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  2. Paint day - on with Desert Pink (Mix of 2 parts Desert Yellow, 1 Part Pink and 1 Part White) and Dark Green Peter
  3. 24/6 update. More work on the engine. Radiator assembled. First track complete but still unpainted: The colors are copied from a Restoration build of an FT in the US of A, you can find the engine walk-around on You Tube. Time to watch the F1 qualification and see if Lewis can work towards bumping Scummi off the top of the list of career poles .
  4. Today
  5. Good one, the paint is very nice.
  6. Nice work and a very compact and convincing presentation. I like this very much! Gary
  7. Indeed, there was an awful lot of ad-hoc'edness going on at that time!
  8. a big beast
  9. ALA KAZAM end the pics appear,well was truly worth the wait,great looking build,just shows how big it is up against the 1/35,can I go for a ride in it,So real thanks for sharing.Cheers.
  10. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1025652-tiger-model-4629-revolution-i-leopard-ii Not necessarily called Leo 3 yet, just super upgraded Leo 2. Jim
  11. Obviously the Meng kit would be the best 2A4 kit now, but being the OP is from 2013... Jim
  12. Yesterday
  13. Looks a nice kit Matt, not one I've come across before so will be following with intrest.
  14. The Russians are refurbishing, thousands of T-72 tanks and chassis. This is for economic and practical reasons, but they have the latest engines, guns ,fire control, and self defence weapons. Many T-90 tanks,will go for export to generate revenue. The T-90 is a derivative of the T-72. The Meng BMPT, is a grate kit and you will enjoy it.
  15. Thank you. Of course, feel free to 'stalk' me.
  16. Gigant - sounds like a Tunisian setting, which begs the question why wanting to backdate, as there certainly were plenty IIIL's by that stage. Anyhow, RAL 8020 - some hobby paint comparisons here: http://www.network54.com/Forum/47207/thread/1462689665 Good info from AgentG, and though not intended to change one's mind about color choice, it should be known that when the second set of tropen colours were introduced in March 1942 (8020 and 7027), the directive did state that older stocks were to be used up first. There were something in the order of seven factories producing panzer III"s, and I couldn't begin to guess at what stage they were at with their paint supplies. regards, Jack
  17. I don't know of any Tiger units employed in the bombardment role, but I suppose it is possible as they did carry a couple varieties of HE shells and the gun had a max range of 20k meters. I think the only limitations would be the max. gun elevation it could achieve compared to a true artillery piece. http://www.fprado.com/armorsite/tiger2.htm --------------------------------------- Some good read here on how empty shells were dispensed with: http://www.network54.com/Forum/47207/thread/1169403124 regards, Jack
  18. Hello gents, thanks to all for your comments ... pin wash and detail painting will be on the menu for the week end I used black primer then I made a zenithal modulation firstly with grey then nearly white grey before the topcoat, I find the result much more convincing that a simple pre-shading on white or grey primer. As a matter of facts, I tried many different methods and my prefered ones are : > blackbasing and mottling ... a very simple and easy solution for very light colors as it's easy to adjust the mottling and give some modulation and depth, but not as strong as color modulation that I find a little bit unrealistic > zenithal modulation on black primer (used on the M47) ... better for dark or medium colors, you can work on modulation without worrying too much about imperfections since they will be under the top coat at the end. However, the top coat has to be thin to obtain a good result. One of the benefits is to lighten the top coat for dark colors. Anyway ... my motto is now "black primer for everyone" !! Cheers, E
  19. Another masterpiece from yourself and MiniArt ! Excellent ! BillyD
  20. Nice work with the oil dot effect
  21. Lovely progress, that will be a whopping great engine.
  22. That really pulls the build together. Looks great !
  23. All well done for such a small scale,there now seems to be a flood of nice kits,in this size,wish it was around in my day,would have so much more room on those shelves and maybe more cash in my pocket,you have done a great job on the figure and dio as well,like this one well done,did the figure come with kit,Thanks for sharing.
  24. Last week
  25. I've just realised I made a mistake in a post above about Droid kits. It's the Voyager one that has more parts and more brass but is fiddlier. I said Legend by mistake. I think I also saw a note somewhere that the Voyager one is undersize.
  26. Here we have what your looking for.......................... http://www.talkmodeltoys.com/discus/messages/27668/40847.jpg Antar Tyres were impossible to lift so we used a jib which could be mounted/dismounted and stored on the left side of the trailer...........block and tackle to lift the spare tyre from the top of the trailer to the ground and visa versa, Two types of Sankey trailers, 50 ton and 60 ton, all had lots of tyres and it was sods law that tyres in the centre of the trailers would go!!!. The jib was also fitted to the Antar Mark3a ballast box for when it was towing a dyson trailer
  27. Looking great so far!
  28. Looks very nice to me
  29. Two days later and not looking too promising. Definitely made it too thick. The instructions suggest 3mm layers, not one enormous 10mm pour . It does look like it's starting to clear now so I'll give it some time and if it goes fully clear I'll then build up the surface with thin layers to get it to where I want it... hopefully Thanks for looking in and the kind comments Phil the impatient.
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