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  1. Great to see the 744 and 10 parked next to each other. My 2 favourites! Great job on the build so far - it’s looking really smart. Cheers Glen
  2. The procedure is still in our FCOM which is apparently direct from Airbus but that doesn’t mean that is standard for all airlines of course. I hadn’t heard that it was only an issue with early aircraft. I know of one case where they had to tow the aircraft into a hangar to get it to cool down enough to clear the message. Refuelling could be an issue in some places - if I knew that would be the case I taxied in with them out and retracted everything just before turning onto stand. Seemed to work ok! i have seen A330s parked with slats out - I presumed that was for a similar reason. On the A300
  3. You don’t have to have pilots in the flight deck to have the flaps at CONF 1+F. In hot weather (over 30 deg) it is standard to only retract the flaps to 1+F as overheating can be detected in the bleed ducts around the wings. Once it happens it can take hours to reset. Leaving the slats extended is supposed to prevent it happening. Cheers Glen
  4. Probably the best thing that could have happened to me getting streamed multi - engine. Might even fly the triple again one day!
  5. Very nice model Guy. Just checked my log book and I flew 461 a number of times from Linton. Then saw the entry for a hi to lo nav to Mildenhall. Not a good day out. Probably why I ended up a truckie!! Cheers Glen
  6. I hope she lasts a while at Dunsfold. I was surprised to see that she had been moved there considering that they are still trying to build a couple of thousand houses on the airfield.
  7. That’s exceptional. Fantastic to see realistic weathering rather than artistic licence.
  8. AIM used to have a link to RB211s on their site - about £50 I think. There are some 3D ones on Shapeways for over £400! I’ve had the AIM kit with the 400 conversion for years (and watched Tom’s fantastic build closely) but it’s a non starter until I can get some RB211s at a reasonable price (or scratch build some).
  9. Dooleybird was always shown as having blue cowlings (as per the Matchbox kit). It changed to yellow after someone on the squadron at the time stated that they were yellow (probably 20+ years ago now). Blue always seemed more logical to me. There has been much discussion over the years though.
  10. Sad to see. ZB is due to follow soon cos he’s a 747?
  11. I never noticed those before! Shows just how high up the flight deck is. Sad to see 400s all parked up by the fence on the road into the GLA now.
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