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  1. No, not the Marvel film, but the final stages of WW2 and a nod to VE Day - this is the FROG Grumman Avenger, first released 47 years ago, in 1973. This was a 1974 issue, and the decals are original, for Fleet Air Arm 857 Sqn of the British Pacific Fleet, embarked in HMS INDOMITABLE. It is very similar to the Academy kit, albeit with raised panel lines instead of engraved. Mine had warped somewhat in the box, particularly the starboard wing; I managed to fix it reasonably well, but the wings seem to have more dihedral than I think they should. Whether this is the resu
  2. Hi Mike. Two choices and after 8 years, I'm not sure which, but I'm reasonably consistent, so:. It is enamel, definitely. Either Humbrol 163 (which would be my bet), or Revell 68. Since I tend to use the latter for vehicles only, I suspect its the 163. HTH FredT
  3. Two Froggies, one with Xtradecal markings, the other "out the box". The FROG kit isn't too bad, wildly eclipsed by the new Airfix kit, but still a fun build. The main problem area is the intakes, easy enough to provide a lining, but difficult to get them round ! .. and the entire "parley" of Buccaneers!
  4. As a matter of phact, I think you are right! :)
  5. My 1/72 Phantom lockdown phasination is phinally over with the completion of my naval pair: Last to complete are my two RN Phantoms, one from 892 Sqn (ARK ROYAL) and one from 767 Sqn (RNAS Yeovilton). Both of these are Fujimi kits, pretty much "out the box" (except for the aircrew). The 767 one was a rebuild and tidy of a kit built just over 30 years ago, the 892 one is new: I have two of the new Airfix kits in the stash, but whilst I love the build options, I'm really less than convinced about the deep toy-like panel lines and p
  6. Nothing clever unfortunately, both were painted using the same paint pots, so the blue green tinge is probably just a lighting quirk, although it does have one less coat than the Fujimi kit and the grey plastic may have been lighter. I considered adding a bit of sky, but could see it all going wrong and as it represents a fairly late aircraft, they had been repainted using standard colours. Topsides are Humbrol 167 (an old tin from the days when they called it Barley grey rather than Camouflage Grey). Inner wing is Humbrol 165 Medium Sea grey and the undersides are 166 Light Aircraft gr
  7. Two more lockdown builds complete, an RAF FGR.2 from 228 OCU at RAF Leuchars and an F-4J (UK) from 74 Sqn at RAF Wattisham, both from the late 1980s. The FGR.2 is the Fujimi kit with Modeldecal markings and Flightpath ladders, whilst the F-4J (UK) has an Italeri F-4S background (not my best choice - it needed some unplanned work to the wings) and uses Kits-World markings. Now on with the RN versions! FredT
  8. Yes, all of them are Airfix except the most recent. I did add a very simple cockpit to some of them - essentially some side panels and an improved seat. I also tried drilling out th egun ports, bu tone fueslage side on the Airfix kit is very thin so it doesn't work very well. The one at the back right was built by me in about 1973! FredT http://www.gengriz.co.uk/Seahawkit.htm http://www.gengriz.co.uk/RNjetsweb/seahawk.htm
  9. A bit of a mini theme this month with two US Dissimilar Air Combat Training aircraft, the Italeri F-21 Lion (Kfir C1) and Airfix F-5E Tiger II. Two very different styles of kits, with the Airfix kit rather chunky compared with the relatively nice Italeri one. My 3-tone greys were a bit of a nightmare and took some time to try and blend in, whilst the F-5's brown and sand didn't quite come out the way I intended - with everything shut down and me isolated at home, I ended up using the paint I had rather than the paint I wanted!
  10. Another quick lockdown build, the old (mid 1970s) FROG Maryland, in this case (I believe) its Novoexport guise. Actually it came in a dirty unmarked plastic bag from a vendor at Telford for the grand sum of £2, with no decals and moulded in what looks like brown chocolate. With the exception of the plastic, which was very brittle, but turned to melted chocolate if you even waved glue at it, this was a reasonable build. The split canopy, which I thought would be difficult to complete, only needed a little sanding to complete, although I did use quite a lot of Tippex as
  11. Unfortunately not, which is a bit of a shortfall. Its styrene rod and bits of sprue. FredT
  12. Some Lockdown Friday Fun - this 1/72 Vickers Deck Tractor comes from Air Graphics. A little fiddly to build, but a lot of fun and just the thing to move a few of my Harriers todifferent spots around the deck! FredT
  13. Here are two new "lockdown" builds, both Fireflies, but in the opposite colour schemes from normal: Firefly FR.1, 766 Naval Air Sqn, RNAS Lossiemouth 1949 (FROG/Novo with own decals). Firefly Mk.IV, 814 Naval Air Sqn, HMS VENGEANCE, 1949 (Airfix, with own decals and Airwaves wing fold) Enjoy and stay safe everyone! FredT
  14. When all is up in the air, concentrate on something familiar and re-assuring - like a quick build of a FROG Fairey Gannet model! The markings on this one come from Modeldecal (and were possibly the first after market set I ever bought - for a Sea Hawk IIRC, so at least 35 years old). The kit has seen some minor mods - the radar dustbin was removed and filled, some underwing tanks (or are they baggage carriers - not sure) were added along with the wire aerial arrangement. This is another kit that defies its age. OK so the pilots are moulded onto a flat
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