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  1. Today
  2. 1/16 King Tiger Henschel Turret

    First attempt at applying zimmerit. Turned out not bad but needs some putty in the middle on both sides as the pieces were too short. Probably should have butted the middle and left the short at one end but too late now. Here it is as of this evening.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Meng Leopard 2A4 Agdus Training system

    Great details, thanks. I like the way the wires are taped to the side of the tank!
  5. Thanks gentlemen, if it passes muster, I'll move along Regarding the upper color andy, i feel it always best to err on the lighter side of the appropriate colour as the weathering, washes, oils and what ever else gets put on will usually darken the finish, cheers Thanks, Glynn
  6. Another amazing build Carius; thx for all the pics. Question: what product(s) and tools are using to attach those tiny photo etch parts? Not a cement smear or smudge to be seen anywhere! Regards, Robert
  7. Panzer VI Tiger STGB

    5 to go, can you have to many Tigers in your collection?
  8. Takom FV432

    Astounding, both inside & out. Pete
  9. Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger.

    Nice build, I've got to have a go at somthing 1/48 in the future.
  10. Big As MAZ

    Thanks, Love you man,.........sorry, that was the drugs.
  11. USMC Recce pair

    Nice start Looking forward to watching these progress Roger
  12. 1/35th British A41 Centurion Prototype 1945

    Well it looks alright from that distance.
  13. Scratch built 1/72 Bedford OXC/D & A

    As promised..... A quick update on the OXA kit and model, the kit will only have 3 or 4 more separate parts to it as most of the under body stowage is actually easier to cast in with the truck back body floor...... More to follow..... ATB Sean
  14. Many thanks for your interest, yep, tow cables they are going to be changed, but being so little work, I already have them, they are from Eureka XXL, series 1/35 T34s. I am waiting to receive the ammunition to finish it with all the "cherries of the cake", with final touches of the whole set ... Cheers John
  15. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Many thanks for your opinion, I bought one (Red), to test them, besides being discounted, and use it to paint a few flashers. As you say, I realized that it took a long time to dry, despite being only a few points. Yes, they have a very practical format, but I really do not see much use, maybe for figures ?, besides I find it quite expensive for what they offer. Cheers Julian
  16. Russian Sewing machine in Syria

    Very nice indeed. Rob
  17. T-64BV Ukraine Diorama

    Really enjoying this - nice work Rob
  18. APC "Rosomak" (Wolverine) - 1/35 IBG - Videos

    I finally started to build this model. Sorry for the delay.
  19. Thank you very much for your comments Clive and your suggestion. I will have to try that - I think that is probably what the Vallejo stuff is, or similar, that cost £5 for a small pot! Kind regards, Stix
  20. Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    Thanks Gremlin. Work continues, 6 of the wheels are on for now, in time they will popped off again and painted/weathered. I've also started adding more etch to the cabin. Tie down straps, small step plate and straps around the jerry can behind the drivers seat. 20171016_134710 by 20171016_134729 by 20171016_134744 by So far so good, everything fits well and it's been a pleasure to work on
  21. "A39 MkII CS" Tortoise Assault Gun

    Awesome beast!!! ugly and sinister but sooooo nice! very well finished cheers mate
  22. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Thanks John ! ... I used to thin Vallejo paints to spray thin coats and after a few trials, used the same method with Hataka paints but it doesn't work so well, I'd even say that thinning Hataka paints is detrimental to the spraying's smoothness Thanks ... I use Panzer Putty from MXpression ... easy to use, not to sticky, no traces but tends to sag if let for long on the model. Cheers, E
  23. Airfix 1:72 Tilly

    Know I'm echoing but another great little build,built similar in 1/35,but must try some of these 1/72 kits.Cheers.
  24. Who's a busy boy then!!
  25. Airfix RAF 1:72 Bedford MWD

    Very fine example of a 1/72 build,Cheers.Sorry Mate just saw you're an Aussie,could't expect anything else
  26. 1/35 MK.A Whippet

    Thanks Carius,just one of those builds that everything went well,Cheers.
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