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  1. This one was a little more difficult than I anticipated, and has effectively been on the bench since June. The kit itself is OK, but that large expanse of yellow and matching the red paint to the red decals has taken a lot longer than I would have wished. The current "famine" of Humbrol enamels didnt help either. However, it's finished now and I'm pleased with the result. This is the Heller issue of this kit, insipire dby a visit I made to Marseille airport 4 years ago, where the entire French CL-415 fleet was sitting on the apron! FredT
  2. My modelling seems to have ground to a halt these last 2 months, due to a combination of family activities and also the hot weather, neither of which have been "modelling positive". However, I have completed this "nostalgia build" of the old Airfix Super Mystere, a kit that I always wanted, but before now had never built. The kit is a pleasure to build, definitely an example of "old Airfix" at its very best. It lacks detail, has a blank bulkhead inside its intake and a bare cockpit, but it all fits without filler and apart from the over-thin nose wheel (which is scale-realistic) it is very well engineered. Decals come from Modeldecal and represent an aircraft of Cambrai-based EC1/12 at the Greenham Common Air Tattoo in 1977 - the kit ones were missing, but in any event I preferred the pseudo SEA colour scheme. FredT
  3. Looking forward to Foundation and have now ordered a new Roku stick so I can sign up - the NOW TV ones won't do Apple TV, although they do Disney, Netflix & Prime without complaint. So I wonder what variation of the stories they will do? Some of the sequels, especially those written by other authors, tie in the Robot stories very closely and completely change the significance of some of the earlier books, including bits of non-Foundation Asimov stories and perhaps the biggest conspiracy theory of all time! I particularly liked the one that explains why there are only dogs & apes in the Foundation universe, no aliens!
  4. It is indeed the Freightdog kit. Was fairly easy to build and definitely looks the part in RN colours. The SR.53 is the old Airfix kit, albeit with a different canopy as the original was missing. These pictures are in fact from last year when I dug out some older kits during lockdown and re-photographed them on a sunny day. The originals were on my "Tesco" drive back in the days when your ISP gave you web space for free ! Many more here: https://www.gengriz.co.uk/index.htm?ifrm_1=whatif.htm FredT
  5. What to do with an older Merlin model that is looking a little tatty? Simples! - Upgrade to one of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH's 820 Sqn Crowsnest AEW conversions, using parts from a Revell AEW Sea King and some scratch building.....
  6. All complete and I've even managed a photo shoot with my other Sea Vixens too. This is the latest addition to my HMS HERMES Air Group, a Sea Vixen FAW.2 of 893 Sqn in the early 1970s. This is the Xtrakit/MPM model, built almost entirely from the box, but with a selection of various decals, some FROG Red Top missiles and a replacement ejector sea for the pilot. I know this kit has received lots of criticism and that was one of the reasons it has sat in my stash unloved since 2008, but now that it is finished the only thing that really still grates is the length of the tail booms (and if I had known, it would have been an easy fix to lop off a few mm from them). There are other disappointing detail issues, like the nose shape and Observer's window, but I can live with them and with a little care, the kit is certainly not unbuildable. ... and now to compare: with the superb 1/48th Airfix kit; with a FROG kit converted to an FAW.1 using Magna resin (with nose cosmetically extended a few mm) and Model Art decals; with an original FROG kit bought in 1976 when they first appeared (whose wheels disappeared way back in the 1970s!); with a Eastern European FROG repop kit converted to a DH110 Pirate; and finally, all the 1/72 kits together: FredT
  7. .....and another HMS HERMES aircraft, from the same era as my recent Wessex update. This one is the Fujimi Sea King HAS.1 in markings for 814 Sqn, onboard during the Cyprus emergency in 1974. HERMES' Sea Kings, along with Wessex Vs and at least one Wessex 3 (from HMS DEVONSHIRE) first landed 41 Commando Royal Marines at RAF Akrotiri to reinforce and defend the Sovereign Base Areas, then evacuated UK and other civilians from the beaches of northern Cyprus whilst the Turkish invasion was proceeding around them. It was hoped that the large Union Flag on the door would reduce the possibility of either side firing at them. This Fujimi kit fought me most of the way, but almost entirely my fault for trying to re-arrange the interior layout to reflect an RN ASW aircraft. I've built quite a few now and it is generally an easy build. My rotor blade fold also started to sag even after 2 days immobilised with a jig holding it in place. Decals are a mix, including from the kit, which is also a HERMES aircraft but with boring markings!, the Revell kit (for the serials), and a couple of Modeldecal sets for generic markings and the 814 crest. The Union Flag came from an Airfix Lynx ICE kit. Other than the blade fold and markings, the only thing not "as per the box" is the port side wire aerial, which is stretched sprue and lycra thread. Paint is mainly Xtracolour X13 RAF Blue-Grey. So, with a Scimitar, Buccaneer, Wessex V, three Sea Harriers and a Sea King all built, my lockdown HERMES/VIRAAT Air Group is forming up nicely. I hope to do an 893 Sqn Sea Vixen next (the Xtrakit one); the box is out the stash and sitting beside me as I type.....
