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  1. It is an excellent kit - but you are right, the red was difficult; it bled through into the indented sections several times and had to be re-done. I do prefer the splash of colour that it adds though! FredT
  2. Given my normal focus on non-grey British and European naval aircraft, you may not be surprised to hear that this is my first attempt at building a Hornet model (of any type), albeit that there are two more in the stash after this one! This is the Tamiya release of the 2007 Italeri kit. As supplied it comes with some rather plain demonstrator decals, so these are Superscale markings for a more recent operational aircraft onboard the USS Ronald Reagan in 2006. As is often the case, Italeri rushed this one out to be firs ton the market, so it has a number of features that didn't make it to the production aircraft. Most noticeable is the air brake between the tails, which I filled. I also added the BAE SYSTEMS "pizza box" IFF in front of the canopy. I gave up on the individual vents between the tails, although I have a possible plan for a future update. The pilot comes courtesy of an Airfix kit and hides the otherwise sparse cockpit. The kit-supplied weapons are a mixed bag. I had wanted to use the SLAM ER missiles, and to create an asymmetric weapon load (as is typical for the F/A-18E) but the kit ones are a variant that I cant identify and certainly not in service (they are far too long for SLAM ER). Instead I went for a more simple double Harpoon loadout, with two AIM-9s and two AMRAAMs. This is a reasonable kit to build, albeit that the intakes and fuselage are definitely tricky to assemble. FredT
  3. The kit has some surprising issues and wasn't as easy a build as it should have been. Fit was OK, but not brilliant. The cockpit is very bare and its decals don't fit. There are also mistakes in the instructions and part numbers. The kit decals (I used some of them) had a bad tendency to curl up as I tried to apply them. The grey (gray?) is Humbrol 125 Satin Gunship Grey enamel. It actually got a little lighter when I applied the acrylic matt varnish top coat. The Two Bobs decals are superb, with a very large full colour placement sheet. Mine came from Hannants, who only had a few in stock.
  4. With all that has befallen the UK in the last few days, it has been all too easy to overlook other worldwide events. Yesterday, 11th September, was the 21st anniversary of the massive co-ordinated terrorist attacks on the United States. This year also sees 50 years since the F-15 first flew. To mark both events, I have built the 1/72 Academy F-15E kit, with Two Bobs decals for "Lady Liberty" of the 48th Fighter Wing (The Statue of Liberty Wing), USAF Europe, based at RAF Lakenheath in the UK. This aircraft also bears the image of the Twin Towers along with the text "Never Forget". ... and with my other build of the month, more of which later !
  5. Hi Ash, thanks, I know and it is a source of frustration ! I have tried other colours and black mixes, but they don't really work. So for now, they are all blue. Apart from my Sea Kings, which are green!
  6. There are a lot of excellent MOD pictures online of the aircraft being fitted out. I did everything by eye, so dimensions may be out, but I think I got it. It was an older build that I was unhappy with, so ripe for an update. I also added the extra HM.2 external bumps on the nose and the jammer racks on the mid fuselage: Mine moves, which in truth was probably a step too far (especially as I have the cabin door open). As a result, much of my building was centred around trying to create a hinge.
  7. I have checked the website thoroughly and there is no sign of malware. I've also notified my ISP in case there is a server issue and have complained to Malwarebytes (MWB) demanding they unblock my website, plus raised a support ticket with my own ISP. However, from browsing MWB's own support forums, it would appear that this could be a well known "feature" of Malwarebytes AV, whose database of clean websites is not always updated regularly, so tends to over-egg the false reports. I couldn't live with that personally, although they seem to think its a good thing, being on the safe side. I guess it may also help them retain customers as it appears their AV is working hard to protect you even when it is not. You can over-ride it (their advice) by adding the blocked IP address to an exception list (but why should you have to do something like this). They (MWB) also suggest that it could be a malicious DNS server on your own machine trying to re-direct away from my website picture to a malware site. To rule this out I would do a reboot, then thorough deep scan of your computer, with your browser(s) closed, possibly using something other than MWB (Avast, AVG and Microsoft's own Defender seem to be the preferred options, although I tend to use F-Secure's online scanner). HTH - I will continue to pursue the issue FredT
  8. OK thanks - I will do some checking, but I'm reasonably certain that there is nothing on my site to be concerned about.
  9. To be honest, apart from the updated engine cowling with the extra intake and cooling gills, its got little to recommend it. It also has the wrong type of tail hook (it should be a simple external lowering one rather than a stinger. Hasegawa and Academy are much, much better (and Academy is even affordable for the ordinary person) . The FROG one has raised detail and excessive wing dihedral that is difficult to correct, but is otherwise identical to Academy (to the point of part interchangeability).
