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  2. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Cracking details around the lights etienne Glynn
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  4. A39 MkIICS Tortoise Assault Gun - Panzer 46

    So, we've jumped from the fairly bare shell pictured above to something pretty much completed apart from the tracks and soft stowage. I eventually went for a plain-muzzle German 12.8cm barrel I picked up at Avon IPMS at the weekend. It's strictly about 13mm too large, but that's only 0.4mm in scale. A set of Verlinden stowage boxes was raided, along with a pack of Panzer Art fire extinguishers and Panzer Art British jerrycans. I'll be raiding the stowage bits box for some soft stowage. I toyed with a 0.50 Browning AA MG for the commander on the basis that the Lutfwaffe might still be troublesome, but concluded that it would obstruct the cupola MGs. The commander's cupola is deliberately below their 0 elevation to give a clear field of fire. I copied the 20mm Polsten mount from a Centurion Mk1: I think it came out OK. The kit's useless moulded wiring conduits were replaced with lead wire and lead sheet saddles, and the missing headlight conduits added. Something odd. The smoke dischargers came in left and right handed versions, but Tortoise had 3 left-handed versions with an upside-down left hander instead of a right hander on the right. This might have been a P1 peculiarity, but isn't easy to change without scratching a whole new mounting, assuming a service version would have used a right-hander on the right. So I left it. There's something odd with the kit geometry on the gun travel lock too. I couldn't get it to fold backwards without fouling the casemate, never mind the barrel shield. Then I found an old Bovington photo showing that it was opened up before folding, but it still wouldn't fit. So I had to shorten it by a couple of mm and stretch the legs wider to match, but I made a bit of a mess of it overall so It'll be covered with some cam net. Now to clean up hundreds of sprue gates on the track links and try making up some track runs.........
  5. Tiger I Mid Production w/interior

    I got sidetracked on a Panther with Friul tracks and my second winter whitewash attempt. While I was at it I threw some off white paint at the turret interior and the sponsons on the main hull. Haven't made much progress but there's always tomorrow. The fits are so tight on this kit that with paint in the way the parts don't join.
  6. Hi everyone, This is my very first post at the britmodeller's forum! I'm very excited to show you guys my work and learn a lot. Well, my name is Fernando and I'm a brazilian plastic modeller focused in 1/72 Aircraft & AFV on my free time. When I'm home I try to do my best to finish the models waiting on my stash. But when I'm not home, I'm at the sea. (I'm a 3rd Mate trading at the brazilian coast) Today I'll show you my recent started build: PzKpfw III Ausf. L from Revell. It's my second AFV model. Excellent kit with awesome details. REV-03251 by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Hope you enjoy: Cheers! Here the hull and turret painted with Hobby Color H401 and highlitghts made with few drops of white on the base color. I'm using this model to train the color modulation technique. Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Now the details painted with wood and ready for the glossy coat: Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Sem título by Fernando Costa, no Flickr Well, that's it folks! Hope you liked and look forward for your comments. Cheers! Fernando
  7. Honey, I shrunk the T28 Super Heavy Tank

    The one surviving T28 might be a couple of inches narrower now after the Patton Museum managed to throw it off the back of a HET on the way to the paint shop!! Downhill, bend, too fast, no chain gonna hold it. Got away with just bogie damage, fortunately, or they might have been faced with their own (1:1) scratchbuild...........
  8. Tamiya 1/35 Wespe

    First Class build.
  9. M1A2 Abrams Tusk II

    Go for it, you only live once and there's never ever too many Tiger IIs or Abrams. I'm a little browned off about that Trumpeter 1/16 M1A1 I have ordered, should have read some reviews before dropping the dough. Lloyd
  10. Bronco Stug III Snow Job

    John Just posted a Panther G in the RFI forum and forgot all about the darned cat!! I'm sure he's impressed after getting his pic on the web yesterday. I also tried one of those pics in black & white but that didn't turn out so great. Maybe too extreme a close up, still learning this dad-blasted camera. Lloyd
  11. This is a Panther G Steel Wheel version I finished a while back but now I have ditched the Dragon DS rubber band tracks and added a set of Friulmodel ATL08 late Panther tracks. I also attempted my second whitewash job. Need more practice as this still looks sort of Holstein cowish. It's an easy process but I'm still taking too much white off I think and the 3 colour original camo scheme doesn't show very well so maybe too thick a white coat??? It's essentially a new model so I thought it deserved it's own thread. Notice the crew hung a used track link on the right rear with a broken off guide horn. Don't know why they would do that but toothbrushes are hard on glued -on guide horns and of course it disappeared immediately.
  12. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Hello Julian, I'm very interested in the process of camo decals ... do you cut pieces like parts of a coat, trousers, and they apply to the figures ? If yes, how do you cut the pieces the right size and shape ? I am planning to make a DPM camo on british tankers, might try decals Cheers, E
  13. King Tiger - Abt. 505 1/35

    This was the last kit I built. And it's fantastic. However there are some issues. I found the fuel tanks didn't fit particularly well when it came to mounting the upper hull over them. Same could be said with some of the engine parts. ( though this could be my assembly) And dont make the mistake i did and glue the hull down before doing the tracks... tracks first. Your certaibly cracking on with the build. It took me 6 months to finish mine!!
  14. AML-60/90 Wheels 1/35

    It would be much better, then. Beside, Azimut's production are usually very interesting, if you like conversions.
  15. Cheers clive, should be able to finish glazing the cab tonight, going to do the rest as the front windows, in acetate, its a lot thinner, any curious peeping inside will look a bit better, i hope Thank rob, the quote bit went haywire, glad you like it so far
  16. Best people to Buy After market goodies from?

    Cheers guys. I guess I'm a bit old fashioned with the shop thing nowadays. The internet is, for better or worse, the new high street. Most of my modelling is WW2 based, if that helps. Jack G, that's a very interesting kit. I was thinking of a maintenance scenario for the KT, But I'm also wondering if I could scratch build a Cradle/frame from clear Perspex, and have the interior fully built-up besides the tank. Think I'll have to research this option a bit. Cheers Paul
  17. British 6-Pound Anti-Tank Gun

    Now avec sandbags (mock-up - unpainted, not yet glued)
  18. DML Conqueror Mk2

    As ever stunning workmanship - that radio looks like it would actually work! Roger
  19. That looks great! Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  20. A couple of tiny T-72s

    Fantastic work on both of those - especially in 1/72. Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  21. Dan Taylor has a pretty comprehensive website here: http://www.dantaylormodelworks.com/ Mike is on Britmodeller so you should be able to find him on here. I don't recall if he has a website.
  22. M1 Abrams Plow

    Yeah it seems that's the only way to do it unfortunately. Weird how years ago they sold more accessories than they do now. Or they seem to sell more accessories for Russian armour than Western. Ah well. Thanks, anyway, Ade Gaz
  23. Thanks John, definatly saved a few quid and pushed my modelling skills, OD was predominantly seen on US vehicles where the British covered with bronze green. Like most colours there are a number of different shades of the one colour.
  24. MMS models: End of an era

    Hi all Any chance someone will take over his moulds? This is indeed a sad loss for us 4mm crowd. I only ever got to order a few of the solid resin vehicles, but they were superb. Tim
  25. Well I've never dealt with Takom customer service but must exist as the new Spaag kit is missing tracks in some boxes
  26. Kamaz Typhoon K - 1:35 Takom

    It looks a beast. I want one.
  27. Ah yeah there it is 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ I think I might experiment with that at some points!! Thanks for the kind words too @FrancisGL very much appreciated!!
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