  8. You will be happy to know that my 814 Sea King will be in 1974 markings, also from the Cyprus evacuation timescale like the Wessex (ie with a big Union Flag). I have cobbled together a set of markings for XV712 / (2)73 FredT
  9. This project still has a little way to go, but March 2021 marks 40 years since I joined HMS HERMES as a wide eyed Midshipman. Sadly, 2021 also sees the end of her, as the INS VIRAAT is dismantled at Gujarat Ship Breakers. I've alread posted pictures of my HERMES Wessex V, now its the SHAR's turn with this pair representing the arrival of her first Sea Harriers in 1981, and the departure of her last Sea Harriers in 2016. This first aircraft is FRS.1 XZ450 of 800 Sqn and is the ESCI kit with Sky (and other) decals and ladder from a Hasegawa kit, plus a Pavla seat. It was one of the first operational aircraft to land on the ship, an event that I remember well. Sadly this is also the aircraft in which Lt Nick Taylor RN was shot down by anti aircraft fire and killed on 4th May 1982, whilst attacking Goose Green airstrip. The second aircraft is FRS.51 LUSH IN617 of 300 Indian Naval Air Sqn "White Tigers", based onboard INS VIRAAT (or Giant) in 2016 for her decommissioning ceremony. This was a LUSH upgraded aircraft with Elbit radar and capable of carrying Rafael Derby missiles as well as MBDA Magic. It is the Fujimi kit, with a mix of Italeri kit and home made decals and scratch built Derby missiles. To complete the project, I have an 814 Sea King HAS.1 currently on the stocks, ready to join my other HERMES SHAR, plus the Wessex, Buccaneer and Scimitar that I have already built. Depending on progress, a few more Wessexes and a Sea Vixen may yet join them, but, so many models to build, so little time!
  10. It has been pointed out that my tail rotor is fitted back to front. It broke off some time ago (think mid 1990s) and I clearly stuck it back on the wrong way. So; I have done some quick rework (and repositioned it to be less vulnerable to knocks) !
  11. I have an Italeri one stashed away to do as a BULWARK cab, probably in sand and spinach, as per the original Matchbox scheme.
  12. Finished my first March build ! This very quick refurb of an older kit literally occurred to me on Sunday night, with most work done yesterday. It's a Matchbox Wessex, originally built by me in early 1988 when this kit first appeared. It's had a general spruce-up and repair, repaint of some inaccurate areas (like the blades, pilot, exhausts), wire aerials added and a new set of decals for an aircraft from HMS HERMES in 1974, evacuating British Nationals from the war-torn beaches of Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus. A fast but well worthwhile restoration of this old kit! (My HERMES deck backgound reappears for the first time in years) ... and a "before picture:
  13. It took one whole pot for the fuselage (2-3 thinned coats) and a bit of another for the wings (2 coats). I did also use the first pot for a Sea Harrier at the same time. It also made a big dent in my bottle of Klear!
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