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  1. Do you mean the bend down at the nose? The decals have this bend in them - I cut them out and used them as a template for masking, then the blue decal was thick enough to provide a cheat line to cover any inconsistencies. It's not quite as neat at the nose as I would have wanted, but it didn't pose any great problem.
  2. Thanks for the update Roland - serves me right for trusting a quick scan of Wikipedia as a source, although I knew they pre-dated MFTS ! As for tips, nothing significant except remember to add the aileron/flap actuators on wings and tail. Antenna seem to differ depending on equipment fit (recently some seem to have sprouted a new whip). The undercarriage is a bit spindly, particularly the nose leg and is not a very firm attachment. Nose landing light "hole" seems to be missing and the rear skeg should be pointed. The nose wheel and propellor make sure it is not a tail-sitter.
  3. They were supplied under a Public Finance Initiative (PFI - remember them!), so are owned and maintained by Ascent Aviation on behalf of the MOD. As such they are not military aircraft, so legally have to wear civil registrations. There is no law against MOD showing roundels on "hired" aircraft though, so they werar roundels and Sqn badges. I'm not certain, but I think some of the instructors are civilians too.
  4. I've come to the conclusion that I prefer smaller models. This is the Heritage resin kit of the Grob Tutor, which is very straightforward, with 6 resin parts, 4 white metal parts and a vacform canopy (plus spare). The kit provides decal options for a wide variety of RAF training Sqns and University Air Sqns, plus the Royal Navy aircraft of 727 Naval Air Sqn who operated initially out of Plymouth airport and then moved to RNAS Yeovilton. I added the missing Fly Navy tail marking from a Model Art set. Small, simple, but fun to build and a good looking result. an ideal
  5. Very nice. I do prefer the Gannet in a dark colour scheme and despite its age and simplicity, that old FROG kit can still impress !
  6. OK, so lets try NOT to have another year like 2020. Modelling this year has been a comfort, a welcome distraction and the related research has been an excellent focus. Roll on 2021. I started the year by continuing my Skyhawk binge from 2019. Both of these are Italeri kits: Then that Zvezda Helix that was sitting on the shelf beside the computer at eye-level finally got its chance to shine: I'd always wanted a Fleet Air Arm R-4 Hoverfly in the collection, and the difficult to build MPM kit met the bill: A
  7. Wow, a busy year with some very satisfactory results! As always, your taste in subject matter matches very closely to my own!!!!!
  8. A fantastic set for the year!
  9. Pleased with the way this one has turned out ! Its the Project X 1/72 vacform P.1121, built "out the bag", with the exception of the decals, for which I have chosen 603 Sqn Royal Auxiliary Air Force, speculatively operating out of RAF Turnhouse in an air defence role. In a round about way, this is my 2020 Battle of Britain 80th celebration build, since 603 were apparently the highest scoring squadron in the battle. The kit is pretty much what you would expect from Project X - lovely detail and sharp consistent shapes, although like all vacforms, it bites if you lose c
  10. These were a couple of quick builds that I did over the summer. The first is the familiar Trumpeter LAV-25 kit, with a few add-on attachments. The kit was missing wheels when I bought it, so some of the ones you see are Milliput cloned replacements, all but one of which worked very well. The second kit is a cheap "4D Puzzle Model"s Chinese kit (£10 incl postage) of the Cougar, which was surprisingly good, especially at this scale. In retrospect, my windows are far too green (oops), but my only criticism of the kit would be the too prominent markings on the tyres. It does come with th
  11. No, not the Marvel film, but the final stages of WW2 and a nod to VE Day - this is the FROG Grumman Avenger, first released 47 years ago, in 1973. This was a 1974 issue, and the decals are original, for Fleet Air Arm 857 Sqn of the British Pacific Fleet, embarked in HMS INDOMITABLE. It is very similar to the Academy kit, albeit with raised panel lines instead of engraved. Mine had warped somewhat in the box, particularly the starboard wing; I managed to fix it reasonably well, but the wings seem to have more dihedral than I think they should. Whether this is the resu
  12. Hi Mike. Two choices and after 8 years, I'm not sure which, but I'm reasonably consistent, so:. It is enamel, definitely. Either Humbrol 163 (which would be my bet), or Revell 68. Since I tend to use the latter for vehicles only, I suspect its the 163. HTH FredT
  13. Two Froggies, one with Xtradecal markings, the other "out the box". The FROG kit isn't too bad, wildly eclipsed by the new Airfix kit, but still a fun build. The main problem area is the intakes, easy enough to provide a lining, but difficult to get them round ! .. and the entire "parley" of Buccaneers!
  14. As a matter of phact, I think you are right! :)
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