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  2. ok thnx
  3. Today
  4. Thats another fine build.
  5. interior done, first camo paint applied, windows tinted
  6. as always, looking forward to your build....
  7. Apart from that......this is the link for a bit of information: It is a fibreglass gate guardian, non-flying. Nice job, though. Now, can they build a few Tigers or the odd Matilda or three? John
  8. well being made redundant (was voluntary) and new job starts mid April... but yes glad to be moving away
  9. That's a brilliant idea!
  10. Just a few shots without the canopy and at that time did not have the hood clamps made. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] Regards Richard
  11. Yesterday
  12. Well, as I said, it's something I have wondered about. It does seem logical, but I don't recall seeing it being done, ever; If anyone can pull it off though, it's you Stix; You are the master of dry brushing in my humble opinion! If you do experiment, even if only on a small 'spare' piece of armour, a 'scrapped' AFV, etc, please do exhibit it on BM, because I would love to see how it turns out. I'm thinking that a wash over the 'multi-colour' dry brushing might help to bring everything together? Rearguards, Badder
  13. It really only worked under the Base coat, not so much under the other 2 colours.....
  14. Very nicely done. There's me thinking 1/35 is getting a bit difficult to see... :0 matt
  15. Looks great !
  16. It's a great build Etienne and excuse my getting hot, bothered and excited by Friul tracks, I promise to only pull the boxes of tracks out and fondle them when I am all alone
  17. All time spent modelling is well spent and relaxing, in the great scheme of things modeller's wives prefer more constructive paintwork like maintenance.....................................................
  18. Thx for your lke Reilly, cheers mate Thx for yout follow, TonyTiger66, cheers mate Thx for your follow PlaStix, cheers mate
  19. Watching with interest too, i´m buildng an M48, and possibly do one of those, all a warrior of the cold war , cheers mate
  20. Great news! I am glad you and Mrs. W are well and I will check out your (what is bound to be a stunning) model later. Hope you have a great day too. Kind regards, Stix
  21. Stunning pics to go with a stunning model! Roger
  22. Very nice, although I would suggest for realism not obstructing the viewing ports for driver and machine gun operator and the sights for the main gun...
  23. Thinking of building the Roden m37 3/4 tonne truck (Vietnam) next... Anyone got any good references for something different (gun truck for example). I have raided Google but anything else greatly appreciated. Any 1/35 50cal machine guns in any after market sets.for example?
  24. Thanks Julien. A sort of ugly duckling to a swan! John.
  25. Hi Andrew, I glued the 2 ply tissue paper with student glue, then I glue another layer of tissue paper for all the edges to strengthen it more. When cure just spray some primer or flat coat to protect it. Straps make from masking tape, buckle and rings made from flattened thin wire. Here is the the only in progress photo for the tarpaulin.
  26. Last week
  27. SLOW ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HARDLY ! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, METICULOUS ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DEFINITELY ! Nige
  28. Another type of beast!!!, but very niiiice, well done, looks powerful and real, Cheers mate
  29. Finished today. More pictures in RFI here Thanks to all who commented/followed. Really enjoyed this! Dave
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