  10. Grumman TBM-3E Avenger AS.4 - 815 Naval Air Squadron, HMS EAGLE, Mediterranean, 1954 Yes, it's the old Airfix kit, first released in 1966. This one was a cheapy £3.50 "dirty box of bits" buy from a model show, attracted mainly by the tatty RN decals for an Avenger III of 703 Sqn at RNAS Ford in the early 1950s. The kit is passable for this, except for the square cockpit windows and the lack of a centre cockpit position for the Observer. The decals will reappear in due course on another kit, but for this one I couldn't find any replacement bulged round windows, so I went instead for a rocket-armed anti-submarine aircraft of 815 Sqn from the Xtradecal 815 Sqn set. I reduced the size of the kit's rivets (slightly, the real thing has plenty), blanked off the rear lower gun position and added the radar pod on the starboard wing. I held back on the weathering, as the AS.4s were kept very clean, with even those seen on the scrap heap still looking smart. I overdid the grey highlighting lines though - a lesson to carry forward to when I use this kits decals elsewhere. This was a fast fun build, without any particular expectations for the completed model, but I am pleased with the way it has turned out. The kit may be an oldie, but it is still worth a pop ! .... and with the rest of the Avenger fleet (FROG and Academy):
  11. Hmmm - you are the 3rd US based person to have this problem. The SSL is definitely valid, which may mean its your ISP or AV that is showing a false error - anyone else having problems?
  12. This is one I built earlier this year, but it became somewhat side-lined whilst I built my Ukrainian MiG-29 and Mi-17. Having converted my previous Italeri Merlin HAS.1 into an HM.2 with Crowsnest ASACS/AEW fit, it seemed a good idea to build a replacement. This is the Revell issue, with all of the crucial parts that were missing from the initial Italeri kit (weapons, mirrors, and various lumps and bumps). As the other kit has the port crew door open, I wanted this one to have the main starboard door open, which required some scratch building of the rather bare rear cockpit. I added a lot inside, and although not entirely right, you have to peer in the door to see it, and IMHO its a good effort. Cabin interior (not quite finished when I took this): Cabin side lining/insulation from embossed silver foil: The kit comes with the grey tiger stripe decals for 814 Sqn's display aircraft, but disappointingly the stripes are not dark enough. Photos show them in various states of low or high contrast over the life of the aircraft, but I may yet decide to overpaint them in a darker grey. I took a slightly different timescale too, adding the 814 Tiger motif to the nose (from a Model Art sheet) for approximately the period when the aircraft deployed ashore from HMS ILLUSTRIOUS to Yeovilton to provide security for the 2012 Olympics. I now have 2 blade sets, one folded, one spread: Obviously, the training variant torpedoes were not relevant for this task, but I was determined to add weapons. Although you can't see it in the pictures, the Sting Rays have had their under fuselage cables attached. This is the 4th one of these Italeri/Revell kits I have built and I think I now understand its many idiosyncracies enough to try a fully up to date HM.2 in due course, preferably with HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH on its nose ! With the Crowsnest HM.2: And with the rest of the gang: FredT
  13. Steve, This is a good starting point: You Tube Video of Mariupol Helicopters I couldn't find any pictures of the aircraft themselves other than the wreckage of one that was shot down by the Russians on the return trip (with very substantial casualties, so not an appropriate subject), so my colours & markings are "typical/representative". It does seem that some may have had large Ukrainian flags painted on the cockpit armour plates though.
  14. From March 2022 until the middle of May, Ukrainian Army Aviation organized multiple sorties of Mi-8 helicopters with supplies and relief personnel to support Ukrainian defenders besieged at the huge Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol. Using a force of 16 Mil-17 Hip helicopters, a total of 7 daring missions were flown under Russian fire from Dnipro airport into Mariupol in order to re-supply the Azovstal defenders. The Mil-17 Hips were stripped of armaments and other systems to reduce their weight and make room for food, MANPADS, anti-tank missiles and satellite communications terminals to be taken to the defenders. Wounded Ukrainian personnel were airlifted out for the return journey. This is the Hobby Boss Mil-Mi-17 kit, with a few small changes and decals from the spares box: FredT
  15. The decals were very good. Thin and stretchy, good colour density and split into logical medium sized sections that made application relatively easy. The placement diagram is good too. I used a Klear undercoat, then flooded with diluted Klear to bed them in, which allowed a little movement/adjustment after they were put in place. They bedded down over the surface details very well but in some places I suspect they shrank and moved slightly from the positions that I had place them in . One hint on the kit - don't forget the top of the nose-wheel bay - it's not mentioned on the instructions and needs to be fitted before the two fuselage halves are joined. I missed mine, but at least it then allowed me to add some nose weight after the build ('cos I forgot that too). In terms of the weapon load, the pictures I have found suggest that the smallest of the missiles provided, the Vympel R-60 (AA-8 Aphid) is not being used by the Ukrainians and that a typical CAP carries 2 of the large R-27 (AA-10 Alamo) and 4 of the mid-sized R-73 (AA-11 Archer). You could add a ground attack load (dumb bombs of rockets) instead, but it's not really the MiG-29's forte and that is where they have had the worst losses.
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