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  1. Glen

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Ordered no 14 on Friday, just arrived. Sadly short of a nose wheel leg that I'll have to chase up!
  2. How much is it??
  3. Anyone else still waiting for their Scimitar? I've heard nothing!
  4. Glen

    Gatwick Aviation Museum Model Show 20 Oct?

    Good day out, glad I stopped by
  5. Glen

    Gatwick Aviation Museum Model Show 20 Oct?

    Thanks for that. Might pop in on the way home from work if I get back on time. Cheers Glen
  6. Hi all This was mentioned at our last club meeting and is on their website http://www.gatwick-aviation-museum.co.uk/events/events.pdf It seems that it is being organised by Tangmere Sector modellers and is on their Facebook page but I can’t find any more info. Anyone know more about it? Cheers Glen
  7. Glen

    Sunderland into Empire

    This link on Aussie Modeller (see the 5th post) has some extre detail and pictures of the Empire vacform fuselage that was produced. Cheers Glen
  8. Glen

    Sunderland into Empire

    Hi Dennis I started a similar topic on the Empire/Sunderland a couple of years back. Have a look at Ed Russell’s post (#8) and the link to the Airfix tribute forum - an interesting conversion of a Sunderland to Empire. I was lucky enough to obtain a vacform fuselage that was mentioned from one of our Aussie members. It’s pretty basic but should do the job! Cheers Glen
  9. They’re both fantastic. I’d be really interested to hear what improvements you made to get that result. I’ve got a couple of the reissues that I picked up in the States. I had been trying to a decide whether to sand the rivets or not - having had a close look at the H-19 on the USS Intrepid in NY the other day I think I will take them off as it looked pretty smooth to me. Makes the masking easier too by the sounds of it! Out of interest, Lone Star Models in the US does a cranked tail boom and wheels set and have been developing an engine and cargo bay set too although I haven’t seen it online yet. http://www.lonestarmodels.com/store/cvh/lsm-480671-h-19-2-cranked-tail-boom- Having recently been stung by customs and the post office for a resin set that suddenly became incredibly expensive I’m a bit reticent to order anything at the moment though!, Cheers Glen
  10. That’s fantastic Erik!
  11. Glen

    Hobby/Model shops in China

    That’s a shame - I was preparing for a suitcase full of hobby Boss/ trumpeter kits at bargain prices! Kittyhawk would have also been good. I’ll have to do some searching when I’m there but it doesn’t look good. There is still an Old Nicks fast food place in Worthing close to the football club. I have a feeling it was in the town centre years ago but not sure if I’ve mixed it up with somewhere else! Cheers Glen
  12. Glen

    Hobby/Model shops in China

    Does anyone have any updates for hobby shops in Shanghai? I’m there twice this month! Cheers Glen
  13. Heard back now thanks, sent my address to you as requested. Glen
  14. I’ve emailed them and heard nothing back...