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  1. .....and another HMS HERMES aircraft, from the same era as my recent Wessex update. This one is the Fujimi Sea King HAS.1 in markings for 814 Sqn, onboard during the Cyprus emergency in 1974. HERMES' Sea Kings, along with Wessex Vs and at least one Wessex 3 (from HMS DEVONSHIRE) first landed 41 Commando Royal Marines at RAF Akrotiri to reinforce and defend the Sovereign Base Areas, then evacuated UK and other civilians from the beaches of northern Cyprus whilst the Turkish invasion was proceeding around them. It was hoped that the large Union Flag on the door would reduce the po
  2. You will be happy to know that my 814 Sea King will be in 1974 markings, also from the Cyprus evacuation timescale like the Wessex (ie with a big Union Flag). I have cobbled together a set of markings for XV712 / (2)73 FredT
  3. This project still has a little way to go, but March 2021 marks 40 years since I joined HMS HERMES as a wide eyed Midshipman. Sadly, 2021 also sees the end of her, as the INS VIRAAT is dismantled at Gujarat Ship Breakers. I've alread posted pictures of my HERMES Wessex V, now its the SHAR's turn with this pair representing the arrival of her first Sea Harriers in 1981, and the departure of her last Sea Harriers in 2016. This first aircraft is FRS.1 XZ450 of 800 Sqn and is the ESCI kit with Sky (and other) decals and ladder from a Hasegawa kit, plus
  4. It has been pointed out that my tail rotor is fitted back to front. It broke off some time ago (think mid 1990s) and I clearly stuck it back on the wrong way. So; I have done some quick rework (and repositioned it to be less vulnerable to knocks) !
  5. I have an Italeri one stashed away to do as a BULWARK cab, probably in sand and spinach, as per the original Matchbox scheme.
  6. Finished my first March build ! This very quick refurb of an older kit literally occurred to me on Sunday night, with most work done yesterday. It's a Matchbox Wessex, originally built by me in early 1988 when this kit first appeared. It's had a general spruce-up and repair, repaint of some inaccurate areas (like the blades, pilot, exhausts), wire aerials added and a new set of decals for an aircraft from HMS HERMES in 1974, evacuating British Nationals from the war-torn beaches of Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus. A fast but well worthwhile restoration of this old kit!
  7. It took one whole pot for the fuselage (2-3 thinned coats) and a bit of another for the wings (2 coats). I did also use the first pot for a Sea Harrier at the same time. It also made a big dent in my bottle of Klear!
  8. I'm calling a finish to this one now as I think I have managed the best I can, so stopping before I spoil it. This is the 1/72 Heller E-3, with Combat Decals markings for an E-3D in the special markings for the 100th Anniversary of 8 Sqn. This kit has sat unloved in my loft for over 10 years (mainly because of its really poor Heller French AF decals), but I was inspired by the recent Combat Decals release to bring it down and make a start. The RAF-specific parts are those supplied as part of the Heller kit (along with the CFM-56 engines in my release) and the only c
  9. This was the final one of my January Hawk binge. Its the current Airfix Hawk "built out the box" in its wrap-round cammo option. I quite like the newer Airfix mould, although it has over-deep panel lines and a few parts have been oversimplified. It is generally a very easy build, with one exception - I just can't get that internal windscreen right ! - mind you I seem to have that problem with most of the Hawk kits I have built. And the set all together: FredT
  10. I was "503'd" when I posted the original and it now seems I have made a duplicate - please ignore!
  11. I've been on a major lockdown Hawk binge this year so far, with more to come. This one is a heavily modified T-45C Goshawk based on the Italeri kit, plus Caracal decals for the eyecatching Redhawks scheme worn by a US Navy/Marines aircraft of VT-21 at NAS Kingsville, Texas. I bought the decals to do one as a Strike Test aircraft supporting the F-35 programme, but this was just too good to miss. Main changes were the underfuselage strake, new wing tips, new tailplane tips and the addition of full length Slats. I also dropped the flaps. Things I didn't do - raise the fin/rudde
  12. My first full build of 2021 and I'm into a major Hawk binge. This is the older (2008) issue of this kit, which includes markings for the the BAE Systems demonstrator, Indian Air Force and a bland black RAF/BAe aircraft. Its a relatively nice kit, although I had real problems with the cockpit position and I'm still not really sure where I went wrong. My internal windscreen also caused problems - the lack of any clear indication of where it should sit does not help The decals are lovely, but a nightmare to apply. Looks good when finished though and how else could you justify a fully weapon
  13. Do you mean the bend down at the nose? The decals have this bend in them - I cut them out and used them as a template for masking, then the blue decal was thick enough to provide a cheat line to cover any inconsistencies. It's not quite as neat at the nose as I would have wanted, but it didn't pose any great problem.
  14. Thanks for the update Roland - serves me right for trusting a quick scan of Wikipedia as a source, although I knew they pre-dated MFTS ! As for tips, nothing significant except remember to add the aileron/flap actuators on wings and tail. Antenna seem to differ depending on equipment fit (recently some seem to have sprouted a new whip). The undercarriage is a bit spindly, particularly the nose leg and is not a very firm attachment. Nose landing light "hole" seems to be missing and the rear skeg should be pointed. The nose wheel and propellor make sure it is not a tail-sitter.
  15. They were supplied under a Public Finance Initiative (PFI - remember them!), so are owned and maintained by Ascent Aviation on behalf of the MOD. As such they are not military aircraft, so legally have to wear civil registrations. There is no law against MOD showing roundels on "hired" aircraft though, so they werar roundels and Sqn badges. I'm not certain, but I think some of the instructors are civilians too.
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