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  1. Another post that was a victim of Photobucket. \I've reinserted links that hopefully show the same pictures as before. FredT
  2. They are a mix of the Italeri decals and some home printed/drawn ones (the Indian script was hand written/copied using an india ink pen). Perhaps not as finely defined as I would wish, but I think they worked OK.
  3. Busy year for me too! I started the year on a trainer theme with an Airfix Tucano and a Heritage Grob Tutor: My trainers then advanced into Airfix Hawk demonstrator territory: Then a heavily modified Italeri Goshawk with Caracal decals: ... and an RAF Hawk in working clothes: The Hawks were a way to take my mind off slow progress with the main build of the first part of the year, a Heller E-3D Sentry with Combat Decals markings: Very difficult to find a place to photograph this one. Then, as HMS HERMES/INS VIRAAT headed to the breakers yard, I set out on a HERMES binge, starting with an 800 Sqn ESCI Sea Harrier (and Sky decals) to mark HERMES' first SHARs: And a Fujimi Indian Sea Harrier LUSH to mark VIRAAT's last SHARS: Then an update of my old Matchbox Wessex V (adding detail and some Modeldecal markings) to become one of 845 Sqn's cabs when HERMES evacuated civilians from the war-torn beaches of Cyprus: (and yes, I did correct the tail rotor error in the second picture!): ....then added a modified Fujimi Sea King of 814 Sqn (Modeldecal markings again), also on the Kyrenia beaches: and finally an Xtrakit Sea Vixen of 893 Sqn (with Model Art decals). How I wish I had lopped a few mm off those tail booms..... July saw the UK's Carrier Strike Group (CSG21) set sail with their new Merlin Crowsnest AEW aircraft. Time for a quick scratch update to my existing Merlin: The dome does fold down, although clearly the cabin door doesn't shut! Then something completely different, an Airfix Super Mystere with Modeldecal markings: Th eMystere helped keep me calm whilst I struggled with translucent yellow paint on a Heller CL-415 water bomber: I will not be doing another yellow model for a long time As yellow recovery therapy, I changed environments to build a Dragon GDLS M1296 Stryker Dragoon: Then I suffered a setback with an Ace Alvis Stalwart. Not an easy build ! And finally, a Firebrand urge took me and I built the Valom Firebrand Mk.5 Quickly followed by Valom's Firebrand Mk.II There are two more kits about to complete (need a decent day to photograph them though) at which point I will abandon 2021 to the dustbin of history! FredT
  4. FWIW, I had a fantastic day yesterday and my sincere thanks go to the organisers, as I am sure this has not been the easiest SMW to organise. Yes it was quieter than usual, yes there were some obvious trader absences (hoping those absent are all OK), but overall it felt really great to be back at a model show and I thought the standard of models displayed in general not just those in the competion, were superb. Thank you IPMS and roll on 2022!
  5. After the delights of last month's very yellow aircraft (a CL-415), I have done something a little less stressful this month. This is the excellent Dragon M1296 Stryker Dragoon in 1/72 scale. I've already done an Academy build of the normal M1126 Stryker, so this provides an interesting comparison. The Dragon kit is an easy build, well thought out and nicely detailed. ....and with the Academy kit: FredT
  6. This one was a little more difficult than I anticipated, and has effectively been on the bench since June. The kit itself is OK, but that large expanse of yellow and matching the red paint to the red decals has taken a lot longer than I would have wished. The current "famine" of Humbrol enamels didnt help either. However, it's finished now and I'm pleased with the result. This is the Heller issue of this kit, insipire dby a visit I made to Marseille airport 4 years ago, where the entire French CL-415 fleet was sitting on the apron! FredT
  7. My modelling seems to have ground to a halt these last 2 months, due to a combination of family activities and also the hot weather, neither of which have been "modelling positive". However, I have completed this "nostalgia build" of the old Airfix Super Mystere, a kit that I always wanted, but before now had never built. The kit is a pleasure to build, definitely an example of "old Airfix" at its very best. It lacks detail, has a blank bulkhead inside its intake and a bare cockpit, but it all fits without filler and apart from the over-thin nose wheel (which is scale-realistic) it is very well engineered. Decals come from Modeldecal and represent an aircraft of Cambrai-based EC1/12 at the Greenham Common Air Tattoo in 1977 - the kit ones were missing, but in any event I preferred the pseudo SEA colour scheme. FredT
  8. Looking forward to Foundation and have now ordered a new Roku stick so I can sign up - the NOW TV ones won't do Apple TV, although they do Disney, Netflix & Prime without complaint. So I wonder what variation of the stories they will do? Some of the sequels, especially those written by other authors, tie in the Robot stories very closely and completely change the significance of some of the earlier books, including bits of non-Foundation Asimov stories and perhaps the biggest conspiracy theory of all time! I particularly liked the one that explains why there are only dogs & apes in the Foundation universe, no aliens!
  9. It is indeed the Freightdog kit. Was fairly easy to build and definitely looks the part in RN colours. The SR.53 is the old Airfix kit, albeit with a different canopy as the original was missing. These pictures are in fact from last year when I dug out some older kits during lockdown and re-photographed them on a sunny day. The originals were on my "Tesco" drive back in the days when your ISP gave you web space for free ! Many more here: https://www.gengriz.co.uk/index.htm?ifrm_1=whatif.htm FredT
  10. What to do with an older Merlin model that is looking a little tatty? Simples! - Upgrade to one of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH's 820 Sqn Crowsnest AEW conversions, using parts from a Revell AEW Sea King and some scratch building.....
  11. All complete and I've even managed a photo shoot with my other Sea Vixens too. This is the latest addition to my HMS HERMES Air Group, a Sea Vixen FAW.2 of 893 Sqn in the early 1970s. This is the Xtrakit/MPM model, built almost entirely from the box, but with a selection of various decals, some FROG Red Top missiles and a replacement ejector sea for the pilot. I know this kit has received lots of criticism and that was one of the reasons it has sat in my stash unloved since 2008, but now that it is finished the only thing that really still grates is the length of the tail booms (and if I had known, it would have been an easy fix to lop off a few mm from them). There are other disappointing detail issues, like the nose shape and Observer's window, but I can live with them and with a little care, the kit is certainly not unbuildable. ... and now to compare: with the superb 1/48th Airfix kit; with a FROG kit converted to an FAW.1 using Magna resin (with nose cosmetically extended a few mm) and Model Art decals; with an original FROG kit bought in 1976 when they first appeared (whose wheels disappeared way back in the 1970s!); with a Eastern European FROG repop kit converted to a DH110 Pirate; and finally, all the 1/72 kits together: FredT
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