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  1. Past hour
  2. Some of those photos I 'd have thought were taken from a museum example. Who needs posh cameras these days?
  3. Fantastic work!!
  4. Hi All A fairly detailed build review has just appeared on Armorama to complement Pauls review above Ben
  5. You're welcome. How does the Hobbyboss White compare to the Italeri one? Often thought of building one? Will you do yours in the those markings in your photo?
  6. Good to see this moving forward, looking suitable busy inside........... Kev
  7. Today
  8. Thanks, I used the 3 filter light green ocher umber
  9. Very nice figures I know what you mean about the replacement heads the Resi Cast are very good I like the Mustache ones very British Beefy
  10. Loving this build, cracking detail work.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Cracking job Etienne. Great weathering and a really nice paint job - My favourite Chieftain colours. You've smashed it Rob
  13. Thanks Ian & BK Schoolboy error on my part, apologies cheers Pat
  14. Some very nice and convincing weathering there. Those aerials are very fine (both senses of the word) - what have you used? Fab job all-round Rob
  15. Many thanks Ben, I look forward to their arrival with great anticipation. Phil
  16. So you are at the mercy of "mail order" then!! Not sure when my next trip out will be but you never know! Cheers Nick
  17. Always a pleasure to see a vignette or diorama in braille scale. The tank is very solid work with subtle tonal variation and a fitting weathering. The figures are the stars of the scene, they look fantastic. Would love to see some detail shots. The tree is a bit of a letdown, though. It shows its railway genes. On the other side (literally) the water is on par with the figures. Not too clean, not too dirty with a realistic depth and a greyish tint that makes it look quite cold. Well done!
  18. I sense a post war Soviet liking going on? Watching with interest - sadly nothing I can help with as it's way outside my reference collection
  19. Quick question with maybe a complicated answer? Last week I rescued some boxes of kits from my Mum's attic. Mostly they had been there since the mid seventies when I left to join up. Amongst the Spitfires etc was a large Panther tank. Painted in Humbrol matt white it has a motor inside, suspension and is about 28 x 14cm. I'm sure I acquired it built and as is. I have learnt that it may be 1/25th scale, new to me. I was going to use it for parts for Sci fi scratchbuilds but wonder if it's actually worth anything to someone? One exhaust is missing and it needs a good refurbishment but looks fairly good (to me). I will be grateful for your thoughts. Cheers Pete
  20. Bloody silly thing to do wasn't it. Trying to hold the hairdryer, engine and airbrush at the same time. Really mangled my "precious" though. Luckily Lion realized my plight and sent a new set at the speed of light.Had to finish off the engine with the H & S and my Krome (which is need of some maintenance too). Hopefully with the new parts my "Precious" will be as good as new.................................................
  21. I have used Aluminium oxide powder with great results , its easy to apply with some diluted PVA, I have yet to try Embossing powder but I have heard great things about it . I recently saw another company advertised on primeportal, called VMS Vantage model solutions, their non slip looks one of the best I have seen but their website doesn't even work ! . A word on the Rustoleum , try the Terracotta though not the stone finish ,the stone is very thick and lumpy .
  22. Yeah ! I hear you mate , Its that way in the later boxing's of their Tiger II and PZ.IV though . So it looks more likely they'll be indies !
  23. Really interesting project, i'll want to see finished..., cheers mate
  24. WONDERFUL wonderful. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL! Rearguards, Badder
  25. Some Stugs made it to North Africa, Ausf Ds and maybe others. Nitto used to do an Ausf D in 1/76. Does the Italian Semovente count? I've seen pics of it in German markings, but they could have been taken in Italy.
  26. Thank you very much. Appreciated. John.
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