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  1. Thanks for the kind words gents. Thanks Steve, I did another one a few years ago and used the standard FAA colours not realising how different the colours are to the ANA standard. This one turned out much better than the first effort.
  2. Hi everyone, Here is the last kit I finished for 2021 which has been collecting a little dust before I could get some photos. It is the 1/72 Hellcat Mk I/II Dual Combo Profi Pack from Eduard painted in one of the kit schemes being 1844 SQN from HMS Indomitable. The kit which went together in typical Eduard fashion (meaning any mistakes are all mine) and was painted in my trusty Humbrol enamels. After a little research here in regards to ANA colours, I went with Humbrol 155 Olive Drab, 125 US Dark Grey and 90 Sky which looks alright to me. I went a little too heavy with the weathering in some spots, but apart from that I'm pretty happy with it. Sending everyone best wishes for a successful 2022 at their work bench! JayGee.
  3. Thanks Doc. I think the Special Hobby was the better kit, it had better detail and went together with a better fit.
  4. G'day all, Here are a couple of P-40Ns done up on the colours of 75SQN (Special Hobby with Eduard interior) and 1 Aircraft Performance Unit (Academy). Both markings are from DK Decals. The 1 APU aircraft is in NMF and painted with Alclad Aluminium while the 75SQN is painted with Tamiya XF-62 Olive Drab and XF-53 Neutral Grey. I went with the NMF as I have some P-51 builds in mind down the track so wanted to test out my skills, which need a fair bit of work in regards to surface preparation while the Olive Drab I found is quite difficult to photograph. The 75SQN build was A29-521 "Svengali". On 9 August 1944, 12 aircraft were on a patrol when 3 out of the 4 aircraft in yellow flight suffered a collision. Yellow 3 struck Yellow 1 (A29-521) before becoming locked in an inverted spin with Yellow 4, crashing with the loss of both pilots. The collision ripped off the aileron and 25% off the LH wing from Yellow 1, exploding the .50 cal ammunition. FlgOff Jacklin flew the 200 miles back to base and landed without incident. The aircraft was repaired and later on served with 78 SQN. Anyway on the models, hope you enjoy. JayGee. Below are some pictures of the real Svengali from the ADF Serials Newsletter, which show how tough these work horses were and the dangers faced in the mopping up faze of the war.
  5. @Geoffrey Sinclair Thanks again for the tip to NAA, very handy indeed as it lists A/C serial, pilot names, dates etc. I had searched this site in regards to my Grandfathers war service but didn't realise Squadron war diaries were listed as well. I'll definately be making some time to have a good read through and with the dates you've given will help me narrow down a time frame. Some top shelf information right there. @Magpie22 Thanks for the reply and for the great pictures, I was wondering how long it would take before you had seen this. In the photograph of the 457SQN aircraft, do they have the 30Gal slipper tank fitted as well? Or is it the fairing from the radiator I'm seeing? A bombed up, fuel tank fitted, shark mouthed Spitfire definately looks the part! What you don't know about RAAF Spitfires isn't worth knowing, although I'm not too sure about your footy team. Go Blues!
  6. Great work Geoffrey thanks for that info. I'll have a look through and that should get me started.
  7. Hello all, I've been searching high and low regarding RAAF Spitfire bombloads and I am out of ideas on where to search. I've found a few photos of the locally designed bomb racks and some mention to dive bombing missions, but few photos of RAAF Spits loaded with bombs. What I'm after is the type of bombs used. Were they British or American 250lb? Or were both types used? Did all 3 squadrons (452, 457 & 79) carry out dive bombing missions? If so when did they start? Any info would be appreciated, thanks. JayGee.
  8. Brilliant work General, nicely done with the adjusted landing gear. Although looking at the back of those engine exhausts made my ears hurt!
  9. Thanks for the kind words gents. Thanks, I hadn't really given much thought to USN schemes but after how this turned out I might have to do some more. Luckily I could drive to where I was needed so I could take it with me. It was either do a kit in my spare time or drink. I think this was the much healthier option.
  10. G'day all, I had to go away on a work trip for a few weeks so thought I'd take a kit and some tools with me to keep my sanity. A great kit straight out of the box which made it a fun build as well. Since getting back into modelling around 7 years ago I jumped straight into using an airbrush, however this build was my first brush painted model in over 20+ years. I have a lot of respect for the work that you brush painters do, but since tackling this my respect has increased further. I think I'll stick to my airbrush. Before this build I didn't realise what a mine field USN Dark Blue was (especially with the different ANA blues that have the same number), so I went with Humbrol 77 Navy Blue Matt followed up with some floor polish to get the gloss finish. Looks alright to me and my wife likes the colour too. Following this build I'll try not to get too wrapped up in colours, so I'll finish off my Olive Drab P-40N, move onto some Luftwaffe builds and maybe make a start on a RAAF Foliage Green Spitifre Hope you enjoy!
  11. That is some brilliant work right there. Well done. How do the SMS paints go? Are they a good colour match? I'm looking at getting some.
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