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  1. Scooters have been a bit of a theme for me over the last few months and this is what I've been building over Xmas - two more Skyhawks to add to my collection: Douglas A-4M Skyhawk II VMAT-102 “Skyhawks” - USMC Aviation, MCAS Yuma, Arizona, 1980s. Italeri 1/72 with markings from Hasegawa and spares box. This kit came without any markings, but provided an excellent excuse to use the very colourful spare set from my Hasegawa A-4E build from October (the kit-supplied ones would have been very "grey" in any event!!!!. Douglas OA-4M Skyhawk H&MS-12 “Outlaws” USMC Aviation, MCAS Yuma, Arizona, 1988. Italeri 1/72 OOB. I struggled with the blended grey on this one - brush painting doesn't always work! Interesting to see how much the double canopy changes the look of the Skyhawk. and finally - here is the full set as it currently stands. there are at least 3 more in the stash, so watch this space!!!
  2. RN Buffaloes were part of French & Belgian orders taken over by the British Purchasing Commission in Washington - not their biggest success! Most UK Buffaloes went to Commonwealth and RAF Squadrons in Singapore, where they were quickly lost to the Japanese. Three were used by the RN in Crete, where they were found to be poorly built (e.g. guns failing due to over-tight wiring that snapped when fired) and were considered worse than useless. Subsequently, some fought successfully with RN Squadrons in the Western Desert; the remainder ended life in Yeovilton as fighter trainers and local defence aircraft. It wasn't a bad aircraft; the USN originally preferred it over the WIldcat and the Finns used the Buffalo with great success against both Germans and Russians; but only after they had rebuilt them to their own satisfaction. A case of poor build standards and sloppy procurement, British disappointment was repeated 2 years later with the Brewster built Corsair III, leading to a US Senate Investigation of Brewster, amidst (unproven) accusations of sabotage, Nazi sympathisers and enemy agents within their workforce.
  3. Its been another ridiculously busy year at work for me, so modelling has been a bit of a sideline. Not my best year, but generally OK. The year started with a couple of 1/76 resin AFVs from Matador, an FV715 Ferret Mk.5 and an FV721 Fox: Then an aircraft that isn't exactly elegant, but interesting nevertheless, the 1/72 Matchbox Vickers Wellesley A bit of a challenge this one, the very crude Leoman 1/72 Sukhoi Su-9. Not really recommended! My old Italeri Chinook received some blade repairs to resolve the wear and tear of travelling to many model shows Then perhaps my favourite build of the year, the Blue Vixen radar trials conversion to an HS125-600, using the Matchbox kit, inkjet decals and some scratch built nose additions! A trip to Disney Paris Star Wars event stimulated a build of the Bandai X-Wing fighter A Fujimi Sea King kit that was missing its canopy received a home-made replacement and turned into an RAF HAR.3 SAR machine Then for the 50th anniversary of its first flight, a naval Westland Sea King HAS.1, fully armed, using the Fujimi kit and some old Modeldecal markings: The anniversary of the first moon landings saw an old Airfix kit built to modern standards: After seeing the Italian Navy Avanti at the RNAS Yeovilton airshow, the A-model kit in my stash moved to the top of the build pile: Then I started off on a bit of a Skyhawk binge, starting out with the Hasegawa kit: Quickly followed by the new Airfix kit in one of its guises: My regular work trips to Holland enthused me to build Revells latest Embraer E190 kit in 26 Decals KLM markings: .... and finally, two late Skyhawks in US Marines service, using the Italeri A-4M and OA4M kits: And thats all fffffolllks! See you next year.
