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  1. For more info on the RAAF side of things (some of who flew in the RAF) here is a presentation given at the AWM during NAIDOC week about indigenous Australian aircrew. Hope this link works, first time I've posted one.
  2. Thanks @Rabbit Leader I'm happy how the collector ring turned out. Next time i might mist the white on a little lighter. Here is a link to a picture of UB-E in action on the fantastic ADF Serials site. http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/455-Beaufighter/IWM_MH_5117 I've been looking forward to a good chicken parmi and beer!
  3. Thanks for the kind words people. @woody37 I think I've learnt the fine balancing act to stop weathering when it almost looks like it needs more. @Aces High I admit my photography skills do need some work. Plus weather has been strange for the last few days, cold, wet and wintery in the "dry" season.
  4. Hello all, Here is my recent completion, a 1/72 Airfix Beaufighter using DK Decals to show a 455SQN RAAF machine. I didn't lash out on this one, just masking tape for the seat belts and EZ line for the antennae. I also learnt that it is very difficult to mask and airbrush straight lines. I've only done this once on a 1/72 Typhoon which I did a few years ago, but with a bigger aircraft comes more paint (and finger prints). Also here is a handy tip. If you airbrush yellow paint make sure the airbrush is super super clean before your spray your gloss cote, even if you have cleaned it thoroughly. Otherwise after a pass over the white invasion stripe it may or may not end up with a yellow tinge to it (so I have heard from someone ). But after a little bit of weathering it blended in. I like how the colour turned out which is lucky because I just started the Airfix Phantom FG.1. I also have another Beaufighter which will be a 31SQN RAAF aircraft from the same DK Decal sheet and in the same colours. Thanks for looking, stay safe and wash your hands! Jay Gee.
  5. Thanks. I looked at the interior decals and decided against it. I used Eduard masks, painted the canopy interior green, primed, then painted exterior colours on top of that.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. @Roman Schilhart I have thought about spraying at a later time, but I've usually had one too many beers by that stage so I don't think it is a safe option. I've worked out lowering the pressure and getting closer is the way to go.
  7. Hello all, Here is my Tamiya 1/72 Mosquito FB VI mostly OOB but using Xtradecal RAF Sky Code letters and Ventura Decals 8" serial numbers to get the aircraft I was after. It was a simple job of cutting off the kit SQN codes and serial number, then applying the ones I wanted. There is some footage available on the 'tube which shows SB-U MM410 scooting low across the channel on its way to the raid. What I'm happy with: the way the SQN codes and A/C serial number turned out, for the last couple of builds I've become a fan of black basing (although it doesn't show up that well in the photos) it seems a little bit more realistic to my eye, my dirty wheels. Something to improve on later, and slight weathering on the bombs. What I'm not too happy with: the paint condition in a few spots (LH wing root), which after a bit of research here is a result of the paint drying before it hits the surface (maybe because I was spraying when it was around 36-38 deg C), a little bit of silvering under the kit decals, and my exhaust staining on this particular build. Anyway you learn something new with every build. Now I just have to improve my photography skills. Thanks for looking. Jay Gee.
  8. Hey mate, I do look through the group build pages however with life in general getting in the way my production rate is slow at the best of times. I'll keep an eye out for the Corsair though.
  9. G'day Chris and Dennis. Just a few test pictures of some 1/72 Eduard kits. I have a Tamiya F4U-1D in the stash so I know who to ask now!
  10. G'day busnproplinerfan. I think you're right, no need to ask any questions. Every question I could ever imagine has already been covered in here.
  11. Hey everyone. I've been stalking this site for a few years now and finally decided to join in. For the interests of time and space, I'm mainly interested in 1/72 WW2 aircraft and 1/72 cold war jets (back when you knew who the bad guys were). I've learnt a lot off this site so it's time to give back, once I've learnt how to load pictures.
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