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  2. Good advice lads, thanks again...
  3. Great detailing indeed ... looking forward to seeing the next step !! E
  4. I appreciate the comments. Thanks Francis. John.
  5. Today
  6. Excellent work!
  7. Thx for your kind comments, i'm glad you like it, you're right, a base it would be great,but I have no room, with the grunts, I would not have that problem, but unfortunately, with the figures I do not have enough skill (for now, I hope ...), especially in the faces ... Cheers John
  8. Very nice camo pattern, cheers Peter
  9. It seems that gave you time to complete it, the only photo, and indicates a great job on your part ... cheers Matt
  10. looks great! Excelent work. johnny
  11. It looks ace.
  12. Good to see the progress. It's coming along nicely. John.
  13. Nice one! got mine on pre order.No Berlin Brigade badge though,why do they always forget that?
  14. I am interested in another armor project. I built the old Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf A, their Tiger 1 and Walker Bulldog. Recently I did a Dragon T34 with the smart tracks and last year I did the Dragon King Tiger in the orange box in the Octopus scheme. I have always had a soft spot for the Panther V and want to build an Ausf G from the Ardennes offensive. Whats the better kit in 1/35 and where do I find color schemes for the Ardennes offensive in the winter of 1944-45? Thanks.---John
  15. Excellent job Ian,.....I lie this a lot, very realistic looking and a good choice of subject too, Cheers Tony
  16. Nice weathering. I like it.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Thanks a lot for your kind words. It was not a match for the latest German design, as with its single man turret it already belong to the past. German tanks had the edge with a turret with TC and gunner at least, and loader for the largest.
  19. Amen to that. Thanks G. John.
  20. Try Vetranus models cheaper than big H ,and creative models have them sometimes on offer
  21. ToRo are Polish. Jadar Hobby in Warsaw carry what looks to be the whole range: 80-odd sets in stock. This link should take you straight to the relevant page: I've dealt extensively with Jadar over several years and found them excellent and utterly reliable. Their stock levels are live, unlike some other stores, and Polish Post don't take the mickey on shipping. Poland is EU so no customs and VAT worries (yet!!!). While you're on their site, take a look around: they do lots of good stuff and prices for european products, especially east european, are keen. They are pretty much sole agents for Part etched products and Agama acrylic paints, both excellent, and have a range of own-brand products, formerly under the Armo brand. They also have about the best stock range of RB Models barrels and other bits. Point to note, currency fluctuations being what they are at the moment. If you're going to buy a decent amount of stuff, check the comparative price in Zloty using or similar. I saved about 10%, £30 or so, on my last order just by switching currency from Euros. OK, Visa stiffed me about £4 in fees but it was more than worth it. But you can't PayPal from the UK in Zloty: cards only. I found the same when I bought stuff from Hobby,dn,ua in Kiev at the same time: saved by paying by card in Grivna.
  22. I'm liking the motorbike and sidecar.
  23. Looking at some of the small er vehicles used by armies Not looking at Trucks but the small runaround type vehicles Dingo Tilly Kubelwagen Schwimmwagen Kettenkraftrad Jeep Commando Jeep Ambulance Jeep SAS Jeep Amphibious Jeep Gaz 67 Gaz 69 Gama Goat Mutt Land Rover Pink Panther Defender Defender with Wolf WMIK Defender with Milan Ranger / special ops Any more ?? I,m sure i'm missing some
  24. Last week
  25. Excellent!
  26. Another stunner there Andy Beefy
  27. Looks great , but I have one question: did Sergei spill any of his vodka? Cheers Hans J
  28. I was just thinking of the composition of the squadrons as there were Crusaders too, as mentioned. Apparently these were allocated to ‘C’ Squadron of each regiment. You might want to post over at the ww2talk forums, someone there might even know were to contact info about your father's service record. regards, Jack
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