) has 1/48th scale decals for them. Bruce
  13. Bruce Archer


    not the wanted section
  14. Thanks Guys. I can now finish my Airfix Hawk 81. Bruce
  15. Hi All! I am looking for the serial for Tomahawk IIa of No.26 Sqn, coded RM*A in early 1942. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Thanks! Bruce.
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