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  1. Some updated pictures taken in a little less of a rush...
  2. What else to be modelling this amazing anniversary weekend, but the Apollo 11 Lunar Excursion Module "Eagle" which landed in the Sea of Tranquility exactly 50 years ago tonight. I'm old enough to have watched this amazing event as it happened , and clearly remember that my primary school had every television that it possessed set up, wall to wall, in the dining hall for us to watch. This was an e-bay purchase of the Airfix 2009 issue, largely out the box (I thought briefly about adding the missing ascent module supporting struts, but I realised Airfix had missed them too late for me to correct them without risking the rest of the model, especially the foil). I have used the original round base rather than the new vacform since mine was missing, although in many ways I prefer the original. In fact its not entirely finished - I haven't completed the final sealing/varnish coats, but couldn't resist a few topical pictures tonight! FredT
  3. Aaargh - well spotted. The Fujimi decals fell to pieces, so I used Modeldecal instead, but the last number was wrong for the Lossie aircraft I wanted. Now that you have reminded me, I I will add the errant 7 FredT
  4. Sea King HAR.3, D Flight, 202 Sqn, RAF Lossiemouth, 1981. This particular kit has sat on the shelf making me feel guilty for the last 18 months. I bought it second-hand, partly started, as a donor for a canopy missing from another kit. A few parts had been assembled and the extra RAF-style windows had been cut out. I couldn't bring myself simply to split it up for parts, so I had another go at rescuing it by crash-moulding a new canopy, this time using its own canopy to make a female mould form silicone, then a male mould from Milliput. I finished up by heating some acetate with a hair dryer and forming it over the male mould. Success.............. Its not perfect, but it works well enough for now! And finally, all my Sea Kings (so far) in one place! FredT
  5. Utterly, utterly outrageous. I really feel for all those people affected by this mindless act. It's not about the financial value of the physical damage. Model railway exhibits in particular take tens of years to acquire and build, involving a level and depth of personal emotional investment that most of us can only imagine. It's not going too far to suggest that an older person may genuinely never recover from an event like this.
  6. Thanks Tony - you have no idea how infuriating that blasted cheat line was. I tried masking and painting it first - a disaster ensued, so then I sanded it all back off, revealing the carefully hidden grey coat under the white, so then I set about painting the (5 coats of) white all over again...... and so on. I then made up some inkjet decals for the thin stripes along the fuselage, but they stretched and broke, so I started all over again! In the end it was inkjet decals for the thin bit and masking for the engines/tail. They still need a little tidying up. Next up - the original raspberry ripple Dominie (XW930) with the Blue Vixen nose! FredT )
  7. Thanks all. As an update, I've managed to dig out my other 125 and photo them together (Airfix, out the box):
  8. This one proved a lot more difficult than I thought it would, but I reckon the end result is worth it. It's an old 1/72 Matchbox HS125 converted to become the Blue Vixen (Sea Harrier FA2) radar/weapons integration trials aircraft, using putty and elbow grease! The nose was cloned from an Airfix FA2, using silicon and Milliput, to give me:  New nose  Block unused cabin windows  Stbd Cockpit modifications (but only those that can be seen!)  Doppler altimeter fairing under fuselage  Wing Pylon  Various underwing strakes and flap operating fairings  Open up and fill landing lights  Open up and fill Nav Lights  Add new antennae FredT
  9. I’ve decided that it’s now time to stop polishing this particular "Curd". It will never get any better than it is now, no matter what I do to it! This Leoman kit was another cheap acquisition from last year’s model swap at Telford. My expectations were pretty low, and have proved well founded, but at least I only paid £5 for it! I have very little I can say that is good; shape is vague and suspect, detail is non-existent or wrong, panel lines are either heavily raised or very deeply engraved, fit is variable, filler is needed and the canopy (to my eyes) is much too large. In fact the whole thing looks overscale. The intake is solid, whilst there is no tailpipe at all, allowing you to see right into the fuselage and up to the laughable cockpit and seat. Mind you, the instrument panel is actually quite good, as are the AA-1 Alkali missiles. The very basic decals worked well, but the “bort” numbers seemed much too large to me and I’m not convinced yellow was that common, so mine come from the spares box. So not recommended in any way, except perhaps as a canvas to practice your hand brushed aluminium finishes. Move on……………….. FredT
  10. Hi Mark, it doesn't ring a bell and I don't remember having any doubts at the time. (PS there are many more in-build pictures on my web blog - try http://www.gengriz.co.uk/2015/dec15.htm#top. ) I used the Aerofax book as a reference and there are pictures on page 65, 90, 109 and 110 that seem to confirm I got it the right way round, with the divider strut tapering to a thin end at the windscreen. I must admit though that I did wonder if the little tab on the end should have been removed as I couldn't see its purpose. FredT
  11. Matchbox certainly chose some interesting and obscure subjects for their kits. Nowadays we have become used to seeing short-run unusual aircraft kits, but in the late 1970s this was a bit of a gamble to to try and avoid overlap with the established major UK kit manufacturers. This one came from last year's Telford Kit Swap and although its decals were a little tired, it has been a very satisfying build of something that I knew very little about. As you would expect from Matchbox, it assembles with no real issues although you have to take a little care with the separate nose sections and the split cowl. It also has a rather fragile undercarriage (cue the marvelous Matchbox stand). Replacement vacform canopies are readily available (and the previous owner included a set of these), but I'm not sure they are actually needed so I used the kit set instead. I built up the space behind the pilot's seat with plastic card to reflect the frame and head rest, plus added some paper seatbelts. Two nicely moulded aircrew figures joined the spares box. The tropical air filter is actually included on the sprue, but not listed on the instructions - I fitted it as an afterthought having seen it on reference pictures and as a result, it is a little lower than it should be. The wire aerial is stretched lycra thread. Hairy brush painted as always, using Humbrol enamels and top coated with Klear to apply the transfers, followed by a finishing coat of matt Windsor & Newton acrylic varnish. FredT
  12. Another Matador resin model from my Telford haul! At first look, I thought this one wasn't as nice as the Fox, but once assembled and with a little paint, the fine detail really stood out. The kit includes two different upper hulls for the Mk4 or Mk5. I've assembled both just for comparison, but unfortunately there is only one driver's hatch to go around. Well recommended. FredT Mk.5 with Swingfire: [ Mk.4 With my BW Ferret Mk.2, (whose machine gun seems to have gone astray whilst taking the pictures): ... and with the Fox:
  13. One final one to squeeze in for 2018 - Matador Models' lovely little resin 1/76 FV721 Fox CVR(W) - and that's all fffolks...... :
  14. My last creation of 2018! This is the delightful resin Matador Models FV721 Fox CVR(W) that I picked up at Telford this year. Well recommended! FredT
  15. Very impressive set! The 262 diorama is superb (inspiring!) and I love that J-22 too - a type I've not come across before.
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