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  1. Hi Matt Only just caught up with the thread. Great news that you’ve finished your CRS escape tunnel. Welcome back! Cheers Glen
  2. Just received wheel sets for the Brit, 10 and Argosy from Kev. They look excellent and I hope there are more planned. Really quick delivery too - thanks Kev. Cheers Glen
  3. It has the overhead ejection handles so I’d say a 4. The 10 only has the lower handle as AFAIK.
  4. I’ve been visiting the shop for about 20 years on and off but walked in today to find them packing up. Fred’s mum died recently and as she ran the shop he is having to close down. Just a few models left there. Sad day as it was just about the last model shop left in Manhattan.
  5. That’s a great job Chris. I’ve had the conversion for years but never dared tackle it!
  6. As far as I remember the aileron upset switch was selected on before take off (C1). As the flaps ran in the ailerons would then automatically deflect up. At 24000ft the switch was turned off. We usually watched the control position indicators on the overhead panel to make sure it worked properly. It didn’t matter if the autopilot was in use or not (it wouldn’t be before the aircraft was clean anyway). I seem to recollect that towards the end of their lives the aileron upset was used permanently but not 100% on that. The ailerons and spoilers were linked for roll control as in most big aeroplanes. However in the 10 there is a lever to split them so that the Captain’s control wheel controls the ailerons and the co pilot the spoilers. I think it was designed for a jam in one of the systems so that the aircraft could be flown on the other part. The ailerons were slightly more effective than the spoilers so if both pilots applied full opposite controls with the systems split the Captain would win. I know of it having to be used once when the aircraft started rolling with the crew unable to stop it. They split the system and the co pilot flew the aircraft with the spoilers for roll control . We were taught and expected to know considerably more in the military compared to the civvy world. Trouble is the less I need to know the less I can remember! Or is that just old age….?
  7. You’ve done a great job on the old girl Matt. The WIP was really interesting and will definitely be referred to when I finally build mine. I was never a fan of the schemes and was really pleased when Chatham became the scheme of choice.
  8. Hi Which decals did you get - do they cover all the BA 200s? The ZZZ and VII (plus G-RAES) aircraft all had the GE90 and the YMM ones the Roller. The GE is significantly bigger than the Roller which is quite noticeable. Unfortunately both engines are different to the GE90 on the 300 (which is bigger still) so you would need new engines either way. Look forward to seeing the build - I must start my 300 sometime! Cheers Glen
  9. Those VC10 “autothrottles” could be a bit dodgy....!! Always knew where the cheapest beer was though.
  10. Look forward to it. Sooner rather than later hopefully. With the amount I’ve been (not) working I shouldn’t have a problem making a meeting!
  11. Great to see the 744 and 10 parked next to each other. My 2 favourites! Great job on the build so far - it’s looking really smart. Cheers Glen
  12. The procedure is still in our FCOM which is apparently direct from Airbus but that doesn’t mean that is standard for all airlines of course. I hadn’t heard that it was only an issue with early aircraft. I know of one case where they had to tow the aircraft into a hangar to get it to cool down enough to clear the message. Refuelling could be an issue in some places - if I knew that would be the case I taxied in with them out and retracted everything just before turning onto stand. Seemed to work ok! i have seen A330s parked with slats out - I presumed that was for a similar reason. On the A300 we used to leave the slats out on turnarounds to save wear, only fully cleaning up for nightstop.
  13. You don’t have to have pilots in the flight deck to have the flaps at CONF 1+F. In hot weather (over 30 deg) it is standard to only retract the flaps to 1+F as overheating can be detected in the bleed ducts around the wings. Once it happens it can take hours to reset. Leaving the slats extended is supposed to prevent it happening. Cheers Glen
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