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  1. I hope she lasts a while at Dunsfold. I was surprised to see that she had been moved there considering that they are still trying to build a couple of thousand houses on the airfield.
  2. That’s exceptional. Fantastic to see realistic weathering rather than artistic licence.
  3. AIM used to have a link to RB211s on their site - about £50 I think. There are some 3D ones on Shapeways for over £400! I’ve had the AIM kit with the 400 conversion for years (and watched Tom’s fantastic build closely) but it’s a non starter until I can get some RB211s at a reasonable price (or scratch build some).
  4. Dooleybird was always shown as having blue cowlings (as per the Matchbox kit). It changed to yellow after someone on the squadron at the time stated that they were yellow (probably 20+ years ago now). Blue always seemed more logical to me. There has been much discussion over the years though.
  5. Sad to see. ZB is due to follow soon cos he’s a 747?
  6. I never noticed those before! Shows just how high up the flight deck is. Sad to see 400s all parked up by the fence on the road into the GLA now.
  7. Glen


    One trader once told me that he never made any money at Telford by the time he had taken all the costs into account but to not attend was almost suicidal. The word would go round immediately that you weren't there because you had gone bust. Orders would be cancelled and there would be no new orders until you had manage to convince everyone that you were still in business. He had to treat it as a loss leader to protect trade for the rest of the year.
  8. Is there anyone left current to fly them to their final destination!
  9. I visited. And got a personal guided tour!! Thank you for a fantastic afternoon
  10. The port doors were the passenger doors so were larger. The ones on the starboard side were known as service doors for loading catering etc so were smaller. On the tankers the port doors were blocked up, I think only leaving the forward service door for access. I heard that the galley equipment (fridge, oven etc) was too big to come out of the service door so if it failed it had to be chopped up to get it out. One of my trainers used to call the ELRAT the Spanish rodent. On the 10 it was purely electrical whereas most modern airliners it supplies hydraulic power too.
  11. I should have looked closer!
  12. The camouflage on the leading edge wraps around much further on the inboard section of the wing (to just outboard of the gear) possibly suggesting that they were replaced after it had been painted?
  13. Sadly, a friend of mine was killed in a Jag when he didn’t select reheat for take off from Colt. He clipped the top of the barrier and crashed in the overshoot. About 1995 I think. The Harrier GR7 is interesting - it appears to have a green port stabiliser, presumably robbed from an aircraft in the old scheme?
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