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  2. Thanks Ozzy Probably a one way adventure with my luck. Take care, Lloyd
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  4. Yeah, so tedious I built the other side without all the interior gubbins - much faster leaving off the stuff you can't see. The track links are only cemented on to the runners as well (5 pieces per link?!!) - it's not as though I was planning to push it along the display shelf anyway. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Regards J A
  5. Again Lloyd, they both look fantastic.
  6. Thanks Lloyd, i li to have tried the putty method with variouing success, I've also used the Tamiya stick on stuff on a dragon tiger which looked pretty good. This is the first time I've used PE and I have to say I'm impressed with the results. The only machine I've ever saw with zimmermit is a jag tiger I think at the bovington tank museum, the application of that was pretty flat so not sure if there was a best practice depth for zimmermit? ive been reaching the colour scheme and as its a D without an upgraded turret, it will just be a faded 3 colour affair. I have seen some ambush schemes that I was tempted to do, but reading towards the end of the war these were applied in the factory due to paint shortages. Thanks Francis, shes progressing nicely, hopefully I will have her finished in the next couple of weeks. Ready for my Mozzie build.
  7. Nicely built, but a criticism about the kit is that Trumpeter got the gun barrel rest's legs way too long as about 3-4mm needs to be taken off both legs as the distance between the bottom of the base and the spring is roughly about the width of your hand ( 4-6 inches ).
  8. Hi folk's got the last pieces fixed in place and base coat of NATO green applied,next will be green paint on the inner wheel's.
  9. Thx for your kind comment, IHMO believe it to be better, however, you can not yet fully appreciate the detail of the cast of these photos. I see you indicate that your interests are Red Army Armor 1940-1970, you may be interested in seeing my ISU-152 completed, (watch link below) and later on I have some project that goes into that field. Cheers Oliver
  10. This is a very useful site: John
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I agree the fruil tracks are very good indeed. The casting is flawless and the production quality is very good. Having used rubber bands and plastic link and length they are by far the most realistic. Cheers Plasto
  12. Here it is with the big bad box in place. A little different green as it was an add-on and when I fade everything overall it should blend in I think. I also added just a bit of the different green to the rear deck and the top of the rear hatch and the spare tire rack for a little contrast. Doesn't look too terrible. Click on the pics to make them bigger as it's hard to see the darker green on the deck.
  13. Coming along brilliantly Julian, man that is one big piece of plastic looks like around 13" long Regards Richard
  14. Brilliant job Granto Regards Richard
  15. That does look very good Dawid Regards Richard
  16. Those two do look very good Stix Regards Richard
  17. Takom's 1/35 scale Medium Mark A Whippet, completed as tank A321 serving near Achiet-le-Petit, France, in August 1918. Finished in Vallejo & Tamiya acrylics; MIG enamels; Abteilung 502 oils; and MIG, Secret Weapon Miniatures, and Vallejo pigments. This was my first entry into armor modeling and there are some things I don't like about the finished product and some things that I think turned out great, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. I've always been fascinated by the First World War and I think this will serve as a nice springboard into more models in this subject. (I've picked up this kit, the Meng Whippet, the Meng Renault FT, the Takom Krupp 21cm Mörser, and the Takom Mark V heavy tank kit in the last month!) Please feel free to tell me what I can approve upon as comments and criticism are always welcomed!
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  19. Both the Tamiya and Dragon kits have band tracks. The Dragon kits are miles ahead of the Tamiya one but it is not worth the £50 RRP. As sonofjim says the mod.B doesn't come with the lamp unfortunately. Legend resin do a lamp and mantlet aftermarket. Legend also do resin sets of stowage and sandbag armour to dress up the M48.
  20. Wonderful vehicle and you've finished it superbly sir ! I really like the subtle red-ish dusty look, what a beast . Bravo !
  21. Very nice indeed , I really like the "Follow Me " Jeeps .
  22. Very nice , I'd really like to try braille scale at some point . You've created a real miniature masterpiece Sir !
  23. Was interested what Magach means in German, never looked it up, then I found a Wikipedia entry wich also mentioned the IDF internal designation...
  24. The Tiger, look like it has passed through shallow water. this could be reason for the unusual, sand pattern.
  25. Some people will say I struggle with English
  26. I thought about that, along with a recharging port, but given the terrain in what passes for my garden I decided that the electrics were best kept away from the underside. Cheers John.
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