  4. The 190s and 175s are definitely different. I'm flying on both next week in daylight and hoping for a few pictures.
  5. Cockpit no - the kit comes with a decal for the frames (white in the kit), as does the 26 set (aluminium). On this kit they were good and clear, but the 195 had turquoise spots in the middle of each frame that weren't apparent until off the decal sheet and effectively unfixable (aaaargh). The cabin windows are the kit moulded holes backed by some black plastic card inside, then the 26 decals for the aluminium surrounds (which have clear decal backing in between) were applied over them, followed by some Klear. I guess they are probably quite fragile, but I've done this on a few kits now and they have survived a few years without damage . On other kits I have done the same internal plastic card trick, then filled each hole with Klear. The kit and 26 set both come with blackened window decals if you prefer this approach. FredT
  6. I've been flying back and forward between Bristol and Amsterdam regularly in these little Embraer beauties over the last year and thus felt the need to model one. Jadlam's recent clearance sale of this kit was the catalyst required. They do remind me more of a sports car than an airliner, and indeed the pilots seem to fly them in a slightly more aggressive manner than the Airbuses. Plus, they are much more comfortable than Easyjet's A319s and A320s - and they feed & water you during the flight! Although I previously built a Revell E195 a few years back, this is their recent E-Jet issue, featuring the shorter fuselage of the 190. It comes with rather plain Lufthansa decals in the box, so for this one I used the superb 26 Decals KLM Cityhopper set and selected a serial for one I know flies out of Bristol. Mind you, literally minutes after I ordered these, I found another vendor in the US selling a set that included the current colourful KLM 100 yrs markings, but these still met the bill perfectly! The kit is a fairly easy build with no vices. I added a little weight in the nose and had to fill and sand a few blemishes on the top of the fuselage where the sprue didn't detach cleanly. Unlike my previous build, in this case I managed to keep the tiny antennae intact despite my sanding! My kit was crisply moulded with little flash, although I have heard this is not always the case. For the KLM blue I used Revell 50 gloss enamel. The wings are Humbrol US Medium grey, which in retrospect is a little dark, but it all depends on the lighting of course!!!! As always the kit was hand brush painted enamel, with Klear and Micro Satin acrylic top coats to finish. FredT
  7. Wikipedia seems Wikipedia seems to suggest it was because of its size - i.e. a childs scooter as opposed to a real car! FredT
  8. The kit provides a choice of 5 and 6 blade rotors. The RAF version has 6 and RN one 5.
  9. This month's fascination has been a pair of Vietnam-era A-4 Skyhawks. First up was a Hasegawa A-4F from USS HANCOCK, then an Airfix A-4B from USS INTREPID. The Hasegawa kit I've built several times before in different markings, but the Airfix kit is new and I was pleasantly impressed (just as well as I have a few more in the stash!). As always, the kits were brush painted using Humbrol enamels (127 & 130), then a Klear coat for decal application, then an oily wash, finished by a coat of Windsor & Newton acrylic matt. A-4F VA-15 Warhorses - 1973 - USS HANCOCK Yankee Station A-4B VA-15 Valions - 1967 - USS INTREPID - Dixie Station .. and finally, my Skyhawk fleet to date! FredT
  10. It was the old Fujimi issue - it is advertised as a HAR.3, but also includes decals and parts for what I believe is a HAS.2 (although it might be a 1), from HERMES. I used Modeldecal markings and ditched the Mk.45 torpedoes for 2x Mk.44. The kit as supplied is missing the aux gearbox lump, for which I used some sprue, sanded to shape. Its interior is wrong too, reflecting the US layout. , I also added the wire antenna posts and of course, folded the blades! FredT
  11. Dennis, Much as you would expect from short run, so: The interior is very comprehensive, but the parts very small, difficult to de-sprue without damage and extremely fiddly to assemble all the seats consistently. And you can't see them when its finished (aaaaaaaargh!) The sidewall/floor assembly sequence is suspect (I had several attempts before I was happy). Instrument panel needed a lot of fettling to get it to fit Cabin windows are not a good fit and not very clear (fill the gaps and re-polish). Cockpit windows slightly wider than the fuselage, so needed a lot of fairing in (then lots of polishing to make them clear again). Undercarriage is very flimsy and without my reference pictures, I'm not sure I would have understood the instructions. Some parts are very thin and difficult to remove from the sprue without damaging Engine nacelle fit to the wing was very poor with big gaps Very small exhaust parts were damaged on removal from the sprue and difficult to assemble satisfactory Some parts rough and needed a lot of cleaning up Wings, canards & tailplanes were butt jointed, so alignment is tricky Decals looked nice, but several split when they met water! They forgot the tail antenna. Painting instructions - based on my references, I'm not sure they chose the right grey. Neither did I ! But that said, the fit of major parts was generally pretty good, despite the lack of locating pins. Not a kit for a beginner, but definitely buildable!!! FredT
  12. This month's project has been the futuristic looking Piaggio Avanti of the Italian Navy (as seen at this year's Yeovilton Airshow), using the AModel kit. As with all AModel kits, it needs a little care to complete, but captures the "Gerry Anderson" looks of the real thing well. Indeed, I briefly thought about painting it white and using a set of spare Spectrum decals instead of the kit ones! The kit includes a comprehensive interior layout, but this is a little wasted due to the small and not entirely clear windows. ... and the real thing at Yeovilton: FredT
  13. The ones in the picture are all Fujimi, except the ASACS which is Revell. The stash contains many more Revell and Fujimi kits, plus two new Airfix ones! So many kits, so little time!.....
  14. Its not the Mach 2 sprue - see below. Very similar parts breakdown though, but much finer moulding and different layout
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