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  1. Lone star models did a wheel set with the cranked boom. They also had an interior upgrade too. According to Scalemates there are wheels by Reskit too. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/lone-star-models-lsm480671-h-19-2-cranked-tail-boom--1173193 Cheers Glen
  2. Certainly am! Roster has been wiped for the rest of the month. Got to take 2 weeks leave in each of April and May (unpaid sadly). There is some flying going on but most destinations also in lockdown so confined to hotel room when you get there. I can’t complain about lack of time now to model although my list of jobs does seem to get longer every day! Hope you’re well
  3. Scratchaeronutics have just produced a long and short nose Tiger in 1/48. Hope these links work otherwise check out their Facebook page.
  4. I bought the Privateer a couple of weeks ago (sadly just before he retooled it!) and will probably go for a B17 when it comes around and the £ and work have recovered. Unfortunately looks like a lot of unpaid time at home coming up....
  5. Hi Tom Looks like another stunner! 109ace on Facebook/ eBay is in the process of producing a resin B17C/D conversion in 1/48 to be released soon. Don’t know how much it will be yet (hope the pound recovers against the dollar soon!). Cheers Glen
  6. It’s great to see someone wanting to weather an airliner. Airliner models are virtually always built to look pristine when in reality they are often filthy close up. As the photos show, gear gets caked in brake dust and grease, dirty grease streaks from flight control, slat, flap and speedbrake actuators, leaks from refill panels, black streaks from air conditioning packs etc etc. Hydraulic fluid seems to peel the paint too. 380s seem to have a particular problem with dirty water streaks running down from every window. Short haul aircraft round Europe are particularly dirty during the winter, especially when they are being regularly de iced. The fluid is often coloured and gives some really interesting airflow effects (around the wing area especially). To see a clean aircraft is often really noticeable!
  7. But why only at LHR? Never happens anywhere else in the world!
  8. Glen

    Airways vacform moulds

    The old Airways vacform kits moulds are up for sale on eBay (1/72 VC10, Comet, BAC 111, Viking, Viscount, Argosy and 1/48 Buccaneer). About £600 each https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airways-1-72nd-Vickers-VC10-Kit-Toolings/392669149797?hash=item5b6ce7ba65:g:fXUAAOSwSgFeODoS I remember them being discovered a few years back and someone was planning to reintroduce them (RAM models?). Sadly it obviously didn’t work out - hope somebody else is interested!
  9. I’ll have to check out Wenmiao Street next time I’m in Shanghai. Looks an interesting place. Waigo hobbies has moved (apparently the week before I got drowned by a typhoon as I went looking for it....thanks Google maps!). It is now on Xingtongxin Road about 20 minutes walk north of Hongkou Football Stadium metro station. Its stock of kits seems to be running down every time I go there. Very little in the way of aircraft there now, mainly armour. Upstairs has a wide selection of paints. Western credit cards don’t appear to work there. I don’t know if Aircraft kits aren’t doing well in China as the shop I go to in Beijing has been shrinking its stock too.
  10. What were you flying in to get the pics?
  11. Can I “demand” one. Along with a C1 of course....
  12. They are inclined (same as the C1). The C1s were Supers with the standard fuselage (wings, tail, engines all the same). cheers Glen
  13. Hi Alan That’s great news - I was a bit disappointed to read your last message! The C1 has the same wings, engines etc as the Super so it’s just a longer fuselage as far as I know. Can’t wait!
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